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kim and god's house of music stores up close personal and unplugged throughout. the night groups starting november third down d.w. still week. visiting the news live from broadway in high stakes for catalonia as it started off with sprite reaches its latest crisis point the country's prime minister says that is no alternative to direct a role the spanish parliament upper house is expected to authorize his request
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today the first consequence would be the dismissal of catalonia separatist president we'll take you to madrid and barcelona also on the program. ballots are being counted in kenya's rerun presidential election but voting day saw a deadly clashes with police a vote to boycott voter intimidation and low turnout we'll bring you the latest from nairobi. and australia's top court disqualifies the deputy prime minister beholden to all citizenship decision that has cost the government it's the fifth majority in parliament. i'm phil gale welcome to the program. experience prime minister addressed the country's upper house of parliament today ahead of a debate and vote on the government plans to be imposed direct rule on the region of catalonia the senate is expected to approve mariano rajoy request to trigger
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article one five five the spanish constitution which allows central government to remove catalans regional leaders from office starting with president carlos bustamante article one five five has not been used in spain we turn to democracy forty years ago mr roy said that using the special powers was not meant to remove the liberties of cattle lands but to protect them carry. catalans the protection not from spanish imperialism it but rather from an intolerant minority that has named itself an owner of catalonia this minority considers the cultural and historical heritage belonging to the entire community as its own exclusive province of one you know that and it wants to submit all cattle on it to the yoke of its secessionist doctrine we. thank you let's get the latest one from spain and from catalonia was bought with their will start with a double correspondent pub or fully in madrid welcome so if the senate does
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authorize the triggering of article one five five as expected what happens next. well as you were just saying there the first thing is that kind of them on on the rest of people in the catalan government to have been behind this process for pushing for the independence referendum will be dismissed essentially and there will be more than likely elections money out of the whole he has said that there probably he wanted them to take place as soon as possible probably in january he said but we'd have to wait and see and then of course there are other elements of the government there that will be controlled now by madrid security being one the regional television channel t.v. three and will also be controlled here now by the central government and also issues related to the economy i.e. taxation will now be controlled here by the special government in madrid most of the television images the southern we have broadcast and that we've seen on the news i've tended to focus on what's going on in catalonia where is the rest of
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spite on this issue. well after money on a forty five minute long speech in the senate this morning there was a lot of criticism actually from the opposition they said that it was in no way conciliatory it was too aggressive and in fact it was not really going to help matters whatsoever he said several that members of the opposition said that it. came across as if they really didn't have any intention of reaching any sort of solution with that with that the crisis in catalonia if you speak to the average spaniards i mean just if you talk to my family or my friends i mean this is dominating our conversations people are quite split some people to feel that article one fifty five is not really the solution but then others on many people do feel this that article one fifty five is the best way to get back to a situation where things can be taken back into control and perhaps reach
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a solution through dialogue but at the moment we've got kind of them on a monday on a wholly with absolutely no intention by the looks of things of coming to any agreement in the next few hours that's for sure published in madrid thank you to the catalan capital now i shall have to tell some pill joins us from boston oh no welcome to charlotte what do we think will the catalan president declare independence today. well because prison one has just walked into the parliament building behind me here in boston in just a couple of minutes ago that is exactly what he is going to try and walk out he is throwing the baton to parliament so to speak they are going to to reach a decision on this but it's all suggestions point to the fact that he will he is under growing pressure not just within his own coalition but also here in barcelona at the moment i mean just outside the gates of parliament there are hundreds of people demonstrating in favor of independence within his own coalition government
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the two left wing parties who a propping him up saying that they won't accept anything less than an independence declaration there are of course as defines this crisis there is a split within parliament itself there are those in his policy who were very disappointed that elections once called yesterday one member of his cabinet actually stepped down in protest but yes it does it does seem like the rumor here is that we're expecting an independent secular nation today so if spain does try to article fifty five madrid is talking about controlling and seizing catholic government offices how people are preparing. yeah well there were as have been that as has been the case for the last weeks and days there are a lot of police on the streets preparing for the implications of what will happen once on school one five five has formally been imposed there are fears of violence
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on the streets catalans officers defensive of their culture and their autonomy and no matter where they stand on whether or not they want independence this imposition of direct rule is something that they are going to take extremely badly these protests that are taking place at the moment are expected to continue throughout the day that even been rumors on social media that people are being encouraged to try and stop as. the practical implications of a direct through for men coming into place blocking government buildings for example trying to stop it from madrid from taking charge so there is a very real fear about how this could escalate as the day goes on by the pictures we're showing at the moment live from barcelona. in barcelona thank you. well as the council on crisis deepens political positions are hardening for many catalans the question is easy for independence or against it others say that is too simplistic d.w.
