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it's to the own world. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and trialling services. bialik gassed at frankfurt am. managed by from. this is day w news live from berlin the catalonia moves to break the deadlock with spying in the next hour the region's president is expected to announce a snap the elevation for december but will that be enough to convince bank not to impose direct rule it will be live to bosler also on the program. lavish ceremony
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and ritual mock the symbolic crim asian of thailand's late king probably part as part of a five day farewell honoring the late monk. at least one death in clashes ask kenya repeats itself a presidential election opposition calls for a boycott of affected turnout in a vote that is dividing the nation one life to nairobi. german human rights organizing his freed on bail and turkey just as his trial begins so does this signal an improvement in relations between ankara and brother. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program so catalonia is poised to call this not regional election for the twenty eighth of december according to local media council on president. color's push is expected to make this announcement within the
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hour it's a move that could help break the month long deadlock between the government had betrayed and catalan separatists seeking independence from spain a barcelona newspaper says push tomorrow took place decision to try to convince the spanish government not to impose a direct rule on the region. let's go to counseling regional capital that now barcelona where we joined the w a correspondent. on the pill welcome. so. if you're in the next what are people expecting. yeah. it appears now that that has been delayed hour and what we're expecting to hear is a formal declaration of regional elections to school to take place on december twentieth we're also expecting to hear formally that he has dissolved but i'm sure
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you can see and hear behind me on the media reaction to that here outside the regional government building people who for the last hour or so when this news first came to light have been chanting traitor and we want independence we've also started to hear that members of the regional government have started to resign in protest this me from regional elections people who really had expected today or tomorrow to hear the. independence from spain so as you say that was the expectation that catalonia would declare independence from spain so want to scholars gain by not doing that there's. no real threat of immediate violence for many people here against independence that was really for this could turn into
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a powder keg as it stands. unlikely but what do you want to achieve is it possible that madrid will now back down from imposing also spending cuts. yes. madrid has not yet confirmed whether it will suspend imposing on school one five five summit within his government have said that is not enough that regional. they're saying that they want to hear from christian monk he's going to back down from this demand for independence members of the opposition in madrid have said that they weren't school on school one five five say in science we might see the cattle in here for change and now it will be decided probably tomorrow when the senate votes in the fridge ok so two big decisions and the first thing in the next hour or so we expect a call this post among to actually say that there will be elections in december but also this decision from the spanish palomas which has them which has to ratify the
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spanish government's decision to seek to impose article one five five. that's correct yes and as i said the big question is whether or not it is going to go ahead with as with everything in this process in this crisis until now that is incredibly divisive in madrid with the government's own would it plans to. imposing article one. planned the for these elections been fooled. a lot of anger on the streets. in the pill in a very noisy up basra not only thank you doctors we will speak again later. to thailand now out more innocent become the main part of a five day funeral ceremony for the country's late king kong in bangkok
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correspondent bustin hotting is that. welcome bastard walk us through what's been happening today. where you can see behind me filled this is the royal commission hall and there is a religious ceremony ongoing right there at the moment maybe you can hear the chanting of the monks there are dignitaries from more than forty countries here amongst the former president of germany christiane wolf and also japanese prince and princes the king of photon royalty from germany and all from germany sweden from europe of course. the queen the sylvia of sweden is here for example clean locks him out of the netherlands also and they're paying their respects to the making right now in this ceremony that's going on behind right now they're putting down sandal with flowers which is. a custom here for funeral after this
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here in thailand and you see that road here behind me this is where this elaborate procession passed through this morning that was led by now the king the next king son of a gentleman on who is now the king of here that this is a procession which has been here and what you cannot see is that to the left and right of there are tens of thousands of people who have been waiting jorge's here braving the rain braving the heat to be part of this spectacle and to pay their respects to the king and bid him a last farewell to have past and i think in the bangkok stay with us we're going to have a look back now at seven decades of king the bumi paul's a real. king. the man who was thailand's monarch and head of state for more than seven decades. during his reign he saw thailand transformed from poor rural society to prosperous modern nation he survived
