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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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experience outstanding shopping and dining office and triallists services. be allat guest at frankfurt airport managed by for. this is the w. news live from berlin the first indictments in the f.b.i. is a russia investigation two men pleading not guilty one pleading guilty donald trump's former campaign chief says say they did not conspire against the u.s.
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while another top aide admits to lying to the f.b.i. so was there collusion between team drum and moscow also on the show. reelected but at what cost in kenya's president kenyatta wins ninety eight percent in a repeat though he says his victory is the will of the people despite an opposition boycott and widespread protests. i bring it's good to have you with us we begin in washington with a story that is engulfing the u.s. capital donald trump's former campaign chief paul man afford to and his deputy rick gates have pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and money laundering they were the first indictment stemming from the probe into alleged russian interference in the u.s. election it was also revealed today that another former top adviser george
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papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to f.b.i. agents donald trump denies any collusion between his campaign team and moscow. the noose is tightening after five months of probing alleged collusion between the trump election campaign and russia special counsel robert muller reveals charges against three former campaign officials on monday morning president trump's former campaign manager. seen here on the left surrendered to federal authorities the indictment of manifold and his long time business partner richard gates does not mention the election instead it's their lobbying work for ukraine's former president viktor yanukovych that prosecutors attention the twelve count indictment accuses metaphor and gates of conspiracy against the us money laundering and making false statements president trump has dismissed any allegations of collusion between his campaign and russia as a political witch hunt spearheaded by the f.b.i.
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and democrats following news of the indictment trump was quick to distance himself from his former campaign manager tweeting sorry but this is years ago before man a foot was part of the trump campaign but crooked hillary and the dems the focus in another tweet to trump added also there's no collusion. no trump remains in the clear but many in washington a confident man afoot and gates are only the first dominoes to fall the question is who's next. and we want to go to washington now to our correspondent. phil evening to you carlino so what more do we know tonight about these twelve charges against. hello fellow well everyone here in washington is citing this document the indictment of charges against man a ford and gate signed by robert mueller who leads this investigation as it is important to point out that the charges against both men are four and gates are so
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far entirely financial related but not directly related to the campaign to the presidential campaign two thousand and sixteen manifold and gates are charged for channeling millions of dollars in payments into foreign companies and bank accounts opened by them in different countries like cyprus or the seychelle indictment says money laundering go cured through at least two thousand and sixteen it says that the total amount is more than seventy five million dollars the flow through the offshore accounts and this money was paid by the ukrainian government for the services of man of ford and gates as political consultants so now experts are starting to discuss here about the next possible scenario some say that donald trump could to my part in mind of ford as a president he would be able to do that others say that donald trump could be thinking of firing robert mueller democrats lawmakers have reacted immediately to
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this rule morris by saying that this would be completely unacceptable and this will result in an immediate bipartisan action by congress and lawmakers in both parties have praised mahler and said. not to fire him and leave him with. his investigations and we've heard from the white house that is indeed the case that they are satisfied with the investigation by mr molder how did the white house react to the news of these indictments today. well here we just heard the press conference and at the beginning it was very strange because harrison there was a white house press secretary who was talking only about the tax reform and all their remarks were focused on the tax reform bill coming from republicans asked by our colleagues in the white house about the charges against metaphor she said this charges have nothing to do with the president or the trump campaign or the campaign activities back in two thousand and sixteen.
