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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 7:00am-8:00am CET

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it's own d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin iraqi kurds hopes for independence shattered their louis leader with sauber sawney has stepped down after iraqi troops seized
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her coke and other kurdish areas of iraq kurds have been under sanctions from baghdad and international isolation did abuse funny fajar will join us live from the region for more also coming up. support for spanish unity spills onto the streets of catalonia now madrid must decide whether to arrest out along leaders who proclaimed independence last week. the united nations warns of a new humanitarian crisis in syria that's as images of starving children emerge from rebel held guta in the east of the capital damascus. plus we're heading to moscow where a new monument is unveiled to heal a painful past the wall of grief opens today commemorating the millions who suffered the brutality of soviet repression for decades the gulag system and slave the people physically and mentally leaving countless broken or dead. and
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lewis hamilton seals his fourth formula one world title after a day of drama in mexico city our sports correspondent will be here with all the details. i'm brian thomas low and a warm welcome to the show well a month ago iraq's autonomous kurdish region defied the central government and held a referendum on independence kurds overwhelmingly back to separate state but the move triggered quick retaliation with troops from baghdad seizing key cities and oil wells now president assad the man who's championed independence for decades is stepping down in a moment we'll be hearing from de w's funny fosh our who's in the region first here's a look at the mood right now amongst iraqi kurds. outrage in the kurdish capital protesters here in erbil forced their way into the
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parliament building as lawmakers voted to approve barzani his resignation. many here feel he's being mistreated after fighting for kurdish independence for decades . barzani's long struggle for a separate kurdish state culminated in last month's move to secede from iraq he wanted that vote to be his legacy instead it's provoked baghdad to crack down on the kurds. and defiant address barzani defended the referendum he said the will of the kurdish people was clear. to him then get a referendum can never be erased because these are the votes of three million people from. iraq no longer believes in kurdish rights. you know. more iraq is using the kurdish independence referendum as
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a pretext to attack kurdistan. the vote for independence has angered the iraqi government backed at once the kurds to declare their referendum void and has backed up those demands with force after the referendum the iraqi government launched a surprise attack on kurdish controlled territory and seized her cook the oil rich city would have been the economic hub of a future kurdish state. the loss of kirkuk has cost barzani support among some of his fellow kurds but it's unclear whether his resignation will help bring an end to the confrontation with baghdad. well is this the end of that confrontation fine foster joins us now from iraqi kurdistan she's in erbil the capital of that region a fatty first off is the regional government still even in control of iraqi kurdistan with baghdad's troops now having taken key areas in cities.
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good morning from ariel the regional government is in control of the ultimate region here obviously have been a lot of tensions over the course of the past weeks since the since the independence referendum a non-binding referendum and of september we have seen of course the airspace close here over aerial initiative both by a bag that but of course in accordance with turkey and iran is about who do not support a iraq kurdistan break away from iraq also there is discussion going on just how much and how many parson entries land and trees the borders going to be controlled by the central governments the entries through syria the entry through turkey and iran to the kurdish region so i would rather say bud that the central government wants to keep a tight rope around the regional government around just how much the autonomy of
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the regional government of the iraqi kurdistan region is going to be really reduced is the big question what about mossad barghouti he's been pushing independence for decades now is his resignation the effective and of the movement for independence for iraqi kurdistan. so you know if you ask people here in at a field but also in other parts of iraq a kurdistan from their hearts to say so people do want an independent state at some point the opinions differ however when that independent state should be put in action in fact two thirds of the population of the iraqi kurdistan population did cast their ballot at this independence referendum a month ago hold their one third didn't know that or said no no meaning no to now because they believe that it would be better to have a dialogue about to dial it back that first in order to negotiate just how an
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independent state could look like the central government the regional government rather said here that they want to freeze the independence kras however freeze doesn't mean of course that they do not want a national state at some point and this is something also that barzani stressed yesterday in his televised address to the iraq kurdistan region ok now there are kurds of course not only in iraq but in syria and turkey in iran as well there are also a large kurdish minorities now how does this play into their aspirations for national identity and even independence. well let me tell you the middle east and the middle east is very complicated it's already a big question just how much iraqi kurdistan is united in their quest for an independent state as i just said before people may be united in the cross but they huge differences when it comes for example to the regional government to the main
