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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin crowds are gathering in barcelona for a major demonstration in favor of spanish unity this as a result of a new poll predict a razor thin lead for anti independence supporters look at the latest on the cause
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a lot of crisis from our correspondent in barcelona also coming up. dozens of people were killed and wounded in the latest attack in the somali capital mogadishu the government has vowed to destroy the terrorist group that claimed responsibility . i my ass waiter thanks for joining us a new opinion poll in catalonia shows pro independence parties would lose their majority their parliamentary majority by a razor thin margin in an election the spanish central government has called for a regional vote in december after imposing direct rule meanwhile the recently unemployed cuts alone president carlos pushes among has called for quote democratic opposition he says madrid's move to dismiss him as illegitimate and is vowing to
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pursue his struggle for what he said ought to be a free country madrid's actions have left supporters of independence outraged. colace bustamante has been fired as the head of government in catalonia. but for supporters of catalan independence here in the city of jonah he's still the president. pushed him on to address catalonians in a prerecorded speech on saturday and called for peaceful resistance replication of article one five five the spanish constitution which imposes direct rule in catalonia from madrid. how he said it will be of my message to you is to have patience perseverance and maintain perspective. the best way we can defend what we have achieved up to now that is by democratically opposing the application of article one five five. they sufficient government bulletin put control of the
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catalan authorities in the hands of the central government madrid is confident that the separatists are isolated. looks as if they proclaim the republic of korea but president for a war afterwards. known that's it and european leaders back spain even though they are we want to defend democracy. this is on the they've got their own yes but the decision of catalonia will not be recognized by anybody because it's illegal they got there when you. have the spanish flag to being taken down this weekend across catalonia. it's a symbolic act of defiance in the face of direct rule the real consequences of the declaration of independence have yet to be felt. for more on this we're joined by our correspondent charlotte chel some phil who is at an anti independence
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demonstration in a bar so low now surely there's a lot of activity happening behind you what's the situation what's the mood on the ground right now. yeah according to police estimates we've got hundreds of thousands of people here on the streets at the moment they are in all directions we are literally surrounded by people waving spanish flags that chantix pain is not broken and we are spanish some are even saying carlos push him on the man who is leading this independence movement belongs in prison the man that is very celebratory made its very people here feel like they believe that those who are for independence have their say thousands were on the streets on friday celebrating need dependence movement now is the turn if these people to say that they do not want this independence movement to happen and they want action. so indeed madrid has called elections in the region at the end of the year and there's a new poll saying the pro independence coalition would likely lose now this is just
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one poll but do you get the sense that there is a silent or maybe not so silent pro unity majority out there. for this region has always been very divided between those who wanted independence and days he did in the years that is one poll but it depends really was going to happen over the next few days just because people here during one independence doesn't mean that they want madrid to impose direct rule people here in this region really value their autonomy they value the language the culture they like being in charge of their in institutions and they are going to take a while to madrid now taking hold. but. isn't careful in how it proceeds you could push people who are sort of on the sidelines about where they fall on this in to being more independence really there is everything to play for over the next coming days one thing about the election is
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worth bearing in mind it is very possible that the pray dependence parties may either not be allowed to run or indeed may boycott it that is all very unknown indeed if they deployed it it's very clear that the opposition will do extremely well in this if i just a short time ago we spoke to one of the key members of the opposition here in council india she's a woman who sticks possibly to be even be the president plays carlos preaching on in the future kind message today the reason that she is here today is she says that she wants to represent everybody in council and she wants to represent these people as well it would not for independents who are just happy with the way it was happy with the status. that was our correspondent charlotte hill in barcelona for us at the scene where there is a pro unity demonstration now moving on to mogadishu where there's been
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a deadly attack at the somali capital two car bombings and a hostage situation left at least twenty three people dead and dozens more wounded the islamised militant group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attacks somalia's government says it will continue its fight to eradicate the. a city shaken by a series of deadly blasts they left mortgage issues streets littered with knowledge wreckage first a suicide truck bomb exploded near a hotel popular with politicians security officials say the bomber had pretended his vehicle had broken down outside before detonating. just minutes later a second call blew up nearby. armed militants then stormed the hotel prompting a drawn out gun battle with police. several senior officials and
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a mother and baby is said to be among the dead. smoke billowed above the scene as emergency services rushed towards. the extremist group has claimed responsibility. the blasts came two weeks off to more than three hundred fifty people were killed in a massive truck bombing in mogadishu the country's worst ever attack. has been widely blamed although it denies it. but there's been an outpouring of public since the october fourteenth last thousands have taken to the streets calling for tougher action against the insurgents. this last bombing was carried out as regional ministers gathered in the somali capital for a meeting today on how to tackle the militant group. emergency services have warned that the death toll is likely to rise. let's cross now to mogadishu and journalist
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mohamad who is there abuse like thank you so much for joining us how is the situation there this morning does it feel like things are under control now. yes thank you very much somali security forces have ended and night long siege by. the shah tell by five crews storming the building after a suicide car bomb that a new. vehicle. said today afternoon killing a listen to one two three people the tribute to regain control. and sunday morning . killing we are trying to use according to our police officer mohammed has a home i have spoken to the four. now as we understand there's been a lot of public anger against. mogadishu what's going to happen if these attacks don't stop is there going to be more demands from the public for more
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extreme measures.


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