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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2017 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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to be defended and new. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com to freedom. this is the news live from berlin germany human rights organizer of pay their story now goes on trial in turkey today he was arrested in istanbul along with others
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from amnesty international three months ago they're accused of aiding terrorism the case is expected to test already strained relations. and president xi jinping wins another term as head of china's communist party with no clear successor she is now seen as the country's most powerful leader in decades. and as a war of words between president donald trump and members of his own republican party you know you would think he would aspire to to be the president united states and act like a present united states but you know there's just not going to be the case apparently and. to retiring senators let loose on the president and he fires back. paul's world's most widely used we've killer but today the e.u. could size to phase out its use over concerns that it could cause cancer. war.
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brian thomas a warm welcome to the show. strained relations between germany and turkey will be further tested today as the trial begins for a german human rights activists arrested in istanbul in july paid a story is one of eleven germans currently imprisoned in turkey now berlin says he was detained and has been campaigning for his release now he's arrested more than three months ago while giving a workshop to other human rights activists in istanbul he's being tried with ten other activists including the director of amnesty international in turkey. stands accused of links to an armed terrorist group and of having ties to the islamic cleric for toulouse google and linked to last year's coup anger accuses golan of actually being behind it in fact if convicted could face
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a sentence of up to fifteen years in prison his detention has been straining relations between germany and turkey the german foreign minister has called the potential lengthy prison sentence quote in comprehensible and unacceptable well earlier i spoke with our correspondent story and jones in istanbul and thomas sparrow in berlin i began by asking what evidence there is against. well very little in fact and that's been one of the major criticism of this case that the prosecutor's evidence that they have published appears to. many observers describe as absurd they say that most of the evidence is publications made by amnesty international prosecutors. that this whole case centers on these human rights activists seeking to create a civil uprising against the turkish president. and they say that that was very similar to what conspirators had done in the past to the islamic clerics. evidence
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. that does appear to be very little other than criticizing publications that criticize the president evidence that. there is to be absolutely none other than that he was attending this meeting maybe even a tweet which said turn off your mobile phone and enjoy the boat ride to the island where the meeting was being held that they say the prosecutors in the case of conspiracy so a lot of criticism that these charges and even more that there appears to be very little evidence to substantiate that thomas was so very little evidence out there right now what's what's the german government saying about this trial. the german government has on various occasions demanded. release they want consular access to be guaranteed and obviously a fair trial as well but it's also important to stress that as a reaction of. detention germany announced what it called
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a reorientation of policy towards turkey in other words a new course in its relationship with that country and that included for example updating its travel advice to turkey telling germans traveling there to be cautious and also questioning how the german government could guarantee german investment in turkey when they say there are no legal certainty so certainly the case of oil and also all the other elements of these strained relations have been a very big problem between. recent months you know there's one of the economic ramifications as well there during back to you it's not just ten other german nationals are also in jail in turkey are these cases all politically motivated. well that is the growing sentiment there is certainly coming from berlin but it's also feeling the across europe it's not only german nationals that are being held
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there also american nationals and the turkish president and september made a clear link he said offering to release an american citizen being held in exchange for the extradition of. who is playing for large who lives in the united states and this is cited as evidence increasingly. foreign nationals and particularly german citizens as bargaining chips and in quite a european member of parliament in a press release rebecca holmes yesterday clearly linked this they said that these detained foreign nationals have become pawns used in ankara against. rivals in. countries and i think the fact that it's been held also you have the. also in jail and other journalists and german citizens they are increasingly being seen as bargaining chips to be used against berlin and it's in exchange for demands for extradition of people. linked to the large here's who strongly denies this they say
