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this is d.w. news live from berlin high stakes for catalonia on decision day with spain a sense of crisis in the breakaway region deepens as the spanish senate meets in the dread it's expected to alter ised the government to impose direct rule on
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catalonia boyer from our correspondent in barcelona also coming up. australia's top court disqualifies the deputy prime minister for holding a dual citizenship decision that has cost the australian government its thin majority in parliament. and the bowels of being counted in kenya's repeat presidential election but take two of the paul has been marred by deadly clashes a boycott and a low turnout look at the latest from nairobi. polls waggling the world's biggest carmaker says it's burning as long as fifty three percent in the last quarter now that's partly due to the costs of the diesel prices.
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a low on brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show the standoff between spain and catalonia is expected to come to a head today the spanish is due to vote on the government's proposal to invoke article one fifty five of the constitution now that would put catalonia under direct rule from the dread yesterday colonias president through the region into confusion by backtracking on his plans to call new elections that move might have staved off the threat of rule by madrid. when pro separatists gamut outside the regional parliament they had hoped to hear from catamaran president canas preached amount he'd been expected to call a snap election to stop madrid taking control of catalonia. but he didn't. summon. the spanish government knows that i was ready to call an election if they had given guarantees that it would take place and the normal condition is. not yet
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cut the guest has got there is no guarantee that justifies calling an election today. of all actions of parliament. preached a month said it was up to the catalan parliament to decide the next move heated debate followed between backers and opponents of declaring catalonians independence . in response to the aggression of the spanish government in triggering article one five five of the constitution we continue to follow the mandate the people of catalonia gave us at the october first referendum. well we've had enough mr president i think there are millions of people millions of catalans who are watching t.v. today and saying we've lost all patience. one of those who'd had enough catalonians business minister santi vila he opposed a unilateral declaration of independence and favored calling for new elections.
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with no agreement reached yesterday the catalan parliament will continue debate today. but in madrid spain senate is widely expected to approve the government's plan to trigger article one five five of the constitution and remove palace from the castle and government. said that the. article hundred fifty five is about protecting catalonia government from the misrule by the pro independence or do you believe that what we've seen can be described as anything other than misrule. some fear that the central government seizing control of cash and i could spawn a confrontation on the streets. if you think should have been discussed and arranged on good terms not like now what's going to happen a war he gets worse every day. salon's the future is uncertain as the standoff between madrid and barcelona enters yet another stage. let's go straight
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to our correspondent. in the catalog capital barcelona now a charlotte what are you hearing where you are is the cattle on leadership prepared to declare independence today. what are they going to do it brian they need to do it fairly soon and that's because as we've just heard there's going to be a vote in the senate in madrid on whether it's when posed direct rule here in barcelona and that would for me the catalan government from power and their ability to declare this independence that is going to be put to a vote in the parliament in catalonia later today are off to school one five five expected to be imposed much like the population here parliament's very divided on whether or not it was independence but it's possible that it's going to be compelled by the thought that it's one point five likely to come into place to vote in favor of independence this has been a crisis defined by its twists and turns it's delays so it really is anybody's
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guess at this point whether independence will in fact be declared today ok now now declaring direct rule or imposing i could tell the madrid government seizing physically seizing the offices of catalogue leaders deploying more police are people bracing for the worst. they absolutely are brian pro independence rallies indeed anti independence rise as well have so far been very peaceful but there have been calls on social media for people to try and prevent some of the practical aspects of article one five five being imposed blocking government buildings for example there has been violence on the streets before october first the day of the referendum which kicked off this crisis the police violently tried to stop people voting in the referendum those images went around the world and painted madrid in a fairly bad light so from the spanish side they're going to be caned to try and
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keep things as calm as possible but yes this is a crisis that really can inflame people's passions him hell it doesn't go on a decisive day for us in barcelona thanks very much was not just inflamed passions as the catalogue crisis deepens political positions are hardening as well for many catalogues the questions easy either you are for independence or you are against it but some are saying it's not that simple we met with a brother and sister in barcelona who say the complexities of cattle on politics defy easy answers. these demonstrators are demanding freedom for two leaders of the pro independence movement still in detention the two men have to get masses of people out onto the streets and catalonia now the masses are showing support for the heroes. and his sister around longer supporters.
