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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2017 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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no challenge no church starting november night own. state every news coming to wind from berlin spanish prime minister more honorable voice sachs catalogues parliament that's the reason the players in the tenets for boys called snap elections for catalonia and the model comes as thousands of supporters supporters are gathering right now in the streets of barcelona to
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celebrate independence day i'll bring you the latest from madrid and barcelona coming up plus new classes in kenya playing more laws as the country ground the fallout from a repeat presidential election. and it's the end of an era for air berlin almost four decades out of the airlines first take off today it's ever quite landing quite here in the german capital. welcome to the show my name sara harmon it's good to have you with us. we begin in spain where prime minister mariano rajoy says he's dissolving the catalan parliament roy sack the government of cow long and call us now by election for the region set for december twenty first all this after the kalman parliament voted in favor of the clearing independence for spain that triggered celebrations come on
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government palace and even larger ones on the streets outside. the white yes to independence that was the news from consular news parliament it was the moment the separatists have been waiting for and they took to the streets of boston loner in the thousands to celebrate the. it's an enormous satisfaction because we've achieved what we thought. would say that ok the independent state of catalonia in the. meantime never thought it could happen his all thanks to these brave people not knowing that the they were singing inside parliament as well the unofficial national anthem the catalonians opposition had already quit the chamber refusing to take punts the remaining lawmakers voted
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by seventy to ten in favor of independence she's the citizens of catalonia it's up to all of us to maintain the pulse of our country our country to maintain our peace and dignity as we have always done and always will be the. nature of the spanish cabinet discussed taking over the government of catalonia its parliament is to be dissolved new elections held in december and it's needed could face rebellion charges punishable with up to thirty years in jail. nor. do i feel we never wanted it to come this far and we don't believe it would be good to extend this exceptional status as we always said this is not about suspending catalonians autonomy but about a return to the law and to reason. in the council on capital pass alone or the independence celebrations a continuing spain's west political crisis in four decades shows no signs of easing
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. it's been developing at a breakneck pace throughout the day we want to take a step back now and look at the bigger implications to do that we'll hear both from barcelona and from madrid but we'll start in barcelona a reporter. on the story for us good evening just essentially fired all of cattle long as lawmakers how is that going down there in barcelona. there are very dubious scenes behind me and i mean thousands here or on the streets outside catalonia government office i knew some of the developments are marrying their own way and haven't seemed to have done in spirit people very much wanting to celebrate as news independence in fact some people have told me that they want to celebrate now because they simply do not know what is going to happen tomorrow you've got children here on the streets men women dogs wrapped in wraps in fact
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just to give you a sense of the spirit here with the headlight band playing behind us with announcements every now and then with some updates and just a moment ago they said that public radio had announced live on as if they were going to cross live to that foreign correspondent or fairing to that correspondent in the dritte we've also had a fairly spectacular fireworks display just a few moments ago as a big question here though is what's going to happen in the next hour oh say because these protests these people who are rallying here starting. to me the way this is coming to an end and we have had reports all day and see independence protests nearby it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of hours there is the real thing is that when the two sides meet they could be sims and violence here on the streets barcelona hold tight there in verse one of our i come back to you in just a second i want to go now to madrid where martin roberts is on the story for us
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martin we've got you on the telephone line thanks for joining us how is spain in practical terms planning on implementing direct rule now this is pretty unprecedented in modern spanish history well it's entirely unprecedented since the current constitution was adopted in one nine hundred seventy eight's is a way to cement spend your time to democracy after more than forty years of civil war dictatorship so i mean that's a measure of how seriously the government his images are taking this crisis in trying to go terms right i mean in laying the groundwork for several weeks and it began early in september when and it hasn't hong first called for the referendum to be held and in response madrid drafted in houses upon thousands of additional civil guards and national police members to reinforce. and another thing they did cross was that they took control of the town very peacefully incidentally the purse
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strings of the local governments in fact all council and civil servants were being paid directly from a trip to several weeks ago that situation's going to change and in jade's i think you know what the governments are hoping is that most people. not make waves just because if you talk to. all right that's martin speaking to us from madrid let's go back to charlotte who's on the streets of barcelona charles what that cow on people there expect will happen next and how do you feel about how their leader handled the situation has really brought it to a head that's a real fear here was going to happen when it starts imposing direct rule when for example you start to see arrests potentially as days behind this independence movement and also when you see them trying to take control of these government buildings as a real sense here that the people who are behind me are just not going to tolerate that for several days they have been close on social media for example and from
