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walls and costly protective measures will be and. nothing. what's challenging our future starting november night own. this is d w news live from berlin the elster president of catalonia out of the country but for how much longer tonight a spanish court is charging carlos porridge tomorrow with sedition and has summoned
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him to come home and testify the former catalog president appeared today in brussels he says that he will not return home until he's guaranteed a fair trial also coming up police in germany arrest a nineteen year old syrian suspected of gathering parts for a powerful bomb the country's interior minister says he was planning an islam is terror attack but what or who was the intended target and marking five hundred years of the protestant reformation german leaders paid tribute to martin luther in the telling of it in bed where the monks first challenge to the authority of the catholic church which. i bring golf it's good to have you with us we begin with some breaking news that is coming to us from the united states. lisa in new york city are investigating
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a shooting in lower manhattan the local media there reporting that there are multiple casualties one person has been taken into custody according to the new york police department the incident took place near battery park city police have asked people to stay away from that area. our correspondent in the u.s. costing phenomenas on the line good evening to you carson what can you tell us about this developing situation. what to be honest not much more than what you've just said of course this would be another incident another shooting incident unfortunately in the u.s. these incidents happen quite regularly not always on the scale as we have seen it in las vegas a few weeks ago i was there covering that event of course every had a massive discussion about gun control after that which has gone over really but
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shootings like that happen here almost on a daily basis just a few days ago we had another shooting in maryland very often these are related to private conflicts or conflicts at the workplace it's not always about terrorism or about randomly shooting people having said that we don't know yet what's going on in new york and what is the background there all right our correspondent caused a phenomenon there thank you cross and we will bring you more information as soon as it comes into its crossing phenomena in the united states reporting on a shooting incident in new york city. now to a former president on the run who says he is not. to mow today appeared in belgium but said he is not seeking asylum there spain's high court has now summoned the fired cattle on leader to testify in a madrid court on thursday which to mock travelled to belgium after spain launched
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a rebellion case over catalonia is independence bid. car less piers demands first appearance since declaring catalan independence last week was every bet is frenetic as the political fallout he left behind in spain. now in belgium the ousted president says he's there for protection not asylum i am not in order to deliver because. this is not the belgian question who's here in brussels and with all of europe i'm here. to act with freedom and safety and security. because he left yet more chaos behind the upstart leader couldn't avoid questions of whether he had fled the scene. outside the spanish unity supporters certainly think so. i'm here to defend spain and complain about this person who is a coward and
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a terror maker for. the courts made to have their say it's a medieval charge sheet from modern times catalan leaders faced up to thirty years in prison for crimes of sedition rebellion and then basil mint. but the spanish government does welcome postum on support for fresh elections in december seen as a concession to trade. it is very important to respect this call for elections from the prime minister of the spanish government. and this is very important because this implies an acceptance that the return to democratic legality lies with accepting democratic elections that go. back and. dominate the airwaves though some were surprised that our former leader turning up in belgium if you could fault his logic when i look at it yes i understand what he's saying right
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now the spanish government isn't giving him any guarantees the minute he lands here they can put him in prison. and in the us here. whether his bid to break spain up will indeed land him behind bars will be the subject of intense scrutiny not just here but across europe. and for more on this i'm joined now by journalist martin robards from madrid and by our very own correspondent charlotte shelton pill in barcelona and amy to both of you and martin i'm going to start with you the spanish high court has summoned the alst and kava law on cabinet and that includes the alstad president what does this mean well is it me insists that he faces a very stiff jail sentence. just. thirty one probably the question is whether he will not because. i'll be public prosecutor's office is this if he doesn't last that you watched the. issue of european arrest warrants not
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the other thing is that if he were to interfere really you know this is just the beginning of. it has been for weeks should just i mean if the judge. were to shut change. if he were to show that he could be remanded in custody afterwards but one way or another it's all in the hands of the church. in charlotte you're in barcelona what has been the reaction there to the news that mr bridge a month has left the country. the people here were absolutely stunned and when the news started to trickle down that he was in brussels but we did not see hide nor hair of him last night nor the smore ning in fact there was a sort of a hunt for fusion one it was being described in brussels a lot of people here honestly needed to believe it to see it that we did see him today we gave that press and he gave that press statement people here who are for
