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if i thought a program to go on doing it would be show you show them with us our innovations magazine for asia the us from every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. this is you know the news live from berlin confusion encounter aloni a regional leader karl is pushing up as world outside apple actions to stave off direct war by madrid a day before spanish lawmakers are due to decide on this unprecedented move so
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where does this all leave the deadlock over cattle and independence where barcelona also coming up polls close in kenya's rerun presidential election but take two of this contest at the polls has been marred by clashes and a war of voter turnout after the opposition called for a boycott. we are really grateful. for everybody who supported us legally an emotional reunion of german human rights for the nicer peter storrie is free on bail from a turkish prison he and other activists song trial for terror related charges that are widely seen as politically motivated. thank you so much for your company on will iraq. we start off in spain where the
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separatist leader of the region of catalonia says he will not call elections that might have defuse tensions with the spanish government over cadillac independence carlist which you said he had considered the possibility of staging a vote but couldn't have not received guarantees that he wanted from the central government in madrid but says it is now up to catalonia as regional parliament to decide whether to hold elections the spanish government plans to strip which amount of his powers and impose direct rule on catalogue all as pushing all spoke thousands of pros separatist supporters waited outside the regional governments the headquarters hoping that put you out would declare independence because that put you on declared independence after a referendum at the beginning of october but he immediately suspended the implementation. or a lot has happened in the meantime and correspondent. phil is in the capital a cadillac the capital of barcelona charlotte so no snap elections no declaration
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of independence just more of the same criticism of madrid what do the people around you make of all of this. well for people here both for independence and against it this is been really a heart wrenching process they've been sorry many twists and turns and the defining characteristic of this crisis really has been ambiguity particularly on the side of the catalan government take today for example were expecting initially. to declare independence then we heard that wasn't likely going to happen he was meant to give a statement that was delayed and then cancelled we then heard he was going to call regional actions and then in his statement he gave just a short time ago initially it appeared he had called those elections then he said that he indeed hadn't and he was going to put it to parliament so many ups and downs in this process just behind me a short time ago when it had been thought that he was going to cool those regional
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elections there were hundreds of anti independence protesters calling him or a traitor saying that they wouldn't accept anything less than independence now though that crowd is starting to die down with people who have beginning beginning to accept the once again there is going to be no you immediate decision and it's going to be a waiting game now what does this all mean charlotte for those in catalonia wanting to seed or seek self-determination of course depending on on how you see it is he trying to force madrid's hand. yeah that is one theory that by saying that he's going to put it to a vote that he's trying to force the government in madrid to back down and not impose article fifty five three which it would impose direct rule here in catalonia remove power from the government take control of the finances and the police it is possible that he's trying to prevent that from happening the other theory though
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that he is by coup putting it to parliament these the idea of regional elections. element is that he is trying to make madrid jump first as such he's trying to make them impose this article one five five those say probably that they have no choice but to do that he'll then have a stronger hand when it comes to his argument that independence needs to be declared because a lot of people here in catalonia a region that defines itself by pride for its language and its culture people here simply aren't going to sit back and let madrid take control so he'll have a a stronger mandate to try and push ahead with independence and having said all that to charlotte what's next what now. well tomorrow morning we've got a vote in the senate in madrid they'll decide whether indeed to impose this article one five five that's largely expected to happen. it's not believed that it will
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come into force and till saturday so there are still a few hours and days for this to play out and i'm sure as we've seen previously that they're going to be many more twists and turns to come on right. phil thank you so much for your continued coverage. and we have now to east africa where kenyans have cast presidential ballots for the second time in three months polls are now closed but warning isn't complete just yet after the government delayed a rerun of the vote in some counties well at least three people were killed in election related violence in the capital nairobi supporters of opposition leader right through stones at people trying to enter polling stations that way of disrupting election proceedings what can you supreme court on all the results of elections held back in august because of voting and counting irregularities. correspond to the come on he is in nairobi either how is the situation at the
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moment. well it is as has been the whole day it's a country that has been split into two on the one half we do have people who participated in this election with great of boozy as him so much so that we saw the president being handed gifts at his polling station because it also doubles as his birthday today and so this is the kind of enthusiasm we saw in the regions where he enjoys a lot of support but on the other half it's what you've already mentioned we've seen running battles between opposition supporters and police most of them saying that this election is a sham they're not participating and not just that they did everything in their power to ensure that people in those we just don't participate in the election as well located in polling stations with stones and as i mentioned the police reacted very aggressively lobbying tear gas at these opposition protesters and at times even using live bullets and either twenty we expect to hear what the results are
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well that's something that's still up in the air the election commission as you mentioned a big come up to speak to the public a few moments ago and saying that they've postponed elections in four regions what this means is that even if they begin counting today they will not be able to give an official final result until these regions have cast their vote and of course it's yet to be seen whether the person who will be leading in this fall will get the numbers that are required constitutionally in order for anyone to be declared president they have to have gotten at least fifty percent of the votes cast and more to that they need to have gotten at least twenty five percent of half of the regions in kenya as to whether or not this will be possible is again something that kenyans are waiting to see all right well let's to your point there because of course this is the second time the kenyans have had to go to the polls in nearly three months time with opposition supporters boycotting the selection so could kenya possibly conceivably be headed for a third election if today's vote is considered not representative.