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as an individual you have your rights you can just end up in prison because of your ideology as these men have they are in jail because of the way they think. says that the man's arrest has only strengthened the independence movement he and a sister are here to demonstrate for free speech but they're also critical of the fight for independence. new york and it up again i'm not carrying a catalonian flag because i don't think this should be a demonstration of flags and not separatist i'm not here because i want independence but because i support democracy in times like this when spain is definitely not behaving democratically. from within the. many in catalonia i agree with their views but the independence movement remains powerful and well organized. but if you we're here to demand in the pentagon this far country if you are high in a spanish cronies ultimately do invoke article one hundred fifty five of the
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constitution and stop democracy and we will be ready and i think if you haven't been to them we're going to find out the not and only your might be called local patriots they love the region and language but they say that after the referendum things hardened and only two positions remained possible either for independence or against it they blame the spanish government for this. but at the beginning the only thing i wanted was to vote and most probably would have. no but then i saw the spanish police's antidemocratic behavior and it changed my mind that it can't be allowed to happen it must be possible to cast a yes or a no vote without fear. proud of catalonia disappointed with spain but against independence loud and already all say a silent majority in catalonia has to pull itself together now and say this loud
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and clear. it's to australia now where the government has lost its one seat majority in parliament after the country's top cord disqualified the deputy prime minister from office for holding dual citizenship barnaby joyce unknowingly held new zealand citizenship through descent when he stood for election last year four other lawmakers must also now leave their posts joyce has since renounced his second citizenship and will stand again for office in a by election in december until then prime minister malcolm turnbull will preside over a minority government he says it will be business as usual. let's get more on this story with a journalist roger maynard he joins us from sydney thanks for being with us roger just how precarious is the australian government's position right now. well this decision didn't alter didn't come as a total surprise it was half expected although the government always played that
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possibility down but it will certainly be a blow for the conservative government here who as a rightly say will lose their one seat majority in parliament and work out of practically become a mono government the biggest loss of cause of barnaby joyce the deputy prime minister of australia and leader of the national party here the high court ruled that he he was a dual citizen at the time of this election and because he had the dual citizenship he was not entitled to a two two to stand for parliament under section forty four of the australian constitution so there's no going to be a byelection on december the second and it remains to be seen you know what happens there barnaby joyce does have a fair amount of support so the odds are he will be reelected but in the meantime and there's a big question mark over you know what's going to happen to the government as a minority government is always in a precarious position and if the labor party decide to go in for the kill other
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than it could if it could prove very risky that the government whether they will for probably i doubt it but certainly there are big risks which will probably emerge over the next month or so ok now i know the deputy prime minister joyce is just one of the citizen savanah as they're being called what about the other six lawmakers who are also dual nationals. well the other thing is politicians caught up in this ruling for them the situation isn't quite serious to were told that they were a little eligible to stand with while alone but four senators were told they were not eligible and as the senators they don't have to be reelected up by election they will simply be replaced by somebody else from the same party or similar political persuasion so the numbers in the senate won't be materially changed that doesn't really count any kind of got them that the government insists that the that
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they still have the numbers in the lower house even as a minority government they believe they have the support of cross party members of parliament so they're pretty confident that they can. that they can get through this dangerous period but remember amazed to see what happens to bobby joyce as it is a fairly popular member but the chances are he will be reelected but in the intervening weeks anything could happen journalist roger maynard from sidney following us in on the latest developments there thanks very much for that thank you. now for some of the other stories making the news today the united nations says syrian president bashar al assad's government was responsible for a chemical weapons attack that killed at least eighty people in april a report coauthored by the u.n. claims and syria's government used the deadly sarin nerve gas on a rebel held town the syrian government denies having done so. u.s. defense secretary jim matters says a washington is not seeking war with north korea but
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a peaceful dismantling of its nuclear weapons program maddest made the comments during a visit to the heavily north arise own between north and south korea analysts view his words as an effort to ease the tensions with pyongyang. the us has opened several thousand previously secret files relating to the assassination of president john f. kennedy in one thousand nine hundred eighty three congress ordered the release of all kennedy documents by this year president trump has though agreed to intelligence agency requests to withhold some classified items for further review. it's the kenyan our vote counting is under way after a rerun of a contested presidential election the opposition urged voters to boycott that election several people were killed in clashes between protesters and police and turnout was low even in areas considered strongholds of the incumbent president who cannot or polling was pushed back to saturday in four counties. police with water
