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and cry. trouble and smile. magical images and big emotions can only. know the magazine every weekend on d w. this is the view news live from berlin the first indictments in a probe into alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election president transform a campaign chief and it associates faced charges of money laundering both are now
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under house arrest after pleading not guilty another suspect though is helping the f.b.i. with the investigation also on the show badly needed aid reaches besieged rebel held suburbs of the syrian capital damascus a place where tens of thousands are living on the edge of starvation. the dramatic flight of catalonia has ousted president majid has accused them of rebellion and sedition so what kind of help is carlos bustamante hoping to get in brussels. plus fire munich back in action in the champions league they travel with laws go to face celtic without star man robert love and offbeat who can fill the gap. alone welcome to the show i'm brian. thomas donald trump's of former campaign chief
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paul man of ford and his associate rick gates are now under house arrest following their indictment in the special counsel's russian investigation now both men pled not guilty to charges including conspiracy and money laundering another former trump advisor george public office has already pled guilty to law and to f.b.i. agents now donald trump is nine any collusion between his campaign team and moscow during the election campaign a trump campaign chief turns himself then to the f.b.i. a key adviser makes a guilty plea as the russia investigation closing in on donald trump's white house . pomona for it was a trump site when the billionaire outsider accepted the republican nomination so one floor and show he is said to have handpicked trump's vice president mike pence the man just behind him has also been charged flanked by his lawyer he surrendered
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himself to the f.b.i. on monday he reacted with stands accused of acting for years as an authorized agent of the pro russian ukrainian government. for there is no evidence that mr mann import of a truck campaign colluded with the russian government even so the judge placed metaphor under house arrest. the white house insists the charges are not definitive evidence of links to russia. we've been saying from day one there's been no evidence of trumped russia collusion and nothing in the indictment today changes that at all but washington was in for more surprises a special prosecutor robert miller's investigation into russian meddling in last year's election gathers pace miller's team had secured a guilty plea from former foreign policy advisor george papadopoulos seen here in a meeting with trump. in a signed indictment he admitted lying about meetings with russian government connections offering darts on hillary clinton the white house played down his
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guilty plea. it is nothing to do with the activities of the campaign it has to do with his failure to tell the truth that doesn't have anything to do with the campaign or the campaign's activities but talks with papadopoulos no cooperating with f.b.i. investigators these three charges may be just the start of a new phase in the investigation. for the very latest let's go to our correspondent carson phenomena in washington carson two former trump aides are charged thirds cooperate ing with the f.b.i. but the bottom line is is there any new evidence right now that russia tried to sway the u.s. election campaign and that the trump side knew about it. well yes and no i mean if you look at the indictment itself polman a fraud and richard gates these charges clearly predate the trunk i'm painting as trump himself as also pointed out this is also not about russia this is about
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ukraine and the pro russian regime in ukraine at the time about money laundering and takes evasion that does not directly affect trump and the allegations of collusion of the trump complain with russia the other story the. case of george puppet though pulis the foreign policy or former policy advisor of donald trump that's a different story because this is now the second confirmed attempt that we know of members of the complain to trying to get compromising information about hillary clinton from russian sources the other case of course the infamous meeting organized by donald trump jr the president's son and other. trump allies with a russian lawyer also an attempt to get some compromising information on hillary clinton so this does not look good for donald trump but there is no clear
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connection to donald trump yet again while that line what do these indictments then mean for the president. well first of all the optics bad as i just mentioned and then of course paul manner for it's his former campaign manager and a close ally now could go to jail if proven guilty of course then you have the case of general michael flynn the former national security adviser who also had to resign because he lied about his contacts to russia and other foreign governments and many other members of trump's inner circle in the first ten months of his presidency had to resign over fired for a number of scandals so this all doesn't look good the indictments maybe don't really change that but they put some pressure on donald trump for now the base his base and the republicans in congress stand by him they try to muddy the water by
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saying well the democrats and hillary clinton they were also dirty they also had foreign connections also to russia but in the long run of course this could this mood could change if robert miller the special investigator has more people he could in diets and could bring into the public focus ok thanks so much for that this morning from carson phenomena in washington and for a more in-depth look at the trump russian probe you can go to our website at www dot com or join the conversation on facebook now for a look at some of the other stories making the news this hour video streaming service netflix has decided to end its flagship production house of cards and its allegations of sexual abuse leveled against the show's star kevin spacey on monday the two time oscar winner apologized for allegedly making sexual advances on a fourteen year old boy some thirty years ago to come here. u.s.