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final question george papadopoulos another trump adviser we found out today that he is pleaded guilty to logging to the f.b.i. what about what do we know about that also there in the press conference this was of course a question sarah sander said the actions of up at up will those were very limited during the campaign and that he was just a member of a volunteer advisory council so far all that we have heard coming from the president is also that he's taking distance to mana for two gates and specially to papadopoulos it's all right our washington correspondent carl jung for more on the story for us tonight to really thank you very much for staying with politics and now to kenya that country's president kenyatta has been declared the winner of last week's presidential election rerun with more than ninety eight percent of the vote
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the incumbent was widely expected to win after his main opponent withdrew from the raising called for a boycott kenya's electoral commission described the poll as free and fair despite widespread violence voter intimidation and a low turnout. suppose as of kenya's incumbent president couldn't be happier for the second time this year the electoral commission has announced who kenyatta as the winner of the presidential election. his victory in the first poll in august was an old because of irregularities this time kenya to receive support from ninety eight percent of the vote. was nothing more. than a reminder the. only reason. the state is. over with and. this is for his son. and this is foreign to me. we trace i can answer will see only possible choice after opposition
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leader i don't want to go withdrew from the rerun of the much and calling it a sham the. coaching us that the necessary reforms were not implemented to ensure the irregularities of the first with did not hamper to rerun his balkan resulted in a low voter turnout less than forty percent of kenyans cast at ballots this time around as the election results were announced people took to the streets in protests like here in the opposition strongholds he soon moved. away i want to carry. all the parts of the capital so violent clashes between opposition supporters and a police over what dhingra had his supporters to refrain from protesting with the opposition unlikely to accept the final results there are a few years of more violence the opposition now has one week to challenge the outcome. and we want to go now to our correspondent catherine on wando she joins us
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from nairobi good evening to you catherine the legal challenge that we just heard about is expected to come from the opposition leader mr odinga who has not yet reacted publicly about what should we expect next. well right now we just expect a statement from main opposition leader raul didn't go which will be done tomorrow morning that's what we're waiting for just after the president incumbent president who can yes who was announced with no we saw some tension in opposition strongholds we saw some people burning tires in the song but the interesting thing is that the police didn't come to engage the protesters in these particular incidences just after the announcement so there's almost a feeling like everybody's waiting to see what raila odinga will say if he will leave the country into civil disobedience or whether he will chart the path to another court case will which will mean which he has seven days to do that which
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will mean the country will not have to be engaged in another couple of days of of litigation and considering the the opposition boycott considering the mass voter intimidation that we saw how have people been reacting to the election result. a majority of kenyans a smelling iraq a majority of kenyans have noticed in consistencies by the chairman of the electoral commission and a majority of kenyans a saying this is the most expensive election in the world in fact it's about six hundred seventy million dollars for both elections and that's probably just on the lowest side so this is an amount of money that a country like kenya cannot afford and it's such an important step in this country given what happened in two thousand and seven and given what happened in august it's an indication that election processes are a pivotal point or a pivotal part of the kenyan democracy so
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a lot of people have seen that this is not a credible process but then that those people who genuinely feel that who kenya has been elected president and to be president of this state so it just it's a clear indication that kenyans need to start talking and you know that i remember right before this rerun election there were members of the electoral commission who said that they could not guarantee a fair in free election and now after the vote you had that electoral commission saying that the election was fair and free i mean if that sounds like some doublespeak there and it also speaks to the fact that that the country is incredibly polarized isn't. it is very polarized and everything that the chairman of the electoral commission says is always nit picked by people so you have people from one side of the divide which is probably the main opposite of the main opposition party who don't trust him and then you have people who are supporting a president who cannot or who trust him and but then the inconsistency is don't do
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him much justice so kenyans are in a pickle at this particular point but it's you know experts will say that this is probably a good thing for kenya and this is. a time when ken need to realize the real issues that it just really you know affecting them because the political class seem to have taken control of of running this country and forgetting that you know the ordinary kenyan is suffering under whatever is happening with this regime and one of the police can use police they've been criticized for using excessive force has there been any sign of them pulling their punches. there has been today especially we expected to see a lot of violence in canberra we expected to see violence in co inquiry which is another informal settlement with the nairobi and mother eric we also expected to see some violence in opposition strongholds further away and when the coast but we didn't we haven't seen these police engage protesters and but over the weekend they
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have been can conversations because these policemen as much as they're being deployed to these various areas they're also facing a lot of inequality and discrimination they are one of the most lowest paid cada in the country so we're seeing some kind of change among the people our correspondent catherine on one of reporting tonight from nairobi catherine thank you very much. spain's tom prosecutor has filed a sedition and rebellion charges against the cattle on leaders who voted for independence among them is catalonians former president carlist who was sacked by madrid last week he and other former cabinet members are understood to be seeking legal advice tonight in brussels we want to go now to our correspondent charlayne charles and pills he is in barcelona covering the latest developments for us from there good evening to you charlotte so what are you hearing about the whereabouts of mr legitimate. well we've had that contamination now
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brands that mr prison one is indeed in brussels we've heard from a lawyer who said he's taken him on as a client this is an absolutely stunning turn of events we've been waiting all day here it's a find out if he was going to show up for work don't forget it was only on saturday that he was insisting he was still in charge here that he had a lead an independence movement and he planned to push ahead with it what is so interesting though is that people here really don't know what is going to come next he has no it's given a statement yet since being in brussels he's not showing up at toulon facts we are expecting to hear from him tomorrow morning perhaps you shed some light on exactly what his motive is to being in brussels this some speculation that he could be seeking asylum to the facts of course of that we can devote to ministers said that he could be offered asylum there but the fact is it's just not clear at this point
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all right our correspondent charlet doesn't kill there on the story for us in barcelona charlotte thank you very much. and here's a quick reminder of the top story that we're following for you former campaign cheap and his associate brigades have pleaded not guilty to all charges in the f.b.i.'s russia investigation they were the first indictments in the probe looking into alleged interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election. you have to date with. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day you see that. health. and here in. solidarity. the fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal society.


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