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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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this is directly to his life from above in catalonia politics has just voted for independence thousands of private independents of course in the past learn and shared the result which was announced in the last hour and passed despise an oppositional walkout by his prime minister not out of
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a hole has promised legal action to take control of the rest of egypt we'll take you live to madrid i'm the boss a lot of them also on the program a tale of survival after five months adrift in the pacific in our exclusive interview thanks for the commanding officer of the ship but rescue the sailors lost at sea but also hear from one of the women who was sacked. votes are being counted in kenya as of rebound presidential election but the date sounds so deadly clashes with police i'm such a boycott voter intimidation on local time but the latest from nairobi. at the end of an era the last two decades of their lives for us to take off today seems its last ever flights landing here in the german capital. and back to that defeat on penalties in the german cup when i ask how bobby knight's that you can bounce back to beat by. war.
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i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. i will start with the breaking news from spain the catalonia is regional parliament has voted in favor of declaring independence the motion was approved a sleep with seventy out of one hundred thirty lawmakers voting to declare catalonia an independent republic was against the motion walked out in protest before the vote began the move came just as spain said it was preparing to vote on taking away councillors autonomy completely the saddest expected to approve spanish prime minister mariano who holds requests to trigger article one five five of the spanish constitution which allows the central government to remove a cattle hands of regional leaders from office. let's go straight to where they actually send their cattle news regional capital and the spanish national capital d w correspondent charlotte shells impel is in barcelona martin roberts is in madrid
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welcome. charlotte to we'll start with you we have a result of so. yes indeed those who did take part in this vote voted overwhelmingly for independence from madrid as you pointed out though this wasn't something that every lawmaker in the parliament voted for the opposition did walk out in fact that they were impassioned pleas from member of the opposition before this vote took place for it not to happen they've been calling all along to regional elections trying to deescalate the situation in fact one opposition lawmaker toller up the declaration of the proposed decoration of independence in a very dramatic moment but despite all their final pleas this very did go ahead and indeed it has been passed now i just want to give you a bit of a sense of the atmosphere from what we're hearing in the parliament at the moment some people those who voted for independence overwhelmed with joy it seems to
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hugging one another spontaneous songs as well breaking out but it is also worth mentioning that there is a degree of trepidation amongst those you voted for independence and those who are against it because nobody really knows exactly what's next this is uncharted territory and there is real fear for how madrid is likely to respond to this now most and not rub it in madrid first happened while spain's upper house was debating whether or not to allow the government to take control of the region how does this play into that. ok it was two likely sense of reactions first of all prime minister money on a run holy shit you want to. dress. the senate vote in and after that is expected to happen reach interest on the. measures some of them could take effect immediately or was more have to take a little bit longer answer and officially sonic's along which interestingly enough
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as well as. remembering the chasm leans from power it's also provides for her. any measure passing hala you know who might actually need to hold independents such as one of the measures they just voted for which is just as a constituent assembly secondly the house wearing the attorney general's office of incentive days now and they're ready to throw her book is anybody dependent. we believe that this is why they opted to postpone. shock happens because well the general's office is saying is the real person charges for rebellion are not contrary jail sentences are also thirteen years so it would seem one truncheon don't have a chance of being charged with mass charlotte such elson pillar in barcelona that this seventy ten results this happened while
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a number of lawmakers actually left the building so what validity does the result have. looks like we've lost. l a so we'll see if we can if we can get back in the maids i will soldier on with martin roberts in madrid. what happens next and so where do the where where if the let's say the senate votes to go with roy clearly catalonia is not going to take this lying down. well actually not a freeroll ran to him you know it's we're in uncharted territory. exactly how are you know this these charges are expected to work in practice and my county expected to. civil disobedience my many protesters were very. you know. well the constitutional court ruled. any declaration.
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by. you or at least. very very convincing to. recognize. that i fully fully. functional situation and indeed the your and you know that any independent council or. consummated will be automatically a union so in many ways this is a symbolic vote the still. a lot of talk more next week said this was just seeing it being reported on the news agency that they a senate in madrid has voted in favor of imposing article one five five back to charlotte shells and throw in barcelona so that clearly are not going to take this lying down on the back have already made preparations against this happening.
