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tv   Doc Film - Luther Code - 500 Years of the Reformation  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2017 4:15pm-5:01pm CET

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that's almost three times as many as in latin america with some sixty one million. on reformation day all five hundred seventy three million of them join in celebrating bought a new test legacy was. cut. cut . cut. cut cut. join me again at the top of the hour we will carry out acts of states a ceremony a live from of it but another a day. health . and here in studio. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life
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in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth on d. w. . since time immemorial people have wondered where they come from where they're going and who they are humankind has reinvented the world again and again always believing in the possibility of a better future five hundred years ago martin luther started the reformation transforming the way people worshiped and thought today we're standing at another crossroads. the little oh. oh . and also. it feels like the world is starting to realize what ties bind
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us all together that's why religions seem in akron istic to us they feel very far away. i used to think about god a lot. i was like then i began to suspect i was only doing it to find some kind of answer i think hope has to be the last thing to die and i think we can have a better world we just have to keep believing that we can and working for it it's really really easy to despair but we shouldn't know yet because a lot still to fight for. ever since humankind began to take control of its own destiny our world seems to have become larger it's arising as if expanded but the past casts a long shadow today fanatics use faith as a weapon of terror. the world has become more complex now that we've made
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ourselves the measure of all things. what can provide us with hope and stability. are we ultimately all alone. five hundred years ago martin luther lit the fuse of the reformation and our long path to what we call the modern autonomous self began. humankind started to discover the individual conscience as a source of personal responsibility. we see today's digital world not as a threat but as an opportunity. to entice vast found insight and chains i lay death brooded darkly on the sin was my torment night and day in sin my mother born me my fears increased still sheer despair left north
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but death to be my share the pangs of hell i suffered. martin luther struggled with a sense of powerlessness he felt abandoned by god the church told sinners they would burn in hell. one night consumed by fear the young law student made a promise that would change his life forever. my legacy can help me if you let me live i will become a monk. a. guitar if you leapt into a back then the devil was a vivid presence in people's lives and indeed in luther's life satan was as real a figure to people as god he was his rival a fallen angel determined to destroy god's work. but it's got to sell itself to what. it is or what is it is quest the
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question is what can we do together to pull ourselves out of the chaos gripping the world today. community. spirituality. religion. today there are many ways of finding meaning. but if you still believe there has. been here there's a huge amount of change happening and sometimes it feels like you almost have whiplash because there is so much coming down the road both in terms of the digital revolution and in terms of how the world is going to shift whether it's with climate change or the coming economic crises or demographic shifts there is a huge amount of change coming down the line and i think the question is how we're going to survive that change and how we're going to survive each other.
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in the late middle ages the church had the sole authority to tell people how to attain salvation. and anyone who disagreed with the pope was denounced as a heretic and burned at the stake like yon horse a check priest who dared to challenge the catholic church the church alone purported to know the answers to questions about the afterlife and the soul and life of course was lived under the watchful eyes of an almighty god in the past we used to have the view that god being able to. see everything. control everything was also the ultimate sort of i in the sky you couldn't hide from god. today the new i in the sky is not god's eye is the digital i can see and it can
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check and in. today's all seeing eye is a man made invention google and facebook know everything about us. the moment has come for us to make sure that our right to be in control of our own information therefore the behavior that he's shape of a from nation is entirely ours is now given to us is ours to exercise because he's ours to begin with and i think that as important as an important break from pasta dish. edward snowden is seen by many as a hero his everybody turns from his russian exile followed on live stream by his fans and he defends the values of the digital world but is also one of its sternest critic's. freedom of speech doesn't watch if you don't have the space if you don't have the protected area to think about what it is that you really want to send for. freedom of religion you have to be able to decide free from outside
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influences outside of social pressures what it is that you truly believe. these days many worry about the threat to privacy and to their individuality but what exactly is this free autonomous self that we defend so doggedly is it the way we feel is it the way we view the world what is a person what is an ego it is that silent language that we have with our sounds. it is the capacity to speak to ourselves silently and to review who we are and who the others are. in the recesses of our soul with ourselves. i think a hyper networked world changes that kind of silent language that we have that there are sounds the silent languages now the endless buzz.
