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the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on. this is the deadly news live from the lead to more violence in kenya i see a repeat of presidential election gets underway protesters rally against the votes and police responds with polls opposition calls for a boycott of affected turnout for an election that has polarized the nation we'll take you to the capital nairobi from also on the program
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a final farewell full time and he's a kingpin we pop five days of ceremony and ritual for the moment you buy millions as a father figure second life to bangkok. the german human rights organizer is freed on bail from a turkish prison so does this signal an improvement in relations between the left. and in the german cup topside leipzig guided by a munich played even right to be at last night's big match had all the drama fans expected to let you know which clock on top in the final six hours. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. police in western kenya have reportedly been shooting live ammunition and tear gas to break up protests as the country runs its presidential election opposition leader run out of danger has described today's
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vote as a sham and called for a boycott in the capital nairobi mr a dingo supporters have been throwing stones at people trying to enter polling stations voting has proceeded in areas that support president kenyatta but turnouts appears to be lower than in just the country supremes court and no valid result because of voting accounting irregularities. let's get more from t.w. correspondent catherine and wanda who joins us from the kenyan capital nairobi welcome catherine so we've been getting those reports of clashes between opposition protesters and the police tell us more about what's been going on. well it's very interesting because just a few moments ago the cabinet secretary for interior. he said that at least ninety percent of the polling stations across the country were open for voters to vote but we're getting a completely different story on the ground in nairobi itself we've seen tension
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between use and police in mother but the action is really in kids where it's almost a cat and mouse game between youths and police and then it calms down and then they start again so they have been trashing for the past five hours since you know polling started at six am. so they were blocking ballot papers going to two polling stations especially the one polling station where i loaded who's the main opposition leader usually votes so that was that was very very problematic scenes there it in canberra but we're also seeing problematic scenes in kisumu where police are shooting live bullets in that many polling stations that still haven't opened yet and people to elect sure officials too scared to do that and tensions between the youth so the government may be saying one thing but the reality on the ground is completely different and you mentioned rather are doing are there he's
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refused to stand again i'm just called on his supporters to boycott the vote so how does that affect the turnout. it has affected turnout in a major way in areas we have areas where voting hasn't taken place yet and then we have areas where we're seeing only ten percent voter turnout so far in the last election we had seventy eight percent voter turnout in total kenya has a number of registered voters standing at nineteen million so when you see polling stations only registering about ten percent probably the highest being thirty percent it's of great concern and it seems and it seems that supporters of the right have heeded the call but then it's not just supporters of raila odinga there is a section of kenyans who are not affiliated to any political party but say that they will abstain from the vote on me of principle because they don't want to in nairobi
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thank you. to thailand now where mourners have begun the main part of a five day funeral ceremony for the country's late king tens of thousands of black clad mourners lined the streets of the capital bangkok to watch king. pass from the grand palace to the chromatography music written by the late mother was played alongside the procession and gunshots greeted beyond survival i will take you live to bangkok of for the latest in just a minute but first this report. king. the man who was tired and head of state for more than seven decades. during his reign he transformed from a rural society to prosperous modern nation he survived a number of attempted coups appointed twenty governments and signed more than a dozen constitutions amid the turbulence the king was considered a rare source of stability. for many. divine.