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yes that's quite right very odd and pro independence supporters have already been giving people tips on how they can try and stop madrid from taking control that really could become a very volatile situation for example we're hearing that on social media they advise ing pro independence supporters to block government buildings to try and stop madrid officials from taking charge that kid of course lead to confrontations with police who really trying to enforce the law or madrid snore and make sure that direct rule is imposed so there is a very real fear here in barcelona that we could see violence on the streets once again you may remember that on the day of the referendum on the bus there's an extremely violent scenes when police spanish police tried to stop people here from going to the polls as those images went around the world and they didn't exactly
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paint madrid in a very good lights madrid of course is going to try and keep the situation as calm as possible they don't want to see a repeat of october first but they are still all going to try and impose direct rule this is the law or as far as they're concerned and catalonia has no right to declare this independence so it's going to be a very volatile situation here over the next few hours solid south and tell the boss a lot of the mountain roberts and i thank you both. to say this on the two dogs have been rescued after surviving five months lost at sea the u.s. navy picked up the american women after a fishing boat spotted them about nine hundred miles off the coast of japan that set sail from hawaii to tahiti in the spring and the boat's engine found and not was damaged and they were too far from other vessels for their distress calls to be received in a moment we'll speak to the commander of the navy vessel that rescued them first
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then we'll let's hear from one of the two rescued women jennifer aapl a safe aboard the u.s.s. ashland. i don't know of any person who could spend five months adrift in the pacific ocean and not wonder if today is going to be the day that it all hands or if you're going to have a great day and there's going to be a rainbow with a pot of gold tomorrow and you had some close shave there was shocking count as i believe yes sir we had two different encounters one close to the equator at one hundred sixty degrees when the. group of five tiger sharks were taking care of down time and then a second encounter a little bit more north and west as that. group of forty to fifty foot shark. just really wanted to break open the boat well inside so i didn't find them all.
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we did not turn them off we both survived those attacks without structural failure and we just waited and hoped someone would be in the area who could assist us so that was your hope to the five months i have every day we had a metaphor that you just send out a just a distress signal and hope that somebody hears it's that it's true there isn't a lot of other things that you can do so when did you realize the story was going to have a happy ending the moments we saw the u.s.s. ashland on the horizon we started cheering it was it was one of the most incredible fine and humbling experiences of my
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entire life so did you see the ship before you had from its yes. so you. only had about a mile of of communication range after it was damaged so we could see about eight knot of coal miles on the horizon and this ship is very large. you had two dogs with you how did i cope very loved the ocean the dog star around the bed there was life living around the boat and whenever the dolphins would come by they would bark and free and run around the boat when the dolphins would bounce out of the water and chirp at them and that was one of their absolute favorite. favored experiences on the boat they could smell different animals and they reacted differently towards each of them based on the
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intentions of the sea creatures so while the dogs may look i'm not a lot of that we're doing it because there's not much else to do i was going to say while with i was about around with the dolphins well what was that sort of you doing five months. well five months is a long time we started practicing japanese we look there are marker knees or hand books and decided what we needed to learn about each of the i learned that we might approach giving different currents. so we worked on tying and making patch hack patches through the rigging and to the sales so that we would be able to continue with a moderate success. when we could get some wins well i briefly i just say yes and so was there when you sail again absolutely the
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senate awful thank you so much for joining us. thank you very much for taking the time to have a wonderful evening and aloha. so jennifer found on the dogs were rescued by the u.s.s. ashland steve wason is the ship's command welcome to the w. commander watson which came first seeing the boats all getting the distress signal . the distress signal came first about ten hours earlier we were several not of miles away and had to ask him towards their position. and when you got that what did you say. we saw the other two individuals and two dogs on the boat and we we lowered our small boat with a. small boat crew of engineer an electrician to see if we could render assistance
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and. once we could see that the vessel was no longer see where they were we brought them on board the u.s.s. ashland. you speak about this very calmly as i do our expects about a season's navy man is this something that you do often. only when called upon it does not happen often i think in the navy and one thousand years and i think this is the third one that i've been part of the other two. when we arrived on scene. nobody was there so either we had the long is incorrect or something else would happen but this one had a very happy ending so we're very thankful. what was the first thing they said when you brought them aboard. thank you. well thank you commander steve wilson aboard the u.s.s.