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that if you do surely it is independent and they say that there is no political dealings with this but i think it's a growing skepticism both in turkey and internationally but these two foreign nationals are pawns in the growing diplomatic rivalry that turkey has of its allies . germany has a key migration deal in place right now of course with turkey with that in mind just how much pressure can berlin bring to bear in this case and in that of the other ten german nationals as well. germany has to balance those interests on the one hand obviously the migration deal with germany which germany still considers to be very important on the other hand the deteriorating bilateral relations and that reorientation of the policy towards turkey that i just mentioned and that is indeed a very difficult balance for the german government thomas sparrow for us here in berlin and dorian jones in istanbul gentlemen thanks to both of you for all those
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insights this morning. well he's been called china's most powerful leader since mo and now chinese president xi jinping has been confirmed as the country's top leader he was selected as secretary general of the communist party's ruling council now the party did not select a clear successor now that is a break with precedent critics say the concentration of so much power in one person is a troubling development especially for human rights and the rule of law thanks doc about this more let's bring in mathias bollinger who joins us from beijing ts g.'s hold on power now has been cemented he's been called the most powerful man since moll where does he want to take china. he wants to make china more powerful that's what he has said from the beginning and he wants to have the communist party even more powerful in china so i guess we will
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see here on repression we will see a tighter grip of the communist party not only on society but also on the economy and his foreign policy we will see a strengthening of foreign investment that's very clear he has not only managed to enshrine his own name in the party constitution but also one of his favorite projects the one belt one road project which tends at building an infrastructure a chinese dominated infrastructure and infrastructure in the world so more. more chinese investments and more chinese assertiveness in the on the world stage mathias the party congress that just wrapped up so a real break with the communist party tradition it did not appoint a successor to the new confirmed leader what do you make of that. well this seems to be a clear sign that she jinping is hoping to get
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a third term as a as a as a party general secretary he cannot stand third term as a president but anyway the party post is the most important one. talking about successes of course these successes that have been built within the second term usually of somebody. to term in office they have never been named successors but it was very clear from their position that they were going to be in the innocence of candidates this time we can exclude this because all of. the members of the standing committee of the party are too old still to come this excess of cd and being in two thousand and twenty two. he will probably try to get his to a chairman office with his village or from for us from beijing this morning thanks very much for that and just now for a look at some of the other stories making the news in bangkok the five day funeral
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ceremony has started for. tens of thousands of mourners have filed into a store quarter of capital to bid farewell to the monarch whose body has been lying in state since he died last october at the age of eighty eight. the kurdistan regional government in iraq has offered to an all the results of last month's independence referendum that in order to hold talks with baghdad iraqi forces have driven kurdish troops from cities in the north outside their autonomy zone an overwhelming majority of iraqi kurds voted for independence of the central government has rejected the result. the u.s. ban on all refugees has now ended after one hundred twenty days but bashings from eleven countries believed to pose a higher risk to the u.s. will face tougher scrutiny officials have not named these countries but say people be judged on a case by case basis. u.s.
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president paul trump has responded to stinging criticism leveled at him by two senators who belong to his own republican party trump blast out on social media after bob corker and jeff flake dished out some of the most searing language ever aimed at a sitting u.s. president saying he was untruthful reckless and undignified those comments at the tone for the president's reception on capitol hill the u.s. senate building was not a safe space for donald trump on tuesday. where. his visit came hours after a clash with his nemesis senator bob corker of tennessee who had this to say when asked if the president was debasing the nation. i don't think there's any question but that's the case just in the way that he conducts himself and then goes to such a low level. just i do but but look i mean the rest of us
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need to do what we can to to act as a statesman and to try to move our nation ahead in a time when we have a leader such as we have now and that's certainly what i'm attempting later on tuesday another senator jeff flake of arizona announced he would not seek reelection as part of a seventeen minute attack on trump reckless outrageous and undefined behavior has become excused in countenanced as telling it like it is when it is actually just reckless outrageous and dignified and undignified and when such behavior emanates from the top of our government it is something else it is dangerous to a democracy. but criticism just seems to galvanize the president first he trashed corker on twitter saying the senator couldn't get elected dog catcher in tennessee