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officials say special forces have captured a man suspected of playing a key role in the two thousand and twelve assault on the diplomatic compound in benghazi libya the u.s. ambassador and three other americans died in that attack president don trump says the militant will face justice in the u.s. . tokyo police have arrested a twenty seven year old man after they found multiple dismembered bodies in his apartment local media say the suspect use several picnic coolers to store the remains of nine people unless a gator's made the grisly discovery while searching for a missing woman was seeking a suicide partner via social media. protesters in australia have called for a humane solution as the government shuts down this controversy refugee detention center in papa new guinea australia has come under international pressure to close the manas island camp about six hundred asylum seekers have refused to leave saying
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if you're attacks from locals. it's to syria now where aid convoys have arrived in a besieged area just north of the capital damascus now this is one of the last remaining pockets in the country not taken by government troops the u.n. is expressing outrage at the plight of civilians there with many facing starvation . at long last a lifeline to the besieged people of eastern hold. dozens of aid trucks from the un and syrian arab red crescent have arrived they've brought enough food to feed forty thousand people but that's just a fraction of the area's three hundred fifty thousand residents. doctors painted a grim portrait for the newly arrived relief workers many people are at risk of starvation some have already died children are particularly vulnerable.
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we told them the truth about the situation here. we showed them serious cases of men the tradition. we showed them tragic cases. we showed them cases of moderate malnutrition and. we also showed them cases of people in need of medical attention . these are some of the wrenching images to emerge from eastern hold the baby zahar was already close to death when her parents brought her to the doctor her mother was too malnourished to breastfeed the child she died at only thirty four days old u.n. officials say over a thousand children here are suffering from malnutrition they're demanding the syrian army end its blockade of the region to allow in more aid. cheerful solution to the plight of these people has to be found meanwhile immediate
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access to enable lifesaving assistance for the civilian population is critical but whatever happens it is our collective g.-t. to avoid yet another humanitarian catastrophe in syria. eastern hotel where supposed to be one of the so-called deescalation zones in the country's civil war. instead the syrian army has tightened its siege in recent months shelling the region and destroying tunnels used by smugglers to bring in food and medicine. monday's delivery was only the second time in two months the syrian military has allowed aid to reach civilians it means the people here in eastern hold likely continue living on the edge of starvation well catalonia is deposed president is in brussels and is seeking legal advice a belgian lawyer has confirmed that he's taken. as a client now is understood proved to mont and other former cabinet members fled
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spain after prosecutors filed charges of rebellion against them this picture of kind of less pushed a month is still hanging in the catalan parliament but the sacked president himself was nowhere to be seen here on monday it would be another dramatic day in spain the country's chief prosecutor announced charges against putsch to moan and members of his cabinet. i have filed charges for the crimes of rebellion sedition and embezzlement against the main political leaders of the cattle and regional authority who with their decisions and acts in these past years have produced an institutional crisis which culminated in a unilateral declaration of independence. if found guilty pushed him on could face up to thirty years in prison the prosecutor says he wants a verdict as soon as possible but he may have to try the cattlemen leader in
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absentia. on monday evening it was confirmed that the ousted president is in belgium there's now speculation he may apply first saw him there. a spokeswoman for pushed him on to party only had this to say because. we're doing things well and he said this country. well together. pushed him on xp pro independence party said it intends to take part in a snap regional election scheduled for december twenty first pushed him on may have lost this battle but it seems he's not about to back down. let's go now to barcelona where our correspondents charlotte standing by for us good morning to charlotte it is now confirmed that the deposed catalog president is in fact in in belgium do we have any idea what he's doing there what are you hearing barcelona.