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ashland thanks for joining the double. pretty. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the united nations says the governments of syrian president bashar al assad was responsible for a chemical weapons attack that killed at least eighty people in april report co-author by the u.s. claims the government used deadly sarin nerve gas against a rebel held town of conscious syria denies. police in indonesia are working to establish the course of a deadly fire at a fireworks factory near the capital jakarta forty seven people were killed and dozens more are receiving hospital treatment following the blaze which started on thursday seven people still missing it's one of the country's worst industrial accidents. talent has had a final goodbye to king pommy prone the late mom exasperates of been transported from one crime torn him to bangkok's grand palace he died last october age eighty eight five days
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a funeral ceremonies will end on sunday. this is news that a line from berlin still to come as polling officers in kenya count ballots from the country's presidential election rerun or people are counting the cost of a divisive vote one person has been killed in clashes between protesters and police today bringing the overall death toll to at least five kenya has been locked in political uncertainty since the supreme court and the presidential elections held back in august. the streets of kenya's capital nairobi are unusually quiet worried about the prospect of violence many are staying indoors those few that have ventured out have had enough after months of political tension. if i would like politics to quieten down so we can continue with our work we don't want people to fight or kill each other we want kenya to be peaceful. up with our takes we want life to continue as normal. our incomes are being hurt and
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we're struggling. all we're tired of politics. in. thursday's repeat elections were manned by skirmishes between police and opposition supporters the clashes stop some ten percent of polling stations for my painting and delayed voting in many others. in the can there are a slum area of nairobi the situation was particularly tense. they decided to keep all of the voting existence there was very difficult for us because we had a lot of reverence from the probe youths who were going to start their morning officious. voting has been postponed in four counties until saturday because of the unrest church leaders in one of these counties a warning against holding session ice might they say they fear police violence and say it will only lead to more bloodshed on the street many feel the same way. tonight. politicians need to sit down together now and talk to their people. they
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should speak to their supporters keenly and show them that kenya is one country just as it has always been and can is one. as counting continues the election commission said only just over a third of registered voters cast a ballot on thursday opposition leaders had called for their supporters to boycott the vote saying the irregularities that caused the previous election to be an old. unfixed many heeded the called suring a victory on paper for current president kenyatta who cast his vote in a juvenile mood but the rerun looks as if it will fail to ease the conflict. kenya's capital nairobi now where we find data because bond and come on it welcome it is what is being said about today is that count well that's still ongoing and it's expected to go on and till the second phase of this
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rerun is concluded tomorrow in four counties but as it stands there is a sharp microscope on the electoral body they are tallying these results yesterday before people sort of close the day they had said that they expected at least forty eight percent of forty eight percent turnout but today they have revised that figure saying that they only had thirty seven percent of the turnout as of this morning and of course that's a great concern given that kenyans did go back to the polls because of tallying issues and so the e.v.c. is being closely monitored with people asking if they're getting it right this time around so the vote was yesterday but there was still violence today there was in one particular county in kenya it's in the western region it's called and one person was reportedly killed in those clashes the protesters who were once again taking to the streets in protest over this election which they don't identify
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they call it a sham these are primarily opposition supporters had blocked a major highway linking kenya to uganda and so police once again reacted in what a lot of people have said was heavy handedness resulting in one casualty so you mentioned the votes for districts having separate reruns tomorrow people confident that those reruns will happen. this is a question that was posed to the head of the electoral body electoral body earlier today and he said that it was their hope and they certainly had plans to make sure that there was a rerun of the election in those four counties that one more in north in kenya to kind of would also be going through a rerun but a question came up which is what happens if there clashes witnesses would just again on saturday to which he responded that they have a duty to make sure that everyone gets to perform their civic duty and if it does happen that there are clashes they'll have to sit down again and come up with a solution so this could potentially be something that goes on for
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a while now august's presidential election had an eighty percent turnout you're talking about yesterday's having something like thirty percent y. y. the reduction there's quite a number of reasons as have been given by local analysts here the major one of course being that there was a boycott that was called by the opposition leader raul odinga and many people heeded to that call but there was also heavy rains witnessed in some parts of the country which dissuaded people from going but even in the areas where people did turn out to vote there were fewer numbers and way expected and a lot of people are saying that they simply have election fatigue once you've had an election in august and then another one really closely after that in october people are tired of the process and then there are those who are on the fringes who don't support the process altogether if your money in nairobi thank you
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corporate results are out today they are choking those fog and it doesn't smell good at all all those exhaust fumes b.w. profits collapsing last quarter net profits down over fifty three percent to just over a billion euros and it's jude part two higher than expected costs from that diesel scandal the german comic are paying to refit hundreds of thousands of cars rigged to cheat on emissions tests or needs to come up with a strategy to ensure its vehicles remain competitive especially in the u.s. . you know we use rachel stuart reports in a quiet corner of baltimore port thousands of folks back in cars sitting idle it's a kind of car purgatory will they ever make it back onto the road or are they destined for the scrappy. nearly half a million cars were affected by the diesel gate scandal in the u.s. the disgraced models have landed in sites like this across the country gathering dust while the company works out what to do with them. in july the u.s.
