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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 12:02am-12:16am CET

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when we run as a show and says the results must not stand rylan a dingo withdrew from the race and staged a boycott he has called for a third election and promised more protests on the streets. the. tech giants under scrutiny representatives of facebook google and twitter are facing questions of u.s. lawmakers over fake news fake events propaganda other misinformation during the twenty sixteen presidential election also more turbulence there bus first corruption charges in europe now the plane maker admits to in accuracies in the united states and bogus bulliet skin avian authorities are investigating how a fake gold bar could be sold at a branch of the country's biggest bank. this is the business i'm first of coburg welcome major tech companies have begun two days of hearings before u.s.
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lawmakers on how russia and legibly use their services to sway voters and last year's presidential election the world's largest social network facebook testified that one hundred twenty six million americans may have seen politically divisive posts that originated in russia under fake names. the white house caught in a web of black spiders for halloween the president and first lady confront the monsters in the garden. but trump may have even bigger fears especially since a former foreign policy adviser to his campaign george papadopoulos has admitted to lying to the f.b.i. about contacts with russian intelligence he could be an important informant to special counsel robert miller if he delivers concrete evidence that trumps campaign team illegally colluded with the russian government mother was appointed and made to lead the investigation into question meddling in the twenty sixteen election. during the campaign ads from russia were placed on social media that could have
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influenced the votes of up to one hundred twenty six million u.s. citizens many of the ads pushed pro trump messages opposing clinton now investigators are trying to clarify how that could have happened. regarding the company's facebook twitter google coming before us in those committees that it really is time for them to step out and recognize that we have a problem facebook twitter and google have been responding to lawmakers questions and back to back hearings in both the senate and the house. for more let's bring in our wall street correspondent. has been said in the hearing so far well i mean you mentioned facebook and those numbers but other companies other networks also have been affected even before the hearing twitter is saying that they
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actually canceled two thousand seven hundred accounts connected to the russian internet research agency months ago there was word out that it only would be a good two hundred accounts so obviously it is more widespread and if we look at google they are claiming that more than one thousand one hundred videos have been uploaded to you tube and those have been watched more than three hundred thousand times just here in the u.s. so the whole case seems to be pretty wide spread and we're also waiting for more information also what is going to happen on wednesday at this hearing and what does this alleged election meddling mean for the tech giants and their business model. that is one of the big questions with those hearings on one side those companies facebook google and twitter there's the in as witnesses to bring more light into
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this whole issue but on the other side they will also have to answer some questions if they actually could have prevented. the the russian company uploaded those posts or videos and in the long run the question is if there will be more regulation if those companies have to do more if they do so then that could cost them an additional money so those are all some pressing questions here for wall street so far investors seem not to be too very worried we saw hardly any reaction on the stocks of google and facebook twitter actually dropped by about three percent but that does not necessarily mean that this drop of the stock price is connected to this i'm hearing in washington yes court in new york thank you house of cards has been a cash cow for the video on demand king netflix and although the actors are playing the botched immoral characters it doesn't refer reflect well on netflix if the
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actors are behaving like the characters and real life now the entertainment company says it is suspending production of the show the move follows a negation is of sexual harassment against our kevin spacey. for years house of cards has been netflix's most popular show since the video on demand service launched the groundbreaking political drama series in twenty thirteen the number of subscribers has grown sharply to one hundred ten million worldwide now netflix says it's pausing production in order to review the situation the company was reacting to sexual abuse charges leveled by anthony rapp a former child actor raps in space he tried to seduce him in one nine hundred eighty six when he was fourteen on twitter spacey apologized for the incident which he claimed he couldn't remember netflix said it had already decided to end house of cards with the sixth season before the accusations became public. the eurozone
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economy grows stronger than expected last quarter not only that the economy of the bloc expand by zero point six percent unemployment also fell to its lowest level in almost nine years however large differences between the nine hundred countries sharing the common currency remain. the eurozone economy is bouncing back most of the one thousand countries in the single currency bloc performed surprisingly well in the third quarter overall the eurozone exceeded expectations posting two and a half percent growth compared with the same period a year earlier. among the fastest growing economies was spain before the current tensions over catalonia with g.d.p. growing eight tenths of a percent from july to september france so a growth of half a percent with a similar figure for the german economy. the upswing has helped reduce unemployment
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which is at its lowest level since two thousand and nine overall fourteen point five million people were out of work in the eurozone in september that's one point five million fewer than a year ago but there are huge differences between euro zone countries in contrast to germany spain and greece are still suffering from the blocks highest jobless rates. european aircraft maker airbus has posted quote on the core operating earnings of almost seven hundred million euros but a surprise admission is overshadowing the results the company says it found in accuracies and statements to the u.s. state department regarding the sale of military hardware this comes on top of all resolved legal troubles from corruption probes in europe. a bus employees should prepare themselves for turbulent times this morning came from the c.e.o. himself tom enders and was directed to around one hundred thirty thousand employees
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worldwide the c.e.o. has also filed a corruption complaint with the british authorities against his own company and as wanted to clean up the european aircraft giant. this is going to be a long process and there are potentially serious consequences including significant penalties to the company this is what end is wrote to the aircraft makers staff in early october the extent of the damage is not yet known the allegations are of kickbacks during sales of airbus passenger and military aircraft the effort to boost business also involved the use of illicit funds and be a sales agents for hot but boy from transparency international one thing is clear the company's management has failed and end as a c.e.o. is responsible. as of venice who is if it's true that he didn't know then there's definitely organizational problems which can be traced back to him and there's no question about it because after twenty years of o.e.c.d.
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rules ten years after the semen scandal to not ensure that you know what's happening in your company is impossible and especially in such a difficult business situation with competition from boeing and other competitors it's clear there's a strong temptation to do something like that industry it has taken more care even if you really didn't know. the result is that airbus could be hit with fines in the billions in britain and france and that could have a severe economic impact on the company in germany authorities are investigating the sale of fifteen euro fighter jets to austria here to there are also believed to be irregularities but in germany there's been no indictment against the company only individual employees and we desperately need a corporate criminal law where companies are threatened by serious punishment this is long been the case in britain and france we're thirty years behind and this is perhaps the consequence of the german age a network of interconnected german companies who protect each other and it's not ok . global companies like airbus and siemens are particularly susceptible to
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corruption especially in situations where the local customs are more blurred. and is now needs to demonstrate cooperation with the authorities. buying gold is a popular impulse among investors and turbulent times of course purchasing the actual physical boyens isn't the only way to invest in gold but counterfeit bars are an obvious concern for those looking for a safe haven like the one that was solved by the royal bank of canada. when all that glitters is gold you need experts to tell you so especially if purported markings from the royal canadian meant makers gold bullion and like legitimate here there is no gold whatsoever but it's it's it's not made of gold you know that was a problem for this jewelry business which bought the bar it's since been reimbursed but investors and jewelers alike might be worried at
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a compromised supply. for the mint will want to get the bottom of it because it. undermines confidence in their product and they certainly don't don't want that nor does any of the financial institutions in canada want that they don't especially not the royal bank of canada which sold the board it's since returned the piece for testing at the mint but other bogus ones could be in wide circulation and difficult to find. so go take all the gold you have and see about how tomorrow.
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