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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2017 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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further reviewed. eight human rights activists on trial in turkey for allegedly helping terrorists while they walked out of an istanbul prison thursday freed on bail tonight we're learning that this was made possible by one of the biggest names in german politics who was sent by berlin to cut a deal with turkey's president i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. we're really grateful. for everybody who supported us. legally. diplomatically and is trying to do which is.
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we have a big new family you know thank you everyone wherever you are very you did it you got us out thank you very much. right to the top second story thing i'm going to stop right here. but. also coming up america's opioid drug addiction claimed fifty nine thousand lives last year to date u.s. president on will trump is declaring the crisis a public health emergency not quite at the level that he promised just two days ago . it's a national emergency we're going to spend a lot of time a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis. we begin the
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day with a german politician coming out of retirement to help rescue some of the people caught in turkey's crackdown extreme today in a surprising move a turkish court released eight human rights activists from an istanbul prison who are on trial accused of aiding terrorists in last summer's attempted coup now one of those set free today is a german citizen and that is an important detail the release of the activists appears to have been the result of a renewed attempt to defrost the icy relationship between germany and turkey with german chancellor angela merkel's blessing former german chancellor gerhard schroeder began covert talks last month to cut a deal with turkish president richard tire better one today germany's foreign minister said that the release of those prisoners is an encouraging sign what remains unknown is what if anything turkey demanded in exchange for letting the
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activists go free our first report starts with today's unexpected it's . wednesday night in istanbul for pain not a nightmare has ended after more than one hundred days behind bars the human rights worker for amnesty international is once again a free man after his release from prison his comments on what happened made his ordeal clear. i'm really grateful and i can say we are really grateful. for everybody who supported us legally. diplomatically and with solidarity and we know it's going on but we do it together. case and those of other german citizens arrested by turkey have severely strained relations between the two countries in berlin there is palpable relief over his release from prison.
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we were very pleased when the news came yesterday that peter storrie now was to be freed wrongly imprisoned in turkey for three months but now is the time to bear in mind that there are still german citizens being unlawfully held in prison in turkey for. you know if he had to. give if it does then that this is sensational and we should encourage turkey to take more of these steps to release the other prisoners especially the journalists where the accusations were made up out of thin air this former german chancellor gerhard schroeder played a decisive role and does release a media report saying chancellor merkel knew about churches mediation efforts this was confirmed by his social democratic party colleague foreign minister. one german citizen may have survived a hard time in
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a turkish prison but others still behind bars are waiting to see what german diplomacy can do for them this week chancellor merkel met the wife of imprisoned german journalist an easier job a clear show of solidarity by the german government with those being held illegally in turkey's presence. and i'm joined here at the table now by our political correspondent kate brady it's good to have you back on the show so let's talk about we've got eight people freed on bail they can travel home which resulted a but they still have to face a turkish court when the trial resumes in november right exactly but at the moment obviously everyone's eyes now are turning to shoreditch and this deal because now we're waiting for the still obviously of the german nationals are still detained in turkey and so we'll be looking ahead to what's going to happen to those people who are still detained dale what diplomatic deal can be done live and if there is one
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to be made it is a good point isn't it how how did the former german chancellor gerhard schroeder i mean how did he become this is a covert mediator and somewhat of a freedom broker is what he was called today by some i mean does he have a special connection with the turkish president well he was sent there on the request of sigma gabriele the german foreign minister but of course it is no secret that shraddha and add one enjoyed a very close relationship while schroeder was the german chancellor until two thousand and five and that has continued i met someone that at one can still relate to and connect with and one has said himself in kind of close a circle that has been reported before that he said that i'm sure it is the only politician that he can still trust and of course it's not going to night. today as well schroeder. share a very interesting