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independence a divided on exactly how they feel about it some have been very dismayed that he's left some of even suggested that he's a captain leaving a sinking ship and then there are those who are still very much behind him who still really back him there have been the people who were out in the streets on friday saying that he was a hero they believe that this is part of a well crafted plan and they backed him in his desire to get european support for that strategy those who are against independence i think many of them have been telling us that they're quite relieved now that he's left the country and isn't trying to still goven from within catalonia and instead is backing these elections which are going to play take place on december twenty first it looks like we're heading more towards a democratic process with the elections rather than crushes on the streets. meanwhile of course there are lots of accusations that are being thrown around the carillon cabinet today saying that they are not criminals take
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a listen to what the alstad cabinet member said the planning member cabinet member for catalonia what he said today about the prospects of prosecution by the spanish government. so you think it's possible to go to prison because it's tiny yes this is very strange justice so obviously this is a possibility so we we are not to scare we we have no we are not criminals we are democrats so. if they want us in jail he's their responsibility i insist we are not criminals we are democrats thank you thank you very much i heard right there we're not criminals we're democrats some of us are in spain some of us are not charlotte we know that mr bush he took some of his former cabinet members with him to brussels but some of them also decided to stay in catalonia is there any type of strategy behind that i
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mean what are they doing there. that's right he took some he left some others behind this strategy isn't quite clear is possible that they reach that decision all together that it was decided that some would pursue the european pasta trying to visit europe while others stayed behind to govern and continue with the independence path from here or of course they could be a space in the party and some didn't want to leave future money and didn't want to be seen to be abandoning ship this ship that's not yet knowing we know that minister that we just heard from that other ministers dismiss ministers who stayed behind they met in parliament today they didn't release a statement afterwards and of course the permitted to do that they're allowed to meet together in parliament because even though parliament's been dissolved they are still m.p.'s what that plan going forward is is really are known and in a process is in so many twists and turns honestly anything could happen and you
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know we heard the member there and former member of the kettle on camera talking about strange justice in spain what about strange politics in strange elections we've got the former cattle on president who has now been subpoenaed he has to testify in spain. today he also said though that he welcomes snap elections in catalonia does this mean he could also run in those elections at the same time being forced to testify in the case against him. actually yes in fact over the weekend especially the spokesman said he was welcome. because a strategist said he still wouldn't you know. of course there are questions of whether the fractious coalition. will go again as a coalition or as individual parties but certainly he can run again even if the military generals in theory he can't now again we're not shot it's heritage and
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nobody knows any of this practice because there's absolutely no rest of the script well. actually get to the optics of while i mean it is precess and president of the council i'm going to speak. but only after a trial it's been two or three years so yes i mean all sorts of things that nobody saw months ago that we would see have been happening a continent and indeed yes the markets were in custody could certainly really get on who knows if it even. seems to be possible that's right strange but true our journalist martin roberts in madrid and correspondent charles until in barcelona to both of you thank you very much. but here in germany the country's interior minister says police have prevented a serious terrorist attack special forces arrested a nineteen year old syrian today in the northern city of sparing the suspect
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reportedly had contacts to islamist extremists and had been gathering materials for a highly explosive bomb his intended target remains unclear tonight. a syrian flag at a housing complex in a northern german town of. this is where special forces arrested a nineteen year old syrian man early on tuesday on suspicion of planning an islamist terrorist attack on the american fast as a human are according to our findings the yemen a decided at the latest in july to detonate a bomb but with the aim of killing and wounding a large number of people. on social networks he researched instructions on how to build a bomb we also know that the suspect was in contact online with people with jihadist backgrounds it has on and also the g.i. distortion spectrum mouth. throughout the morning police searched the apartment and
