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and in your minutes i'm gone yes. what employees are enemies who know what i'm worth what in work and i said i know what is it them. because here is us it's a sassy quote i'm going he said but i caught a good number thirty eight fronted. this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin a gentleman human rights organize a goes on trial in turkey today be a douche toward now was arrested in istanbul along with several others from amnesty international three months ago on charges of aiding terrorists groups the case is
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expected to test already strained relations between poland and ankara also coming up to me on edge as it gears up for a really wrong of the presidential election the previous balloting oldest was and dollars after allegations of irregularities gand officials ensure a free and fair election this time we go live to our correspondent in nairobi. china unveils its me on leadership lineup and president xi jinping believes the pack which includes many of his loyalists but no clear successor. and revelations of abuse in hollywood that started with harvey vine street unleashed more reports news stories of sexual assault and harassment in europe's corridos of power.
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hello and welcome to you i'm a myth. the trial has started for a german human rights activist arrested in istanbul in july data stored now is one of eleven german journalists currently imprisoned in turkey berland says he's been wrongfully detained and has been strongly campaigning for his release when he was arrested while at a workshop on digital security on other human rights activists in istanbul he's being tried along a members of amnesty international including the director of amnesty international in turkey restored the stands accused of links to an armed terrorist group and having ties to the man allegedly behind last year's failed to go the islamic cleric in if convicted stored faces up to fifteen years in jail his trial is already
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putting strained relations between germany and turkey to the test the german foreign minister signaled gabriele has called the threat of a long prison sentence coat in comprehensible and unacceptable for the very latest on the trial let's go straight to our correspondent dorian jones at the supreme court in istanbul hi dorian now did we hear any evidence at this trial about the turkish claim that greatest jordan had links to fred goodwin allegedly behind the call in turkey. so far there's been very little evidence to support these claims or that's why there's been so much outrage over this case ahead of the prosecution did publish the seventeen page indictment and they claim that those attending this meeting clued into story planning to organize a civil op writing that was planned to unseat the turkish president one part of the
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same conspirators that were involved in last year's failed coup but the evidence so far and as in the indictment isn't relying heavily on amnesty. national publications there's even a tweet which said enjoy the boat ride turn off your telephone to the participants of the meeting comes prosecutors say that is indication of a conspiracy and i think that unless the prosecution introduce new evidence which they are allowed to under state of emergency the outrage of this case will continue to grow as pressure to end it story if evidence is so weak how likely is it that the charges against no will be dismissed. well in the normal judicial system then this case will never come to court and. probably dismiss out of hand by the judge but we're not in normal times is a state of emergency and many of these cases following the failed coup have relied on very flimsy evidence very similar to this and have continued and that's fueled
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speculation that these cases are more to do with political motivations rather than traditional ones strongly denies that but we've seen many cases in the past very similar the relied on very flimsy evidence like this and still continued and have resulted in convictions so in many ways i think the outcome will do more to do with what i think should happen rather than the charges now relation between and credibility are already very strange story is one of eleven german nationals who. many believe that. it was a. well it certainly is a charge and there is a feeling particularly with the. very many european nationals have been detained they are seen as pawns in dealing with its european partners in particular in. the extradition of dozens of people in claims who were involved in large has
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failed coup and the people are seen as pawns possible bargaining chips. but the continuing the people will few. all those concerns and similar concerns also a felt in washington where the president a few weeks ago made an open bargain to washington i will release one of the all u.s. citizen from jail if you send back a bit to learn from watching him from the u.s. in exchange joran joins us or the supreme court in istanbul thank you very much. turning now to kenya where the supreme court has announced it could not hear a last minute petition to delay thursday's presidential election the chief justice is not enough judges were present the announcement means tomorrow's vote will go ahead as shared you and the dissidents triggered protests in the streets of kisumu in opposition an opposition stronghold people have taken to the streets many are violent to boycott the presidential election rerun this vote comes after the
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supreme court analogy results from all this election irregularities since then dozens have been killed in election related violence i talk to d.w. scatter on one do in nairobi in just a moment but first here's her report from the capital. on my day or heroes day kenya celebrates those who fought for independence people from far and wide came last friday to nairobi's main park to listen to president hu hu kenyatta's address the event is usually filled with pomp and color with children getting the most out of the entertainment but this year and easiness hangs over the kenyans including james and europe and his family. after the supreme court and all the elections there's been a lot of tension but we pray to god that we will have an election and have peace on and thereafter. because that is you can use electric commission has faced numerous
