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tv   Doc Film - Waiting for Immortality  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 4:15pm-5:01pm CET

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and are others again say it's time for president karzai to go to make sure there is another leader or that it's the parliament itself that is leading this iraqi court is to force a state to it to force a nation so the picture is not as equal or is or is not as clear as the poll as the suggests as the referendum may suggest as a result of the independence referendum may suggest funny it's not just iraq you know we can't forget there is also a very large and strong kurdish community in turkey where you have also been how does the nationalism in the kurdish communities in these two countries how does a compare the full iraqi kurdistan before iraq and to turkey in fact and the of course we all know that prior to do a friend of turkey in iraq or does that actually had a pretty good relationship president added on meeting president barzani quite often no difference however is in between they're full of nationalism through his nationalism is centered around islam it's a fusion of religion and nationalism and here as i say people consider themselves
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more civic including of different ethnicities as i see it a question is how this may change will it change with the entire conflict in just being in progress between baghdad and that of the. funny for char with our series on new nationalism reporting from erbil in iraqi kurdistan to thank you so much funny. now it has been more than a month since the elections here in germany and it is still not clear which group of parties will leave the country the conservatives the greens and the free democrats resumed exploratory talks today after a meeting over the weekend with chancellor angela merkel to iron out some of their differences today's discussions the first of four sessions this week will focus on the issues of pensions and the labor and domestic security and digitalisation well let's talk to our chief political correspondent linda crane she is outside of the german parliament here in berlin covering this for us good to see you what are the
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biggest hurdles on these issues. the biggest hurdles are absolutely immigration and climate and climate goals particularly under the paris agreement as you may remember even within the chancellor's conservative party and its bavarian sister party it was very very tough getting any kind of consensus on migration that the varian sister party wants much to stronger limits on the number of migrants who can enter the country and also wants to limit the ability of their family members those migrants who are here their ability to bring in family members other parties like the greens are not at this point willing to subscribe to those tough limits on climate the greens absolutely want germany to get out of coal coal production and also the burning of coal in power plants as soon as possible
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the other parties do not want to move on that rapid timetable on this issue and the greens have accused the other parties of not taking the paris climate goals seriously now last week they met to talk about those two very sticky issues and one participant in the talks said we could not even get to the point of drawing out some kind of scenario about what further actual negotiations could look like but they are meeting again to talk about the two points this thursday now one of these talks of a start of we've already seen the chancellor call a high level meeting that can't be a good sign. well there was indeed a high level meeting yesterday evening in the offices of the bavarian cristal social and social union but you know what it's actually kind of standard practice at this point in exploratory talks and the thing to remember is all of the parties have stressed if they manage to work they way toward actual coalition to go it is
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going to be a long process so i think the fact that there was a high level meeting we shouldn't read that much into it we were told it did improve the atmosphere and certainly the first two points on the agenda in the talks that were conducted this morning here in the building behind me apparently that went very quickly and i'm chief political correspondent linda crane with the latest that coalition negotiations here in berlin thank you melinda. ben is back with more business and impressive earnings than i but a mixed reception been a good day in europe but in asia a completely different story which is surprising considering all the good earnings data starting with apple's i phone ten and it started offering the hotly anticipated new device on friday and within minutes demand exceeded supply apple was forced to push back shipments through late november than december shares of apple supplies listed in taiwan climbed on monday with some up around four percent major i phone assemble haun high precision industry also known as foxconn was up
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nearly two percent let's go live to a greater hang out asia correspondent who's based in singapore and why the mixed result first of all. well the market did start strong in the day as you said apple manufacturing shares did go up of course obviously due to the effect from the preorders of the i phone x or the i phone ten then flashing flashing in so unfortunately some weak market fundamentals just could not keep up on the upside there is a lot to rally on japan in particular its corporate sector out with some very good news today exactly japan is finally looking like they're going to recover retail sales were up by two point two percent year on year that's just slightly below the two point five percent mark that the government was hoping for still better than a negative number nintendo's earnings us matched market expectations or that's
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going to the them to up their forecast of earnings as well as sales of units are all of these so it's nintendo's sixth kobe still interesting the despite being faced with a very very serious data manipulation scandal they are they worked out at two posts of really strong earnings unfortunately they have announced that they will be pulling out i also see we've got the three biggest airlines in china posting strong results why are the best is buying into any of these earnings reports that's a great question ben unfortunately the mood is such a there are two ways of looking at it the first being again the financial stocks just want a strong enough to support any steady ground and the other is that the mood is cautious overall because investors are sitting on the sidelines biting their nails and waiting for some central bank announcements and decisions in the weeks ahead biting their nails no to go to address thank you very much.