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government approved a fix for many of these cars but customers be willing to give these diesels a second chance oh no never i wouldn't even consider buying a boat in period i mean if there are facts and i could be assured that there are facts i'm not sure about buying a diesel car in general but that's how i feel that's is like fake lead data and you can't really get away with i want to really trust i won't trust. the bill for clearing up after diesel gate is already pushing thirty billion dollars mounting costs are taking their toll on v.w. but the company returning a lower than expected third quarter results folks wagons north american group declined an interview but told the w. our top priority is to make the settlement process a seamless and convenient as possible we are working hard and dedicating substantial resources to make sure this is the case. but how is this affecting the company's ability to focus on the future many manufacturers are investing huge
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amounts in emerging technologies such as automation and electric vehicles competition from silicon valley companies like tesla and google means traditional car makers are under pressure to keep up. china is going to have all electric cars produced by twenty forty. by twenty thirty they clearly want to have only electric cars so in europe there are really good incentives right if they want to survive they have to follow these technologies. part of the v.w. diesel great settlement did include a commitment to invest in zero emissions technology and the funding of environmental projects but for now a top priority for v.w. will be to get cars like these ones in baltimore fixed and back on sale but these are going to fare has certainly been costly for folks and these clusters of cars standing silent around the country are a saw a reminder of that but the company has said that it still sees the u.s. as a core market despite currently flagging
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a below two percent of market share it will be some time before we can see whether v.w. really can bounce back and of its ambitions to become a true contender on this side of the atlantic can be realized. back to this side of the view from frankfurt where daniel corp is standing by for us daniel the total v.w. is now set aside is over twenty five billion euros that's got a. lot of money that they have spent so far because of all this these are the gate scandal and we are now hearing that they're going to put another two point five billion euros on the side because we have a statement a little bit earlier they're just worried at the moment that they're going to be even more lawsuits mostly coming from the united states we just heard in the record for diesel cars have been extremely popular lately. but i can tell you also from the frankfurt perspective that in general even though we are also seeing that the
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overall sales number of walks have been dropping from seventy seven billion euros to fifty eight billion euros investors here are still a very optimistic the share price of oil expiring is one of the biggest winners today even hitting and nine months high here today at the frankfurt stock exchange well i guess a reason for that is the fact that their performance is broadly stronger if you take the costs of diesel great out of the equation. yes i'm also mostly because when you look at the other countries where of course volkswagen is you know also doing business at china for example a very growing market for the company at the moment so in general that's what's making investors very positive for the next six months than you cope in frankfurt thank you. business later in the bad. news life and still to come japanese car manufacturers are struggling to generate interest amongst
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a new generation of drivers coming up with all sorts of environmentally friendly concept cars to try to rekindle the passion of the youth to drive. a little faster on both just. the ottoman empire it ruled over three continents seven seas uniting different cultures and religions. the ottomans rain point six centuries.
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but what happened in the nineteenth century what triggered the empires collapse the end of the sublime multiethnic states in the ottoman empire. it's reformation day on d w. the programs around the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary we're going live to the commemoration ceremony bag do. documentaries magazines and talk shows focusing on the third and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion reformation day october thirty first g.w. .