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has met with a brother and sister in basilan they say the complexities of catalan politics defies such easy ounces. these demonstrators are demanding freedom for two leaders of the pro independence movement still in detention the two men have to get masses of people out onto the streets and catalonia now the masses showing support for the heroes. and his sister around longer supporters. as an individual you have your rights you can just end up in prison because of your ideology as these men have they are in jail because of the way they think. says that the man's arrest has only strengthened the independence movement he and a sister are here to demonstrate for free speech but they're also critical of the fight for independence. and it up again i'm not carrying a catalonian flag because i don't think this should be a demonstration of flags i'm not
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a separatist i'm not here because i want independence but because i support democracy in times like this when spain is definitely not behaving democratically. and. many in catalonia agree with their views but the independence movement remains powerful and well organized. but if you we're here to demand independence for our country if you are high in a spanish cronies ultimately do invoke article one hundred fifty five of the constitution and stop democracy and we will be ready for the thing if you haven't got it and we're going to find out the not and all your might be called local patriots they love their region and language but they say that after the referendum things saddened and only two positions remained possible either for independence or against it they blame the spanish government for this.
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but at the beginning the only thing i wanted was to vote and i most probably would have been. no but then i saw the spanish police's antidemocratic behavior and i changed my mind that can't be allowed to happen it must be possible to cast a yes or a no vote without fear. proud of catalonia disappointed with spain but against independence loud and already all say a silent majority in catalonia has to pull itself together now and say this loud and clear. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations says the government of syrian president bashar al assad was responsible for a chemicals weapon attack that killed at least eighty people in april report coauthored by the u.n. claims the government used deadly sarin nerve gas against a rebel held the town of consequent syria denies us. police in indonesia are
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working to establish the cause of a deadly fire at a fireworks factory near the capital jakarta forty seven people were killed and dozens are receiving hospital treatment following the blaze which started on thursday seven people are still missing it's one of the country's worst industrial accidents. and thailand has said a final goodbye to the king the late monex ashes have been transported from the roll crime of tory to bangkok's grand palace he died last october aged eighty eight five days a funeral ceremonies will end on a sunday. vote counting is underway in kenya after yesterday's rerun of august surprise attentional election a several people that died in clashes between police and protesters zisha urged the voters to boycott the election and the target was under thirty five percent the precarious security situation and lead to voting in four areas being proposed until saturday. as we have the latest from d.w. correspondent catherine i wonder who joins us from the kenyan capital nairobi
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welcome catherine so the election has now happened mostly have things calm down. the situation has calmed down compared to yesterday but there's still a level of uncertainty out right now as we speak we're waiting for a statement from the electoral commission chair which was meant to happen about twenty minutes ago but we're still waiting. to rival the forms that are used to verify the tallies during this particular election and arriving at the national telling center but if you look outside the wider kenya region we're seeing some protests in pockets of opposition strongholds and also some fatalities being reported there as well. the scheduled election for saturday is still uncertain given the leaders from western kenya have said that the elections should not be
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held for fear of more violence stay with us we're going to hear what some kenyans have been telling you about yesterday's election. we're fed up with politics we want to continue as normal as informal work is we being hurt and we struggling we're tired of politics. but. when you look at the voter turnout in his strongholds people did not even come out to vote. where were they. means even his own people are fed up with. oracle he may have won but there's no way he can be the leader of a million people and form a government for all people. to speak at that point with catherine i wonder what president kenyatta the last election he was on this ballot he's likely to win this disputed election again but how does he go about trying to govern such
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a deeply polarized country. he has a task ahead of him he's expected to be announced the winner of this particular election but he does have a task ahead of him because now the country is polarized and there are those who say that the solution at this point is dialogue between main opposition leader and a working actor to unite the country to the conversation should go beyond politics and talk you know from canyon to canyon and talk about the issues that are facing us beyond the election process beyond the political situation that's currently going on but we have seen no indication from both leaders that dialogue is on the table at this particular point you look at voter turnout even if you're not looking at nasa supporters you're looking about two at other kenyans who have no political affiliation who stayed away from the vote so he does have a task ahead of him to unite a country but his legitimacy even though his election may be legal in the eyes of