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certainly and if you're speaking to the opposition leader right now didn't i he will say definitely in a statement that he issued today he did say that he would convene a people's assembly where they would be calling for free and fair elections but most importantly fresh elections so as far as the opposition goes this election didn't happen for them and they want something new something credible but if you ask supporters of the government they'll tell you that this election followed all the constitutional points that it was followed to the letter and that if we were emerges victorious as is expected at the end of this vote then he will be sworn in in no time so again the jury's still out as to whether or not the country could face another election all right you just come on reporting from nairobi i thank you very much german national peter start there and seven other human rights activists have been released on bail after spending three months in a turkish prison they were arrested in istanbul and jailed on terror charges mr start his case is one of many diplomatic flashpoints between turkey and germany and
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his release could signal a thaw in relations wednesday night in istanbul for pain a nightmare has ended after more than one hundred days behind bars the human rights worker for amnesty international is once again a free man after his release from prison his comments on what happened made his ordeal clear i'm really grateful and i can say we are really grateful. for everybody who supported us legally. diplomatically and we're trying to do it too. and we know it's going on but we do it together. diagnose case and those of other german citizens arrested by turkey have severely strained relations between the two countries in berlin there is palpable relief over his release from prison.
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we were very pleased when the news came yesterday that peter storrie novel is to be free to recall he was wrongly imprisoned in turkey for three months but now is the time to bear in mind that there are still german citizens being unlawfully held in prison in turkey. if it does then that this is sensational and we should encourage turkey to take more of these steps to release the other prisoners especially the journalists where the accusations were made up out of thin air this former german chancellor played a decisive role and does release a media report saying chancellor merkel knew about churches mediation efforts this was confirmed by his social democratic party colleague foreign minister and. one german citizen may have survived a hard time in a turkish prison but others still behind bars are waiting to see what german
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diplomacy can do for them this week chancellor merkel met the wife of imprisoned german journalist an easier job a clear show of solidarity by the german government with those being held illegally in turkey's presence. more on this i'm now joined by john dollhouse and he is the europe director for amnesty international and he joins us from the turkish city is near john a very good evening to talk about this surprise why this change of heart. well i'm not sure it was wholly surprising we've been receiving signals for a while that encourage some optimism i think old but now three months into that the tension the calculation have changed for the turkish authorities and the domestic benefits in terms of silencing of human rights defenders they're creating a narrative that human rights defenders are not to be trusted that benefit and
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began to be outweighed by the disadvantage the damage that was being international relations particularly with germany but also more broadly and more globally and in the end i think the turkish authorities probably be decided in fact definitely decided that this one just wasn't worth it anymore it just wasn't worth it unfortunately there's another case also taking place where you are in izmir talk to us about that trial where this is the trial of amnesty international's chair the chair of international tuckey the one yesterday. director nine other human rights defenders this is the prosecution of amnesty international's chair allegedly again for being a member of the fatah terrorist organization when i say she is that a very calm they're both tens of thousands of others of downloading a secure messaging app an accusation that is both false on the facts and even where
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true with demonstrate nothing. to do with membership of a terrorist organization in the first place and and very sadly and again perhaps somewhat predictably. was still kept in detention whilst his trial continues so do you feel as an organization amnesty international is targeted in turkey right now. i think it's fair to say that a whole range of human rights organizations in turkey have been targeted and are likely to be targeted again and amnesty international is one of them perhaps even at the forefront or with ice. all right unfortunately we've got to leave it there we've got a bad connection there but we greatly appreciate john dollhouse joining us from the turkish coastal city of is mere he is there europe director for amnesty international all right we want to move on now to some of the other stories making news around the world. an explosion and fire at a fireworks factory in indonesia has killed at least forty seven people and injured