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this is day that we do is live from both and i feel gala top story at this hour and the few minutes feigns parliament has voted to assume direct control over the region of catalonia after it declared its independence from the country's prime
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minister mariano before it was called for calm and pledged to restore the rule of law votes in the council on poland followed a fiery debate that saw lawmakers walk out to protest. vote counting is underway kenya's presidential election rerun the estimates that put total below thirty five percent at least five people have been killed in clashes between protesters and police. five weeks after hurricane maria wreaked havoc in the caribbean there are a few signs of any letup in the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico well the seventy five percent of the u.s. territory remains without electricity and in some places power is expected to be out for months nearly a third of puerto ricans have no access to clean water with fatal consequences just yesterday two people died after contracting water borne diseases and many more have been infected. added to the suffering medicine is in short supply medical
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professionals say help is desperately needed for the devastated island many have criticized the government in washington for dragging its feet so volunteer groups are stepping in to help the people of puerto rico jared read from a social media to discuss more on this welcome javert who of these groups will fill as you've mentioned it will it's mainland americans actually who feel like the government isn't moving fast enough so in addition to the u.s. government and the big charities like the red cross we're seeing every day americans band together to get the job done and these groups a fairly new day of spring into being since hurricane hurricane harvey hit the u.s. mainland but now they're turning their attention to puerto rico and using social media particularly facebook they're raising awareness but they're also raising tons of supplies to send to the region and the groups kind of represent broad sections of u.s. society let's take a look at one of them it's cold fish are in disaster relief this is headed by a former u.s.
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army sick scout him and he's quite small team deliver things like water food and medicine to remote areas of puerto rico that some of the bigger relief agencies just on getting to get the pictures you're seeing here were taken just a few days ago so we can see parts of puerto rico really still a complete mess the groups also doing really important work like gathering information and dot about the destruction and possibly at on two experts another group doing work in puerto rico is cold the american black cross they were founded by the black lives matter a group in dallas they say they're trying to be a responsible alternative to corporate style charitable organizations they even managed to a plane filled with food water and generators through puerto rico's northwest more supplies that the group has got together are on their way now by ship so fuel these that. just two examples of people who have banded together formed organized groups
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and using social media to plug the gap that the lodge of charities the larger players haven't been able to see so well these private initiatives getting their supplies from like a number of ways one of them is through three crowdfunding websites and a lot of them are hoping that eventually they can move away from crowdfunding websites and become charities so that people can donate tax deductible donations we can go back to the american black cross they're getting their supplies through things like amazon's wish list function on that page people like you and me can pay for things like generate is solar panels and even die for is this sent to the group american black cross they gather them all together and then send them on eventually to puerto rico when they have enough feel people who are watching today might be wondering how they can help the u.s. government has a center for international disaster information they say that money generally is
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the best way to help in natural disasters particularly in puerto rico and that people should turn to watchdogs like charity watch and charity navigator so that the money that they do during night is getting to where it's most needed generate thank you so much for that this is david lean in fly from let's let me take you back to our top story the loneliest parliament has voted to declare independence from spain and the spanish senate has now passed a motion to impose direct rule in catalonia. public show that shows some possible to rub it in madrid or welcome both the first and bustle of what's going on then. yeah we just had. the regional leader catalonia leaving the parliament behind me change of celebration for him supporters who are overwhelmed at the announcement that independence has been declared here for about half an hour after as we were
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hearing hans inside from lawmakers freedom freedom we were hearing from people initially straight after the vote we also had very over one sees people hugging more singing huge support here on has done also just a few hundred meters away as well pro independence supporters have been outside the parliament all day waiting to hear whether indeed independence would be declared very emotional scenes that as the news broke that it had it's worth pointing out though bill that this is not something that by any extent is supported by everybody here in. catalonia in this region is extremely divided on whether it wanted independence as was the parliament itself opposition lawmakers walks out ahead of the vote saying they did not want to participate in this they did not agree with it is going to be very interesting now to see a how are both sides react to this news and indeed how many dritte react crucially