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cannons vs opposition supporters armed with stones they were boycotting the election in a slum area of kenya's capital nairobi polling stations in many areas failed to open because of security concerns several deaths and many injuries marred the proceedings. kenya's president or hurricane yeah to cast his vote in upbeat mood his jubilee party's election victory back in august was cancelled because of irregularities leaving kenya in the grip of its worst political crisis in a decade. and. all we're asking is that kenyans. requesting them humbly that they should turn out in large numbers. make their decision. their leader. for our country to move. the opposition leader rylan seen here before the vote urged his super alliance
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supporters to boycott the proceedings. they went further than that intimidating both election volunteers and voters to keep them away from polling stations. here. and. support. violence also fled in the city of kisumu casualties were ferried to hospital the governor a hard liner during the supporter accused the authorities of punishing the opposition .
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being killed. in our own saturday's remaining colima kenyatta's probable victory with a low turnout in the rerun is unlikely to end the violence of the know why as we've seen there this rerun has been polarizing the nation earlier i spoke with our correspondent in nairobi catherine a mando i asked her just how tense the situation is right now in kenya. well it's quite tense we went through a night where you could hear gunshots and tear gas canisters being lobbed during the night. which is one of the informal settlements within nairobi so there's a concern about that so far the environment is quite tense what we have at the naacp in terms of numbers is in western kenya at least four people have been killed in nairobi at least two people so those are the numbers that we have and kenyans of really waiting to see what the chairman of the commission will say from here on out
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because last night he did say that the voter turnout was forty eight percent today he says that voter turnout is around thirty five thirty four percent so kenyans feel a lot but a lot of questions are not being answered at this particular point so there's a there's a there's an atmosphere of tension but there's an also an atmosphere of what what's going on and that's what kenyans are waiting for there is a general feeling that this election did not meet the standards that were prescribed by the supreme court and those who support the government is saying let the process and and we go back to the courts for a way forward that was correspondent catherine joining us earlier from nairobi well the w.'s discovered that not playing fair with customers can carry a heavy price what you just said brian that holds true even before the world's biggest carmaker for the company says that its profits collapsed last quarter
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according to company figures net profits were down over fifty three percent to just over a billion euros now the lower profit numbers were due in part to higher than expected costs connected with the ongoing diesel scandal b.w. is paying to refit hundreds of thousands of diesel cars it illegally rigged to cheat on emissions test in the united states well and there's a scandal is weighing heavily on demand needs to come up with a good strategy to ensure its vehicles aren't turning into dead wood. in a quiet corner of baltimore port thousands of folks back in cars are sitting idle it's a kind of car purgatory will they ever make it back onto the road or are they destined for the scrappy. nearly half a million cars were affected by the diesel gate scandal in the u.s. the disgraced models have landed in sites like this across the country gathering dust while the company works out what to do with them. in july the u.s.
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government approved a fix for many of these cars but customers be willing to give these diesels a second chance oh no never i wouldn't even consider buying a voter wagon period i mean if there are facts and i could be assured that there are facts i'm not sure about buying a diesel car in general but that's how i feel that's a slight fake lead there and you can't really get away with that so i wouldn't really trust i won't trust. the bill for clearing up after diesel gate is already pushing thirty billion dollars mounting costs are taking their toll on v.w. with the company returning lower than expected third quarter results folks wagons north american group declined an interview but told d. w. our top priority is to make the settlement process a seamless and convenient as possible we are working hard and dedicating substantial resources to make sure this is the case. but how is this affecting the company's ability to focus on the future and many manufacturers are investing huge
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amounts in emerging technologies such as automation and electric vehicles competition from silicon valley companies like tesla and google means traditional car makers are under pressure to keep up. china is going to have all electric cars produced by twenty forty. by twenty thirty they clearly want to have only electric cars so in europe there are really good incentives right if they want to survive they have to follow these technologies. part of the v.w. diesel great settlement did include a commitment to invest in zero emissions technology and the funding of environmental projects but for now a top priority for v.w. will be to get cars like these ones in baltimore fixed and back on sale the diesel going to fare has certainly been costly for folks and these clusters of cars standing silent around the country are a saw a reminder of that but the company has said that it still sees the u.s.