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independence leaders saying if and when independence happens if and when direct rule is imposed deeper pads a block these government buildings to make sure that officials from madrid contact control that the people who are here behind me would consider a hero but obviously these people don't represent everybody in council any of this region the economy emphasize enough is incredibly divided just fifty percent of people according to a recent post office who are independents those who are against it are going to be absolutely destroyed and more persian one has posts about there is one thing no that both sides are do you have in common and nothing to be. some frustration over the last few days this is been a real emotional roller coaster for both sides so in the back with the two it's twists and turns whether or not we were going to have elections whether or not we're going to have a declaration of independence now finally we have an answer and people can just
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take sort of exactly what it is the top and it's a day all right so it's not just saying this divide in catalonia as well martin let's come back to you is there still a way out of this extraordinary situation to defuse tensions and both sides go home happy. i think it's a little bit too late for us. obviously the opposition a socialist symmetries and i'm doing didn't hausler we were very hopeful until this morning well it has a long holiday do. you know where he would have to have been still he sponsored to . dissolve their own hall and call elections. as a third way between declaring independence implementing direct rule. i mean that sense of that they felt very disappointed. that charlotte just mentioned because yesterday i. was actually going to do you have a moment microphone stand set up there he delayed days. and said everything will be
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out you know the end as the parliament a lot of disappointment i think what raul is trying to do is to effectively say look. this is only going to last until christmas but russia lections it's going to be a lightweight intervention and it's going to be very short so hopefully afterwards everybody can go home happy ever after oh of course we're about to occur as a last remains to be seen because obviously it was a very restless groundswell of opinion the city is going to go away all right a lot of uncertainty right now that's martin roberts joining us from madrid and also thank you to charlotte shell some pale i reporter on the street in barcelona. whatever happens with catalonia is going to have a huge impact on europe let's get the reaction for you now from brussels barrett rager estate of his correspondent there bat good evening to you the e.u.
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has made no secret of where it stands when it comes to catalan independence tell us a little bit more about that. the u. is fully supporting the spanish government and every move it makes that is clear of the us says this problem this forward between us alone in madrid has to be resolved within the legal framework the constitution of the frame bug off spain and so there is no room for an independent republic of cut alone and no e.u. member country none of the other twenty seven recognised cut alone the independent state in the would not do that as well the only thing is that done a task ahead of the european council today he said please don't resort to violence use forceful arguments but do not argue was false so there is a slight fear that this might get out of control out of hand. officially doesn't
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react and says spain has to solve this problem on its own for example of the french president also said he's behind. on the holiday and all to the german chancellor told through a spokesman that she is behind us but has spent his counterpart so there's no question they use behind the spending government ok so catalonia has no support for independence within the e.u. but in practical terms if tara long is to say yes or spain what's going to happen. nothing the diplomats tell us they've just ignore any move to become independent there would be no border there would be no tariff there would be no possible controls of things like that and every decision to cut and run government which is no longer in office now legally it would take would the just be ignored so nothing will change actually on the ground from the viewpoint of the european union. if that happens we don't know here talk to the so-called cut
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a lot of foreign minister he said he will stay in his office and wait for the police to remove him from there he's also prepared to get arrested as so it's clear that the cut ons when some mirror tomato are images of something of that but the u.s. says nothing will happen as far as we concerned are the news taking a hands off approach but could the e.u. have done more to broker a dialogue between catalonia and madrid to avoid some of the tensions we're seeing now. where the he was very reluctant to get involved in this spending. argument between cut along the and the central government because he was saying we have those legal point here no institution is obliged to get into this inner conflict and so only if both sides had to appealed for mediation then the you could do something but so far only cut the loony has
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a pot for mediation so the sits on its tied hands all right not getting involved for now that's parent record and brussels thanks for bringing us up today there's a look now at some other stories that are making news around the world to white south africans have been given wall jail terms for forcing a black man into a coffin and then threatening to kill him the judge said the men showed no remorse for their racist crime ok sparked outrage in south africa more than two decades after the end of apartheid. the united nations says the government of syrian president bashar al assad was responsible for a chemical weapons attack that killed at least eighty people a new report coauthored by the u.n. says the government used deadly sarin nerve gas against the rebel held town of qana kohen syria has denied using chemical weapons. the world food
