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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion. richard mission day october thirty first. this is day to leaders live from berlin the catalonia standoff reaches its latest crisis point spain's prime minister says there is no old times if to direct role the spanish that it is expecting to base expected to back mario to roll call his request the first consequence would be the dismissal of catalonia separatists president we'll take you live to madrid barcelona also on the program
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a high seas rescue after five months adrift in the pacific n.w. speaks with a survivor one of the first interview since the boat was discovered. votes are being counted in kenya's reroute presidential election but the day itself saw a deadly clashes with police a vote of boycott voter intimidation and a low turnout will bring you the latest from nairobi. and it is the end of an era for after nearly forty years of the airlines first takeoff today sees its last ever flight landing here in the german capital. i'm fogel welcome to the program. spain's prime minister addressed the country's upper house of parliament today ahead of a debate on votes on government plans to. those direct rule on the region catalonia
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the senate is expected to approve mario rory's request to trigger article one hundred five of the country's constitution allowing central government to remove catalog regional leaders from office starting with the president car less buscema article one fifty five has not been used in spain return to democracy forty years ago mr rajoy said that using those special powers was not meant to remove the liberties of catalans but to protect them. catalans the protection not from spanish imperialism it but rather from an intolerant minority that is named itself an owner of catalonia this minority considers the cultural and historical heritage belonging to the entire community as its own exclusive province of the money of it and it wants to submit all cattle on it to the yoke of its secessionist doctrine to . thank the gods where they actually said that catalonia is a regional capital and the spanish national capital d.w.
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correspondent charlotte shelton pell is in barcelona a lot of roberts is in madrid welcome both martin brothers we'll start with you the senate is debating now article one five five if they do trigger it what happens next. ok well first of all we can take your fact as well yesterday what happens next as you said is. absolutely first minister and he's been dismissed however. all the other structures. were ninety haunts. well. it's minimally and eisenhower as you say this is unchartered territory so it remains to be seen exactly how it comes we're going to practice. especially for civil disobedience yeah charlotte's also in peril and barcelona let's talk
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about the practicalities of this if if calas post is dismissed. because lance is going to sit down and take that. that doesn't look very likely ny i mean any move to try and take away some of the autonomy from cattle and to impose direct rule is going to go down very badly here whether you are pro independence or against and independent people here fiercely defensive catalonia is autonomy there have even been threats of some civil disobedience on the streets some very odd and pro independence support is have advised people to perhaps even block government buildings when officials from madrid try to come in and take over that could of course prompts a very violent confrontation with police we have already seen some violence on the streets of basra you know that was the first off to the referent during the referendum when people were trying to go to the polls they were stopped by police
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who quite heavy handed so there's real fear that things could start getting very tense here again as things unfold over the next few hours and charlotte has there been any reaction vast since amanda roy spoke this morning. well there is a session going on in the parliament building behind me at the moment lawmakers are making this final impassioned speech before a vote is expected to take place on whether they will at the clay independents here we had one opposition lawmaker who even ripped off that proposal for the independence vote to take place saying that it was unacceptable that he didn't want to the opposition have vowed to boycott the votes that doesn't necessarily mean that if and when it takes place that independents won't be voted for and that's because the catalonian coalition has a majority here slim maybe but still a majority it's a it's going to be very interesting to see what comes out of this parliamentary
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session here in the next couple of hours martin roberts a tradesman in a row holy this morning asked is waiting now for the blessing of spain's upper house to start with article one five five does the law does he have the lower house is complete backing. he has a reluctance to support the majority and he spoke of similarly rejected reluctance of resources to be part of it. to. itself and hold the russian actions you know existing or you know. among. others. i may feel very much let down on the farms and sing. and song decide to vote on what is effectively a declaration of independence however they stress the romance of. constitution i'm keeping the country together in everybody's favor you know they certainly don't want to say is resigned you needs to be heard they don't want to see the social
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security funds broken instance or they don't want the country to be. martin robinson madrid to charlotte shelton powell and boss alone to thank you both. well as the catholic crisis deepens political positions a hot thing for many catalogs the question is easy for independents or against it for others it's too simplistic d.w. has met with a brother and sister in the castle and capital they say the complexities of catalan politics defy easy ounces. these demonstrators are demanding freedom for two leaders of the pro independence movement still in detention the two men have to get masses of people out onto the streets and catalonia now the masses showing support for the heroes. and his sister around longer supporters. as an individual you have your rights you can just end up in prison because of your ideology as these men have they are