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challenges since the announcement on september first the chairman of the commission has not quite conceded that he's under siege and still insists the commission can deliver an election on the twenty sixth the main opposition party insists the commission must get its house in order before it hold an election opposition supporters have taken to the streets demanding reforms within the commission but government supporters like james say the electoral commission is already capable of organizing a repeat poll. we're lector all commission should stay as it is and shouldn't be changed its independence and it will respect the democratic rights of kenyans i believe there will be voters in every polling station in the country with their move when we walk in the water so i do think. as we approach the twenty sixth of october kenya remains a divided country on one hope you have a population that is willing to support incumbent president who kenya and his
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family party and the other half of the population that the chords may be opposition leader right. now according to this part of the population they claim that income the president has a few of them from the government in three to. in two thousand and thirteen. an informal settlement in the capital is a perceived opposition stronghold supporters of right loading up this year's celebrations most stayed indoors mourning those killed opposition protests with no i cannot vote with an order from i cannot vote i voted last week amiably short people and i watch i'm not voting because i like to do what i'm not into many of the old and everything that's happened and again i read my constitution i look at me constitution everywhere i go to them i don't have any to do but i want to understand what is there and i understand so i move on. and i'm going to predict
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other people like my mother who didn't go to school who doesn't understand in the can on television what. the canyon national human rights commission says police killed at least thirty three opposition supporters in protest during the election in august this number includes seven children there are fears men will die both sides stand their ground. and those who know it you know it goes back to you you're born into trouble and right or more formal i just mean you're born thinking the way appliance to politically even actually grown into this political thinking and socialization of of other people with their tribe and parties don't represent me. to insist the elections must go ahead and has ruled out dialogue with. the pool a heavy police presence is expected on voting day as kenya's future hangs in the balance. the job is cast and wander joins me now from the kenyan capital lateral be
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catherine as we mentioned the court has said not enough judges were present to hear the petition to delay the vote ah questions being asked whether the absence of these judges was engineered under pressure is the election commission right now. well there are suspect suspicions that this was engine the especially coming from opposition and its supporters in fact just after the judge made his announcement one of the lawyers who also represents the opposition said that the state is acting in a mysterious way. maybe just to give you a background yesterday just when the case was was made public that it will take place today we had the deputy chief justice's driver short and and now she couldn't attend the hearing today in the morning and we have one judge
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who's sick but then. it's hard to explain how the other two judges are not making it to supreme court to make a for a quorum and a quorum is five out of the seven judges so opposition supporters see that this as a move by the state and now all eyes are on the electoral commission which seems to be going ahead with its plan right now ballot boxes arriving in various polling stations and they say despite the court cases they are ready to go ahead with the election so the country is now on edge we are getting reports of protests in some parts in response to the court's announcement give us an update as to what the situation is there like on the streets well there was a hope that the court would actually postpone the elections and allowed for dialogue and more procedures to take place before another election but now with this dashed supporters of the main office main opposition leader raul odinga feel emboldened in fact in kisumu and other parts of western kenya are you seeing people
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going to the streets now and you've seen them being led by their leaders they say that this is proof that the process is not free and fair starting from before the election and during the election tomorrow no opposition leader at all or dana has already said he's pulling out will the votes without the have any kind of digital missy do you think. it's an interesting situation because in as much as his withdrawal he hasn't officially withdrawn by filling in a certain form so his name will be on the ballot tomorrow morning so people can actually still vote for him but the fact that he's withdrawn in this process hasn't started from the beginning there is a question of legitimacy because out of the twelve million kenyans or registered voters here in kenya it is estimated that about six point seven million voted for very low digger so if they're not given an opportunity to vote again tomorrow then
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it is a problem but then it does bring to question the legitimacy of whoever is elected tomorrow. catherine on monday in nairobi thank you very much less some of to asia now he's been courting china's most powerful leader since the dawn and now chinese president xi jinping has been confirmed as the country's top leader she was selected as secretary general of the communist party's ruling council six other leaders were also named to the decision making body bought a successor to she was not named in a clear break with tradition critics say the concentration of such power in one person is a troubling development but at the meeting she stressed the importance of the party's role of within not only china but the world have a listen. from. the chinese communist party is the world's largest political