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a number. of attempted coups appointed twenty governments and signed more than a dozen constitutions amid the turbulence the king was considered a rare source of stability. for many he was also semi divine. is traditionally seen as the reincarnation of a hindu god. king who. was born in one thousand twenty seven in the us while his father was studying at harvard tended school and university in switzerland where he met his wife after the mysterious death of his brother in one nine hundred forty six became king he was just eighteen years old. and had passions that were considered somewhat unconventional for a king he loved jazz music and even played in his own band. the king was also interested in seeing how his people lived he often visited rural areas and arranged
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development projects which led to many calling him a caring ruler. with his considerable model authority to me ponder fused several political crises as a mediator and one of the most significant was the deadly rioting against the government in one thousand nine hundred two when his intervention prompted the then prime minister to resign. popular as a strict monarch his subjects were allowed to approach him only by sliding across the floor on their knees without looking him in the. criticism of him and his family could be punished by years of imprisonment. but the threat of jail didn't completely stifle criticism. activists say he hindered the country's democratic progress by wielding too much power and often siding with military and conservative forces. after the coup in twenty fourteen the king was accused of legitimizing the rule of the military after he gave royal blessing to the army's
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transitional government. the king spent the final years of his life battling illness he died a year ago at the age of eighty eight. following his death his son must have achieved a long gone has taken over the rain but he does not share the same popularity assist father with a puny post stabilizing influence many thais are anxious about their country's future. let's go back to boston heartsick in bangkok and boston reverence for the late king seems to go beyond just respectful of the office has that been your impression on the streets of bangkok today and briefly if you wouldn't mind. very much so phil i respond to people before who were here to watch this to watch the procession and they were very emotional about the king and to them or to many thais they king is that was just was like a father to them he was someone who had the interest of the people at heart someone
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they see as someone who. was pushing for the development of the country for the well being of the people there were many. who were on television a lot of pictures of him none of them crisscrossing the country. trying to look for that development in time for the well being of the people that's why many of him many of them really are him so highly and loved him dearly and the people that we spoke today were very emotional about this they said that they were they started keeping it when we even asked them about what it was like for them when that procession passed and what they thought of the king what they felt for the king so that's how deep those feelings go with many thais still present i think in bangkok thank you. senator some of the other stories making news around the world an explosion and fires a fireworks factory in indonesia has killed at least forty seven people and injured dozens more but they say it started in
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a warehouse complex on the outskirts of jakarta and spread after an. which led to the collapse of a roof. venezuela's former national assembly speaker henry ramos on the country's democratic opposition have been awarded the european union soccer offer prize for human rights the european parliament said it wanted to reward the courage of politicians and students fighting for freedom in the face of the country's repressive government. the fight against america's opioids drug epidemic is getting a boost from president trump he said to declare the crisis a national emergency the us is battling a surge in opioid related deaths including thirty three thousand lives lost in twenty fifteen present trouble and fighting opioid addiction a priority of his election campaign. kenya kenyan teenager has been shot dead during clashes with police as opposition protesters tried to block voting
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and the country's presidential election rerun opposition leader ran a dingo has described today's vote as a sham and call for a boycott in the capital nairobi mr davis supporters have been throwing stones of people trying to enter polling stations voting has proceeded in areas that support the president for turnout appears to be lower than in august can you supriya hold a no valid result because of voting and counting irregularities. i d w correspondent catherine wander is in nairobi welcome catherine so we have a shooting tear gas and street clashes this is been quite an election day. it has been quite a interesting election day in fact some people say this has been one of the few i mean we've never had such an election day in the kenyan history given that some people are voting and some people are protesting. we have heard one person has died there are reports of another person although that is unconfirmed reports we have at
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least eight people injured in the western city of kisumu and four of them have been or have sustained gunshot wounds so that's the current situation. the standoff between you and police is still going on in western kenya we actually heard reports of youth making their way all running away with the ballot papers and in the electoral vote electronic voting kids. that's the situation right now but the government seems to say through it's it's it's through its police head he says that the country is relatively safe in this not much happening although on the ground we're seeing you still engaging police in running battles in various opposition strongholds so we've got all this going on we've got boycotts. voter intimidation violence even