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is traditionally seen as the reincarnation of a hindu god. king who. was born in one thousand twenty seven in the us while his father was studying at harvard tended school and university in switzerland where he met his wife after the mysterious death of his brother in one nine hundred forty six became king he was just eighteen years old. passions that were considered somewhat unconventional for a king he loved jazz music and even played in his own band. the king was also interested in seeing how his people lived he often visited rural areas and arranged development projects which led to many calling him a caring ruler. with his considerable moral authority to me ponder fused several political crises as a mediator one of the most significant was the deadly rioting against the government in one thousand nine hundred two when his intervention prompted the then
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prime minister to resign. his subjects were allowed to approach him only by sliding across the floor on their knees without looking him in the. criticism of him and his family could be punished by years of imprisonment. but the threat of jail didn't completely stifle criticism . he handed the country's democratic progress by wielding too much power. and often siding with military and conservative forces. after the coup in twenty fourteen the king was accused of legitimizing the rule of the military after he gave royal blessing to the army's transitional government. the king spent the final years of his life battling illness he died a year ago at the age of eighty eight. following his death his son must have achieved along has taken over the rain but he does not share the same popularity a
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says father without stabilizing influence many thais are anxious about their country's future. correspondent both in the heartache has been following that ceremony in bangkok and joins us now welcome back to talk us through what's been happening today. well phil if you see behind me here that golden spire that you see there that's the royal crime a tory or the world from foreign hall and that's where a. ceremonial cremation is about to commence. it's before that this morning on this street right here behind me the funeral procession passed by and that was an elaborate procession and it took many hours to take the royal urn from the grand palace where the king's body has been lying in state for
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four years since for more than a year since his death on october thirteenth last year and it passed by here and it was led by by the crown prince the king the late king's son and then it entered into that square back there where that where that cremation hall is and that's and that's where the ceremonial cremation is about to take place which will also be led by the crown prince mileage are long gone and it will be attended by by many foreign dignitaries as well there are more than forty or more dignitaries from more than forty countries are here amongst the former german president christiane wolf is here but also the prince. of japan for example the president of me and mar the queen sylvia of sweden and many others are here to attend this ceremony and then later in the evening at ten o'clock in the evening local time that's when the
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actual commission will be taking place and there are this morning there were tens of thousands of people here to watch the funeral procession and many of them are still here and it was very difficult for them to come here in the first place many of them came from very distant parts of the country because they wanted to pay their last respects to the late king probably paan who they revered very highly and they have. when they've been waiting here for some four days before this even started braving the rain braving the heat they didn't mind and there are still many here you can see it right now but there are still many people here and they will they will be here until the ceremonies have concluded which will which will the commission will be later tonight but then there will be more ceremonies tomorrow and the day after that will briefly bastian why you talked about the reverence of the thai people why it was able to engender such reverence which seems to go beyond
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mere respect for the office of king. yes i think the main reason is many people here saw him as a father the figure that they it was a unifying figure we already heard that in the report but if you speak to people here they have a very emotional bond to the late king and the reason for that is that they saw him as someone who really was he was he was he would took to heart the development of the country and the well being of the people they saw someone who tirelessly crisscrossed the country making sure that even in the most remote villages there were royal project as they call them development projects were were were put in put into place and all these kinds of things that made people feel like he was someone who really cared for his subjects and that's why they were revered and saw highly and loved him so dearly fill. in bangkok thank you.
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let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world an explosion and a raging fire at a fireworks factory in indonesia has killed at least twenty three people in the injured dozens more the fire started in a warehouse complex on the outskirts of jakarta and they say it spread after an explosion which led to the collapse around. to fight against america's opioids a drug epidemic is getting a boost from president trump and he set to declare the crisis a national emergency the united states is battling a surge in opioid related deaths including thirty three thousand lives lost in twenty fifteen president trouble made fighting opioid addiction a priority in his election campaign. ukrainian politician has been wounded and his bodyguard killed after an explosion in the capital kiev a. mostly truck is a member of the nationalist radical party the country's interior minister is treating the incident as
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a terror attack. a german national peter storrie and seven other human rights activists have been released on bail having spent three months in a turkish prison they were arrested during a workshopping run by amnesty international in istanbul and jailed on terror charges as part of a post-coup crackdown was distorting this case as one of many diplomatic flashpoints between turkey and germany is released could signal a thawing of relations. emotional reunions with relatives and supporters as eight human rights defenders are released on bail among them german citizen peter storrie he spent more than one hundred days in detention to speak of me i'm really grateful and i can say we are really grateful. for everybody who supported us legally. diplomatically and with solidarity. and we know it's going on but we do it together. the group was arrested in turkey
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in early july stuart now was one of two trainers at a digital security workshop supported by the dutch development organization here ask the others human rights activists participating in the workshop they are charged with aiding an armed terrorist organization the trial is to continue but she doesn't have to remain in turkey until the next court date in november german foreign minister stigma gabrielle welcome the court's decision tweeting it was an encouraging sign and first step some ten of the german citizens are still in jail in turkey on political charges german chancellor angela merkel has previously said there is no legal basis for detention in mice of these cases. traders are closely watching the acb in frankfurt today want to jones our business news they have a very very big question phil namely will the european central bank outline
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a scaling back of bond purchases and if so when will that kick in now the z.b. has been buying up bonds since march two thousand and fifteen and that to the tune of two point three trillion euros the measure aimed to stave off deflation and it's helped revive borrowing and spending but there is room for more and that is why analysts expect the e.c.b. to taper off quantitative easing in what is called a lower for longer option that means it will buy back fewer bonds for a longer period of time but the program itself will end probably in two thousand and eighteen the president mario draghi has stressed on several occasions that he still feels the euro zone isn't out of the woods the inflation rate rose to one point five percent in september but that is still well below the e.c.b. this target rate of two percent. now earlier i asked our financial market chorus of bond daniel cope in frankfurt what traders expect from that meeting today.