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that. digitalization could help bring about a global revolution so that it's really about history it's always been the same with technological developments it's just it's not only about new tools they can help us but ultimately what matters is what's going on in our hearts you know. the reformed church in geneva. pastor cutting across there is bringing the church into the twenty first century. the church is open to all religions and the nominations many of the members every community around one another on. the project is called at the lab and welcomes anyone looking for meaning in spirituality.
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yes. we all have one of these. if you like take a look at little shirts off facebook and see what we've got planned this evening this. affects your digital i didn't become a pastor to hold services the purpose of the church has changed since. i believe that young people have reached a much higher plane of religious or spiritual awareness than in the past it's just . the best i want to give everything else is used to be like teaches when i had it i'm telling you how it is i know better attitude if you're set on it goes but i believe a change is underway and our community can also teach us. we can learn from one another is also new and is on this. six hundred years ago the roman catholic church was divided by the papal schism three men claimed to be the
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true pope and were vying for power in sinecure in fourteen fourteen kings he gives more and convene the council of constance it was attended by theologian young horse he had long been accusing the curia of being a synagogue of satan. which we want to but i knew at the stake you must leave our friend campus i have the king's word i came here is a free man without disguise for you that you must leave so i can see your fear. and the devil is have rewound. the constance archives reveal what happened to horse the mood at the council became increasingly hostile. but horse refused to recant his condemnation of the roman catholic clergy.
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or hell. oh lord grant me massey and give me strength back east. and operations and priests are turning on your son like wild animals for us. i believe in god. for me to believe in god and i want to believe it was so strong to make us keep going you know it's very difficult when you face to face this. man. is based in malta. she has her own boat and rescues migrants in distress from the mediterranean.
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she and her husband founded mo us the migrant offshore aid station with their own funds. and also. francis in two thousand and fifteen when they went to a. gray i want to go and sin which we. cannot to be indifferent to the sufferance of others that do we need to use what we have talents and our skills and for others. the especially so high that the weak and knocked to the fears they call their we needed to be stronger we. are now i want to address.
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the idea of the self the individual did not always exist. some seventy years after the council of constance. renaissance artists began to rediscover the classical ideal of the autonomous man the concept of the self began to take root. you are the center of this new culture was florence they are not a davinci and michelangelo freed themselves from the constraints of piety and superstition and celebrated the beauty of art and art was no longer confined to churches but also graced public squares like to pee on said denis in your area of. mankind emerged from the shadows of history and discovered the joy of the free mind
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and spirit renaissance man saw himself as god's most perfect creation the fact that there are no less intermediaries between him and on the one hand. gives the self a much greater sense of agency in responsibility and power with himself and on the other hand makes seat scrutinize himself much more dense. they are not of men she was an artist but also sought to use science to understand mankind and to make man the measure of all things in the eyes of the church this was sacrilege. with a ruler and a compass he set out to recreate the harmonic proportions believed to govern the human form as god had created. a new self-awareness at dawn.
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modern man was finding his identity soon he would start to conquer the world. the future of young men not represented by going out. there is once again a lot of centrally it's us measures of all things as opposed to say we're here to say things we're not here to measure them and to make sure that they obey our own dictates some way. we have treated nature as something there we wanted to dominate control master and we've done this to each other as well we've done this to the whole universe and what i'm suggesting is that we should stop. at the council of constance his enemies prepared to put young horse on trial. paper hat was placed on his head to mark him as
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a heretic. on the sixth of july fourteenth fifteen young horse was sentenced to death by the assembly of the council. of the bohemian name horse means goose supposedly his last words were you this day burned a goose but one hundred years hands of a swan will arise whom you will not be able to roast or boil. i don't believe in god but i have respect for people with religious faith that wasn't always the case when i was a kid i went to a very religious school and i was was railing against the injustice and the law is but you know as i got a lot older i've realized that there are all kinds of stories people will tell themselves to get through the day. laurie penny is from brighton england south east coast. she's
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a gender queer feminist. her mother is a strict catholic her father jewish. what i am against is people using religion to control other people i mean. against many of the gendered doctrines of more extreme islam i'm against many of the controlling aspects of orthodox judaism but the common factor is people using religion to control of the human being and i think that is unique to any one religion. for millennia man dreamed of conquering the seas around fifteen hundred no one dreamt of distant shores because no one had ever travelled the entire world. the christian church was a world unto itself with rome its capital but it was a highly circumscribed world nothing was known of other cultures faiths and beliefs
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. everything changed in fifteen hundred even today what happened hasn't been fully grasped the people who discovered book printing columbus the people during the reconquista and so on obviously they were all doing their own thing but they were all innovators and. eventually the renaissance spirit spread north. martin luther was a monk who had been preaching and teaching theology in britain bags since fifteen twelve. he was a clergyman rapidly rising through the ranks but then he began to criticize rome. they will hate me. they will try to destroy me and i will crush the pope and his date general charged with the same printing block the prince my