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other locations for additional evidence the suspect had placed orders online for chemicals to build a bomb. the german interior minister is convinced authorities have prevented a severe and imminent terrorist attack in germany. to get out some of the police operation took place at exactly the right moment light enough to secure the necessary proof and early enough to prevent any danger. that the danger of an islamist terrorist attack remains high in germany and europe and that security forces would act with determination to counter any threats. here's a look at some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world that russia turkey and iran have pledged to bring the syrian regime and its opponents together for a congress thirty three syrian groups and political parties which include the kurds
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and anti assad rebels have been invited to the talks in the black sea resort of sochi next month officials say the effort is aimed at nudging syria towards lasting peace after more than five years of civil war. afghan officials say an explosion in kabul has killed at least five people and injured several more police say a teenage suicide bomber blew himself up in the capital's diplomatic order so-called islamic state which has claimed responsibility. even a position leader right loading has called last week's election rerun a sham saying that president kenyatta had won the vote buying fraud and he told supporters that the opposition would respond with economic boycotts picketing and other legitimate forms of protest but it made no mention of launching a legal challenge to the election result. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin still to come luther's note of complaint to the catholic
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church nailed it to a door we'll look at the impact of that act of defiance five hundred years ago today. all right now something that is very modern very current is the eurozone economy kristoff and it appears it grew a little bit faster than expected last quarter that is right brad not only did the economy of the bloc expand by zero point six percent there's also promising news from the labor market unemployment fell to its lowest level in almost nine years now spain continued its strong recovery however large differences between the nineteen countries sharing the common currency remain. the eurozone economy is bouncing back most of the one thousand countries in the single currency bloc perform through presently well in the third quarter overall the eurozone exceeded expectations posting two and a half percent growth compared with the same period
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a year earlier. among the fastest growing economies was spain before the current tensions over catalonia with g.d.p. growing eight tenths of a percent from july to september france saw growth of half a percent with a similar figure for the german economy. the upswing has helped reduce unemployment which is at its lowest level since two thousand and nine overall fourteen point five million people were out of work in the eurozone in september that's one point five million fewer than a year ago but there are huge differences between euro zone countries in contrast to germany spain and greece are still suffering from the blocks highest jobless rates. a major tech companies have begun two days of hearings before u.s. lawmakers on how russia allegedly used their services to sway voters in last year's presidential election facebook google and twitter face increased scrutiny of the advertising models testimony from facebook has revealed that post from the russian
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internet agency reached as many as one hundred twenty six million users between twenty fifteen and august of this year the views were spread after people liked and share of the posts the ads focused on divisive social issues and pointed users towards the russian agency's pages. for more let's bring in our wall street correspondent yes scored a lot has been said in the hearing so far. well i mean you mentioned facebook and those numbers but other companies other networks also have been affected even before the hearing and twitter is saying that they actually canceled two thousand seven hundred accounts connected to the russian internet research agency a good month ago there was word out that it only would be a good two hundred accounts so obviously it is more widespread and if we look at
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google they are claiming that more than one thousand one hundred videos have been uploaded to you tube and those have been watched more than three hundred thousand times just here in the u.s. so the whole case seems to be pretty wide spread and we're also waiting for more information also what is going to happen on wednesday at this hearing and what does this alleged election meddling mean for the tech giants and their business model. that is one of the big questions with those hearings on one side those companies facebook google and twitter there's the in as witnesses to bring more light into this whole issue but on the other side they will also have to answer some questions they actually could have prevented that the the russian company uploaded
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those posts or videos and in the long run the question is if there will be more regulation if those companies have to do more if they do so then that could cost them an additional money so those are all some pressing questions here for wall street so far investors seem not to be too varied we saw hardly any reaction on the stocks of google and facebook twitter actually dropped by about three percent but that does not necessarily mean that this drop of the stock price is connected to this i'm hearing in washington the escort in new york thank you. and detainment company netflix says it is suspending production of house of cards the move follows allegations of sexual harassment against star kevin spacey the show is in its sixth and final season in a joint statement netflix and producer media rights capital separate action was put on hold to review the situation at the press and concerns of the cast and the crew