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party if one is big one must act big. history makes it abundantly clear that the chinese communist party is capable of not only spearheading a great social revolution. but also imposing a great revolution on itself. some more. and there's a man alice is a had with me mathias step on he's a problem to look at the institute for china studies here in berlin welcome muttiah so she has managed to hugely strengthen his file at this party conference his xi jinping of thought has also been included in the constitution what do you make of all these developments so basically his power considered asian already started two three two three years back but what we've seen here is really important what you say his name is included in the constitution of the communist party of china and that is actually like a boost to his political and also ideological authority now he is seen by the members of the party as like the leader of socialism in the twenty first century
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and so he's strongly consolidating his power but he did not name a success so why do you think that is indeed like a clear break with the tradition that we've seen like the last twenty years in order to guarantee like a smooth transition to the next leadership generation i assume it's like an indicator that he definitely wants to go on beyond the second term beyond twenty twenty two and we will see this as he has big plans he has a vision for china and he does not want to share the leadership of turning china into like this great nation with another person for this moment in time in case his health is deteriorating or anything other is happening i assume that then we will see that they actually name a potential successor along the way ok now the congress has all the strength in the bar of the communist party is that an indication that china is living away father from democracy well john i never signed up to like the ways of the liberal
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democracy but we must say that now and china is much more confident about having like an alternative model the leadership of a strong party that can help countries to develop and they presented at this congress it's not only a model that is good for china but listen countries out there in the world in africa or latin america central asia. you can look to china for solutions we can help you and we might have like different solutions on offer than western democracies but now of course he's evolved that he wants to make china into a big super power is should the international community be invited about this ambition we have seen that china has been more and more involved in like the international community and international organizations and i must say now is a very favorable situation for the chinese because the united states safer treated partly from a number of international organizations we also see that many advanced countries they no longer to present in africa latin america and they actually use like the
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void that is left for them to move in and we have to watch carefully what kind of ideals and what kind of requirements china is defining or what kind of standards china is defining for cooperation but we should not be varied as long as we are as if laid alternative options on the table on offer because china can only be as strong as we allow them to actually move into these voids right my dear stefan thank you very much for that analysis thank you. you're watching the news coming up ahead the allegations of sexual assault in hollywood against harvey weinstein are making the headlines but there are now reports of how recent an assortment you had quarters in brussels. but first we have business news with monica jones. i'd love to it's not just the planes that are sky high profits are as well
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germany's largest airline is celebrating the best an experience in company history looked on has boosted its revenues by over twelve percent to around twenty seven billion euros and that's helping drive an exe to new heights pretax profits total to two point six billion euros of the last nine months lufthansa subsidiary airlines are helping fuel that grows they feasted their overall passenger capacity by over ten percent and they're keeping many of those extra seats filled however tons of shares are edging lower in frankfurt at the moment and that despite the sterling results investors seem to be wary of what loved ones is using that act extra cash for namely buying up failing low cost airlines or i look for more let's bring in vice by our correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange and that's it good to see you sir first of all can you explain to me why look to answer share price is well going down despite those stellar results so what's what's the problem
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that investors are having. well actually i was talking to people on the ground they were saying it's a lot of profit taking with the shares if you look how they have done from the beginning of the year they're almost doubled in value and so you sell on the good news essentially but by now they already have recovered i think the perspective that also the david might be high during the course of this year that's what we're hearing hearing from the company is actually adding a little bit of positive stimulus to the shares and is there a bit over worried that to move to answer is quite obvious expansion strategy could be a bit too much. but it's interesting if you look into the fine print perhaps kind of a levy aides to your concerns a little bit because of course lufthansa is also interested in parts of alitalia but they're saying not at the current state are not. to the current shape
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as in right now they would be interested in parts of it i have to a restructuring and that could make perfectly sense if you look at what they are planning to do to your overhangs for just their low cost carrier they're adding assets especially to that so that unit and they need to do that in order to compete with the likes of ryan now who are a dominant force in the market so they need to grow because as such they are still very still very slow so what they have found just now recently is to add abolition assets here and that could also be some addition from alitalia coming after a restructuring that could actually be positive but of course it's all the price matters what they're planning on paying for it but that it is indeed whether it's profitable in the end and that of us in frankfurt thank you so much for this year.