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kenyans he risks having an illegitimate presidency catherine i wonder in nairobi thank you. now every w. has discovered that not playing fair with customers can carry a heavy price manager and also holds true phil for the world's biggest carmaker namely folks in the company says its profits collapsed last quarter according to company figures net profits were down over fifty three percent to just over a billion euros well the lower profit numbers were due in part to a higher than expected costs connected with the ongoing diesel scandal of paying to refit hundreds of thousands of diesel cars it illegally rigged to cheat on emission tests in the united states and the scandal of course is weighing heavily on demand of their fox needs to come up with a good strategy to ensure its vehicles aren't turning into a dead wood. in
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a quiet corner of baltimore port thousands of folks back in cars are sitting idle it's a kind of car purgatory will they ever make it back onto the road or are they destined for the scrappy. nearly half a million cars were affected by the diesel gate scandal in the u.s. the disgraced models have landed in sites like this across the country gathering dust while the company works out what to do with them. in july the u.s. government approved a fix for many of these cars but customers be willing to give these diesels a second chance oh no never i wouldn't even consider buying a boat or wagon period i mean if there are facts and i could be assured that there are facts i'm not sure about buying a diesel car in general but that's how i feel that's it's like fake lab data and you can't really get away with i want to really trust i won't trust. the bill for clearing up after diesel gate is already pushing thirty billion dollars
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mounting costs are taking their toll on v.w. with the company returning lower than expected third quarter results folks wagons north american group declined an interview but told the w. our top priority is to make the settlement process a seamless and convenient as possible we are working hard and dedicating substantial resources to make sure this is the case. but how is this affecting the company's ability to focus on the future and many manufacturers are investing huge amounts in emerging technologies such as automation and electric vehicles competition from silicon valley companies like tesla and google means traditional car makers are under pressure to keep up. china is going to have all electric cars produced by twenty forty. by twenty thirty they clearly want to have only electric cars so in europe there are really good incentives right if they want to survive they have to follow these technologies. part of the v.w.
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diesel great settlement did include a commitment to invest in zero emissions technology and the funding of environmental projects but for now a top priority for v.w. will be to get cars like these ones in baltimore fixed and back on sale but these are going to fare has certainly been costly for folks and these clusters of car standing silent around the country are a sore reminder of that but the company has said that it still sees the u.s. as a core market despite currently flagging up below two percent of market share it will be some time before we can see whether v.w. really can bounce back and of its ambitions to become a true contender on this side of the atlantic can be realized. all right a diesel gauge is weighing heavily on of folks profits in the last quarter daniel corp is standing by for us at the french food stock exchange danielle how is that going down on the trading floor. when i feel that investors are mostly looking on the very positive outlook for the end of the year that seems to be very promising
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also that volkswagen itself is doing pretty well and mostly also doing very well right now in china we have seen shares here of volkswagen pretty much climbing all day and together with a gas company linder we are really seeing nor record highs today here at the blue chip index stocks very comfortable now over the thirteen thousand point mark arrived so folks of our third quarter profit results couldn't spoil the party in frankfurt but there's another german industry giant a that software company a p that now also faces a u.s. corruption probe and there it's over sales commissions page two when south african government contract sounds dubious. here we're talking here about six point five million euros and we're hearing that s a p u was paying this sort off mt
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in order to get contracts from state owned companies this is a really big topic right now in south africa also involving south african president zuma. s.a.p.'s saying that they are very ashamed about all of this that they really have to work on getting a better image now in south africa also suspending three employees and saying that there are no going to be any more commission in the future when it's about contracts you know related to state owned companies why don't you call in frankfurt thank you so much for bringing us up to date. on its final day and that is today germany's bankrupt carrier air berlin has managed to do what it rarely could in its prime name is still tickets at a price high enough to ensure a profit the airlines last flight is scheduled to depart munich this even ing it's been sold out for two weeks with some seeds given for six times the usual fare
