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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2017 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helps set in motion. restoration day october thirty first g.w. . spain's senate is expected to adopt measures today to seize control of the region of catalonia spanish prime minister mariano rajoy says the move is necessary to stop catalog leaders from taking further steps toward independence catalonia held a disputed independence referendum earlier this month. the un says syrian president
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bashar al assad's government was responsible for a chemical weapons attack that killed at least eighty people in april a report coauthored by the u.n. claims syria's government to use the deadly sarin nerve gas on a rebel held town syria denies having done so. in kenya at least three people have been killed in clashes between police and protesters amid a controversial rerun of the country's presidential election the violence led authorities to postpone voting until saturday in several counties. the opposition has urged voters to boycott the election. the u.s. has released several thousand previously secret files relating to the assassination of president john f. kennedy in one nine hundred sixty three congress had ordered the release of all kennedy documents by this year but president trump has agreed to withhold some classified items for further review. i.
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living in the digital age in this edition of self driving minibuses intelligent households dr. angelou painfully robots but first video games that explore political and social issues combining entertainment with serious themes. follows the life of a syrian refugee and allows gamers a direct insight into his life. this innocent looking game uses a sixteen bit retro look to depict the very real dangers of war the game enters the conflict zone in syria before making their way to europe. the
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games protagonist is actually. a twenty one year old syrian refugee who now lives in the austrian city of salzburg. he fled syria via turkey three years ago and was forced to the family behind. i was just like trying to escape that as much as i can with playing video games when there is electricity on and when it's war in syria and you're eighteen more than eighteen years of then you must join the military if you're going to join the military it's either to kill someone . situation. both wasn't an option for me. so he left and his passion for video games made his life in australia easier to. later. from cows or creations against companies specialized in political and social content. the two of them then developed
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a demo version of path out. it gave me a chance to do something in connection with this crisis. and in the gaming world i can have quite a bit of leverage. so i could do something that might reach one hundred or a hundred thousand or even a million people. we make a perfect team without dollar perfect a team. the game begins at home the virtual abdullah karami is preparing for his departure serious scenarios alternate with likely moments and sometimes the real app to look around pops up on the screen to provide its unique commenters. come on i mean you don't have calvin this three do not in my hometown or every hometown in syria. path out is an example of the news game show on iraq where current affairs stories are addressed in an entertaining way half the sky movement is the trans
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media project that raises awareness of women's issues. not all get i mean while it's about the war on drugs in mexico. one of the joiners biggest hits is this war of mine. for us it was about getting food place experience war from the perspective of a civilian instead of fighting stereotypical enemies to treat other people's injuries or have to hide survivalist the only reward the game has been a commercial success despite its serious content making two point five million euros in its first year. economy we can only play with elves and spaceships games have more potential than that. interactive game mechanics can be combined with politics. so there's a relevance to today's society. and the media provides
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a platform for discourse and its causes this medium. will be released at the end of october on the games platform. hopes the game will help launch a successful career in the industry a career he might one day continue back home. to work as a designer and that's entering. it's a long way to do it to achieve it. will get there hours when a lot of creative people. shift says good luck. in today's rankings section the most dangerous celebrities on the internet. now but by celine dion the canadian singer is pretty perilous although not because of her music cyber security from mcafee has found out which celebrities are most likely to
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land users on websites that's carrying viruses all malware. if you google celine dion you're in dangerous waters some twelve point nine percent of searches lead to pages that have potential for online trends. in fourth spot is british pop singers a manic formerly of boy band one direction he's looking a bit mean of these days and his search results are downright dangerous if users can end up in trouble in thirteen percent of cases. number three kohli rate jepson her greatest hits call me maybe gone and over a million hits and inspired many parodies chances of catching a virus fly at thirteen point two percent. number two is bruno mars the hugely popular and prolific singing and dancing hawaiian but where