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european lawmakers have called on to brussels to investigate them all to us and the money laundering system now this comes in response to the murder of a maltese journalist who reported widely on financial and political corruption the event has pulled the maltese government under scrutiny and in particular its handling of illegal business activities on the island the adelie tiny island group lies in the mediterranean the tax system is also it delayed for some and attracts many international corporations here officially at least they pay thirty five percent corporate tax but through a series of complex refunds most companies only pay around five percent welters economy grew six point seven percent last year more than three times faster than the e.u. average agriculture accounted for around one percent of the island's gross domestic product manufacturing around fourteen percent the largest sector by far was the service sector no surprise given this includes income from two or ism in financial
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services a massive twelve percent of g.d.p. a multicultural online gambling these two branches of the economy are reportedly controlled by the mafia who conduct their operations out of nearby sicily experts say malta is a paid financial laws create an ideal climate for below board business something italy's anti mafia commission knows they're visiting malta this week. it's so hard to block you don't it is necessary to close those legal loopholes that the mafia uses whether they use violence or when they ask complicity or corruption mafia gangs always have a predatory attitude towards the areas they target. they confronted in areas barkeeper in the media. crime tax avoidance and corruption malta's government has done little to change the situation and even the e.u.
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has turned a blind eye in the past something at least some officials here hope to change. all right i've read to understand that men and women still don't quite see eye to eye on several occasions absolutely it's about obviously sexual harassment what you're talking about monica and the sexual harassment a sort in rape accusations ended hollywood film producer harvey weinstein have triggered a lot of similar reports around the world the news a website politico has published disclosed complaints but eighty seven women and six men working at the e.u. headquarters in brussels some women at lagrange hutton treated their stories of how men harris them using the hash tag need to she says when it came to furthering my career in brussels but but seeing and working for him every day i chose to leave the gala geishas include people being offered employment in exchange for sex young women being sent to bars to create sexual favors for legislative outcomes and men
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being bullied. max one joins me now from strasbourg where the european parliament has just held an emergency meeting on this very issue max how is the e.u. parliament first of all responding to these sexual harassment claims. there was a lot of condemnation of course of sexual harassment that was to be expected also the police the urgent plea to all women who were harassed here at the european parliament to step forward and use the means that they have at their disposal is for example an advisory committee two things though stood out in the first thing is there were about forty speakers which is a lot so a lot of people wanted to express themselves but only five of them were men so it is even in the european parliament still a predominantly female discussion and the second thing that was lacking was the clear call by parliamentarians to have an independent body investigate what
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actually happened here at the european parliament because as of now we only have claims that were written down by certain media but all of this is not verified yet so why is it so difficult to investigate and eliminate sexual harassment from within e.u. institutions. well here at the parliament there are a couple of contributing factors for example you parliamentarians have immunity that makes it hard to investigate then the police needs a special permit to come here but special permission to also investigate if you look at the structure of the different offices usually small offices with one clear cut boss which is the parliamentarian himself who has the power to hire and fire assistance immediately so apparently many women here who experienced sexual harassment are afraid to come forth with this because they're afraid of losing their jobs it's a big problem no easy solutions max have money in stocks bill thank you very much.
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finally sometimes a small note can make a big difference like the note from albert einstein describing the key to happiness rich has sold for around one point five million dollars at an auction in jerusalem einstein gave the handwritten note to a japanese bell boy when the genius scientist read as he couldn't afford to to pay him the scribble tax a's a calm and modest live brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness bidding began at two thousand dollars but escalated quickly before the note went to an anonymous european by. here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you the trial of german human rights activist british story is set to begin today in turkey jordan was arrested in istanbul last july on terrorism related charges the case has become a flashpoint in or very tense relations between germany and turkey. you're
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watching the news coming to you live from london i'll be back with you in half an hour with an update of us stories would you join me then if you can. create. paul paul paul. inspiring.
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