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writings fiction at. strasbourg around fourteen forty the goldsmith your honest. barack had begun experimenting with movable type and a printing press. couldn't bags invention pave the way for serial production of books and ultimately for the mass media we know today. his forty two line bible sparked a revolution which liberated faith from the clutches of the church and allowed people to discover it for themselves. knowledge makes our world better and you know in particular the wide diffusion of knowledge makes the world better people need to make decisions out of the endpoints
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the idea that some centrally located great minds can make decisions for all of society. doesn't work. what does work is openness and what does work is distributed decision making and the more that people know about the world about whatever it is they need to know in their lives then the better decisions that they can make. as a young augustinian monk martin luther went on a pilgrimage to rome. there he found a disconcerting world that was nothing like what he had expected. here in the heart of christianity he witnessed pilgrims being robbed by the church
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practice of selling indulgences. a lot of and in rome luther wanted an indulgence but couldn't reconcile that with his conscience he started asking doesn't the chechen gemini have anything better to do than send money to the. that it can bring. luther was disgusted to see how the roman catholic church had allowed itself to be seduced by worldly cravings and luxury. back in germany he printed pamphlets that depicted the pope as a greedy monster and criticized church abuses. look of existing luther was angry about a system that was what i'm very well a system that had made religion and economics compatible salvation could be bought and as it was ordered today we can still see how much religious terminology has
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entered the economic sector but today we are no longer with the mouse sins we redeem alone news when we take out a loan the german word for creditor is believe the glaive begun and the german word full disclosure is often revelation economics very clearly picked up on religious terminology sucked. in britain back martin luther reinvented himself as a reformer aided and abetted by the artist who cuts cannot. his portraits of luther were intended to make the church reformer better known. luther was appointed professor of theology at the university of britain back which had been founded in fifteen zero two. in fifteen seventeen he wrote his ninety five theses against plenary indulgences and false religious practices that reflected the growing and the roman sentiment in the country and turned luther into a hero of the people. but he became
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a pariah of the catholic church. via shipping and the image of martin luther with his hammer at nails is a nine hundred centuries invention who would have read the theses had they be nailed to the door of the casa. church in britain back on the thirty first of october fifteenth seventeen a long text ninety five long complicated sentences in latin. but the legend of luther nailing the ninety five theses to the door of the council church is one that refuses to go away. i mean since five hundred and what happened to the doubting and desperate martin luther the one who was constantly poring over the scriptures and st paul the one who was deeply troubled times on this news we don't see this luther in the paintings that's how we've interpreted him. thought the purpose of the
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paintings was actually to convey an image of luther that was necessary to advance the reformation. and they depict him as a latter day saint and highly get all. the image of the hero. today we still like to see ourselves immortalized. we seem to have a deeply entrenched desire to know what happens after we die what will remain of us . mankind's newfound introspection and need to discover the meaning of life was the first step towards independent thinking. in the sixteenth century in luther's day the church effectively kept the soul imprisoned. just like an ocean liner cumbersome and firmly anchored it's hard for an ocean
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liner to change direction. and this is i became a pastor i've been asking myself if i'm doing the right thing by thinking i can change the church from within. or might have been more effective outside it yeah. this question is always on my mind but i'm glad that i'm an independent thinker revolutionizing the church seems possible to me that's why i stay in the church. how do you know that her husband victor produce their own internet series since it's called my wife the pastor. the law also to look on the political level to see what. each episode addresses a way to talk a homosexual ality in faith death the role of the church the subject matter is serious but the tone is fun light and witty i'm sorry i like also does it up making
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a few videos in the style of monte python which were a bit more confrontational a bit more daring for it was it in the church was a little needle by them that showed us we were doing it right so it was just false when i don't know if we had too much in agreement with the church we're not keeping up with the times so we're just going to by the national journal. the couple often bickers in the editing room well if you victor is an atheist and more willing to pack a punch. as a pastor carina has to get the church to approve every episode so tempers do it sometimes for a person that's funny don't take it out it's a sin or i know it's ok but maybe it's too much it's a very subtle i just can't say that. on the one hand i'm a pastor but on the other hand i have an artistic side. but i found it hard to
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juggle these two identities people were always saying to me you need to decide you can't go through life being both a pastor and an actress i mean that's you that's what people say if it's but i feel differently. being yourself when you don't really fit into any nice and tidy box is already a step towards freedom or the best in. our lives only began with course he started everything. luther is ninety five theses were translated into german by the time he was thirty six he was famous. very i will not i am a swan. so far he had failed to tell people how to rid themselves of their fear but now luther saw everything clearly.