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a mutual friend and that's father may have putin is interesting isn't is like the club of strong arm leaders and then the former german chancellor appears in that in brokering a freedom deal of any sort for human rights activists like the one we saw today that is something that we would expect a statesman to do schroeder he's been harshly criticized here in germany though since leaving office for the for his intimate business ties as you said there with russia and vladimir putin is this deal that we're seeing taking place is this schroeder being rehabilitated in the eyes of his own country well it could look like that on the surface of course there's this joy today that has been released and it's being praised by the foreign minister as this encouraging step of german and turkish relations but of course turkey hasn't changed overnight it's rule of law is still being scrutinized i'm it state of emergency is still in place and
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turning back to shred of see there's some questions going to be asked of that as well now of course everyone's going to be happy that he's leading diplomatic deals with. germany for the german government while also receiving his pay package from sudden infant and sensually and doing all of that with the blessing of the german chancellor angela merkel as well. we've got eight activists that have been set free but many more remain in custody in turkey germans but also lots of other foreign nationals and not to mention the tens of thousands of turkish citizens who have suffered in this crackdown and this deal can't even make a dent in that extreme crackdown that we've seen since that attempted coup last or two summers ago well as i mentioned before nothing is going to change i. tonight and where obviously we could expect perhaps a comment soon from adeline himself and we'll have to see just how these relations
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develop now i'm especially between germany and turkey but just own it in on germany and take you there are so many more issues to be resolved between those two countries but of course there's also still going to be international pressure that's still going to be necessary for all of those other people to be the east we certainly hope it that indeed happens for for those many innocent people in custody in turkey our correspondent kate brady on the story for us tonight here at the big table thank you kate. well in spain the question tonight well it remains wide open what's the state of catalonia and its independence today catalonia has a separatist leaders said he will not call snap elections the one tool that might have defused tensions with the spanish government over cattle on independence carlist bridgeable says it is now up to catalonia as
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a regional parliament to decide whether or not to hold elections the spanish government plans to impose direct rule on catalonia tomorrow and strip which amount of his powers earlier this month catalonia as leader declared independence after a referendum but he immediately suspended implementation. correspondent charlet chosen hill joins us from the catalog capital barcelona she's on that story for us tonight good evening to you charlotte so we're not we're not going to get a snap election we're not getting a declaration of independence the ball seems to be back in the central government's court in madrid tonight doesn't. it certainly does appear that way that's because we know tomorrow the senate in madrid is planning on voting on whether to impose article one five five that would impose direct rule on catalonia it would mean removing those in the regional government from power will also mean taking control of its finances and its police force as well as we have known for
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some time that that was likely to happen tomorrow and all indications point to the fact that they will vote in favor first of all because prime minister marianna or hoy's party is pushing for this it has a majority in the senate and secondly because we've heard from the whole it's nice that he in a tweet that he wants to quote rescue castle anya's so it does indeed seem that all eyes are going to be on madrid tomorrow and we know that he wants to rescue catalonia implying that he wants to rescue it from its president mr huge amount that he did not did not give the announcement that people were expecting today so how the people in catalonia feel now. i think it's bad to say that both those who are in favor of independence and those who are against it actually have something in common today both
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a walking away from today's developments feeling probably slightly disappointed pro independence supporters had really expected to declare independence today there were thousands of people on the streets in the square behind me saying that they wanted just that the mood was was really quite bitter among the people son who was standing behind me some were even chanting traitor referring to produce among some real anger on the other side those who are against independence may well have been hoping that he would call regional elections today the hope being that it would deescalate what is becoming an increasingly tense situation an increasingly tense situation and that leads us then to tomorrow and the weekend the central government says it's prepared to it's ready to impose direct rule will it and will it be peaceful. that's certainly looks highly likely