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well in their dreams higher interest rates and a storm of the bond purchasing program but that's not really that's not really going to happen we have heard from mario draghi and the part that there need to be a change in the monetary policy off the e.c.b. but a very slow one so even though we are close to this inflation target of a true percent he's most likely not going to announce higher interest rates we do expect though that he is going to announce a reduction off the bond purchasing program i was just talking to an analyst there rumors maybe from sixty billion euros a month to just thirty billion euros a month but with a longer running time that's the expectation right now from traders it's going to be really interesting what he's going to say at two thirty p.m. german local time ok and in the meantime trading continues i mean how does the decision making day like today impact trading well the trading day today and also yesterday was very much influenced by this easy be meeting today we
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saw the euro again very strong that has been harming the trading day the dax is really fighting with this thirteen thousand psychology market even closed yesterday under this market very interesting when you talk to traders they do have to fear if the doc should continue in the next days and weeks to struggle with this thirteen thousand point mark that many investors will use the time for profit taking and we would even see shares here more dropping in the next coming days and weeks ok so we all wait for two thirty two no more danielle call in frankfurt thank you so much for this. well the political crisis in catalonia could be coming to a head later today when the catalan column and is meeting on its need to expected to announce independence or not it's a political turmoil which has prompted many companies to move their headquarters out of spain's richest region in the north east of the country but not every
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business is willing or able to leith a banner on the town hall of sab a dell reads freedom for political prisoners this catalan city isn't just the stronghold of the region's independence movement but also its industrial heartland due to the city's wealth spain's fourth largest bank was founded here. even though the bank is now turned its back on the region most mid-sized companies are staying in catalonia. take this supermarket chain for instance right in the middle of the political crisis its management announced it would be making two hundred million euros in investment opening nearly thirty new stores creating one thousand new jobs. they want to know us and we're also building a company head office right here in the heart of catalonia we won't move our headquarters anywhere else that will keep the wealth in jobs in our region that's exactly what we want you to find out what's going up and i think that as many see
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reports of companies leaving the region is cheap propaganda that's because the major corporations and banks are effectively only changing their registrations for tax purposes plants and jobs are staying here but the political crisis is affecting many companies orders are getting cancelled foreign investors are leaving add to that the regional government in barcelona is having trouble paying its bills. says this but on the bible without waiting six months for the authorities to pay their bills. that's heard on my company. i have to get a loan to pay my workers. call the authorities about the payment they say their hands are tied. companies are caught between the two sides of the political crisis which continues to escalate according to business sources here the government in madrid is also putting pressure on folks like in subsidiary syria
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this seems like an effort to push one of the biggest employers out of the cartel and region prime minister rudd seems also to be using economic leverage against his political opponents. and of course we'll continue to keep an eye on the developments in catalonia but first. to an emotional letter that reminds of off a pretty disturbing time monica thank you yes indeed a woman has written an apology a woman here in germany has written an apology to a man in america who lost his childhood home when it was handed over to her family by the nazis thousands of jewish owned properties were confiscated or forcefully sold by hitler's regime decades later people involved in the case have been confronting the truth to be an emotional process it's nearly eighty years since peter hirshman fled from the nazi terror in nuremberg in southern germany his family lost their home when they moved to america and peter later forty against the
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nazis is a u.s. soldier now aged ninety two earlier this year peter received a letter. it was about my childhood home. and the purpose of the. us for what had happened to. her family. taken advantage of what. took it away from us. her grandfather the letter was written by forty six year old doris shots noise her family had acquired the substantial property from the nazis if. their question has been in the back of my head for a long time how did my family get this wonderful house with this big garden. i knew it was owned by
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a jewish family before but i didn't know exactly how they got it and then i thought i will just go and find out it's and for. after delving back into the past doris felt compelled to make a personal apology. and forty of in my experience the past is not simply over about lives on also in later generations therefore it was important for me to write. i felt the need to say that i'm very sorry about what happened there. this is mr lightwood will stop this peter and doris began a regular correspondence offering his forgiveness he told her that she could have ignored the past but had instead confronted it. for some other prize for the future . shouldn't feel. decades on and continents apart the past managed to put that past behind.