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in jail because of the way they think. says that the man's arrest has only strengthened the independence movement he and a sister are here to demonstrate for free speech but they're also critical of the fight for independence. but again i'm not carrying a catalonian flag because i don't think this should be a demonstration of flags and not separatist i'm not here because i want independence but because i support democracy in times like this when spain is definitely not behaving democratically. for many. many in catalonia i agree with their views but the independence movement remains powerful and well organized. thank you we're here to demand and depend on this for our country if the high and the spanish cronies ultimately do invoke article one hundred fifty five of the constitution and stop democracy and we will be ready for
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the thing if you haven't the letter and we're going to find out the not and order your might be called local patriots they love their region and language but they say that. after the referendum things hardened and only two positions remained possible either for independence or against it they blame the spanish government for this. but at the beginning the only thing i wanted was to vote and i most probably would have voted no but then i saw the spanish police's antidemocratic behavior and that changed my mind that can't be allowed to happen it must be possible to cast a yes or a no vote without fear. proud of catalonia disappointed with spain but against independence loud and orioles say a silent majority in catalonia has to pull itself together now and say this loud and clear. now to an amazing survival story after five months lost at sea two women
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are bad dogs have been rescued they drifted thousands of kilometers off course after their saving boat was damaged you'll hear from one of the rescued women in just a moment first here's how their adventure unfolded. a u.s. navy ship sped off to rescue the two silas after a time when he's fishing boat spotted them floundering and sent out a distress call to two women on board a static to see rescue was after five months lost on the ocean the two americans had left from hawaii in may to sow the four thousand three hundred kilometers to tahiti the journey went horribly wrong and i will pick top off the coast of japan thousands of kilometers from the destination first the boats engine failed but the women test of believing they could continue their journey by sail tonight and with a mass damage they began to issue deadly distress calls but none of this was passed close enough to hear them the woman said that they and their dog survived because
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they had a water purifier on board as well as a non-stock of oats pasta and rice. let's say for one of those women who were joined by jennifer from aboard the u.s.s. ashland welcome to day w. glad to hear your saif after five months you must have started to wonder how this was all going to end thank you for having me on your show absolutely i don't know of any person who could spend five months jurors in the pacific ocean and not wonder if today is going to few days you know and or if you're going to have a great day and there's going to be a ring though with a pot of gold. and you had some close shaves that there were shocking counters i believe yes or no we had two different encounters one close to be a one hundred sixty degrees well. a group of five tiger sharks who were
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teaching their young son and then a second encounter a little bit more north and west as well as the group of forty to fifty foot shark . i just really wanted to break open the boat and eat well inside so how did you find them all. we didn't send them off we both survived those attacks without structural failure and we just waited and hoped someone would be in the area who could assist us so that was your hope but through these five months i've every day without evidence for that you just send out a distress signal and hope that somebody hears it's very true there isn't a lot of other things that you can do so when did you realize this story was going
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to have a happy ending the moments we saw the u.s.s. ashland on the horizon and we started cheering it was it was one of the most incredible finding and homebrewing experiences of my entire life so did you see the ship before you heard from it yes so you. only had about a mile of of communication range after it was damaged so we could see about eight knot of coal miles on the horizon and the ship is very large. you had two dogs with you how did psychopaths know very little of that in the ocean the dog star around the bed there was life living around the boat and whenever the
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dolphins would come by they would bark and free and run around the boat when the dolphins would bounce out of the water and chirp at them and that was one of their absolute favorite. stavert experiences on the boat they could smell different animals and they reacted differently towards each of them based on the intentions of the sea creatures. so while the dogs wail if i don't run into where i think there's not much they'll do i was going to say while the dogs were bouncing around with the dolphins well what with the two of you doing it for five months. well five months is a long time we started practicing japanese we worked on our marker nice your hand and decided what we needed to learn about yesterday i worry that we might approach given. that we worked on.