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a how will that affect the legitimacy of this election. it will affect the outcome quite greatly given that even though. the supporters are boycotting the vote we also have a number of kenyans who are not affiliated to any party who are also boycotting the vote out of principle and they say this should be a free and fair election for all kenyans and not just a few so this will all definitely be on the table after today and after the tally is made another question would be the fact that last week or two days ago chairman of the electoral commission what political party had asked the police to abstain or from from using lethal force we've seen that has not happened and that's also. affecting the credibility of the election process so there are a lot of questions and also if you as you know the ballot paper still has
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a low dingoes name on it so that people who will vote for a life will have to see how what the numbers are once the tallying starts but whoever wins this presidency their legitimacy will be called to question catherine of wander in nairobi thank you. you're watching the w. news live from berlin still to come a german human rights activist jailed in turkey freed after three months in prison but just a surprise release made the rift between germany and turkey is on the map. in the financial world all eyes are on the frankfurt now managers phil european central bank meeting finished and what we those though far the e.c.b. has just announced it will leave its key interest rates unchanged and it is ready to scale back its bond purchasing program by how month lease spoken to thirty billion euros and that starting in january two thousand and eighteen the
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e.c.b. has of course been buying up a bond since march twenty fifth even to the tune of two point three trillion euros and in less than fifteen minutes e.c.b. had mario draghi will talk about the details off today's policy meeting and its decisions at a press conference but in the meantime my colleague daniel cope is standing by for us of the frankfurt stock exchange where of course all eyes and ears are ready to listen to mario draghi but if i mean tell you what what what can you tell us have you heard anything else that we don't know yet. we're all eyes and ears will be listening very closely to what he is going to say at this press conference what i can tell you also we know of now that this bond purchasing program will be at least extended until september two thousand and eighteen until this time that's also what we're learning there are not going to be higher interest rates as well it really seems that mario draghi still fears at the level of the economical situation here
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in the eurozone and also the inflation rate is still not at this level where he actually wants to have it i can tell you also i was just talking to an analyst here on the floor they're taking this very positively they were telling me that they were waiting for this day that they're thinking that this situation europe right now is strong enough to handle this they're also telling me and they're comparing this kind of with a medication basically that of course when somebody is under medication it's also not so clever to reduce it completely from one day you know to zero so they are calling this a very good step but also asking that this pond purchasing program is going to stop in september two thousand and eighteen ok so there is some sort of perspective now for the markets and for investors but i mean going back to the rate hike that the fact that there is none and you just said they won't be one until late next year is that the right way to go. well that's a good question because i mean we have this two percent interest you know the rate
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of the supercenter inflation rate or rather that the e.c.b. wants to see and we're close to it so some investors are thinking you know they could already at this time you know also have those higher interest rate in place but it still feels that mario draghi is not really sure about that just to tell you also some of the market's reaction that we're seeing at the moment after this news the shares here at the blue chip index were jumping high we are now again over the thirteen thousand point mark here on the trading floor. all right in frankfurt thank you so much for this economy. and good news for daughter bank the german banking giant turned to tidy profit last quarter and more than doubled analyst expectations according to the numbers released today frankly based bank pulled in some nine hundred thirty three million euros in net revenue over the last three months that translates to almost six hundred fifty million euros in net profit you
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have been expected to struggle as profits from its investment banking continue to decrease. and german consumer confidence rose to a record high in october that's according to a monthly survey of two thousand people by the j.f.k. market research institute and it found that germans are feeling more confident about the country's economic outlook and are more in the mood to splurge on big purchases but it is not all rosy germans are feeling less optimistic about their incomes rising than they were the month before it's the first of its kind since september the federal elections here in germany. now and then this immigration might be dividing the political world across the globe but one british company is hoping it will help unite its customers fashion label jigsaw has launched its quote hot immigration campaign which highlights the role immigration plays in helping its produce it produces its closing now as the
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c.e.o. peter ruiz put it without immigration would be selling potato sacks of course is just one of an ever growing number of big businesses that are taking a stance on controversial political issues. and talking of controversy relations between ankara bilin have been deteriorating over the past the latest developments there is a glimmer of hope and he saves the very thank you so much monica yes this concerns the german national british he and seven other human rights activists have been released on bail after spending three months in a turkish prison and they were arrested during additional security workshop in istanbul and jailed on terror charges as part of a post-coup crackdown was the shortness case is one of many diplomatic flashpoints between turkey and germany but his release could signal a fall and relations. emotional reunions with relatives and supporters as eight