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parties k d p p u k even though they do share the power they are rivalries in between these two parties so that in itself is already complicated so you can well imagine that than having a sort of a common ground between syrian kurds turkish kurds iraqi kurdistan courts and kurds in iran it's even more complicated than a thanks much for that as masoud barzani the man who's championed independence for decades steps down in iraqi kurdistan thanks very much for. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today hundreds of women have turned out in central paris and other friends cities to protest against sexual harassment and abuse many rallied under the hash tag me too which went global in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal french lawmakers are considering tougher laws against sexual harassment. officials in saudi arabia say women will be allowed into three major sports stadiums where the first time beginning next year the
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landmark move will open up the previously male only venues to families when it comes days after the saudi crown prince mohammed and some on pledge to restore moderate open islam in the kingdom. remains of thailand's late king have been brought to their final resting place in bangkok this ends an elaborate five day funeral ceremony that drew hundreds of thousands of mourners to the streets income upon died last year at the age of eighty eight that he was the world's longest serving monarch. well it is to catalonia now that region is waking up to its first week under direct control by officials from madrid a lot after the spanish government oppose the catalonian leaders over the weekend in what they're calling a coup spain must now decide if the catalan leadership will be charged with sedition and treason or proclaiming independence hundreds of thousands of
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demonstrators showed up on barcelona streets yesterday calling not for independence but for national unity. they took to the streets of boston learner in the hundreds of thousands the spanish flag held high the call for national unity coming just two days after the catalan declaration of independence the the where all spanish they say catalonia belongs to spain they call themselves the silent majority for days they've kept quiet now they want the world to hear their message for a united spain against a breakaway catalonia many feel betrayed by the separatists. and say this is not good and what they created as a baked addition at work the ones who are not separatists are isolated also with families and friends you feel that the loss i mean. if we demand that catalonia state in spain and in the european union since we are all europeans.
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these people fear a future as an independent state outside the european union and without a lead vantages of membership some go further they want to see the arrest of khalid to munt the catalan leaders sacked by madrid it's a tense standoff at one point a group of pro unity demonstrators attempt to storm the barricades to reach the catalan parliament. with fresh regional elections ordered for december in madrid spain socialist leader pedro sanchez is banging the drum for unity. i have no doubt that harmony and coexistence will win catalonia will continue to be part of spain thanks to reason and the law everyone wants peaceful coexistence between catalonia and spain local media said the public prosecutor could order puts to months arrest as early as monday with tensions still running high there's little
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sign of any end to the crisis. let's get the very latest now i'm joined by our correspondents charlotte in barcelona and published in madrid charlotte if we could start with you will the catalog president be showing up at his office today and if he does will he be arrested. that's the million dollar question today brian yes that is the reason that all eyes are on the door right behind me just that that's the regional government office that's where he could be showing up for work people here have been telling us that if it's going to happen so far in this process it was going to happen today today's the first working day back since independence was declared you know they pushed him on close he claims he is still leader of this region so far he hasn't been able to act on that practically but if he starts to come in and try to start acting as president that is going to be a real problem the madrid as for his arrest spain's public prosecutors are
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preparing to file charges against him a charge of rebellion which carries a sentence of thirty years in prison it's not clear whether or not that is going to happen today but it's something that's certainly been suggested that's up to the spanish cause and his face may already be decided but what's crucial is how his next move is going to be how he decides to act if for example he's seen coming out of here in handcuffs that could really inflame tensions among his supporters and really turn a situation that so far been quite calm into something that's very volatile pablo what are you hearing in madrid how will exactly the central government be taking power today. well it's already very clear that the deputy prime minister of spain sort i assigned this on to money is going to be overseeing the control will say of the regional authorities there obviously all the powers now have been taken away from the various different i'll start writing from taxation to you know development
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and infrastructure in the region will be overlooking basically how all of that runs from here in madrid and she also has placed her man in charge and when you know who will be overseeing it directly from in fact where charlotte is standing from to follow the election of that which is also where i got a list of them on the rest of his. you know government have been essentially working and and are now not permitted to enter after. after article one fifty five was approved so it's a rather and odd situation everybody's looking here in madrid to see exactly how the government are going to act if out of this push them on the rest of his government do in fact turn out for work and also there's a lot of talk here in madrid and how the two hundred thousand civil servants who work in catalonia are going to react today will all of them were a turn up for work on monday and of course now they have a new boss and in inverted commas and that is of course the central government here
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in madrid so what charlotte was saying many many questions yeah and a bit of confusion to say the least charlotte you know the catalog president has called for passive resistance now that makes this even more difficult what what form could passive resistance take. well that's exactly the point i don't think anyone here is very sure exactly what form that would take as i've said it's been very calm so far no violence really on the streets even yesterday when hundreds of pro independence hundreds of thousands of pre-independence supporters were here calling for spanish unity there were no clashes with those who think basically that they've seen this new state created here in the build up to the independence declaration there were people around colors pushing on saying that they wanted to see people literally blocking government buildings like this to make sure that spanish officials and officials madrid didn't come in whether or not we're going to