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dozens more are police say the initial blast happened at a warehouse complex at the factory on the outskirts of jakarta it caused the roof to collapse before spreading to neighboring buildings. the fight against america's opioid drug epidemic is getting a boost from president donald trump he said to the clear the crisis a national emergency in the u.s. is battling insurgent opioid related deaths including thirty three thousand lives lost there in twenty fifteen while trump made fighting opioid addiction a priority of his election campaign. venezuela's former national assembly speaker henry ramos and the country's democratic opposition have been awarded the european union's sackcloth prize for human rights the european parliament said it wanted to reward the courage of politicians and students fighting for freedom in the face of the country's repressive government. thailand is
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celebrating the main part of a five day funeral for the country's late king on the in bangkok while tens of thousands of mourners lined the streets as family members and dignitaries from around the world waited for the arrival of the king symbolic funeral urn while a music written by the late monarch played alongside the procession of gunshots greeted the burns' arrival. and now our very own boss and hard to say is in bangkok where he's covering. these events a bus then walk us through what's been happening today. or what you're seeing behind me later that old building that's the royal commission hall and that's where the last ceremony of this evening is underway and that's the actual formation of the body of the late king family fun i don't get it now before
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that we saw another ceremony where dignitaries from from thailand and from other countries all over the world and of course the royal family paid paid respects to the late king kong the pentagon your dead and then in the morning of course that elaborate procession that took the wire in from the grand palace where the king's body had been lying in state since his death more than a year ago took that urn around the palace and onto the royal commission ground that you see behind me for the ceremonies now you can hear the music behind me those are some cultural events that are going that are going on that have already started and they will run until tomorrow morning and they mark the end of the mourning period here in thailand which has lasted for more than one here. well to that point the talk to us about the significance of monarch pond for the thai
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people. many type people see him as a unifying figure for one because his country there are many conflicts in this country political conflicts social conflicts and he has been on the throne for seventy hears and in those seventy years he's seen thirty different prime ministers come and go a large number of constitutions as well many military coups here there's been violent violent protests violent crackdowns on these protests and to all that people saw in him a unifying figure people from all factions factions social factions they were everyone revered him everyone looked up to him but for many thais he was also a father figure he was someone who they saw as someone who has their own interest in their own is that is at his heart at the very highest and someone who
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crisscrossed the country to further development projects to further infrastructure projects and that's how he's been depicted throughout the course of his reign so for many thais he's someone who they look up to who they are highly revered and who they dearly love which is why so many people showed up here today there are hundreds of thousands of mourners who want to be part of this funeral in the right and what can we expect to further to happen at this evening. while we're seeing the commission of the king's body as we speak and then we will have those cultural displays traditional dances displays or orchestra playing the king's own songs that he wrote he was a jazz musician and and as as it said that will run on until tomorrow morning and then tomorrow there will be more ceremonies here they will collect the the
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remains of the king's body. and take them to. the royal palace where the bones will be enshrined and then the ashes will be taken to two different temples where they will be enshrined and then this building that you see behind me the commission hall that will stay and stay around until the end of the month and it will be open to the public which it wasn't previously. and and people can have a look and then it will be taken down and the parts of it will be will be taken to . temples across the country and i'm sorry to do a correspondent lesson hard to have reporting from back cock thank you. and back here a day of both the drama and an extremely carefully scripted plot in frankfurt tell us more talk about georgia and the european central bank but let's start with the driver of course but as a boss cost and can get a is stepping down at the end of the year he's c.e.o.