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whether or not it will be peaceful is anyone's guess at this point there were some rumors that some of the very pro independence factions in the catalan government which try and prevent it happening there were even reports on social media that they were giving people tips on how to stop some of the practical elements of direct rule being imposed sort of taking guardian government buildings for example to make sure that madrid cannot take charge we have already seen some violence on the streets of basra lonna that was on october first the day of the referendum which essentially kicks off this entire crisis the day that it was claimed by the catalan government that the people voted in favor of independence. then on the streets we saw the police say reach trying to prevent not referendum. taken by some really violent scenes doesn't it as high pare it went to sense of that but that the potential is very real our correspondent charles until on the story for us tonight
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in barcelona charlie thank you very much. all this week china's communist party ensure the thought of president. into the congo country's constitution now that is as close as it gets in china to being a figure on par with the monarch and it signals to the world that the chinese are ready for xi jinping to lead them possibly for a very long time now contrast that with the uncertainty that defines so much of thailand today the year long mourning over the death of king kong came to an end the king enjoyed a reign of seven decades and for most thais he was and is the only source of monarch identity that they knew with the king now part of the past thailand's future feels as uncertain as a. the end of
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a long year of sorrow hundreds of thousands of thais citizens lined the streets in bangkok to witness the third day of the elaborate five day funeral and cremation ceremony. king called me paul was a father figure to many thais. i want to stay here in this area even after the cremation because i want to hold every piece of the ceremony in my memory everything i see and every feeling from today as much as possible from. ninety five percent of the current type population it was born during the late king's reign royals and dignitaries from forty two countries arrived in bangkok to pay their respects to the king and the royal family thailand has observed a year of mourning following the passing of king for me paul last october at age eighty eight he ruled the country for seven decades and played
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a pivotal role in maintaining stability during years of political upheaval and rapid development. or for more i'm joined by andrew mcgregor marshall a former thailand correspondent and author of a kingdom in crisis thailand's struggle for democracy in the twenty first century and he is going to have you on the day there has been a lot of talk in thailand of the late king being a unifying figure how do you see it's like thing. well you actually right bret most thais really revered the king and genuinely loved him and so the grief that you saw at the funeral this week was real. but i think many analysts including myself think that much of the reverence for the kid was built up through propaganda is really about the myth rather than the man because if you look at his legacy after seventy years on the throne thailand has not been able to establish democracy
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it still has a military dictatorship it has been able to eradicate corruption it has a very poor education system the environment is still being damaged so if you look at what can we can achieve this seems rather limited and so for those reasons that monarchy is now much more divisive factor that it was in the past and going forward after this funeral that could be a real problem for thailand. let's talk a bit about the king's successor the me how well is the next he was he known in thailand well he's highly unpopular in thailand as you probably know he spends most of his time in germany he lives in munich he's been photographed wearing some rather bizarre clothing and feature tattoos he's on his fourth wife and he doesn't have anything like the same reverence as his father he's also started really assertive himself in the last year actively intervening in politics in a way his father never did so the time and he's supposed to be a ceremony or more now the new king seems to be trying to intervene directly in an
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alliance with the military and that's got many ties very worried about the future so this funeral is a time for grief about the past and morning commute on is also a time for real i desire to see about what comes next for tight right andrew gregor marshall a former thailand correspondent and author of a kingdom in crisis thailand struggle for democracy in the twenty first century andrew thank you for your insights we appreciate. well there has never been a drug abuse crisis in the united states like today's opioid addiction opioid drugs are now the main cause of death among americans under the age of fifty today u.s. president donald trump declared opioid abuse a national public health crisis active today my administration is officially declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency under federal law and why i am directing all
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executive agencies to use every appropriate emergency authority to fight the opioid crisis as part of this emergency response we will announce a new policy to overcome a restrictive nineteen seventy zero rule that prevents states from providing care at certain treatment facilities with more than sixteen beds for those suffering from drug addiction. or there was risk president trump they're now trying has also announced other steps including more training for health professionals who prescribe opioids and what he calls a massive advertising campaign to persuade young people to avoid the abuse of prescription drugs. we want to turn now into joe shrink in new york city joe is the founder and program director of high sobriety which cares for opioid addicted patients also