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see that happen today it is not yet clear with some people are suggesting even you could see citizens right here behind me. will have to see as the day on polls show itself in full force in barcelona and probably fully alias for us in madrid thanks to both of you this morning very much for that let's check in with gerhard now we have some bumper profits for europe's biggest bank you can say that prime british banking giant h.s.b.c. is profits were up more than five fold in the third quarter quarter of this year the lender expanded its market share in the key business in asia the bank reported pretax profits of four point six billion us dollars in the last quarter up from eight hundred forty three million in the same period a year ago that time and its were hit by a one off loss of one point seven billion dollars from the sale of its brazilian unit the bank's continued bet on asia seems to be paying off part of h.s.b.c. strategy to expand business in one of the world's fastest growing regions and make
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up for losses elsewhere. now fossil fuels like coal and oil still account for large amounts of the world's energy needs but they also contribute to rising levels of c o two in the world's atmosphere at the same time tropical rain forests that naturally absorb c o two are being destroyed in an alarming rates to make way for farm now around eight hundred gigatons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that's a whopping eight hundred billion tonnes but that's nothing in comparison to the huge levels of carbon dioxide that can still be found in fossil fuels still lying dormant on the ground ready to be exploited that's more than nearly twenty times the level in the atmosphere or maybe it's time for global engineering as it's called phrase that describes the attempt to help fight climate change with technical means swiss engineers working in iceland at the moment have found a way of removing c o two from the atmosphere and putting it back into the ground
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they call it project catch. this isn't science fiction it's fully functioning technology. so his company climb works has a plant that sucks in atmosphere of air with the help of giant fans and filters out the carbon dioxide seven hundred tons of it every year. the captured gas is diverted to a nearby greenhouse in an atmosphere rich in c o two plants grow more quickly because they have access to more carbon the process turns a compound that would otherwise damage the climate into a product that can actually help it. and. we want to reach our climate goals of effectively reducing the amount of c o two in the air we can only do it by separating it from the other gases in the air and storing it long term in the earth . a strategy also being pursued in iceland this geothermal
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plant taps hot steam from underground volcanoes c o two also rises to the surface of the boiling masses of lava there it's mixed with water and pumped back deep beneath the surface. it's this mixed income seen here who needs the rest of the what it needs. to tear down two thousand to two thousand meters. climb works has built its business model around this concept. anyone wanting to improve their carbon footprint can have some c o two captured by the company's filters. for a fee of course. isn't done by our home during this test phase we're trying to define a pricing model and it's more expensive today than it will be in ten years we want to get it down to just around one hundred dollars a ton we're looking for customers that will take the first few steps with us and
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the next ones to. meet once again with. the c o two capture system can be set up anywhere in the world with good access to basle to the volcanic rocks large pores work well for the long term storage of gases and bass alters common on every continent one more reason the climb works founders are convinced their technology has a bright future. on service on for our vision is to capture one percent of global emissions in ten years that's three hundred million tons a very large number but also realistic it's still early days in global engineering the field of changing the climate with technology but ambitious projects are showing that the sky really is the limit. talking about the future we keep hearing about robots taking all our jobs and most of us think that's decades away well you might want to think again because it's already happening a new breed of robots is hitting the streets of germany these days for now only helping human male carriers in their daily job. meet the boss bought
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a strong robot that is always two steps behind sensors track the milk areas footsteps and a hand gesture is all it takes to stop it. we have between forty and forty five kilos on a cart that's really hard to push possible it makes it so much easier because we can also get to carry more it's really great. the robot can carry up to one hundred fifty kilos that means fewer reloading stops and it is gonna ring a lot of attention on the streets about has failed ninety minutes from frankfurt it is the only place in germany where the pos bought has been rolled out it can go open curbs but it can't climb the stairs and it can't go up to the second floor on its own but it does everything she does if she stops it stops and then she can also
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take the mail and deliver it. to. only six mail carriers get to work with the roberts for now but many in the country will be watching whether it will soon be rolling on their streets. we shall see that's it for me bryan i was more about the ongoing war in syria we're getting reports coming in again hard from syrian activists that our government bombing has killed at least eleven people in rebel held eastern guta now this area is north of the capital damascus as part of an internationally brokered de escalation zone that was declared earlier this year by the government has laid siege to goodere prompting the united nations to warn of a humanitarian crisis in the making. was already close to death when her parents brought her to the doctor. her mother has no milk she has hardly any food herself so hard died the next day in eastern how to she was only thirty four days old.
