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tv   Doc Film - The Last Royal Mail Ship to St. Helena  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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and why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free shop for d w z learning course because german made it easy. and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war but it would be a solution and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child if she met a boy when they found their homeland of the enemy invade by deduction no one wants russia here don't need to nuke which is the sea. level against the mighty google news that matters. w. made for mines. onions and potatoes even staples like these a part of the regular shipment of supplies taken to a remote island in the middle of the south atlantic ocean.
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yet the only way to transport cargo to st helena is spicy and that includes pretty much everything essential to everyday life and only one ship makes frequent jenna's to the islands poort. yes the r.m.s. st helena is the island's lifeline it's one of the last working royal mail ships in the world every three weeks the cargo line sets out from cape town south africa for the five day sea jenny to st helena me henry is the second officer on board but the island is her home it's one of the most remote places on earth. it's not by chance that napoleon was sent to live in exile him. definitely an
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element of the speech and i've always been interested in history anyway always kind of think about what it was like in the. us what it must've felt like coming to this big black rock in the middle of the ocean. the captain has given the order to depart it will be some time before the crews land again. the st helena sails under the british flag the island is part of the british overseas territory of st helena
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ascension and tristan de kooning located in the south atlantic. as table mountain fades in the background the ship sets off on the same route what you are is followed long ago. henry is on duty up on the bridge one of her is to keep the ship on cool there was a time when as many as a thousand ships traveled this route each year st helena was a vital stop the ship sailing around africa today the r.m.s. st helena travels regularly to the lonely island. what would have been very good. even if you were one degree of course if you were
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coming out from the gate so even if we wanted to decrease off or. length of the journey between a town and think nina yes it is possible to completely miss the island. the island is located in the middle of the south atlantic between south america and africa those wishing to travel here have to embark on a long journey from cape town three thousand kilometers in five days one of the most remote on earth the island is just one hundred twenty one square kilometers in size. the r.m.s. st helena is not just a container ship it also provides employment to many of the island well as the fire . was almost all the crew members live on st helena and not sign up specifically for a chance to leave the island not many could afford to pay the fare.
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the few passengers on board who while away the hours on the sunday have their own special reasons the taking the trip never lived on an island so i don't quite know what to expect. from what i've heard is lots of activities going up leave. the same to lenience are very friendly people and is always social activities going on so basically i am going with an open mind i will save and i think they're saying lena is one of the very few truly remote islands in the world and when people have this idea of an island they generally think of an island like sadly most islands are actually relatively excessive. nothing but water as far as the eye can see for days on end the travellers pass the time in traditional british fashion by playing cricket on this. um that for example.
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on the net sun there simply to protect the spectators they also keep the blue from going overboard it's rare to see someone splashing in the pool but nobody wants to miss out on aim plans de facto national sport it's one of the last royal mail ships travelling in the world that actually still carry the queen's mail in the back seat in public and the public fashion so yes i think that adds to the child of the ship and the atmosphere as well without supper kakar it up late and found out. another of officer mia henry's duties is to announce the results of the cricket tournament something the british passengers in particular appreciate that. the in.
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the in on the last evening at sea the captain hosts a reception for everyone on board. her and another holdover from old empire complete with cocktails and dress. them in one just. for this one evening the container ship is onerous like a cruise liner and as night slowly fools the boat is that much closer to the island . it's the morning of the arrival the passengers cabins have to be cleaned one last time though the crew would prefer to be on deck. after five days at sea there's a feeling of excitement in the air even among the crew.
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it first appears as a grey strip on the horizon and then the island slowly comes into view. henry will safely navigate the ship into home harbor with the help of the helmsmen . the island rises abruptly like a huge black castle from the ocean that sal charles darwin once described sent. cliffs everywhere it's only safe to land in a few spots. i was thinking when napoleon got here. enough to felt well and truly exiled because it's taken us quite
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a while to get here and it was a bit slower a nice day. you just. can't really comprehend. the horn sounds the ship's arrival it's one of the last duties mia henry will perform on board. and new job awaits her here on the island the royal mail ship may not be making the journey much longer. as. after seventeen years onboard she's going ashore good to. command raise trade in the wide open sea for the solitude of the island.