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. next he sent out spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders to comment on flakes announcement that he won't run for senate again based on the lack of support that he has from the people of arizona it's probably a good there's no shortage of tough talk from the white house but it remains to be seen if trump can keep his head above water if the trickle of dissident republican senators becomes a flood. well this very public criticism of the president has been getting some mixed reactions among a number of commentators in the u.s. let's take a look at the journalist was shot ali a new york times contributing editor tweeting i appreciate jeff flake and bob corker is principled stance against trump bought they knew this from the beginning and did nothing others at the paris comments meant little as they still toed the republican party line later during an important vote from you know post editor philip lewis after a day of feuding like in corker voted to let financial institutions block your
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ability to sue them finally this from preet bharara who was fired by president trump back in march as new york federal prosecutor senator bob corker said today that trump the basis our nation how many other republican senators agree but would say. well the sexual harassment assault and rape accusations and at hollywood film producer harvey weinstein have triggered a flood of other reports around the world one example news website politico has published disclose complaints by eighty seven women and six men working at the you had quarters in brussels women like got a hutton tweeted their stories of how men harassed them using the hash tag need to she says when it came to furthering my career in brussels but seeing and working for him every day i chose to leave other allegations include people being offered you employ him and in exchange for sex women being sent to bars to trade sexual
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favors for legislative outcomes and men being bullied joining us now is max hoffman farm where the european parliament is set to hold an emergency meeting on this issue max how is the e.u. parliament responding to these new sexual harassment allegations the different factions here in the european parliament have been talking about this topic extensively this week during the plenary session in strasburg and the main question that the staffers and the m.e. peas are asking themselves is ok is this really happening here at the european parliament does this really exist or is this just blown up and it's hard to tell at the moment because what we are having the sources or mostly old unverifiable you usually don't. double check them and that doesn't mean that the problem doesn't exist i mean if you look at the quantity of the allegations there seems to be something there but it's really hard to say exactly what and to verify it and
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that's what many people are trying to do here at the parliament at the moment ok looking for verification that caveat is very important so what can we expect from the discussions where you are today. there's going to be a plenary debate an urgent plenary debate so we do expect that they will condemn all forms of sexual harassment that is to be expected but what will the european parliament really do to investigate what i was just talking about there are some procedures in place and they are trying to inform the i'm a piece about those procedures for example there's an advisory committee on the topic but that doesn't seem to be enough at this point will there be for example an independent investigation something that many are calling for but something that the european parliament at the moment doesn't seem ready to be doing so we're trying to get an idea of what the further procedure of the parliament will be in this case next off and looking into this of course for
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a strasburg thanks very much this is due to be news still to come on the show we turn to german cup action where dortmund hope a date with a lower league opposition would help them cover their mojo. a live dance has recovered its mojo boy look at those shares today well actually it's quite surprising actually bride you should think they'd be ready for take off but in fact of tons of shares are down over two percent in frankfurt at the moment despite its stunning results because listen to this the airline posted its best ever results in the history of the company for the first nine months of the year and a twelve percent increase in total revenue for the period while the european aviation market is undergoing drastic changes from british low cost carrier monarch to germany's number two airline alba then all the way to italian flagship carrier alitalia they've all folded and their demise is looked on as us fortune.
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germany's largest airline love tanzer seems to have an insatiable appetite after buying a large chunk of bankrupt lin the carry a now wants parts of beleaguered italian rival al italia would love to answer the most interested in the aircraft in the landing slots thousands could be laid off even so full of tons of expansion is the name of the game in twenty sixteen the carrier flu some one hundred ten million passengers nearly two percent more than in twenty fifteen that growth didn't come from its full service carry a look to answer but its budget wings for the first time lift on says passenger figures were overtaken by ireland by its low cost carrier ryanair the sector remains very competitive tons and to grow and stay ahead without forking out huge amounts of money that's more than a survival strategy but antitrust authorities could spoil the party they'll be reviewing with a lift on that is gaining a monopoly position on too many groups as its buying spree continues.