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doctor has and how that works in east and how to fire sky he tells us there are sixty thousand children under five years old but there's no vaccine no drugs and hardly anything to eat. some people have had no outside help since last year. this footage is from syrian opposition activists it can't be verified but there's no doubt that eastern how to has been under syrian government siege for four years . there were more deaths on sunday. armed rebel factions shoot back and they cause casualties in government controlled areas to. the east in how to is supposed to be a deescalation zone but in recent months the siege has only grown tighter the syrian army has destroyed tunnels used by smugglers to bring in food and medicine and the syrian government has allowed next to no united nations
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a transports in recent months the last convoy was on the twenty third of september it brought some supplies for twenty five thousand of the at least three hundred fifty thousand people who live here. high commissioners or mining or parties that the deliberate starvation civilians as a method of. constitutes a clear violation of international humanitarian law and may amount to a crime against humanity and war crimes until recently the syrian government allowed seriously ill children to leave the snake culture for treatment in damascus but now opposition ling doctors say there are sixty eight cases of severe malnutrition every third child is on the developed. other is two years old proper medical care and food would help neither exist in eastern how to. we have some motor sports for you now and lewis hamilton has been crowned formula
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one world champion for the fourth time at the mexican rome prix the mercedes driver started up field but he and title rivals boston faddle were caught up in drama from the very start. the championship was at stake in the start of the mexican grand prix was appropriately ferocious on the very first lap sebastian fettle serai collided with lewis hamilton's mis eighty's. hamilton was forced off the track and had to change tires. pass did settle. max the strap and took advantage to race into what would be an honest saleable lane. that it was not giving up however he recovered from nineteenth but his fourth place finish was not good enough to delay hamilton celebrations. hamilton crossed the nine to seal his fourth formula one championship. it doesn't feel real man i mean obviously that's not the kind of race that i want. when you're forty seconds behind of something but you know i never
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gave up and that's really i guess what's important in my heart. hamilton now has his sights set on mikhail schumacher his record of seven f one titles. and that is a very tall order let's bring in our day to be a sports correspondent an expat for more get more yak on what happened there was was hamilton that much better yeah i think across the ses and hamilton showed that he is one of the best drivers of his generation sebastian vettel had delayed for quite a while in the in the championship standings but i think he did have a bit of bad luck but he also kind of threw it away the turning point came in singapore where he qualified for pole hamilton was back in fifth and federal crash down the first lap through his own fault and then hamilton didn't look back from there any completely dominated the championship standings you have to give him credit for that i think he's shown that he not only is he probably the best drivers generation he's one of the best in formula one history ok the best and one of the
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best and for me one of the history can we talk about michelle schumacher type of dynasty in the making in the making yes i don't think it's quite there yet obviously the men schumacher as well. head with seven toddles and hamilton is on four but schumacher was thirty two when he won his fourth taught at the same age as hamilton is now so time is on hamilton to make up the ground and i think for formula one drivers their best the best time is when they're in their mid thirty's and so hamilton is coming into his prime he's got that experience he's still got the mental and physical attributes and so i think you know maybe in twenty twenty thirty years time we could be talking about winning in seventy one total you know there's a flipside to that organizers of been expressing concern in the background that this could lead to a one man dominance of formula one possibility i mean it certainly kind of looks that way throughout this season hamilton won the championship with two races remaining but federal also wanting he wanted to come back next season and to show
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that he can still challenge hamilton and there's also next to shop and the young red bull driver he's only twenty and he provides a lot of excitement for this sport and in the next few years he'll probably be challenging hamilton as well so much for now thanks for looking that into that for us this morning with formula one in the possibility of a new dynasty thanks very much this is the interview news still to come on the show the faltering hopes of iraqi kurds a month after they voted for independence you know if you correspondent falling far short takes a look at national sentiment in that region as part of her series the new nationalism. will be right back. the last story all male shut down for st helena's sense of course. over.