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of the frankfurt stock exchange operator and came under fire for buying four and a half million euros of shares in his company shortly before announcing it was looking at merging with the london stock exchange shares in the job as a short hop on the news emerge an ever happened it can get or is being investigated the company has repeatedly denied its chief executive did anything wrong. let's talk about that with daniel cope in frankfurt our financial correspondent daniel how did can get a explain his sudden announcement through exit. well there is of course this or fisher wording where he's saying now you know i really want to make sure that daughter bertha gets out of this you know bad headlines and that you know now they can focus again on the business but pretty much he probably at the end didn't have any choice it was just he was just under two big pressure also after we had the court in frankfurt saying this week that
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they don't agree on this settlement that he wanted to or arrange by a paying five hundred thousand euros and then daughter burrs another ten million euros so basically you have the option to just say i'm gonna resign by the end of the year otherwise he probably would not even gotten a new contract because his contract was due in march two thousand and eighteen so they were offering quite a big sum to settle this deal it sounds like prosecutors really want to nail both can't get your birthday. yeah they really wanted to now and i was talking earlier to a lawyer and they were telling me that usually in nine of ten cases when there is a settlement in discussion the court or a normally agrees to this and they're saying ok well you pay something and then you get out of it in this case they really wanted you know to make this clear statement you know that this case is very important with of course also gives you an idea that they really were believing that he was involved in this you know insider
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trading trading by that time if you don't you back to you in a moment first to that carefully scripted plot i referred to earlier the e.c.b. has announced a gradual withdrawal from post crisis stimulus it's scaling back its bond purchase program from sixty billion euros a month to thirty billion from the start of next year interest rates will stay where they are at their historic lows europe is slowly on the mend but experts believe a new debt crisis could hit any time that's why the head of the european central bank mario draghi says the eurozone still needs its financial support its purchases pump nearly newly printed money into the banking system to try raising inflation what the banks goal of about two percent a druggie also wants governments to do their bit let's have a listen in to what he had to say when he met the press mentation of structural reforms you know you are can trees needs to be substantially stepped up to increase
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resilience reduce structural employment and moved euro area productivity and growth potential. regrettably fiscal policies all countries would benefit from intensifying year forced two wars achieving a more group friendly composition of public finances. this plea from druggy time and again is anyone listening. well this is a really interesting question ben because you know on the one hand you know the end vester is here are saying that this is a clever move that you know this pond purchasing program is not reduce you know from one day to the other it's just you know when you when you're taking a medication you know it's also not clever to reduce it from one day to zero on the other hand they're saying that he is basically just too careful that we are
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actually in a good economical shape here in europe with also almost having this target of two per cent that he wants to have you know talking about the inflation rate so it's kind of a mixed feeling here among investors until we watch the announcements made by the european central bank actually mean someone like you or me. when you talk about interest rates for example is going to mean for you and me that you know a few money that we might spend after of the stock exchange you know going on a party if we you know put this into a bank account you know we're not going to get lots of money with this because you know the interest rates are staying at least until the next fall in two thousand and eighteen at this zero or per cent level when you talk about the bond purchasing program and i don't know if you're thinking right now but maybe buying an apartment or maybe even buying a house those interest rates that used to be very low when you were you know were
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buying a you know a house or something like that they might go up because those interest rates in this sector are usually linked to those bond you know interest rates and analysts are thinking that those interest rates at least in the near future might go up daniel thank you very much for explaining it all for us from the frankfurt stock exchange. and i'll have a full fifty minutes of is news next hour for you. art stay tuned because we've got news about a supersonic car designed to reach more than sixteen hundred kilometers an hour it has been test driven in public for the very first time while the car called the what else bloodhound uses engines designed for fire just in space rockets more than three thousand spectators turned out to watch a low speed test run in western england well the team behind the bloodhound says it's a combination of a fighter jet a formula one car and the space ship something to
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aspire to right i just want to remind you we're before i go of our top stories right now. catalonia is regional leader rules out snapple actions that might have staved off direct rule by madrid his announcement comes a day before spanish lawmakers are expected to decide whether to seize authority in the region while that's in response to the catalans government his push for secession all polls have closed in kenya after violence mars' a rerun of presidential elections there the vote has been delayed in four counties at least three are dead in clashes between opposition protesters and police. don't forget you can always get you don't use on the go just download our app from google play ball from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as for show vacations for any breaking news you can of course also use a d w app to send us your photos and videos. for now
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