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a twenty two person outfit whitefish recently won a multimillion dollar contract to restore power to harken hit puerto rico now the contracts gone it was no competitive bidding process and the company is run by a close friend of the u.s. interior secretary whitefish energy holdings said it's very disappointed that authorities in puerto rico have canceled its three hundred million dollars contract to get the island's electric grid back up and running according to a company spokesman whitefish already brought hundreds of workers to the island and completed critical work that will soon lead to half a million people in san juan getting power but puerto rico's governor ricardo ross say yo just wanted the contract cancelled the home prices have already. who are the.
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white fish is contract with puerto rico's power utility had come under increased criticism after it was revealed that the terms were obtained without a competitive public bidding process it's been several weeks since hurricane maria hit puerto rico seventy five percent of homes and businesses still lack of electricity governor ross say yo said he hopes that thirty percent of the power would be restored to the island by the end of october. well media across the world are abuzz with the news that artificial intelligence company deep mind has announced their new computer called alpha go zero mastered the ancient chinese game go in only three days here's some my pictures of the previous version of the computer which was trained to play go by analyzing thousands of games played by humans the original computer was defeated by alpha go zero which is simply given the rules of the game and taught itself to play.
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let's get more on this story with science a journalist who just she joins us to talk about this a story hi angela thanks for joining us you know this algorithm basically bypassed human intelligence it not only played the game but it won how significant is this i feel was very significant in that when we think vaults of national intelligence we think of the attempts to emulate or copy human intelligence and in fact alpha going to zero he was able to become a c three example of a guy by bypassing human intelligence completely and if you look at the mind's mission statement actually one of the things that i want to do is to develop algorithms that do exactly that comes humans out of the picture so cutting humans out of the picture it sounds like artificial intelligence going rogue something we've seen in hollywood how worried should we be. well.
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the purpose of the piece that i wrote was just a flag up how important algorithms are becoming how white spirit they all and what they can do i mean i think that the the reason that they switch simpleton was because my mom used to bypass human intelligence we think of guy and checks to a lesser extent as james requiring human intuition and human scale alpha cozier reproduce that that's not the case and in fact when you think about it often the way we think it's. logical it's biased and that's one of the reasons why algorithms do very well in terms of for example curating or news content offering. a tale of time needs you know when you open your computer and you'll immediately hit with adverts for products you might actually want to buy all those all designed
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for you by algorithms but the interesting thing i think about when people talk about ai going. we think of right maybe very very culp you know turning up at your door with a gun but actually it's really important to realize that algorithms i'm not coded with any moral intents they are a moral they all coded to complete a toss to do a goal and to a and to achieve a particular and and i think one of the things that's recognized in the community itself the ai community is that we need to have some kind of oversight at the coding stage so that we don't have unintended consequences all right so there could be some benefits to this news as well and science journalist joining us on our program thank you very much for that insight.