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venezuela's democratic opposition has been awarded this year's european parliament sakharov prize for freedom of thought it's given to individuals or organizations that have made exceptional contributions to the global fight for human rights twenty seventeen's honorees include venezuelan national assembly leader who are borgia's the country's political prisoners detainees and the opposition will also shortlisted for the prize in twenty fifteen the european parliament says democracy human rights and the economy have been dead deteriorating in venezuela as the country's political and social instability increases so why then let's go to d w max hoffman who joins us from strasburg welcome back let's start there then why has the european parliament chosen to give this award to venezuela's democratic opposition the official explanation by the conservatives is that the
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opposition is an example for all that i'm citing here that they are brave people who despite being beaten or imprisoned are not afraid that fight for their freedom and for their dignity and of course did also help that this project in this nominee was very close to the heart of the president of the european parliament tell you how you managed to forge a majority together with the liberals other conservatives and even the far right now clearly this is a political award was it at all controversial. of the three choices that were on the short list it's by far the most controversial one you know which state the opposition in minnesota is at the moment it's in disarray some accused parts of it at least to be in the same boat as the government itself some senior figures have left it so that's why members of the civil society and its weight for example think this is not necessarily the right choice at least those that we contacted and also here in the parliament itself many
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parliamentarians not happy with those choice a it's too political and it's not in the spirit of the prize of the past years so what is the european parliament trying to say with this award well they're trying to strengthen those elements of the opposition that are worth strengthening this is supposed to be signing it's violence in minnesota as well but the situation there is so fast moving and so hard to really grasp at the moment that you'll see it will have completely changed between now and december when the recipients of that prize actually come to strasbourg myself in strasbourg thank you sports we'll start with football the german cup was in full swing this week the most hotly anticipated game of the round so i'll be leipsic play host to buy in munich both clubs and at the top of the table in the bundesliga and then come out was a tight encounter that went all the way to penalties. rb leipzig and bar in munich
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had silverware on their minds after an opening half the game's rhythm changed after the break this fell by lights on robert evans led to his second yellow card of the evening and an early trip to the dressing room. playing with ten men didn't slow down the hosts after sixty eight minutes of use of poles and was brought down by jerome boateng and forsberg stepped up to the spot when they. put their lead was short lived just five minutes later. he's perfect tatar level to score. higher dominated into extra time but there was no getting past life see keeper. a penalty shoot out back and then barnes put away all their spot kicks. unfortunately for. couldn't convert the visitors and fans to the next round.
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his reminder of our top stories at this hour police have fired live i mean nation and tear gas to disperse protesters as the country's repaint presidential election gets underway no position leader has called for a vote a boycott. call to based on both has ordered the release on bail of human rights activists amongst them a german who was arrested on terror related charges case has tested relations between turkey and germany. don't get you can always get the news on the go just download from google play for me apple store and give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news but also use it to send us photos and videos. that said show up today to have more for you at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web site. of the day.
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followers can say so much. some of the world's finest florists are competing in cordoba and in the spanish city's famous patios they let the flowers do the talking . join us as we accompany floral artists around quarter of was international flower
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festival. in paradise plans. next on. the conflict follows her wherever she goes. because you guys know me of a do has just one question on her mind for or against catalan independence until recently she's going against separation but the spanish government hard line approach has changed her views. in sixty minutes t.w. . when cities are ingolf by the sea. of the. wall and costly protective measures would have been. nothing. so what's.
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the future starting november nights on d w. l's. and here in studio. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth on d w. i everyone welcome to your remarks as always the program is packed full of fascinating stories from all over europe.


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