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a new airport is about to launch teach. the last word to st helena sixty minutes from d.w. . going to unofficial estimates more than one point two million venezuelans even colombia legally and illegally. returned to the. to visit friends he said i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. banning witness global news that matters. made for mines. because that is where they start to divide the country to new zealand where they start to divide the language the blood will flow for coming. in tonight the soviet union is breaking apart.
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the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically. so it was an incredibly difficult task to not move. this democracy was a lie because if your delectation is where fraud sense of privatization was robbery . the soviet union territory which we're just russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth. book and again you were to give you news live from berlin our top story this hour must see barzani the leader of iraq's kurds has stepped down after the backlash against the region's bid for independence angry protesters storming parliament in air below after hearing the news. and catalonia has started its
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first working week under direct central spanish control now that after hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded barcelona yesterday calling not for independence but for spanish unity. it's to our series now on new nationalism and it is funny fish are has been investigating the phenomenon in countries around the world right now she's an air below the capital of iraqi kurdistan where the bid for independence there has sparked regional turmoil she filed this report. they have a flag but they do not have a nation that's what independence referendum was about to be a board are still up but the euphoria about the quest for independence in iraq has subsided these rising concern over isolation by iraq and neighboring countries we just. heard. just as border will remain open the
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turkish government could shut it at they say and independent kurdish state could increase separatist tension in turkey as iraq central government in baghdad has cut international. so it's not possible to fly there now we have to drive to the capital city of the kurdistan region on the way we come upon this market which is usually. the clashes between iraqi forces and kurdish peshmerga fighters since the referendum have kept people from going. the marketing kurdistan has grown to a halt trade is down to zero. but the referendum was the will of the people it's our natural right to demand independence. a right to have a nation what does that mean we are about to meet someone who helped organize the referendum. to talk about the struggle for
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identity this is a very typical kurdish. what does it mean to you at the. very. being. without a food. we won't have a culture without a culture they won't be a kurdish nation. during our conversation ari can stop himself from following the news about the conflict the fighting over territory and oil for it's a story of being oppressed for generations. to be kurdish when i was in my mother. because her brother and her nephews were missing as part of the genocide she was a space when i was in. the us when i have been.
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in heavy things the kurdish side and. he tells me about his family being displaced during saddam hussein's rule about the gas attack in the eighty's against kurds he hates being called iraqi. is very or facet is very old. as a kurdish people feel like i'm being here every single time when i put into my pocket going to my back. he wants to fight for kurdish nationalism that is civic and inclusive of different ethnicities unlike the brand of nationalism in neighboring countries he sounds but is an independent kurdish state the proper solution to more identity opinions vary you also is an analyst of the iraqi kurdish conflict like most people he voted yes on the referendum but with the conflict growing in iraq he no fears that kurdish nationalism could be used here in negative
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sense. what we are really fear is that this crisis kurdish nationalism. into something that can create problems between the people. this streets was the street where everybody used to meet ups to convince everybody they would come here for a meal. nowadays says the crisis less and less arabs are coming the question is how the kurdish regional government with capitalize on the growing nationalist sentiment in the middle east the balance of power can change hearts. let's go right to a funny foster joins us now from erbil funny looking at your report there you know i'd like to ask our kurdish people really that united in their quest for independence. not as united as it may seem of course if you look
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at the results of the independence the non binding independence referendum from last month the majority of those who participated and cast a ballot said yes to an independent state one third of the kurdish population here in iraqi kurdistan stayed away or said no by saying no they actually mean no it's now because they worry that they are independent state at this point in iraq a very volatile situation with isis not even being completely defeated in this country as well as challenges with neighboring countries that this may be not the best time to push for an independent state at this point and now with the backlash from the central government in baghdad as a consequence of that referendum they don't want iraqi kurdistan to split away that backlash but also a lack of international reactions from the u.s. for example it disappoints a lot of tourists here but also it makes them feel worried about who should actually be leading this regional government who should be taking over here who can
