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tv   Treasures of the World - Roskilde Cathedral Denmark  Deutsche Welle  October 31, 2017 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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the vikings voyage the seas noting far and wide in europe from their bases in the north they were heathen people looking at the scandinavian norseman made christians of his subjects their rates continued however but even so in the eight ten century king harald bluetooth had a church built at the end of the roskilde a few would in denmark that his fame might be the great. his success and that had his own brother in law or in the church it was demolished and a new one built in its place in the twelfth and thirteenth century is the name of roskilde a cathedral acquired its present appearance and new building material was being
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used together with the new style and between them they resulted in new take brick gothic. the many graves in the interior are pointed to what is says special about this cathedral. the name makes a rather plain impression on first inspection the images of saints that for many graced it was stripped during the the reformation .
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the cathedral not any serves its congregation as a house of god it's also the final resting place of the old kings and queens of done. over the centuries the moneths had the cathedral and extended to accommodate that tombs and the red brick volta of the church came to house a rather riotous styles. behind this fresco lies harold bluetooth in what remained of his own and wooden church. the mortal remains of most of his successes down to the
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present day are in roskilde a cathedral and its death that dictates the mood a man take or do maiden plain and radiant depending on the prevailing taste and the personal preference of the departed. squire christoph died in thirteen sixty three too young to be anything more to history than the young brother of a great queen the queen was the formidable empire building margaret she had hoped to be buried in the monastic church when most of her family lay but the bishop of roskilde i had her body taken from the monks by force and in turn it in his
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cathedral. not so much so that the queen might have a fit resting place rather to gain fame his cathedral the tomb of the great great queen of denmark sweden norway and iceland. in the mid fifteenth century king christiane the first to build the chapel of the three kings it was intended that and water of knights would convene than. bought in the event the builder was laid to rest in it he and his queen lie under a plain stone in the floor. the granda tombs were commissioned by his successes those of christiane the third and frederick the second crafted in and two up are considered the finest renee's on sculptures in denmark.
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and. the adjoining chapel was built for christiana throughout. the day as well sixty years time sixteen forty eight and is considered one of the nation's preeminent tonics there were mantic a colored nationalism of the nineteenth century added many a lavish flourish and want to mentation to his chapel. thirty years more which christiane had dried the danes into proved
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a political desire. asked of of the country even so the king was seen as a military hero. move to leave wounded so his retinue believed the king collapsed upon the deck of his ship the trinity would be beheld him with frozen with horror but christiane stood up once again found his shattered eyes and called upon his men to fight the good fight. in king christiane's de ros kildow was merely the seat of the diocese it was no longer the residence of the danish kings as it had been from the eleventh to fifteenth century as nowadays well skilled is effectively a suburb of copenhagen visit has come mainly to see the viking ships that were raised from the field and restored the bells in the margaret tower still strike daily as they always have at ten at three at five and at seven o'clock.
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the danish monarchs and no longer involved in the business of government and have abandoned some of the old pump as the most recent tomb dating from one thousand nine hundred five shows it is privilege enough to be interred in all beside this cathedral church. the cathedral of roskilde a influenced architectural styles throughout the country. and for instance was brought to denmark through the funerary chapel of frederick the fifth. buried here too among them christan the seventh. this great chapel was originally planned for just five. but in eight hundred
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fourteen during the napoleonic wars the british destroyed the danish fleet which spelled lumen for the kingdom's treasury. there was now no money to build a new chapel space had to be found in him at the succeeding. the last of the funerary chapels in the cathedral was built in one thousand nine hundred twenty four all for christiane the ninth and his successes.
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roskilde a cathedral has many a tale to tell and many a mystery to reveal in this age there revealed to anyone for the wings of the ortez a kept open nowadays not merely opened on high feast days. a marvel of detailed carving the high altar crafted in fifteen sixty narrates the life of christ.
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happy to those whose names are emotionalized here histories have their place beside the biblical tales of the family of used to well having this plaque placed here was doubtless felt to be a great. while commanded the danish meet in a battle against the swedes in seventeen fifteen but a cannon ball proved his undoing at the very moment when danish victory was assured and the cheering aboard the flagship was at its best a straight twelve lb i hit. the bronze cannon is mounted below his epitaph.
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every visitor with time for the environs of copenhagen comes to see ross killed a cathedral a guided tour takes about half hour to come faith details and stories that make the cathedral so special a place it is of course not enough time for the descendants of the vikings the danes of today killed a cathedral is a national monument for petty generations they have been building it or visiting it to worship or to pay their last respects to their kings and queens.
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