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as a core market despite currently flagging up below two percent of market share it will be some time before we can see whether v.w. really can bounce back and of its ambitions to become a true contender on this side of the atlantic can be realized. and now we know just how costly this scandal is for third quarter profits tumbled more than fifty percent financial market correspondent is standing by for us in france or danielle how is that going down on the trading floor. i guess a little bit with mixed feelings monica because on the on the one hand investors here are very optimistic for the rest of you know this trading year and on the other hand you know there are also reports there might have to take another two point five billion euros pretty much aside in order you know to be able in the future to pay for more costs related to the visa gate scandal when you talk about
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the share price of though it's one of the strongest performers today here at the blue chip index stocks even reaching the highest mark here on the trading floor since january it seems that investors right now are more focusing at the outlook until the end of the year is looking pretty good and that the main brand fault in journalists doing very strong. daniel of course fox arms problems started in the united states were diesel gauge was discovered. now another german industry giant a software company s.a.p also faces a u.s. corruption probe over sales commissions paid to win south african government contracts what exactly is going on there. yes i hear it's really having a big image problem at the moment in south africa we are hearing that the company was apparently paying six point five million euros to three brothers from
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india it sounds pretty crazy but those are three brothers in india are already related for a long time to this corruption scandal also involving south african president zuma . right now as a peer is saying that they are they have those reports that this amount of money was paid of course six point five million euros for a company like s a p with a sales volume of twenty billion euros is pretty much just pocket money we are also hearing now that the united states the s c that's the institution overseeing all the financial institution is also in investigating so yeah pretty a big scandal right now involving s.a.p.'s i don't hear cope there in france and thank you so much for this. ok let's leave first scandals behind now and wonder whether art could promote tolerance brian market that's the hope there was some young people in belgium today getting to know your neighbors in brussels
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a dutch artist who moved into the largely muslim quarter back felt like an outsider to change that he joined up with a new friend in the neighborhood and together they launched a project to unite locals don't matter where they come from or what they believe this belgian canal is like a moat that divides two worlds one is the cosmopolitan heart of brussels. the other is modern be a largely muslim district whose residents keep mostly to themselves. to local artists nikita and sam will have a vision to open mullin back to the rest of the city in a state of. artists have started to settle here but real mixing will take some time most people in more than big have little to do with these artists and artists rarely step outside their studios to get more familiar with their surroundings. and make some will and nikita a fellow artist are taking part in
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a photography project called hipster muslim the idea is to break down barriers and dissolve stereotypes six models half of the muslim exchange traditional dress for more modern outfits. the photos are on display in front of the brussels opera house. the project was launched by a dutch artist shirin miracle in an effort to promote greater tolerance for diversity. really. just as. you are in wants to fight. this fire was shoeless. life fortunes it was tough for us. at this mall and back cafe a glimmer of hope some prejudices and stereotypes are starting to melt away. the
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artists want to see this project to bear fruit. if they have their way people from both sides of this canal will bridge whatever differences they may have. now says the story of a lucky rescue two sailors and their two dogs have been rescued after surviving five months lost in say the u.s. navy picked up the americans after a fishing boats bought of them about nine hundred miles off the coast of japan the women itself from hawaii to tahiti in the spring but the boat's engine failed the mass was damaged and they were too far from other vessels for their distress calls to be heard. just a reminder now of our top story at this hour the spanish senate has started a crucial meeting over the government's plans to impose direct rule on catalonia that in a bed to halt the region's push for independence. the move comes after cattle on president who's the boss said he would not hold new elections to break the deadlock with madrid. this is news live from berlin thanks so much for being.
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