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three things help you overcome fear of the devil and find salvation or die thing that's only scripture faith and divine grace. scripts tura feeder gratz you have. a christian is a free lord of all things and subject to nobody. that. is a christian is subservient to all things and subject to everybody. i at least freedom and obligation to love thy neighbor no one is superior to anyone else. snakebit in a new state. luther's most important works were on the freedom of a christian. to the christian nobility of the german nation. and on the babylonian
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captivity of the church. they changed the world their publication marking the start of the reformation they amounted to nothing less than a call for individual freedom. the flat and that's what this freedom means is that if you possess true faith you have the freedom of a christian but that doesn't mean freedom in a political sense having the freedom to shape and decide political processes it made pushed him into. i think we're down to her we would not have had the first fundamental step towards. individual responsibility which then is the cornerstone of future democracy you need to make people individually responsible for their actions directly in touch with the source of authority. today our lives are
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increasingly shaped by computer programs and algorithms ninety percent of the data ever generated by humans has been stored anyone who can access that data is necessarily powerful. we might soon find our freedom and autonomy under threat. just having the internet on a phone in your pocket makes you an entirely different kind of human being than human beings that existed for most of history i think it's really really important to have a network connecting people all over the world to each other to have that way for people to find out information and talk to each other without the mediation of authorities and the state people no longer feel that they can trust governments and the only way the governments can truly avoid this is by making sure they hold themselves to the highest standards of behavior to making sure they deliver a form of accountability where we see as the public when they do cross the line
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when they do it outrage the conscious if they don't hold themselves to a higher standard of behavior and we sort of the powerless private citizens are held to how can we trust them when they're invested with the greatest powers the greatest privileges the greatest capabilities and yet whenever they break the law nothing happens to them. the pope threatened to excommunicate luther and even put him to death. but luther believed he had god on his side and that made him invincible. gets first they fear me like the plague so as you can as if they despise me and me at the stake i will remain steadfast and tell the world that i have no choice but to one day my conscience and my god.
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luther was summoned to the diet of worms by emperor charles the fifth in fifteen twenty one to recant his writings. it was him against the pope i stand i can do no other god help me it's a great line as if it's a store of the accurate but it really brings home the idea of responsibility to oneself and one's god with those words he made himself a very impressive role model as. a result of course or it identified with luther in this respect because of the times he lived in. if you tried to destroy the little dispute that erupted led to the schism that wasn't what he wanted what he wanted was to reform the church i don't worship actually you know saying i'm like you because i do believe that young people are
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keen to question things. or fled the wrath of the emperor and the church and found refuge in broad castle where he assumed the alias. no not only was he haunted by fear of the devil but also by his own conscience. if you try alone i'm to blame for what is happening to the stake for fanaticism hello. hello wolf. it is all my fault clinton. in just eleven weeks luther translated the new testament from greek into german. he used simple language so that it could be understood by everyone. a guide to spiritual salvation.