7:37 am
be a uniting factor here in iraqi kurdistan to push ahead with the agenda of independence but in a smart way if i'd like to ask you for a comparison how does this form of nationalism where you are right now differ from turkey's for example where you've also been investigating as part of your special series. nationalism basically centers around one person both in turkey as well as here in iraqi kurdistan in turkey of course around president out of the un and here are around the president about zanny who is about to step down on november first now the difference however is in turkey basically religion islam is used to make people feel more proud about their identity saying a good turk is also a conservative applies a person and who is who is leading his life according to islam so there is religion a fusion of religion and nationalism whereas here it's basically about trying to
7:38 am
push for a civic a more inclusive form of nationalism here in iraq kurdistan you have all kinds of different ethnicities living with each other now the big question is whether this full of civic nationalism that the regional government wants to stand for that the people of iraq kurdistan want to stand for whether this is going to change we have already seen here at nearby huge street which is usually frak frequented the arabs the kurds as you have just seen in my report and i know there is some fear actually from arabic people to come out and share a meal with kurds because they fear on the other hand a backlash from kurds due to the backlash from arabs due to the backlash from the central government against kurds over for example these q-tips territories like incur cook as you have seen just more than a week ago i mean of course an extensive series of special reports on new nationals always want to find out more about that go to dot com slash
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a new national symphony for now thanks very much. also russia now moscow will be unveiling a new monument today to the millions who died under josef stalin as rules the wall of grief is russia's first national memorial commemorating the victims of soviet repression but it comes amidst mixed messages from some officials who still revere the dictator or go to moscow in a moment first here's one woman's firsthand account of stalin's gulags. life has not been easy for tatyana even of nicole skier she lives alone in the suburbs of moscow on a small pension and with no family most of her relatives died decades ago in soviet labor camps she herself was born in one of them after her mother was imprisoned she became pregnant in the camp she gave birth to touch ana and her twin brother who is in the midst of the course when we were a few months old we both got ill and my mother said i wouldn't eat nor would my
7:40 am
brother who were both so much and what happened we suffered for nearly a year but when she was insured which. i survived my brother vanya did not. now seventy six touch on her remains devoted to the memory of the relatives she lost during the era of soviet terror they were among millions of people persecuted under the regime of joseph stalin for crimes ranging from petty theft to political activism many were sent to similar camps known as gulags where they were forced into hard labor. for more than twenty five years russians have marked the annual day of remembrance of the victims of political repression today a new monument is being unveiled the wall of grief it's opening coincides with this in tina ri of the bolshevik revolution which paved the way for the soviet regime that sent millions to their deaths president vladimir putin announced the construction of the wall two years ago but the message from the government is
7:41 am
a mixed one another memorial was recently erected a bust honoring stalin himself added to moscow's alley of rulers so this year's memorial day comes amid accusations that stalin is being rehabilitated in russia's collective memory of what should go to me for stalin generally speaking is like a mythological figure simply put everyone including some relatively well known foreign researchers think that people were sentenced by courts of appeals bowick acute but in fact they were sentenced in absentia they couldn't say anything in their own defense they didn't know that they had been sentenced to death until the very end would be close to the soul comes up and although not everyone in russia remembers there are those who make a point every year of attending memorial events. when you move we can never forget what was there isn't a single family who wasn't affected. need to have to for you because the world you know every year i come here and i worry that this will suddenly end this commemoration and as long as there is no repentance i will come. here with the
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credits to bring these volunteers lined up to read out the names of people who were shot. determined to keep the memory of those who perished alive. let's go to moscow now in our correspondent who put that together for us julia chapman julia you know we're seeing today russia remembering the many millions of victims of the gulag system at the same time stalin is deeply revered by many what's behind the contradiction. well it was certainly welcomed when president vladimir putin announced two years ago that this world of grief would be constructive because the government has in the past been accused of somewhat sweeping under the carpet the more unsavory elements of joseph stalin is rule he's upheld often more as a hero of world war two remembered for the crimes that he carried out in fact earlier this year in an interview president putin said that foreign enemies of russia use what he called the excessive demonization of stalin as
7:43 am