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if you look him up on the net thirteen point four percent of searches lead to dodgy content. and the number one avril lavigne she hasn't released an album in yet is but it's still very risky to search for her online fourteen point five percent of the searches are hazardous. about with this week's ranking and now or thomas vehicles are the future the cities of the world are congested and public transport systems are overloaded and some local authorities in europe and never testing many buses that drive them. selves. this bus in estonia's capital tallinn might not have a driver but the passengers on its get. the vehicle moves very slowly but this is not a test track the bus is navigating its way through the center of town the biggest challenge for these driverless vehicles is when they have to deal with human
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drivers. just feel like the for the outcome of it's much easier for self driving vehicles to be on the road with other self driving vehicles it's much more complicated when they have to communicate with humans when they have to understand what a human driver might do in a certain situation. this is likely to be a lengthy development i've been involved. thanks to cameras sam says and radars the bus is constantly monitored so any obstacles can be avoided in real time. there's also a test operation in paris between the stations god. and god boston. the doors open and close automatically at every stop the bus can take up to twelve passengers. to its surrounding environment and even to
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pedestrians that might cross in front of it. in this case it will either slow down or perform an emergency stop if someone suddenly jumps out in front of it the front of it the technology seems to work so far they have been no accidents either in paris or stoney i. know it's only the self driving buses on new father drivers and for the police but we've had good experiences so far. there haven't been any accidents because the buses are also being tested in berlin although so far only on one route around the university campus but the developers have big plans for the future. and you'll be able to stand outside one building and use an up to ask a car to pick you up and take you to the other side of the campus. want to get in fines passengers will eventually be able to have
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a bus to take them home from the train station or subway stop. so no one will have to rely on the set schedule thanks to an intelligent network the buses will go precisely where they're told to. shift says smart shuttles for the future. now short and sweet shifts snapshots of. the as an unmanned drone that can avoid obstacles around your home it can be controlled remembering a violent act or respond to spoken instruction was like any self respecting modern gadget of course it can also take three hundred sixty degree picture. this sound flying above to get a system for the home is equipped with all the with the dre off the digital age that is also needed for controlling self driving cars artificial intelligence sonar sensors and stereo cameras for vision. smart home owners are the target
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audience for the on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter. but seriously now who really wants to be under constant observation at home by hovering humming drome. for the time being at least the an i can only function for about eight minutes before it has to be recharged. back was the snapshot do you want to. find out more about the digital world then check out our facebook page d.w. digital you'll find all the latest news and trends as well as interesting apps exciting gadgets and even shoot oreos and of course all the ship reports are there too. like us post joe comments give us your opinions or z.w. did you know. and as always we leave shifts through the exit internet find of the week this time silly robots. is possible to
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brighten up the monotony of the daily routine with the bits of color. that creatures created by british illustrator chris lloyd repeats the actions over and over again some work riveting ma'am the last. of the video features fifty different looping animated gifs. a labor of love for the viewer. next week. yes he is a shopping up for young people uses commodities and sell their own items with texts and movies and video news it's a kind of snap chat heba experience that's a great success all over the world the future of digital shopping next time on the shift.
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you can. eighty kilometers south of sofia amid the wooded slopes of the real mountains nestling in a deep valley lies the great monastery of rain. a monastery fits its natural setting exquisitely the ground plan is perfect
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accommodated to the contours of the valley it is a mighty focus of god with an unbending mediƦval ad of impregnability. but it's only on the outside that the monastery resembles a council. within it is richly but tend to decorate. by one of these portals and the ministry cannot fail to enchants. a monastery was rebuilt in its present state in the nineteenth century. that at that time bug area was part of the ottoman empire. the arcades are
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designed to make two stories a p.r. one the architects drafty ruse to sidestep the turkish overlords command the monastery had been done and the turks required that when rebuilt it should have now most stories than in its original state. oh ever. behind the facade there are three hundred salads for the monks jackal's administrative offices of them honest tonight valuable manuscripts and thousands of books covering the thousand as more since read i was found.