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to this region trying to seek independence and while this drama was playing out in the boss alone and betrayed itself the upper house of a you have politicians was voting on whether to implement article one five five they voted to back the government tell us more about bouts of mounting weapons. well the package of measures we have in this is expected to occur in the margins one thing. actually not arson our employers relieving callus which the market has learned from us minister and his patterns is that utilities i'm basically are transferring bombs to ministers in madrid then every it's meant to be a minimally invasive. as. not to be as provocative as mine of ours is the case i mean theory everybody else jumps including the hamas islamic schools as it is trying to. destroy her actually has
4:38 pm
a however ishant sense. of dependence. pretty fine you know some things are easy. you know some resistance can be expected to this expect their tempers are going high. hasn't. been so very divided very power honest we're all in the child's interrogated and no viewing warms what's going to work out in practice the muster up as the votes in said it was already proceeding it was already being debated as they say vote and barcelona was taken has there yet been any response. in madrid to what has to the this latest happening in barcelona. again not yet. i mean there are reports of crowds have you know hanging around since august seventh we're in. a particular. more house armed services listen to her
4:39 pm
well again nothing like this in the sense you know the. crowd it seems that we're singing about him on the reaction we are expecting the. attorney general's office he reminded her we don't have to throw her we're not anybody who's right and. i mean do we think that's the reason why name system are holding a secret bottoms wrong when actually we're sure harms sosa trying to scare us. because the challenges along he brought against. this is are ones of rebellion was very serious and dangerous because of her chance. so again how it works in practice and why her wanting to have cancer and people shot will tell you. something against just. so shell that shell some pill in barcelona a secret ballot on the opposition and in catalonia walked out how legal if they
4:40 pm
start. well if you ask madrid they'll say not a tool as smart as just been explaining those who are responsible do face legal action for what it is that they've done here today it has to be said that this vote is largely symbolic given the fact a that is illegal and the fact that pearson on as of now as of the end the moves at madrid's made no longer. will be considered to be in power they're going to start enforcing that phase and he's going to have to step aside be pushed aside so is very difficult to know exactly what's going to happen here we as martin said are in totally on chance a territory now at the moment so mustn't robert talk that about madrid wants to do this in a minimally invasive way that's really not going to happen that the catalonians have been preparing for this for some time. yeah that's quite right and there is
4:41 pm
some fear here that things really could start to escalate very quickly i mean we've already been hearing that pro independence supporters were being advised on how it was that they could try and prevent some of the more practical elements of madrid taking direct rule over this region for example people we're being told that they could block local government buildings here to try and stop madrid officials getting in and taking charge that could of course leads a violent confrontations with police spanish police will be acting under the authority of madrid they will be trying to impose direct rule so we could see very violent scenes here on the streets we've already seen them back on october first the date of the referendum when people trying to go to the polls were met with quite a heavy handed response from police in madrid of course they are the police are going to try and deescalate the situation as much as possible but nerves are very frayed here and it counseling here is so divided we could see
4:42 pm
a very tense situation as the hours unfold martin roberts in madrid so this is strange the biggest constitutional crisis since franco how is mario or the whole his leadership of this crisis being assessed. well first of all i mean how i point out where it was actually an omelet runs in the. senate. race across it didn't last very. well done just to get in twenty four hours. well ron howard has finally answered his critics who for years have been accusing him of not showing. people how he approaches every single crisis which is just to sit. why he did this i promise is. the euro currency itself in danger. to the international. he's about
4:43 pm
to the similar approach with this one until just a few weeks ago on one's own citizens who actually held or neither were her friends and then an illegal enabler. declare an independent republic which they did a few minutes ago. the question now is now he's finally have to say whether it's going to lessen whether it's actually being too close and the other thing he. is dead of very drudging suppose. on many of these serious his critics and indeed a lot of people are saying well actually this is my plans or has had because his policies might in a corruption scandal laments is very very popular austerity cuts as in these are. so in many ways there are images of each of her critics saying this is actually trying to. well we clearly both are on
4:44 pm
a collision horse and we're and shots as we simply don't have this is going to play out in the next year as for the next well as it plays out that they double it will have bring it to you martin roberts in madrid and barcelona thank you both. it's a business no one on its final day of business they bankrupt carrier air berlin has achieved what it rarely could in its prime sell tickets at a price high enough to actually make a profit the airlines last flight of shuttle to depart munich tonight it's been sold out for weeks with some seats going for six times the usual fare it will be an emotional goodbye germany's largest airline the fans that will take over the lion's share of air berlin assets the rest could go to easyjet or conduct time to take a look back at a company that started small and tried to get big or get too big too quickly according to many it all began in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight air berlin usa was born