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since its announcement that today would be its last day of flying the carrier has seen an outpouring of emotional goodbyes. like you care enough time so we'll take over the lion's share of air balloons acids and the rest could go to easyjet or to condo or. other these are quite troubling times not just here in europe with spain in catalonia but also down under australia phil yes they're having an identity problems there monica talk about us our struggles government has lost its one seat parliamentary majority of the country's top court to disqualify the deputy prime minister from office for holding dual citizenship barnaby joyce unknowingly held new zealand citizenship through descent. but he was elected last year here since renounced his second citizenship and will stand again in a by election in december until then prime minister malcolm turnbull will preside
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over a minority government he says it will be business as usual for other more hokus with your nationalities have also had to leave their posts. more on this from journalist raja main art in sydney various welcome to t.w. malcolm turnbull as for saying there had the feminist of majorities can he proceed with business as usual well it remains to be seen that nothing can disguise the fact that these are really difficult days for australia's conservative government particularly given the exit of barnaby joyce the deputy prime minister no less now political commentators here are describing it as our president did episode in constitutional conflict now while the decision by the high court of australia didn't really come as a surprise it was certainly be a major blow for prime minister malcolm turnbull who as you say has now lost as one
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seat majority now barnaby joyce the deputy prime minister will have to seek reelection and that date is on december the second and if you win this and he is expected to win probably the whole sorry saga will be quickly forgotten but in the meantime the next month could prove particularly dangerous for the government here particularly if the labor opposition demands a vote on crucial parliamentary issues now the government believes it has the support of cross party employees to give it the necessary support but if things turned ugly the government could just conceivably face of no confidence and why have the rules around to do your nationality suddenly become such an issue there. well this is these rules have been around for some years some decades now and no one's really taken any notice of them but the information about barnaby joyce was apparently leaked by an employee in the new zealand government some months ago and
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this cause a bit of a rift between australia and new zealand when you look at the facts emerged and certainly barnaby joyce wasn't very impressed about it but so the whole. question mark about barnaby joyce then created questions over other m.p.'s in parliament and we've had about seven people but at the hands of us of all those who are all dual citizenship and as we now know. have been declared illegible thought as to stand in solomon's road a main artery in sydney thank you thank you for finally hear something that many of us so far wanted to do just skip school grab mom's car take the highway but a ten year old's jaunt in ohio ended with a run in with the law after in that hour long chase that speeds of up to one hundred miles an hour he was called on harm from the driver's window only going to kick the police and sprint happened.
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now to amazing survival story after five months lost at sea two women and their two dogs have been rescued they drifted thousands of kilometers off course after best saving boat was damaged. a u.s. navy ship sped off to rescue the two sailors after a time when his fishing boat spotted them floundering and sent out a distress call the two women on board a static to see rescuers after five months lost on the ocean the two americans had left from hawaii in may to sound the four thousand three hundred kilometers to tahiti the journey went horribly wrong they were picked up off the coast of japan thousands of kilometers from the destination first the boat's engine failed but the women persevered believing they could continue their journey by sail later with their mast damaged they began to issue daily distress calls but neither was passed
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close enough to hear them the woman said that they and their dogs because they had a water purifier on board as well as a large stock of oats pastor and rice. wow world of sport here this week has been this live action says that two of germany's best sides meet for the second time in four days as byron host r.p. lobby leipsic by were victorious in the midweek cup clash but leipsic put up a tough fight all the offered with the spinal tap with only ten men for more than an hour the red bulls fell in a penalty shoot out of their never by throwing meetings where they go to music with a thing it's only a matter of time before that changes. here's a reminder of our top stories of this strange prime minister mariano rajoy has urged the country senate to authorize his government's plans to impose direct rule on catalonia they said there was no other alternative to hold the breakaway regions push for independence. and they are counting the votes in that
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kenya's presidential election really rather early estimates put the voter turnout at below thirty five percent opposition boycott i'm deadly clashes of mark the big three divisive repeat election and threaten to tarnish its credibility. don't forget you know your data. news on the go just download from google player from the apple store bought to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications or any breaking news can also use it to send us photos and videos. up today to have more few of the top of the hour if you don't have that you can't wait that long you can always use the website that's. how good.
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