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jamestown the capital and a new pool. much here is reminiscent of the former colonial power and not just the bobbies strolling the streets. same telenor an isolated village in the middle of the atlantic is home to just four thousand five hundred people most are descendants of seafarers castaways and slaves from all over the world. at some point they were stranded on this rugged terrain in the middle of nowhere washed up by the weights of fate.
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originally the island was nothing but bleak volcanic rock like the people all of flora and fauna were imported from elsewhere brought by the by wind or by waves. some plants and animals cannot be found anywhere else endemic tree ferns the remote mountains of scent helena are they any place this space is vives but the past has caught up with them for much of the twentieth century slacks. grown on plantations here the flags industry was the engine of the island's economy the industry eventually fell into decline but the plants continued to spread over the land. ranges like denis leary and joshua are trying to keep the flax and other plants bought by people from foreign lands in check st helena is sometimes called the
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galapagos of the south atlantic but without the rangers efforts many of the endemic flora and fauna would be threatened by extinction we are really european marriage abroad. i think the string i would say history special because it just goes to show you that five years on from discovery it. has been destroyed so it's very important to keep going you know to keep our land clean and going. to their original plans are worth fighting for but it's a tough battle perhaps even. it's much the same down in the harbor every three weeks the r.m.s. st helena brings fresh supplies to the island's inhabitants despite strict controls foreign plants and animals still manage to make it to sure. along with the usual
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goods today the ship has brought very special cargo crates from paris that contain historic treasure. furniture used by napoleon during the years he spent in exile on the island after being restored in paris they'll now be back on display on st helena. you get an idea that's good news for basil george he's a tour guide on st helena napoleons her might help to attract more tourists this time and the two visitors have travelled with the ship. so a lot of people i think. i've been doing a long time you find is mostly elderly people. who can afford the time. basil george won't earn much today but that means he'll have more time for something else
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that's also important on a remote island. shopping the stores are restocking nash elves with the fresh produce brought by the cargo ship one. it won't last forever so it's wise to move in quickly like basil george. finding bottled and canned goods is never a problem but fresh fruit is another story. the in. the next morning is grey and have a cost it almost resembles rural england only here there's even move wind and damp
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one form or keep into this steak a hand complained of it frequently. longwood house which served as napoleon's home is owned by the french government the french m. pro was sent here by the british in one thousand fifteen and it's why he stayed until his death six years later his nights are said to have been sleepless restlessly he wandered from one bed to another he had three of them in zero boredom seem to have been a problem for him as well as the damp in the house. the restored furniture is being read and stored in the house including napoleon's billiard table that's reason enough for tour guide basil george to stop by. he
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finds napoleon's former prison most impressive. i think it was just to have a campaign to try and get him released i think to see how badly he was being treated. and i think of him campaign. george and his son kevin know that not all prisoners on the island had it says good they are descendants of a man who was himself banished to st helena along with countless others as a prisoner during the boer war that's all georges grandfather lived in a camp here on this windy plateau six thousand men were sent by the british to the end camp and.