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a charter airline with two planes and seventy eight employees the first flight to tourist from berlin to majorca it was known for flying to the warmer parts of europe in the mediterranean. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the holiday charter airline went in to share joint air transport business offering more destinations as a result by two thousand and three air berlin was the second largest carrier in germany. three years later it went public on the frankfurt stock exchange valued at more than five hundred million euros air berlin was growing with acquisitions that included german leisure airline l t u but the airline has been in the red since two thousand and eight as a result the former c.e.o. and founder york him hunan stepped down in two thousand and eleven in the same year the new chairman hotman mer dawn signed a groundbreaking deal with gulf airline he had one of the leading carriers in the
4:46 pm
middle east and became the largest shareholder of air berlin. it's a milestone in the history of air travel in aeronautics history. with the deal air berlin joint airline alliance one world but business didn't improve despite cost saving measures and restructuring in twenty fifteen air berlin posted a record loss of four hundred fifty million euros the main shareholder if he had once again came to the rescue but to no avail air berlin was making headlines for the wrong reasons cancelled flights lost luggage passengers even had to pay for water on board customer confidence was dwindling. after negotiations which rivals considered unfair acquired eighty one machines and routes from air berlin the result is that many flights within germany are only offered by one carrier many passengers now fear that prices may rise with the demise of it in. so
4:47 pm
a sad end for air berlin but it's just the beginning of a major consolidation drive in the sector the bigger companies all jostling to grow even more international consolidated airlines group or i.a.g. owns british airways and other carriers it's ramping up to fill the space left by failed rivals. the multinational holding company that owns british airways announced on friday that it expected profits to spike up over twenty percent and twenty seventeen on the back of strong demand and lower prices for jet fuel shares in the group are up nearly fifty percent on the year overall in march i also launched a cure called level in the new long haul low cost segment and reports for its first months of operation have been positive level flies from its hub in barcelona to destinations in south america and the west coast of the us by other brands which include spanish airline iberia and low cost carriers boiling and ear lingus also
4:48 pm
contributed to the group's strong performance total profits are expected to hit three billion euros for the year. and thank you for this weekend's bundesliga action sees two of germany's best sides meet for the second time in four days as bahrain host abhi leipsic buyers were victorious in the midweek cup clash but leipzig put up a tough fight they held off a relentless pirate attack with only ten men a foot more than the red bulls fell to a penalty shoot out on a never beat by adding three meters but will go to munich believing it's only a matter of time before that changes. many golf lovers can now play their favorite game of one of the world's most spectacular buildings after a course opened at paris's eiffel tower the first floor of the landmark has been converted into a course for players to test that putting skills many replicas of the building and
4:49 pm
other famous prison structures obstacles the temper of course is part of the build up to the twenty eighteen ryder cup which will take place there. looking at the pictures. exhibition at the now world famous sam bobbery in potsdam it's a vision featuring the works from artists who came down with the return of a democratic republic the former communist east germany was going to pass from robert merrill to their subculture and it's a welcome robin it's called the behind the mask why well this is generally in the east germany in the former communist east germany were restricted in what they could do as well most people in that country this was a country where the state tried to control everything including culture on the
4:50 pm
title refers to the fact that perhaps had a public persona and a private persona you know they were behind a mosque some of the time. these are works created between nine hundred forty five and nine hundred eighty nine when the berlin wall came down and then a year later germany was reunited and this is the first exhibition i should say of east german art that is not sort of got a political slant to it it's much more on the artistic aspect let's have a look. a proud painter in the workers' state believes it or one who simply dressed up as a worker on opening. and one who didn't care at all about socialist realism. other acts so portraits by east german artists reveal much about their self-image caught up between conformity and individuality and it artists in east germany were assigned a certain role they were supposed to fulfil an educational role on behalf of the
4:51 pm
state. but our research has shown that the artists distanced themselves from these guidelines very independently they address themselves as subjects and chose metaphors such as the mask. it's. east german artists also knew very well how to artfully obscure whether they were towing the party line or crossing it this exhibition is the first in germany to display that so broadly. i think the presentation of our exhibition and perhaps the cover picture will generate curiosity about the show and maybe people who have prejudices about art from east germany or who maybe have absolutely no opinion about it will come see the exhibition they'll get a lot of surprises. about our show and this latest show is likely to cement museum barbara excellent reputation. so museum barberini has