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the most trees history begins over a millennium ago with a young man in the attic tenth century who wearied of life that he retired to the sun a child of the reader mountains to need the godly life of a hand. even risky also nana's john of rayna lived in a king praying fasting and devoting his every waking hour to god.
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word of his exemplary life spread quickly he was reported to have worked miracles and enough healed the sick soon he was attracting to sign. the damage became a monastic community one that survived its fun. after his death john of reno was canonized. the first monastery was destroyed by a landslide the church of st luke was built on the site the money was donated by a notorious robber and murderer who had reformed and confetti and had himself become a monk giving his ill gotten fortune to the monastery. in thirteen thirty five prince cranio had
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a new monastery built full kilometers west of the original site it was designed in the fortress style common at the time the twenty five meet at tottenham honest because god is only tremaine zz of that period in the construction history. five mighty stories high it had all the defensive capabilities that were usual in mediƦval buildings that could expect to be busy. might he was an battlements were of no avail to the build a house prince greg was slain by a hyde assess. in the nineteenth century the monastery of reno was a bastion against islam and a crucial seed bed for the belgariad national revival that was to lead in due course to the creation of a new independent garion state. the centuries bug area was under foreign rule the second garion empire came to an end in thirteen ninety six when the turkish
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onslaught swept on as far as the done but almost five hundred yes' area was part of the ottoman empire. the country's monasteries became key centers of gary is religious and national identity rina played a vital pound fall from the centers of power and the trade routes it was of little interest to the occupying tents so in its seclusion it became a spiritual and cultural center the great repository when a child you call the national traditions were preserved and notch. architecture and the monastery china tonights the by centime ottoman and western traditions into a new house. are good.
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with jack she's covered with frescos within and without not a single square centimeter is decorated and a tree is not
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a great. ceilings a covered with tales of dog everything under the sun in a straightforward idiom testifying. the frescoes down of angels and saints heaven and hell the perils of wild existence and devils lucky never. to tell of the saving power of. tales from the bible and from every dana. critics have responded differently to different spirits some see the most primitive or naive and mobbed by sophistication others emphasize their vitality and. press in vegas. of course one should bear in mind that area was cut off from developments in the western world over five hundred ends.
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the reason ceilings of the church interior altered covered with frescos here the subject similar in phatic to biblical and some familiar biblical figures have been portrayed in the bow garion costume of the day. the cube extend the space upwards as if raising the soul to lord's heaven. the iconostasis from wood and covered in gold preserves the mystery of the choir in
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tabernacle from the gaze of the common people. the. the bands of saint john of really were moved from place to place through all bog area for many ends but they found their final resting place in the monastery he found where they kept in a relic recovered by a cop it before the iconostasis. in one nine hundred sixty
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one the monastery was dickhead state property and converted into a national museum and the monks were expelled from the monastery of the night they were allowed to take nothing but there can not even icon is a need for that prayer. now the monks are back at free land the monastery is there as one small but many of the treasures that have been accumulated over the centuries of vanished without trace. today only nine monks live in the monastery of rena the rules urgently need repairing but as audience. the present abbot bishop john fears that one day after
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the next earthquake the great monastery founded in this wooded valley by st john of rena will be reduced to a heap of rubble. take
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off life. take football personally. europe's first african soccer coach sunday only say is a former bonus league a star who is now coaching the ducks second division from who has been how come
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he's the only african coaching europeans five. hundred guns international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week. revelations a sexual harassment by a powerful hollywood producer has sparked an international outcry protesting a worldwide but change that's our topic on crime. in sixty minutes. nationalists are on the rise to the worldwide. i am more straight to highlight different shades of nationalism and to find out what that nation me to you. to show you sort join the conversation here going to dublin you on to the facebook. when
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cities are engulfed by the sea. then comes the walls and costly protective measures with. nothing. more challenging our future starting november ninth own. one brit got a selfie let's get him to eat way.


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