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like most of the island's inhabitants basil and kevin's family is a mix of many cultures their ancestors came from moved parts of europe vassals great grandfather from china. among the few traces left at the south african borders is this cemetery full of victims of a typhoid epidemic basle daughters grandfather was one of five prisoners who chose to stay on the island after being released they'd come to appreciate life on the remote island. the end it's near henry's first day on her new job as a security agent she will ensure that everyone in the harbor sticks to the rules and regulations she won't be saying goodbye to the sea completely but now most of her days will be spent here on
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a speck of land in the middle of no. for myself i won't be able to just go and do some retail therapy now as we go off but i think the island and everything that goes with it has other advantages that you will not find anywhere else in the vows we can enjoy the sea as you know i'm passionate about the i can spend my weekends even in the ocean or out on the edge. mia's partner liver oil also shares her love of the sea the coast or around the island is a habitat for hundreds of dung since. it's just after six o'clock in the morning liver is out on a boat with his brothers when they go fishing they always hope to catch something big. they drop anchor in an area frequented
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by tuna fishing is one of the few ways to earn money on the island today leroy is in luck. don't give up. the fish puts up a fight but after twenty minutes leave manages to pull one hundred and ten kilos of time tuna into the boat. so price wise if we go up with a fish before we are frozen so the value drops but freshness for shia freshly caught we get thirty pounds. fresh on a flight out good summaries up to two to three hundred. which is a big difference from what we get now you know but for that the island would need an airport the british government him vested more than three million pounds towards
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making this remote. thailand a little less remote that so lot of money considering there are only four thousand five hundred inhabitants but it would make it easier for more tourists to visit the island a change not everyone embraces that six. something else here we place on gas mileage also is one of the project's harshest critics he runs a radio station on the island and says most people here share his reservations about the airport the solitude is part of their identity and that might be lost due to air traffic. it's very friendly. a little bit happy go lucky maybe have some of that in everybody will disappear but we don't want all of that disappear they still want a bit of it otherwise again i will be like anywhere else and you don't want my
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dollars any one of those chicken in the other. thinking that will be the place that . whenever my calls and is out walking the hills around the airport he feels vexed about the waste of money all the millions was spent to complete the runway there are still no shadowed flights two off from the continent might also and shows as a video of a test flight the plane failed at two attempts to land only the third try was successful the airport is in an area prone to severe wind shear something that only became clear after its construction as a result landing and takeoff is dangerous particularly on a runway that ends with a three hundred meter drop. seventeen point two meteorologists are now investigating whether the wind. around the airport are
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indeed dangerous if they are the peaks of two mountains might be blasted off otherwise the expensive airport might serve as nothing more than a simple and strip for light aircraft that don't require the full length of the runway. that wouldn't bother ranger dennis leone in the least he says the more remote the better it is for the island and its nature. kyle and dennis have spotted an animal that can only be found on st helena the extremely rare st helena play over or wild bird as it's called here to distract from its nearby nest the bird veins a wing injury but the nests on what interest dennison kyle most they keep
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a record of only eggs and adult birds they say there are only five hundred wild birds left on the island as ground masters they're threatened by rats and feral cats and you know i just drove on as i have to say this is you know i like doing this you know i mean i get a cattle trap. is a good feeling you know i don't get it i got to kill it like if you like if you know you find a chick just we can use it the next week if you like appearance of like. the fact that the europeans turned the island into a fortress is a curse of a legacy says dennis others like basil and kevin see this historical legacy as an opportunity to attract more tourists not enough money has been made with st helena's attractions to date they believe they love their island and the fortress about the harbor it sadness and to see how more and more people are leaving st
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helena because there's not enough one. myself that's why they support the airport project and hope it will bring in tourists. you know there's not enough accommodation to deal with a boom and therefore there's been talk of looking at investors but i think you control the number of tourists come to the island and then yes you grow with it rather than having big investors coming in but i can't see how the island can pay for all the services it has to deliver four and a half thousand people in a developed country would be a village i don't think that they could cope with having to provide all the services your human resource base is far too small to be able to do it. the time has come for the passengers and crew of the r.m.s. same telenor to do pot and ritual that soon may be a thing of the past once the airport goes into operation the ship will be taken out
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of service. mia henry has come to see it off this time it will leave without. her former colleagues have already taken their positions on the bridge of the r.m.s. same telling a. lot of. feet knocked off the ground. that a. lot of us. have. it does feel like some part of my identity has to do away from me after mammon. i know it's my new job is going to be different i'm hoping that it's kind of find some of that identity again.
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