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germantown are you in a couple of performing at the echo classic awards gala on sunday night before picking up an eighth acco. round of applause there for adrian kennedy's here from our culture desk to talk more about the big night for the german classical music industry the location was also a star this year around. film mo'nique concert venue which remember opened earlier this year and the host joked that it was a great opportunity for him to see it from the inside because of course tickets so hard to come by he jokes that they weren't available in his lifetime echoes as you say of the big prizes in the german classical branch and the evening was kicked off
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with us caliph man who has won three best single echoes in the past this time he won the best seller of the year for a cd of it's how in songs called. we can see now how the rest of the evening proceeded. big gala event featured an orchestra conducted by kent nagano the maestro was also one of the winners being honored as conductor of the year. the lifetime achievement award went to break it to fassbender with a career in music spanning more than five decades the german metz a soprano has worked as an operatic soloist stage director author and teacher. but younger talents were also honored with one of the awards for best newcomer going to soprano pretty young. the singer from south africa performed an aria from
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romeo and juliet. one of the most moving moments of the night came from american matzoh soprano joyce . she won the award for best female singer for her album in war and peace a reaction to the terrorist attacks in paris in november twenty fifth enough. congratulations to all the winners and performers there we don't want to pat ourselves on the back but i did have you co-production also want to prize yes seeming to want to part going back actually tell us she has a long tradition of award winning classical documentaries we still can't go on that
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he was featured in one of the earliest. but this is actually the first echo that has won and the film mission mozart's was directed by a very un-christian it one of the cast the best d.v.d. here he's flanked by the juice. head. culture rolf you were in hamburg to pick up the prize and the d.v.d. is very moving film actually it's about musical encounter a very unusual musical encounter between the young chinese piano superstar lang lang and the pioneer of early music austrian conductor nicholas harnoncourt together they recorded a cd of mozart's music in twenty fourteen hanako actually woods hired the following here and died in twenty sixteen and we can take a look at mission mozart's. mission
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mozart is an exclusive look at the four day recording session. the musicians are seen in rehearsals the recording studio and evaluating the results it was lang lang's first major recording of works by mozart. there are a lot of things that actually change some of. us use. kind of the what you call the regular style and so we just need a confident in the future when i play mozart i can think about the final four songs
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. this extraordinary collaboration ends with the final measures of the twenty fourth piano concerto. mission mozart one of the winners at the echo awards and more on the winners on our website as far as you t w dot com slash culture and that's where you'll find a link there which will allow you to watch the entire mission salt's online all right adrian kennedy our culture editor thank you very much for bringing us that story. and we just have time for a minder of our top stories at this hour media reports say catalonia sect leader carlos push tomorrow is traveling to brussels to see lawyers the news comes a spanish state prosecutor see charges of rebellion over his drive for catalan independence madrid has now taken political control of the region. and donald trump's former campaign manager paul metaphor and one of his business associates
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have handed themselves into the f.b.i. it's expected they will face the first charges in an independent probe into russia interference in the u.s. election. you're watching to fill gail will have your latest news update in just a few minutes. overcoming
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a disease and death. scientists around the world are still trying to unlock the secrets. of immortality good luck simply looking to slow aging done we're actually looking at ways to reverse it. but what are the chances that this will actually happen. waiting for immortality. in fifteen minutes on d w. d w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.
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on top of that i've been going there you know. they're with us now our innovations magazine for asia. every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. it's with a mission day w. we have programs around the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary we're going live to the commemoration ceremony in vietnam back. will be documentaries magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion. reformation day october thirty first g.w. . is expecting visitors pay it then
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a state visit and say this is not every day you boys in the house night is the news of the day w kim and v. god's house of music stores up close personal and unplugged. the night groups starting november third down d.w. week. when cities are ingolf by the sea. then all the dems want. and costly protective measures will be and. nothing. more challenging our future starting november ninth on.