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program says myanmar's government has given the go ahead to resume aid operations to roll hinge of muslims in northern ca kind state the u.n. agency suspended its work in august after myanmar security forces began targeting the muslim minority group hundreds of thousands of for him to have now fled into neighboring bangladesh. was kenyan election officials continue to count ballots in the country's presidential election rerun the cost of this divisive vote is becoming ever more apparent one person was killed in clashes between protesters and police today bringing the overall death toll to at least five kenya's been walked in political uncertainty ever since the supreme court an old presidential elections that were held back in august fears of further bloodshed and now it authorities to once again postpone voting that had been planned for saturday in some opposition strongholds. the streets of kenya's capital nairobi
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are unusually quiet worried about the prospect of violence many are staying indoors those few who have ventured out have had enough after months of political tension. i would like politics to quieten down so we can continue with our work we don't want people to fight or kill each other we want kenya to be peaceful. time our politics we want life to continue as normal. our incomes are being hurt and we are struggling. old we are tired of politics. thursday's repeat elections were marred by skirmishes between police and opposition supporters the clashes stop some ten percent of polling stations from the opening and delayed voting in many others in the kibera slum area of nairobi the situation was particularly tense. they decided to keep hold of the voting existence there
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because very difficult for us because we had a lot of violence on the road to youths were going there for the official says. that. voting in four counties was initially postponed until saturday because of the unrest. opposition leaders continued to call on their supporters to boycott the vote citing security concerns. everything has its own time. the first thing we are trying to convey to our people at this point in time is that the forced repeat election tomorrow. we want to make sure that they're not indeed i'm going to leave them to stay away because they might walk into a trap where there will be indeed that is a priority we don't want any lives to be lost. because of the new outbreak and violence election officials announced that the new runoff would be delayed until further notice. as counting continues officials said just over
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a third of registered voters cast a ballot on thursday some have heeded the call to boycott all but assuring a victory on paper for current president who wrote kenyatta who cast his vote in a jubilant mood but the rerun looks as if it will fail to ease the conflict. but it is earnings season and some big hitters are reporting states i want to get away with now from helena that's right sarah save the best to last this friday big names some big numbers as well so what to amazon microsoft and google's parent company alphabet all have in common well the three american companies just keep growing turning in better results quarter to quarter beating expectations in the stock markets. sales like prime day help attract customers and are driving amazon's profit to new heights but amazon isn't just making money with direct sales it's also earning more with online advertising and turning up the
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pressure on market leader google amazon recently opened a new office in new york with around two thousand employees dedicated to selling ads. and amazon cloud services remains the market leader when it comes to helping smaller companies into the cloud over the last three months amazon earned over two hundred fifty million dollars with demand for cloud services growing by the day microsoft is also doing solid business with its cloud solution its flagship cloud platform is called sure and helps companies manage their websites and company data . microsoft boss such an agenda has managed to successfully shift the tech giant away from its dependency on windows to a one stop shop for digital enterprise last quarter microsoft earnings topped six point six billion dollars. google's parent company elf and that made
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a name for itself with its search engine but it's profiting from the expanding ad market targeting smartphones and tablets. its quarterly profits put it well ahead of its competition later and six point seven billion dollars in the third quarter. like this and all of that we can bring in all financial correspondent yes go to here is that now you take is back with a bang strong earnings all traders suitably impressed. it was an exceptional day for tech stocks and companies especially true for amazon the stock gained almost one hundred thirty dollars a good thirteen per cent and that stock is valued now at one thousand one hundred dollars by the way this price increase means that the market valuation of amazon just on friday alone increased by a good sixty billion dollars that is basically what the federal express his
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words in general but also the other stocks and microsoft was a gain of a good six percent intel up seven percent and alphabet also trading up by a good four percent so it was really an incredible day for tech stocks shortly before the weekend all right well next week we've got some more big guns reporting what should we be looking out for. well besides earnings reports so we've also got was the turn of the month a lot of economic data especially from the labor market but then again sure earnings season will be the big topic once again we will get the numbers of facebook for example from apple those stocks also gained quite a bit since this friday april except orders for the new i phone ten and pull itself is saying that the mont is so far it seems to be off the charts and that belief that the stock of apple by a good as three percent and then we will also get numbers from tesla and that
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company is having a bit of trouble with production demand is not the problem but supplies are really building those cars that seem to be an issue and that's why that stock at least is not as inflated as the rest of the market is at this point yes go to a new york thanks and have a great weekend. well as bye-bye to the bankrupt lines final flights have taken off passengers may well be feeling teary we're not just talking about nostalgia prices on certain routes could likely go up and stall for well their emotional as well their future remaining on certain the trustee in the bankruptcy says the bulk of jobs could be saved still for now that remains all up in the air. it's a bitter end for many air berlin employees and some are not mincing their words about seal thomas bengal man. when you judge.