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human rights defenders are released on bail among them german citizen peter storrie he spent more than one hundred days in detention to speak of me i'm really grateful and i can say we are really grateful. for everybody who supported us legally. diplomatically and with solidarity. and we know it's going on but we do it together. the group was arrested in turkey in early july stuart now was one of two trainers at a digital security workshop supported by the dutch development organization he asked the others human rights activists participating in the workshop they are charged with aiding an armed terrorist organization the trial is to continue but she doesn't have to remain in turkey until the next court date in november german foreign minister stigma gabrielle welcome the court's decision tweeting it was an
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encouraging sign and first step some ten of the german citizens are still in jail in turkey on political charges german chancellor angela merkel has previously said there is no legal basis for detention in mice of these cases. member of germany's parliament he joins us from istanbul where he's been there following this trial as an observer but welcome to day w. why is peter storrie case become such a barometer for relations between germany in turkey. because peter is the eleventh chairman citizen who was under custody and sure a key and there are ten left and his case flow was so important because he was arrested for storage in a lot of conspiracy theories and we are very happy that he is released since yesterday and we hope that also the other ten jurors citizens will be in court
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soon and be be free as soon as possible and why do you think this has happened now because it's taken everyone by surprise. oh yeah you're absolutely right i mean there are a lot of background information about that we don't know really what happened specifically in the back maybe of the visit of former chancellor schroeder let's begin on korea had in fact maybe it was finally interested to normalize. relations in germany but not with that case alone there is still ten other germans under custody in judicial jails and therefore there have to do more to normalize relations between our two countries i mean there's a lot of speculation in the room and i'm happy that kid here is not in a plane to overt birdland to meet his family and that's what counts more snow peter
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showing that he's out of jail he's been released on bail but he's trial will continue in november so how does that work how will the trial continue will he go back to turkey to face trial. i don't think so you will somehow answer the questions of the court but. i wouldn't tell him to go back to you so wholly get you never know what's going to happen we had similar cases very people's first release thought afterwards they're they're under custody again and therefore it's safe for him to stay home in berlin but we don't know how this. case is going to and all and in normal country in a normal justice system this case would make it to court because it's.
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like a hot plot tool business a lot of. controversy cheery. no evidence no proofs but in jerky unfortunately it's possible to put people in jail for such and such a case. in istanbul thank you thank you. let's look at some football now on the german caucus been in full swing this week the most hotly anticipated game of the round so abi leipsic play host to buy a new nick both sides of the of the top of the table in the bundesliga and that come much was a tight encounter that went all the way to penalty case. rb leipzig and bar in munich had silverware on their minds after a half the game's rhythm changed after the break. on robert evans led to his second yellow card of the evening and an early trip to the dressing room . playing with ten men didn't slow down the hosts after sixty eight minutes he says
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potion was brought. and forsberg stepped up to the spot. but their lead was short lived just five minutes later. his perfect header level to score. higher dominated into extra time but there was no getting past life the keeper paid. a penalty shoot out back and then put away all their spot kicks. unfortunately. couldn't convert the visitors and fans to the next round and. this is. just the time to remind about top headline local media reporting that president. intends to call. for the twenty eighth of december the newspaper described as a tactical move to convince spain not to enforce direct vote in the region.
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of the top of the hour. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful six years after the overthrow of carlo gadhafi libya remains unstable divided and very violent my guest this week
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is talking sony senior advisor to the government of national accord can he ever imagine his country as a safe and fully functioning democracy for the next d.w. . followers can say so much. that some of the world's finest florists are competing in court and in the spanish city's famous patios they let the flowers do the talking. join us as we accompany floral artists around court of was the international flower festival. in a paradise of plans. you're romex in sixty minutes on d w. health. and here in studio. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life
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in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth on d w. it's reformation day on d w will have programs of round the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary we're going live to the commemoration ceremony in britain barack will be documentaries magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion reformation day march over thirty first g.w. . six years after the overthrow of colonel gadhafi libya remains unstable divided and very violent my guest this week is a senior advisor to the government of national accord one of three so-called governments but the only one that's recognized as legitimate by the outside world
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peace toher has sought.


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