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this is day eight of the news live from violence failed state prosecutors the six rebellion charges against cuts alone years later this as madrid takes control of the region to halt its independence spread the sacked president has gone to ground believed to be in brussels also on the program. donald trump's former campaign manager called mana for four turns himself into the f.b.i. he's facing the first charges of the investigation into alleged looking bad links in the us election so was that collusion between team trump and moscow. and kenya's president two who are kenyatta i wince last week said a repeat of action by
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a landslide the electoral commission says the vote was free and fair as despite street violence on the opposition boycott we'll bring you the latest from my home. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program the spanish region of catalonia begins its first week on to direct rule from spain central government the country's top prosecutor house calls the charges including rebellion to be brought against cats and i'm leaders who voted for independence last week amongst those facing charges that the baby regions for the president colors pushed a male who's been removed from office spanish media reporting that he and other former members of his cabinet said in brussels. d.w. correspondents. bad regatta joins us from brussels welcome bet so spanish media cyclists push them all into brussels what are you hearing of the manhunt for
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carlos push him on the sec president is still on there's no official confirmation here in brussels that he has arrived in this city or that he is on the road to the city to cut a lot and representation says they have no clue mr put him on is a actually is but there are some spanish correspondents here in brussels who are reporting that he is already in the city in a. discreet and safe location as they say and it is said now that tomorrow morning is to put him on with address the press and the public here in brussels and tonight he is supposed to meet some lawyers. and what he's exactly doing in brussels nobody knows there's also talk that he is about to establish a kind of a government in exile here in brussels but these us to the rumors ok let's so what have we heard that of the other members of the sacked catalan government well we
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don't have a confirmation that he is accompanied by other members of his cabinet there's only some sources who tell us that the vice president is with him and also for ministers what they had intending to do here in brussels but he knows exactly and the e.u. commission told us there's no official request for any kind of meeting or something like that so the e.u. is staying out of this and also the belgian or three teams have not issued any word of what of what putin moment and his fellow guys are doing here yeah that the e.u. has been keen to stay out of this so i suppose while you're asking the question i'm asking a question or asking why brussels. well mr putin months before the referendum and before he was ousted always applied to the european institutions that they should have a role in this in
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a spanish conflict that they should. try to to establish talks between the catalans and the spanish central government but the refused to do that you said this is a matter that spain has to deal with on its own and this is also the standpoint this afternoon the commission says we don't have nothing to do with that of course mr putin one can apply for asylum here in belgium if he wishes but is almost certain that this application will be turned down and mr putin man as a spanish citizen can move freely within europe so he can travel to brussels if he likes but what his motives are well we have to wait until he speaks. in brussels bandra get thank you to the united states now where president trumps former campaign manager paul manifold has surrendered to the f.b.i. and business associates of rick gates' have been indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiring against the u.s.
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just a matter for the scene this morning leaving his home in alexandria virginia for handing himself in he's been caught up in an inquiry led by special counsel robert muller into alleged coordination between the president from twenty sixth and russia. i want to get the latest from washington let's go there and join d.w. constanta kasten phenomenon welcome custom what's the latest on paul manifold the charges he's facing. well there's a long list of charges here in this thirty one page indictment of the special prosecutor robert muller the charges include conspiracy against the united states working as an unregistered foreign agent for the then government of ukraine then was from two thousand and six to two thousand and fourteen when men a fourth worked for the party and the government of viktor yushchenko which was
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then the president of ukraine a pro russian president who had to flee to russia in two thousand and fourteen after the fro vest and. done uprising and. portman afford and richard gates didn't disclose that their work as lobbyists for this government therefore as foreign agents a technical term that is used there and then of course there is tax evasion and money laundering for the money that the two earned from the you know covert government and we're talking about lots of money here tens of millions of your dollars that men afford and gates did not disclose to the american state so how close did these charges come then to the president well president trump and his allies have been trying to distance themselves from paul newman affords for some time saying that he didn't work for the trunk and pain
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for long and he wasn't very important which is clearly not true because he was the campaign manager for five months in a very decisive face and donald trump secured the republican nomination and richard gates also stayed in touch with the trumpet ministration reportedly went in and out of the white house regularly for much of this year what is true of.


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