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the european parliament has called for weed killer to life or say to be phased out in the next five years the non-binding vote comes as representatives from the twenty eight member nations are to meet later today to discuss whether to extend to the license for the controversial hope aside and if so for how long the europe has been debating the use of life as a for more than two years and in a moment we'll go to brussels for the latest but first this report. it's the most commonly used herbicide in the world in europe farmers spread life aside on around half of all fields used to raise commercial crops but the we kill is highly controversial due to concerns it could have an impact on human and environmental health today the e.u. will try once again to decide whether manufacturers can continue to sell the controversial product on european markets many critics demand a ban on glasses side activists began applying pressure in brussels at the
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beginning of the week. the international agency for research on cancer of the world health organization has found that life as it causes cancer in animals and probably also in humans means that there's urgent need for action studies don't agree on where the glaive aside is a long term cancer risk or not the world health organization has said it could pose a danger the e.u.'s food safety authority has proclaimed the chemicals harmless but has also been accused of basing that opinion on studies sponsored by glaive a site manufacturer a month center greens in the european parliament say that's not acceptable. we need to look at independent studies not just ones carried out by the industry we have to finally end this thing with life aside there is standard farming methods that work fine without the heavy use of chemicals. which of by standard farming methods hoisting means organic agriculture but many farmers say those methods are too expensive and think it's enough to only ban the use of herbicide directly before
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the harvest conservative m.e.p. s. disagree with the greens but blame member states for not reaching a decision i find it very regrettable that for more than two years the member states don't have a clear position they are always possible owning there's no majority for any position if member states don't come to a conclusion today the european commission will make the decision in their place and these protesters won't like it because it's almost certain to allow the continued use of glyphosate. let's bring in katherine martins our correspondent in brussels and she also sent us this reporter katharine good to have you with us what are the chances that the e.u. will actually come to a decision today well the chances are very small that we will have a dozen i'm glad life was saved today and this is mainly due to the fact that the key player here in brussels the member states probably won't be able to produce a majority and this is a manager's of
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a fact that several member states abstained they don't want to touch this hot potato like for example germany germany abstained in every single vote on what i've presented here in brussels and this is probably why we are watching a kind of a joint game here on life aside for to readers now so the member states really have to come to a conclusion but i really doubt if this will be the case today well what is so difficult about this issue that so many member states abstain and and where does the e.u. commission come into all this. well every time european member states fail to deliver it is foreseen that the european commission jumps in to finish the job and in this life aside story the member states never able to produce a majority in any direction because they are all of where of the sensitivity of this issue for example in the civil society in the european union so nobody is
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really keen to touch this hot potato nobody is keen to make the decision and the life aside stance really is a symbol for this political attitude regarding the member states if it gets too hot in the kitchen they prefer to leave for europe they preferred to leave the european commission alone visited dealing with it so this is something we are having since we are observing since two years now in the story ok and what is monsanto saying about all this life state of course a key ingredient of one sometimes top selling round of weed killer and of course the evils of big markets a house monsanto reacting. of course there is no doubt months under made a lot of money of life aside but now the pads and already faced i would so it is in financial terms in economic terms it is not the very first priority of one hundred to push harder to get a longer on the european markets according to independent observers here in
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brussels the biggest lobby group is still this are the far most in the european union they really are keen to keep this project guy facade stands for a low cost agriculture and they argue valid this product they won't be any more competitive on the european market all right kevin martins their brain is up to speed on the today's decision the huge decision on extending the license for glyphosate or not thank you so much for this kevin martin's. well talking of competition you talk about a very competitive sports now david versus goliath mark a german club actually now football fans were closely following the action as top of the table dortmund travel to third division maggie berg a team known though for upsets but dortmund came mentally prepared for that. magdeburg fans made every effort including that huge terrifying monster graphic in
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the stands to try to intimidate the big name club but the big name club was having none of it starting with skinny number fourteen in the middle seventeen year old alexander ease up in his competitive debut for dortmund ease uk set up in salo castro for the opening goal a nice knock down header making it easy the swedish forward helped himself just after the break guiding the ball through goalkeeper alexander brown's slags to make it to no penalty made it three and then dortmund thanks to shinji kagawa added two more to complete the route the guy was cross to mark bartra made it a four goal difference. then he added his own go off of a pass for maximillian philip. dortmund desert albeit against third division competition.
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let's get you a reminder now of our top stories at this hour the trial for the german human rights activists they just set to begin today in turkey he was arrested in istanbul in july on terrorism related charges this case has become a flashpoint in the already tense relations between germany and turkey. and chinese president xi jinping has won his second five year term as the country's top leader he was selected as secretary general of the communist party's ruling council with no clear successor though he is now set up to stage a domination of the chinese leadership for years to come. and don't forget you can always get the news on the go download our app from google play where from the apple stores as you access to latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use that app to send us photos and videos. i'm brian thomas from the entire news team thanks so much for being with us
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. pushes electrum of the missing women fluck.
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