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it and making potch part to the rigging and to the sales for that we would be able to secure. we've got a moderate success. when we could get somewhere oh i know very briefly i just say yes now it will do will you cycle again absolutely. jennifer thank you so much for joining us. thank you very much for taking the time had a wonderful evening and aloha now to some of the other stories making news around the world australia's government has lost its one seat majority in parliament off the country's top court disqualified the deputy prime minister from office holding dual citizenship but to be joyce didn't know he was a new zealand citizen when he stood for election last year he has now been announced that citizenship i will stand again in
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a by election in december. now to watch south africans have been given long jail terms for forcing a black man into a coffin and threatening to kill him just so you know man showed no remorse for the rices crime they cut the case out caused outrage in south africa more than two decades after the end of apartheid. and in kenya they are counting the votes in the rerun presidential election several people died in clashes between police and protesters the opposition urged book voters to boycott the election and turnout was under thirty five percent there precarious security situation but voting in four areas being postponed until saturday. let's hear the latest from t.w. correspondent catherine and wanda who joins us from the kenyan capital nairobi welcome catherine so the election has now happened mostly have things calmed down.
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the situation has calmed down compared to today but there's still a level of uncertainty out right now as we speak we're waiting for a statement from the electoral commission chair which was meant to happen about twenty minutes ago but we're still waiting. to rival the forms that are used to verify the tallies during this particular election and arriving at the national telling center then if you look outside the wider kenya region we're seeing some protests in pockets of opposition strongholds and also some fatalities being reported there as well. the scheduled election for saturday is still uncertain given the leaders from western kenya have said that the elections should not be held for fear of more violence stay with us we're going to hear what some kenyans have been telling you about yesterday's election. we're fed up with politics
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we want to continue as normal as informal work is we being hurt and we struggling we're tired of politics. but. when you look at the voter turnout in his strongholds people did not even come out to vote. where were they. means even his own people are fed up with. horror you may have one but there's no way he can be the leader of a million people and form a government for all people. to speak at that point with catherine i wonder what president kenyatta the last election he was on this ballot he's likely to win this disputed election again but how does he go about trying to govern such a deeply polarized country. he has a task ahead of him he's expected to be announced the winner of this particular election but he does have
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a task ahead of him because now the country is polarized and there are those who say that the solution at this point is dialogue between main opposition leader and a working actor to unite the country to the conversation should go beyond politics and talk you know from canyon to canyon and talk about the issues that are facing us beyond the election process beyond the political situation that's currently going on but we have seen no indication from both leaders that dialogue is on the table at this particular point you look at voter turnout even if you're not looking at nasa supporters you're looking about two at other kenyans who have no political affiliation who stayed away from the vote so he does have a task ahead of him to unite a country but his legitimacy even though his election may be legal in the eyes of kenyans he risks having an illegitimate presidency catherine i wonder in nairobi thank you. business news with monica jones now and it's goodbye
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to the air it's a sad farewell filled but on its final day germany is bankrupt carrier berlin has managed to do what it really could in its prime namely sell tickets at a price high enough to ensure a profit the airlines last flight is scheduled to depart munich this even ng it's been sold out for two weeks with some seeds going for six times the usual fare now since its announcement of that today would be its last day of flying the carrier house seat an outpouring of emotional goodbye germany's flagship carrier lift on so will take over the lion's share of air balloons assets and the rest could go to easyjet or condo. and we would like to take the opportunity to look back at forty year long history. it all began in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight air berlin usa was born a charter airline with two planes and seventy eight employees the first flight to