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yeah i mean what is he doing there that's the question that people here in barcelona really want offices to another is the speculation as was mentioned in the report that he could be seeking asylum now we know that over the weekend a migration minister in belgium put that on the table so that was possible he said in a statement that he was worried that appreciable wouldn't get a fair trial here in spain so i was eligible for that they was immediately ruled out by the belgian prime minister he said asylum just wasn't on the cards whatever his motive though is something that left a lot of people confused and also a very angry person faces an extremely serious charges here in spain rebellion alone carries up to thirty years in prison so. that he is going to have to answer to spanish authorities for that at some point in the near future whether he's in brussels what are people in barcelona saying about their leader effectively fleeing
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the country. well as an outside observer you might be forgiven for thinking this is something of a farce you have a man who on friday declared independence on saturday in a televised statement he said he was defending not that he was pushing ahead with that and that he still believes that he was the man in charge yesterday then you had a huge group of press and supporters gathered here waiting for him to shop to work to follow through with that and then he simply went missing we did not know where he was all day he then shows up in brussels now for people who really support his cause people here waiting for years or decades even to see independence in this region there is a real sense of dismay some people we spoke to didn't even want to be interviewed on camera because they said that they were just too upset to talk about it others who are against independence we know that that's a lot of people here hala even if the the people here in catalonia i think feel
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degree of relief that this situation appears to have calmed down without any violence on the streets here and it looks like we're progressing to normal democratic elections in december which parties by one say they're going to participate and so what's going to be crucial is hearing from the man himself mr he is rumored to be giving a statement later today so a lot of people here would like pretty fast. since yesterday i catalonia has been under direct spanish rule from madrid what is different today. i honestly have to tell you very little at the moment it was fear that this could become madrid could become quite heavy handed in imposing direct rule for example we were worried that we've see cattle on officials being dragged out of buildings as they violated that direct rule in fact that didn't happen at school yesterday
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some dismissed coghlan officials did start to turn up to what they were warned in no uncertain terms that unless they left packed up their things and that quickly police would get involved none of that happened and it looks like it's going to to carry on as normal hit with madrid now in charge sean thanks so much for the show itself until for us in barcelona this morning charles monitoring the situation there throughout the day for live updates follow her on twitter and you can find her and our newsrooms twitter handle right here at the bottom of the screen still to come on the show a much improved bar in munich face celtic in the champions league but how will they fare without their top striker problem of an oscar. but first samsung shareholders have reason to celebrate well you could definitely say for a change there are yes we can say that's true because the korean electronics giant has focused substantial increases in shareholder returns for the next three years
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shareholders will reap the benefits of record earnings forty three profits up nearly one hundred fifty percent some some said it will increase its annual dividend by twenty percent this year and then double it next year then it has plans to hold it at that level until twenty twenty companies have prices more than doubled since the beginning of last year with growing demand for memory chips in advance display panel some sun is likely to post even bigger earnings in the coming quarters. now when you listen to the news these days you might worry that we're heading for a bad time economically u.s. president trump threatening to cut the us off from globalization britain turning away from the e.u. through briggs it and separatists trying to tear whole countries apart like in spain but you might be surprised to find that the global trade is actually booming . german engineering companies are overwhelmed with work.
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and the orders keep coming in other industries as well. demand for german products is not just growing at home but elsewhere in europe and globally experts say the main reason is an unexpected upswing in world trait. the outlook for international imports and exports is far better than it was at the beginning of the year the world trade organization expects global trade to grow by three point nine percent this year the international monetary fund even forecasts that an increase of four point two percent is possible. the trend is expected to continue in the coming year as well. that's down to the continued economic recovery across europe an important trading partner for many countries worldwide. trade with the us is also strengthening trumps threats of import tariffs and other trade barriers have barely been implemented. this will also benefit asian countries which are posting
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a strong growth as a result of robust global trade. and fresh figures from the european commission reflect a surge an economic confidence in october the index of industry and consumer sentiment in europe rose to its highest level in almost seventeen years the mood barometer rose by an unexpectedly highs zero point nine percent to one hundred fourteen points from one hundred thirteen points the previous month that comes ahead of projected quarterly growth figures for the euro zone's expect expected from the e.u.'s statistics agency us that later today economists are expecting an expansion of half a percent for the third quarter considering a time of strength in global economic headwinds like an impending bragg's it and the us government being staunchly protectionist and political uncertainty that's a surprisingly robust picture for the european economy so why is everybody so happy