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spacey has been accused of trying to seduce a fourteen year old actor in one nine hundred eighty six one hundred fifty. germany marks five hundred years of protestant reformation and is only right that's what we're talking about christoph dermody is commemorating five hundred years since martin luther spearheaded the revolution which ultimately led to the birth of the protestant church in the eastern german city of witan bare german leaders gathered at the church on whose door luther is said to have nailed his ninety five the see those theses challenge to the authority of the pope. queuing up for church in martin luther's hometown witan back today thousands came to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the protestant reformation and all of my life i've been lutheran this is a very important day for me any less is the this is the place where luther lived and worked and we want to celebrate this today and that if one cannot understand
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german history without luther and the reformation it has left its mark on us i myself belong to a lutheran church and belief in its values. at the castle church of wittenberg germany's leaders including chancellor merkel herself daughter of a lutheran pastor attended a service to commemorate martin luther d.s. legend has it that it was here on this day five hundred years ago that nailed his ninety five thesis to the door of the council church the document was not tacked on practices of the catholic church luther wanted to reform it not divide it but his ideas for simply to revolutionary i'll timidly it was a liberation for the world the replace the hiroki of power and money but the new individual freedom manifested in love. in the time at their service and getting back the head of the protestant church in germany which bed for school meant he had of the catholic church in the country cardinal run up marx jointly
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presented german president funk with the steinmeyer with the cross as a symbol of unity after the service german chancellor angela merkel underlined the importance of religious liberty saying that ensuring it is one of the key duties of a free society. just as freedom of belief must always be protected from religious fanaticism so too must our commitment to that freedom include respecting those who practice a religion it should. today service representative the culmination of a year of celebrating the reformation throughout germany. and our correspondent kate brady she's been following those celebrations today invented very she joins us now good evening to you kate so what was the main takeaway from today's ceremony. well if there was one word that stood out from several of the speeches that took
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place today that was tolerance know something that was really hammered harmed by the german chancellor angela merkel who pressed the importance of the freedom of religion of course this is a very important issue right now in germany especially over the last couple of years when like across europe we've seen a growing trend of islamophobia and many different groups including here in germany picky and the political party the after they have struggled with the open mindedness which has been demanded of. merkel today and that's something that she's been encouraging throughout today's speech and that's also being reiterated by other people who spoke at the events today. all right as our correspondent kate brady from the eastern german television back there where celebrations have been taking place five hundred years since the start of the protestant reformation kate thank you very much. and we want to go back to that breaking news story developing
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in the united states police in new york city are investigating a vehicle strike in lower manhattan there are also reports of shots being fired local media reporting that there are multiple casualties one person has been taken into custody according to the n.y.p.d. and it took place near battery park city police have asked people to stay away from that area. sort of correspondents in the u.s. carson phenomenas on the line carson what more can you tell us about the situation in new york. what we've now so far is that apparently someone driving kind of a pickup truck of band. went down a bike path for several blocks so several hundred meters really running down cyclists and pedestrians there as many as six might be that there are several
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injured probably. we have no information so far what the motive could have been but law enforcement officers say it seems to have been deliberate act the perpetrator is reportedly in police custody reports say that he was shot in the leg we don't know if the reports about shots being fired were shots coming from the driver of that truck or from maybe a policeman or a private citizens trying to stop him according to the reports the truck was eventually stopped when it collided with a school bus and once again the president isn't police custody but so far not you have not released more information of what could be behind this if this is a terrorist attack or if there was some other motive and arson is there any confirmation concerning casualties. one we've heard that as
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many as six. flights of stairs and eleven injured is the latest figure i have heard but we are still in the very early stages and there has seen no official tally if you like but this is a founder of one of his it seems there is no accomplice on the perpetrator on the run but also that has not seen as i would still hopefully at least there was no ongoing. this is just the event is not an ongoing one but again we don't know this for sure all right course of the. breaking news story an incident in new york city crushed and thank you. after a break i'll be back to take you. around for that we'll be right back.
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