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practiced in his image seeing marks a shift in the history of the self the protestant feel is much more responsible for the content of his so. but on the heels of this newfound conscience came self-doubt. in later centuries luther's legacy left many afraid they lacked spiritual strength. luther realized that people would always be susceptible to the devil. freedom must be constantly won a new. it's then you did anyone ever and to heaven just because they were a pious monk god saved me from burning at the stake and to me as a muscle and loving god not to finish. and for
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luther god's word was the best defense against the devil. and when the. news. of the complete holy scriptures the old and new testament were published in german in fifteen thirty four. there is bible in turn shaped the development of the german language. and luther's reformation left its mark permanently not only in europe's protestant norms. luther was a revolution fought for a church based on personal faith he also believed in love and the duty to love
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one's neighbor. over and over as well that we can seek and find love in everything we do but it will always be incomplete that everlasting love is elsewhere in the bottomless well inside ourselves. cody appreciates that her husband the big door lets her do were own thing. laurie penny calls herself pansexual and polyamorous. luther wouldn't approve of either of them to him marriage and family were anchors in a turbulent world. now what is love it's it's an idea in our heads and the idea and that idea is constantly changing and the idea of romantic love is entirely different now than it
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was a hundred years ago and we think of these things as constant but they're not constant told. news that rejected celibacy in fifteen twenty five years the german peasants' war was raging he married cunto enough and boy a runaway nine. luther's detractors saw the marriage as a further provocation to the church. attaining freedom through faith. a dream that began to turn sour. by the time he was forty luther was again preaching in britain back. he was one of the most famous men in germany. but he was convinced he was beleaguered by enemies. maicon of a chemist one cannot reform a world when everyone dies as they wish and things only of themselves that leads to chaos we need a mighty fortress which forever reminds people of god and not
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a not. led by thomas mensah presence in the german speaking areas of central europe rose up against the aristocracy armed with luther's writings but he did not support the insurrections. well you please read patience matters mobs are riding roughshod over the bible and dragging it through the mud they should be put to death like rabid dogs and. martin luther was petrified of chaos now he pinned his hopes on the princes and the reformed church to restore order. by even his finest moments were his writings of fifteen twenty his appearance in vons in fifteen twenty one his translation of the bible the new testament into german that's luther at his very best it all went downhill after that he only wrote about the turks and the jews in the second half of his life writings that are very
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problematic by today's standards also on the feelings and. luther wrote on the jews and their lies urging people to persecute jews and set fire to synagogues. for luther played a key role in advancing mankind's freedom and spiritual awareness but in his later years he succumbed to superstition and xeno phobia. i believe that the we can succeed if we. good and to be good you don't need to take a gun and kill someone else that is not just that disturbance. present us. the devil that luther thought he had defeated and once again gotten his claws into him. he believed the devil was in cahoots with the pope and peasants turks and jews
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to undermine the reformation. who's at the show horse did not stand a chance as for months. he does have nothing better. oh i killed months the two. podesta's on my conscience. it's. tough because he would have killed my lot in closest to the hotel. and i think it's either are you hopeful or are you afraid i think hope is
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a tool it's not a feeling. people be able to get out of the titanic can jump on the lifeboats including two pieces of wood because they were hopeful that they would be saved and they knew they would be saved but hope is what allowed the people who were saved to get through that if that's what you do even if you don't see the direction of the future you have to practice hope. for centuries people simply followed the path laid out for them by their church and their leaders the reformation showed them another way. five hundred years later we are free agents heading into a new dawn and we feel a responsibility to the future but we also feel more anchored in the here and now. you know life is just so full of. completely unexpected events nowadays ah but that's. that's there's there's a beauty in that you know it used to be before when i was working for the
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government i always looked at the next day the next week the next month now i live it one day at a time because i don't know what's going to happen. but it's actually a lot more enjoyable that way. the. was. the mayor. the. it's all about them. it's all about the story
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inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us inspired by distinctive instagram others. d.w. stories topic each week on instagram. germany much to five hundred out of a three of a protestant reformation hello welcome and fell down over the next hour i'll be guiding you through a state ceremony tomorrow that anniversary is taking place in the town of it and
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back in eastern germany where martin luther theologian and father of protestant protestantism hosted his famous ninety five faces more on that shortly first let me introduce the w.'s that religious affairs correspondent martin welcome martin so five hundred years ago today what happened well story has said that martin luther nailed this apartment with ninety five. to the gate to the door of the church for. triggering what became known as the protest and lutheran reformation. really the culmination of a set of different movements around europe which were movements of protestation against the sort of overwhelming and unchecked power of a from not only political religious power but also political and financial power rome actually was saying and was in both saying levies and so on i mean in northern europe and northern europe saw very little in return for.


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