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and confident let's talk to pickering he's a senior economist at bank and he joins us now from london cal and if we look at what we've just heard the trumpet all the other crises don't hit the economic the economies of industrial countries at the moment is their reason for sustained optimism. well the fundamentals are actually pretty good certainly relative to a decade ago household balance sheets are stronger we have record employment in many places firm profits are up we kind of have this post lehmann caution still hanging over us and we're finding it a little hard to deal with the usual political uncertainty and there's something odd going on if you ask an individual how he's doing he tells you is doing fine but then when you ask people in aggregate they don't feel so good and of course they're always political risks to watch but my impression is we just have a bad dose of economic pessimism which doesn't reflect the fundamentals and over time we will learn to live with the political worries which probably won't manifest
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in a major way and will continue to see an improvement in economic fundamentals over time where we look at your ability specially of britain for example. briggs's being the key word there are other worries and warning is going to be forgotten that. simply not britain is going to have to suffer for it but economic policy choice which was to go for brics it if it goes for a hard break that is the u.k. and the e.u. don't strike a trade deal britain could get hurt quite badly in the longer it but i don't think that will happen the u.k. me you will come to some agreement and it will probably end up hitting the u.k. in the long run something to the order of zero point four percent per year of g.d.p. so inside the e.u. the u.k. can grow around two point two percent outside it can probably grow around one point eight that is not a good economic policy choice but it is certainly not the end of the world. briefly
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what do you expect. the consequences for the e.u. of the brits they'll be virtually no effect whatsoever on the european economy so long as the u.k. avoids a heartbreaks it. can pick through the background in london thank you very much. and that's it from the business days back to brian and by and goes to battle in a key game without its main strike it could be a rough night for byron we're going to have to see again hard by immunex champions league campaign continues tonight against celtic the baron's to go over top spot in the bundesliga for the first time on saturday but they suffered a real blow as well a thigh injury to robert love and offscreen means their top scorer will be watching that game from home. i mean right firings international attacking superstars packed and ready for their trip to scotland to face celtic one question
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remains however who will take robert levin dosti spot in the lineup and score the goal. i don't know maybe it will come as a bit of a surprise who plays up front we don't have any other choice. really is that. i always say we need everybody who is hurt not just lazy to get healthy as soon as they can for some that might take a while but that's not an excuse we just have to come through. as i v mr viper. live in dos he will be hard to replace his thirteen goals across all competitions this season are by far the most on the team and his most naturally placement so much miller is out injured as well. but in glasgow the bavarians injury was haven't caused any overconfidence so as
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a coach brendan rodgers defense knows they will have their hands full come what may . be no good live in this case. because you know you know. he had to piece pairs for from there for the team and then because squad like . and then i'm sure they will find a way to to to replace them but. that doesn't mean that it's going to be he's going to make the game easier for us one thing the hoops will have on their side is the venue celtic park is among the most imposing stadiums in europe and byron will need to be at their best whoever starts at center forward. and staying with football cologne have been fined sixty thousand euros after their supporters causing trouble at a europa league game against arsenal last. months twenty thousand clone fans travel to london now most of them without having any tickets calls and take off to be delayed by an hour european football's governing body u.a.e.
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charged the bundesliga side with four offenses occluding crowd disturbances like all fireworks and required cologne to pay arsenal for compensation for any damage caused to a false one posed a one match european travel ban on clone fans so that suspended for two years. secure minor now of our top stories we're following for you this morning former trump campaign manager paul man of ford and one of his associates are under house arrest that after pleading not guilty to charges of conspiracy and money laundering they are the first suspects charged in the special counsel's probe into a law ledge russian meddling in the us election campaign another trump aide has pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. . and desperately needed aid has reached a besieged area outside damascus the u.n. has expressed outrage at the situation there where thousands of civilians are facing starvation. over the edge you can always get the give you news on the go you
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can download our app from google player from the apple store that gives you access to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. this is the end of it is live from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour today is of course hollowing a day when many people like to indulge in some spooky thrills we leave you now with these images of hollowing fans visiting frankenstein castle where else and in germany enjoy. foot.
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five. mile to go. the bundestag highlights. when will bush finally turn things around for dortmund. lawson hanover makes three
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gangs with. the rankings back to normal by a psychic and resumes its customary spot at the top of the. next. it's reformation day w programs around the clock marking its five hundred the first three. a muddy musical with an under usual starring role must. be processed impregnation is rocking the states more than three thousand singing is from across germany and many months of souls went into this how to rio. in sixty minutes. new on d w a maker of
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