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me. louis. before you go to sleep he. allowed to. run out even though bengal man took the helm of air berlin earlier this year is guaranteed at least four point five million euros and thousands of employees are furious that they are being left high and dry three out of four of the eight thousand air berlin employees will lose their jobs look tons and two german states declined funds to guarantee employment for a few months more customers may also get a road deal. they felt by consumers less on off on those flights on offer over time that gap will be partially filled by mainly by lost tons and tons as you know low cost affiliates euro wings and possibly easy jet or condor but
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negotiations are ongoing and it's far from certain whether that is going to be successful time has run out for air berlin and its rivals are lining up for its remaining assets but the real painful consumers may only be beginning after roll industry experts predict travelers who have not only few options but also more expensive ones as germany's second largest airline disappears. back to sara no. that's right i want to get ready for a big one destroyer weekend two of germany's best sides are meeting for the second time in four days as byron host on real life byron were victorious and midweek cup clash and they haven't lost a wife safe in any of their three meetings but hospital side will go to munich believing it's only a matter of time before that changes. three hundred twenty minutes they hustled and bustled now they're preparing to do it all over again right see came the closest
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they've ever come to beating by and rejuvenated and that has been zation players will rest and recover. and i also i think being in our own stadium with the support of our fans gives the strength of. and in these conditions we'll be able to overcome our tiredness and can get by and are the kind of team to bask too long in their success especially since like seeker one of the main pretenders to they're going to sneak a threat and. come and you can only briefly feel happy after a win but now we're really pumped up for the next game because for us of course there are lots of things with thinking about and we're focused on the task at hand i think i don't think we have time to celebrate right now. in light seeking their relishing the chance to have another go at bryant even if the phone book isn't quite on their site. we've really enjoyed the last match and we're already really
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looking forward to this next encounter with byan. he's a nice to begin with and. despite the disappointments rights it can take some positives from wednesday's cup defeat recent away victory over league leaders to get some hope of pouncing back immediately given a win in dortmund you shouldn't worry about being beaten in munich and therefore we'll go there with the same bravado in the same mentality to believe in ourselves and be the trickiest opponents possible for. it and so on to munich right sick unto wanted as they look for their first ever win over the champions. well if you are scared of sharks and let's face it who isn't it might want to look away because we're about to show you a close up images of the most for middle shark of the fall the great white this footage was captured by scientists in new zealand and it shows a four metre long specimen playing was storming equipment on the ocean floor if
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you're wondering why it's so interested in that camera there as well that's because it's attached to a canister filled with some tasty tuna researchers say this shark was probably migrating to the tropics when it stopped person. in our mind or of our headline this hour before we leave you special prime minister marianna or her eye has announced he is to solving cataloguing as regional government after it voted to declare independence from spain for hawaii has called new regional elections for december twenty first the move comes as thousands of independence supporters gather to celebrate voxel home. state of the news you're up to date more of the top of the hour for now for me and the whole team here in berlin thanks for watching our great weekend.
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the conflict follows her wherever she goes. this is a guy's memory of a dude has just one question on her mind for or against catalan independence until recently she'd been against separation but the spanish government hardline
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approach has changed her views. back. in sixty minutes telling. the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the wittiest finds and interviews with makers and users. should in forty five minutes. as a child be positive. she was infected at birth. probably won't live to the age of five. the program dream aims to prevent the mother to child transmission of the virus.
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hiv positive women give birth to a negative baby. project is a hugely effective strategy in the battle against. more than ninety eight percent of these children are born healthy. the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique. you can do something to. give a baby a future without. make a donation safe a life. catalonia goes with the nuclear option declaring independence from spain now madrid and barcelona are on a collision course i'm sorry harmon in berlin this is the day.


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