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through the use of medical marijuana so it's good to see you i want to ask you what's your take on what the president said today. well it's just way too little if the president respects anything at all it's money and if he's not going to put any money towards this he's not really sincere about much of anything we've heard this rhetoric before we've heard that it will be controlled at the border our kids just say no it's the same old thing that we've heard now for forty or fifty years and i don't really have much hope that this is going to do much of anything for the crisis well what i found in finance downing is does this just say no mentality that we heard even from the attorney general today but you know that is something that nancy reagan made famous in the one nine hundred eighty s. and you know we hopefully are a little wiser now and we know that telling kids to say no usually is
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a license for them to say yes even more so how do you explain the fact then that that is not ingrained in public policy. why aren't we smarter than we were in the eighty's well look i think the drug policy in america's very complex you know as you know americans love jesus they love things that explain you know you can get off of drugs with the spiritual experience or so on and so forth you know we don't really apply the knowledge values and skills of public health policy or science or commonsense if we did we'd have a much better result so it's an interesting thing because we've all been told just say no for generations it's never gone anywhere i think that abstinence only drug education and abstinence only drug policy is about as effective as abstinence only sex education which as we know all that does a spike unwanted pregnancy and new infections of disease so this is ridiculous the attorney general is probably he lives in some other reality he doesn't live in
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the reality of people dying he lives in some reality you know he's on this mission to villainize cannabis when we know through scholarly research that states with medicinally dispense cannabis have twenty five percent fewer. for those that us that overdose deaths in states that don't so it's really actually kind of shocking that the president didn't say anything about the potential health of cannabis he did say that he hopes that research can find a safer and non addictive substance to help manage pain there is such a thing and it is calling out of this so exactly it is antiquated it's silly policy it's not going to go anywhere well what about the fact that when you look at the map of the united states most of the opioid deaths are in the states where trump's political base is also to be found and and yet he still did not know where i mean and that's the other that that's
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a that's another crazy thing about america we don't really understand that we also don't understand why they villainize people on public assistance but the most welfare dependency are in states that voted for trump so there's a lot of paradox here there's a lot of hypocrisy i do think that if he wanted to help his base the way he says he wants to help his base he would be looking to physicians scientists social workers we can help this problem we really can't it's not going to be in the same way trying to incarcerate people or scold them out of using drugs that's not going to be the thing that it was about the doctors that we've got about two minutes i want to ask you about physicians in the united states i mean they're the ones writing the prescriptions and those prescriptions are the first step for a majority of people into becoming addicted to opioids and we hear all the time stories of doctors being lenient and re prescribing these drugs to people just to
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get them out of the office why aren't we hearing that leader and i mean coming down on him. sure physicians i mean that is part of the problem for sure is that there probably has been over prescribing maybe being too cavalier you know my nephew recently had some dental work and my sister called and she said they wanted to give him the soapy and i said tell him it's going to hurt you know that's just how life is so merican don't you know they want this pain free existence but that's only part of the problem and that may address people who are not currently addicted deck could be there portal into an addictive problem but we have a massive problem of people who are already addicted so so the focus on prescriptions yes that is something that should be looked at and it should be addressed you know one of the things they've done is there's only seven days of. you know you don't have a seven day supply which i suppose is fine unless you have stage four cancer and you have no help so those kinds of policies can really punish people who don't need
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to be punished they're already in severe pain there are actual legitimate applications for opiate medications and so really the question is not as much as how do you control that who how do you treat it and how do you how do you stop it again from happening and that might be one way there's really no joe joe we're out of time i wish we had more time it's a fascinating discussion we're but we're running out of time but i have a feeling that we'll be talking about this for a long time to come so please come again and talk with us on the day thank you very much i will very good thank you very much take it. oh the day is nearly done the conversation of course continues online you'll find us on twitter and don't forget when you write to us to use that hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then a.
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