a weapon against the country and that message does seem to be trickling through to the populace a recent poll last russians to choose who they thought was the most outstanding person in history and thirty eight percent the highest number chose stalin without being offered any suggested names and if still enough just yesterday someone else waded into this discussion newly announced presidential candidate chuck she posted on instagram saying that more needs to be done within russia to remember stalin for the crimes he carried out she went as far as to say actually that he had carried out a full scale genocide on the people of russia ok now does this debate surrounding the monument signal that russia is in fact you know many decades on now opening often terms of free speech and becoming a more open society. well russia today is still
7:44 am
far from a fully fledged democracy we see opposition figure alexina vall me in and out of prison for trying to stage opposition rallies and he's being prevented from running as a candidate in next year's presidential elections and a few months ago also a man called yuri dimitri of who is a human rights worker with organization memoria he was arrested on charges of child pornography which he strongly denies he spent some thirty years documenting and uncovering a mass grave in northern russia where. prisoners were sent and shot and and buried there memorial calls him a political prisoner they say that the government simply didn't like what he had to uncover so you know there's still a long way to go but interesting we'll leave you with one thought from the artist the sculptor behind the new will of grief that's been unveiled today on the national day of remembrance he said that he hopes it will serve as a reminder against authoritarian policies in the tragic consequences of those that
7:45 am
he hopes that people who walk by the new sculpture in the center of moscow today will be remembered of the mistakes of the past and not repeat them in the future julia child thanks so much for that from moscow this morning. well we take you now to greenland which is grappling with high levels of alcoholism especially among its young population for decades greenland has had some of the highest rates of suicide in the world or at least due to gold because let's take a look now at one man who's trying to provide a future for the use of agreement. kim got flayed sense favored we connected it is a game of football with the kids from his neighborhood. the former professional sportsman is a passionate coach then he cares about his team his aim is to show the kids what sports can offer them for life. for store sport. it's about teamwork and developing a winning mentality with. professionals who want to save my life and i want to pass
7:46 am
that on to the children and. it's essential for the future when i'm sure the hammer reforms. not far away are those who by no means belong to the winners in modern society a few in who it's trying to make money with crafts and has. almost one in ten greenlanders is unemployed many drop out of school. alcoholism is widespread. block five is a series of housing units built in the one nine hundred fifty s. in greenland's capital nuku children here face poverty and despair on a daily basis. greenman society has been very much influenced by denmark the innuit were never really integrated. nuke itself though is booming. new flats are being built right next to block five for those who can afford them.
7:47 am
we head to the outskirts of the capital here in this rundown industrial area social worker kim got fits and has set about providing refuge to kids who need help. the fifty one year old's aid project is a sanctuary for children who suffer from violence and misery in their families the social services department sends them here. is seventeen today he's on bathroom duty. everyone here has to do their bit it's one of the rules who spent time in a juvenile prison for stealing then he got into gangs i want to break the cycle he says. nyah was repeatedly abused by relatives. the thirteen year old wanted to kill herself like so many remind. her alcoholic parents failed to protect her.
7:48 am
to comes from a violent home his parents are also alcoholics he was responsible for looking after his brother. now the authorities have taken over custody. the young people live here together for twelve weeks it's a chance for them to build energy and confidence kim protects them takes care of them. but he also challenges them. i want them to see that they have a future that they're healthy and fit that they're stronger than their dishonest childhoods and that they can overcome what they've experienced and find out who they are. and part of that is getting out into nature to test their own limits. this is kim's plan for the next few days it's a real challenge for the three kids. to gives us
7:49 am
time to listen to the children if they want to speak they can talk while we're walking or we can discuss things and give advice. we're not we can also just be silent and enjoy the piece together. the three young people don't mind us filming them but they don't want to talk about themselves. they don't feel safe. first it's two hours out with the boat then further on by foot. today's destination is a remote hut. mobile phones don't work here so the three have to rely entirely on kim another key experience. be forced into a relationship develops and many start to see me as a father that's another matter but it's a clear expression of the trust i try to encourage in them. and. it's
7:50 am
a tough experience for the three kids their lives have been spent in small apartments and hiking all day with heavy backpacks is difficult by evening they're exhausted but they've done it experiences like these aim to give them strength and restore belief in themselves because in a few weeks they have to return to their old lives they tell us what they hope for in the future. or in the kitchen when i've always wanted to be a fisherman that's my dream. i come from a fishing family and i want to make it happen for me to. make it. a system that's a child houses carved wooden figures and i love math mental arithmetic and geometry. that's what i want to do later. tonight. though. nothing out of the ordinary there