4:52 pm
been creating something of a buzz in the art world ever since it opened at the start of this year and it's mostly down to on basically generous benefits it is it stands to michael hasso plattner who was the co-founder of the sort of giant software company. s a p he was also the chairman for many years and whilst he was chairman he was very quietly buying lots of very good are all the time now he moved to potsdam some years back and bought a sort of ruined pal a there which had been sort of devastated in the second world war and had it totally renovated and turned it into a museum and the first exhibition there actually featured forty of his plays and you can see here actually rodin's the thinker which he has and featured for forty of his impressions paintings we're talking renoir's manet's a man is exceptional and maybe. in this collection i believe there are also works
4:53 pm
of his maybe in the next ones too we've got my expect one coming up later this year and then after that galad rift and i get outraged as paintings he's alive for those who don't know and he's the most expensive living painter of you know his works go for sort of millions and i wouldn't be surprised if platinum himself has a couple of richter's up his sleeve as well incidentally the guardian newspaper the british newspaper just a few months ago was naming the ten best new museums in the world this year and this museum the bobbery new museum was in in the top spot so i'm just get my head around the idea that it's this barberini museum was you have a man who is so rich that not only does he have all of these paintings i will buy a policy to put them in other ted it into a museum to ruin. his own cost i mean you know he's really invested millions
4:54 pm
and. imports staff. and pots time itself is worth a visit oh it really is that she is this city just outside then and it was in the eighteenth and nineteenth century it's where all the kaiser's and kings had their summer palance as all residences i mean the most famous is perhaps on susi which we see here this was the summer residence of frederick the great and i mean throughout the city there are all these wonderful historical buildings are gradually being restored to their former glory and actually if you just stand outside the barberin here we've got pictures of this square you think you're in a film set i was there quite recently and i was actually standing outside and turning round three hundred sixty degrees just marveling at what has been done that and there is still to do i mean. it really is quite fabulous potsdam and it's an extraordinary place and thanks to lots of private sponsors like house of platen and
4:55 pm
also state subsidies it is being i mean it really they'll be making movies that are still very much worth a visit and so more on the web site more on the web site this exhibition goes on as i said till february and the next one is my expect run beckman and then the great man himself they'll be an exhibition from june all at d.w. dot com slash culture more details that really matter thank you. finally something that many of us have long wanted to do skip school. and hit the road but a ten year old joins in ohio i ended with a run in with them long after and i will love that speeds up to a hundred miles an hour. on honk from the driver's window. and spat out the. different twist on ferris bueller's day off as a reminder top story here. has voted to assume direct control of.
4:56 pm
after the region declared its independence from the country prime minister. and pledged to restore the rule of law to the region in the following to follow that fiery debate the so opposition lawmakers walk out in protest. and update them on the website called why have you here at the top of it over the.
4:57 pm
the the ottoman empire it ruled over three continents seven seas uniting different cultures and religions. the ottomans reign for six centuries.
4:58 pm
but what happened in the nineteenth century what triggered the empires collapse. of the sublime multiethnic states in the ottoman empire. fifteen minute. news on d w maker of some famous stars and now. with the beat dad came in vegas house of music. club. lobby and unplugged. three night graves starting november third on d w. l company. corp was founded in two thousand our initial stuff of two has meanwhile grown to eighty i just don't know well the site was chosen because we have all the
4:59 pm
competency in excellence it does on sex and your fellow a very good ecosystem a far company through five g. is the driving force behind in the street four points almost what's special about oss is probably that we don't only present the formulas how it could be but the we also make tests on a running system in the conductor you have the largest cluster in germany and in europe we have to you need to. we others are following the phone see jute yes she players of equipment and materials for us is going to it's absolutely important that our staff have their minds free when they come to work this means we do have these child friendly facilities creativity maybe a take this is a fruit off seat at most they are surrounding your company and we have also extremely good support from the political system is entrenched quite proud of where we are to make a scene but we still need as human power is the end of the day the industry says of course they go where they get their problems solved and that's possible here on
5:00 pm
site by leaving z u a site even china before the french but doesn't is a very good place to raise a family. and i know if it was my somebody. this is due to the news live from berlin catalonia as parliaments of the claires independence from spain thousands of separatist supporters cheered at the vote and barcelona the motion passed despite the opposition walking out on out the spanish
5:01 pm
senate has voted to rescind catalonia scoured.


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