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tourists from berlin to majorca it was known for flying to the warmer parts of europe in the mediterranean. in nineteen ninety eight the holiday charter airline went into air transport business offering more destinations as a result by two thousand and three billion was the second largest carrier in germany. three years later it went public on the frankfurt stock exchange valued at more than five hundred million euros air berlin was growing with acquisitions that included german leisure airline l t u but the airline has been in the red since two thousand and eight as a result the former c.e.o. and founder your him who not stepped down in two thousand and eleven in the sign you're the new chairman hartman mayor dawn signed a groundbreaking deal with gulf airline he had one of the leading carriers in the middle east and became the largest shareholder of air berlin. it's
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a milestone in the history of air travel in aeronautics history. with the deal air berlin joint airline alliance one world but business didn't improve despite cost saving measures and restructuring in twenty fifteen air berlin posted a record loss of four hundred fifty million euros the main shareholder if he had once again came to the rescue but to no avail evelyn was making headlines for the wrong reasons canceled flights lost luggage passengers even had to pay for water on board customer confidence was dwindling. after negotiations which rivals considered unfair acquired eighty one machines and routes from air berlin the result is that many flights within germany are only offered by one carrier many passengers now fear that prices may rise with the demise of it. so what does the
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future hold in store for the airlines passenger its crew and the aviation industry in europe in general let's ask yes flatow aviation journalist in frankfurt good to have you with us now first of all i mean evelyn covered a lot off domestic and european flights with the airline gone who was filling the gap and when. well first of all it's important to say that there is going to be a huge gap from tomorrow on not we will have around ninety less cruft in the german air transport market compared to the pre-bankruptcy days of arable land so there is a gap felt by consumers less on offer less flights offer over time that gap will be partially filled by mainly by lost tons of tons as a low cost euro wings and possibly by easyjet or commodore but negotiations are ongoing and it's far from certain whether that is going to be successful in the end
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we will still have around forty to fifty aircraft less in a market than. earlier this year so that's less choice for passengers at least with the time being and all in all it's a pretty bad news also for evelyn stuff i mean they've posted a video on you tube in which they vent their anger and frustration about about. lin deal they were using a song by us in the pink with a new text it's called list a c.e.o. let's listen in briefly. question. we can. honestly say. hello to my new child. before you go to sleep. now let you know
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when you look in the. room down. all right so this song obviously place the fact is that the currency oh all the abolition is not only a formal love tons of manager but that he also gets a golden handshake if you like after the demise of love tongues i mean what do you make off this deal i said as two parts one that a formal of tons a c.e.o. is running or a bill and one has to say he was brought in by the former shareholder it's hard to bridge to build bridges towards and of tons of. kind of create an alliance between it to heart and look forward decided to. stop financing the airline. i would say come on isn't to blame for this and then he gave up the slots and operate the aircraft. well taking
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over religion as a whole was never an option because of the high debts the billions of debt that the doctor didn't want to take understandably part of evelyn's problem was also the high cost high labor cost unfavorable pilot contracts that were very expensive. so basically they are offering the jobs at their own conditions which are lower and i get that ok yes they aviation journalist in frankfurt at least gets a lift stuns when it comes to taking over the admin stuff thank you so much for filling us in. that's your business update for now phil monika thank you so much as a reminder about top stories this hour spain's prime minister about out of the hole has asked the country to authorize his government's plans to impose direct rule on khattala meanwhile separatist separatists in the castle on pollens of cold on
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regional lawmakers to defy spite and declare independence. i'm not counting the votes in kenya's presidential election of iraq early estimates put out at below thirty five percent the day itself so on the opposition deadly clashes which of the votes credibility. it's a joke of today will feel a bit tougher they have a bit.
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