7:51 am
but it will be easy to fulfill these dreams because their families and environments won't change still kim got plates and believes in the three and their futures. why do i do it because i see the kids on the street later and they smile because they and their parents thank me because i get other young people asking if they can come to us to. get. the three staying got played since care for twelve weeks he has a few more such trips planned for them then they'll return to their families or the state children's home and that's when they'll need all the strength they have gained. bonus legal action now braman were gunning for their first win of the season sunday as they hosted berga team when less than four matches a good result for bremen would give them desperately needed points and lift the pressure on coach alexander nursery. raymond's goal getter max cruiser was back
7:52 am
after recovering from a broken collarbone both teams were counting on quick transitional play but it only worked for the fortieth minute michel big garnett one meal for outscored thomas delaney to far off his mark and an easy score for the austrian. have just before the interval greg origin again trying to term provider for alfred ten bug a sin but the icelandic case was brought down in the box by nicholas moyes. he stepped up and converted the penalty him self for his fifth goal of the season to nil the score at half time i am in coach alexander nori fielded a flat back four but that didn't help in the sixtieth minute. picked out gregorovitch who had no trouble getting past the air defense and netting his second to round out the score. of five it was the
7:53 am
most lopsided loss ever for braman under nouri. for the first and he says it's understandable that the fans are disappointed and rightly so is that we're also not satisfied and we're going to give our all to change the situation. in the. outboard meanwhile and for a match drought which airforce next three of the campaign. the other sunday match was south german derby between start and freiburg stick art have been off to a solid start in their first season back in the top flight they were eager to keep their impressive form going against their struggling neighbors. have averaged two and a half points a game at home this season and see two points the way they were hoping that these guys would again make the difference in a clash with fellow strugglers fly book on the raucous home support seem to get to five books childless are huge you sent packing by the for this time bowling thirty
7:54 am
min. it's to his and his manager's consternation. got to believe through done you can check in thirty minutes. and bones you mean pava glanced in a second against the ten men half tell you. she meant to vote i did a third on the eighty three minutes another wouldn't home for his votes men but knowledge of the part the crowd had played in their victory. seiberg meanwhile clearly felt the ref was to blame for the latest setback the visitors remain mired in the basement bottle. let's take a look now at all of the weekend's bonus league action there is at a start win over freiburg earlier on sunday august beat braman on saturday by an triumphed over leipzig at over soft dortmund shelter drew with wolfsburg blog bark down often haim laver coups and anil cologne and has defeated hamburg on friday mines and frankfurt split the points now let's check out what that means for the
7:55 am
bonus league standings after these weekend games byron munich go back to their familiar perch at the top of the table for the first time the season ahead of door and leipzig and over move up to force in the bottom half had a berlin start guard and goals for it all get a boost hamburg braman cologne are still stuck in that drop zone. give you a quick reminder of our top stories at this hour masoud barzani the leader of iraqi kurds has stepped down after the backlash against the region's independence bed angry protesters stormed parliament in care bill after hearing the news. i'm catalonia has begun its first working week under central spanish control after hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded barber saloni yesterday calling for national unity. this is the news live from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour but for now we're going to leave you with these images from mexico
7:56 am
where people there are getting ready for the traditional day of the dead celebrations joy. i don't know.
7:57 am
the last royal mail ship bound for st helena says of course. the. volcanic island in the south atlantic could only be reached by ship until now there was no other way to get supplies to the islanders but those days are now over. a new airport
7:58 am
is about to launch a new age. the last word ship to st helena thirty minutes dublin. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the move. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series. d w dot com africa on the move. where i come from we had to fight for a free press and was born and raised in
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a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i had worked on the streets of many canvassed and their problems are always the same fourteen social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work a d.w.i. . it's mr mission day to w. . moving around the clock marking its first three we're going live to the commemoration ceremony in vietnam there. will be documentaries magazines and
8:00 am
talk shows focusing on the third and the groundbreaking events he helps set in motion. restoration day october thirty first. this is due to be a news live from berlin iraqi kurds hopes for independence shattered their leader massoud barzani has stepped down after a rocket.


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