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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 7:00am-8:00am CET

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d.w. made for mines. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin placed sources named the suspect in the new york terrorist attack this is the man a twenty nine year old truck driver from his back is to he said he's too it's said
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he's to have been at the wheel of the pickup truck that drove into pedestrians killing eight we'll get the latest from the u.s. also coming up in germany police detained a nineteen year old syrian suspected of gathering parts for a powerful bomb the interior minister says he was planning a serious terrorist attack. the ousted president of catalonia is out of the country but for how much longer the spanish court summons call his push them all to testify as it decides whether to charge him and his allies with sedation. plus a month after the national election germany still has no new government the parties likely to form a coalition are meeting today to address the needs of germany's rural population they say they're often neglected in a highly industrialized economy like germany. and in soccer. munich good balance
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to the knockout phase of the champions league after defeating celtic in glasgow. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us police sources have identified the man suspected of killing eight and injuring eleven in a truck attack in new york city they say a twenty nine year old truck driver from his back a stand was behind the wheel of a vehicle that rammed bike lane users in manhattan police shot him and he is now being treated in hospital the authorities say it was a terrorism attack but that the suspect seemed to have been acting alone. why are you there no it's right here rescuers race to free children trapped in a shredded school bus they're just some of the victims of tuesday's terrorist attack in lower manhattan luckily no one on this bus was killed others were not as
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fortunate. just moments earlier this pickup truck tore down a bike path nearby plowing into cyclists and pedestrians alike witnesses describe the carnage and the ensuing police shoot out in the bike lane clearly in the bike lane and i see when i go down i see two gentlemen laying right there in the bike lane with tire marks across their body and you could tell that they're not here no more maybe thirty seconds later i hear somewhere between five in time gunshots one after another and that's when i got interested so i turned around to see what happened. when i walked up to it the first thing i saw was a man lying on the ground face down in the middle of the street he was surrounded by police. it appeared that he was injured. this footage shows the suspect fleeing on foot after jumping from the truck and brandishing but later turned out to be
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fake guns police shot him in the stomach before arresting him he's now recovering at a hospital. u.s. media have identified the attack suspect as this man twenty nine year old safe from his back. witnesses said he could be heard chanting allahu akbar god is great in arabic authorities were quick to label the incident as a terrorist attack. let me be clear to based on the information we have at this moment that this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians. u.s. president donald trump took to twitter to offer condolences to the victims and their families. he also ordered the department of homeland security to step up its vetting of people traveling to the u.s. . for now authorities say there is no evidence the attack was part of
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a wider terror plot and they believe the suspect acted alone. our correspondent coston phenomena joins us now from the u.s. capital costs not understand police have the attacker in custody what more can you tell us about him well as we just heard in the report a young man was big national who came to the united states legally in two thousand and ten. is a permanent resident with the so-called green card and worked as a driver for the right hailing service. he has lived in cincinnati also in tampa florida and eventually settled in new jersey near new york just across the river hudson where this terrible incident in manhattan now took place according to the reports we have seen he's married with children seems to have very
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fundamentalist religious views and police found in the truck a handwritten note apparently in which he said that his allegiance to the islamic state still your thought is think that he was a lone wolf so he might have been inspired by the i ass but not directly directed by it ok what about those who were killed or injured in this attack do we know their identities yet. we know that five of the victims who were killed were from tina very tragically these were a group of men who came to new york to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their college graduation also we know that one of the victims that were killed was a belgian national the identity of the other two victims who were killed we don't have yet among those injured also two kids and two adults who were traveling
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on the bus this truck crashed into at the end of it's deadly right now there's already talk of tightening security measures in response to this attack president trump i understand is ordered to step up vetting process is what are you hearing. it was quite remarkable that president trump so quickly a used this event to promote his anti me gratian and security agenda up is the islamist terrorism is a big problem not only in the united states but also in many other western countries but still it's worth mentioning that it's still a thousand times more likely in america in the u.s. to be killed by another american than by is the missed terrorists actually according to some statistics it's more likely to be killed by an toddler in the
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u.s. than by it is the missed terrorist so the question is really if president trump has his priorities right you know when it comes to the issue of violence what was very impressive was the resilience of new yorkers tuesday it was halloween and there was a tradition of big halloween parades which actually took place and i guess some of the people who attended it had some mixed feelings but still the message was clear we are new yorkers we survived september eleventh we will survive this attack and we will not change our way of life because of these terrorists. is constant phenomena there in new york thank you well here in germany it seems another terrorist attack has been foiled germany's interior minister says police have arrested a nineteen year old syrian in the northern city of sherene the suspect reportedly had contacts with islamist extremists and had been gathering materials for
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a highly explosive bomb his intended target is still unclear. a syrian flag at a housing complex in the north in germantown. this is where special forces arrested a nineteen year old syrian man early on tuesday on suspicion of planning an islamist terrorist attack one's american fosters a human are according to our findings the yemen a decided at the latest in july to detonate a bomb but with the aim of killing and wounding a large number of people. on social networks he researched instructions on how to build a bomb we also know that the suspect was in contact online with people with jihadist backgrounds and it has one in g. i just. talked throughout the morning police searched the apartment and other locations for additional evidence the suspect had placed us on line for chemicals
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to build a bomb the german interior minister is convinced authorities have prevented a severe and imminent terrorist attack in germany. to get out some of the police operation took place at exactly the right moment light enough to secure the necessary proof and early enough to prevent any danger. the danger of an islamist terrorist attack remains high in germany and europe and that security forces would act with determination to counter any threats spain's high court has summoned the sun cathal and leader to testify in madrid on thursday is the latest twist in an all in the ongoing crisis collis pushed him all is currently in brussels to travel to belgium after prosecutors announced they would file charges of following his declaration of independence they accuse him and other cabinet members of rebellion and other crimes. karla's demands first
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appearance since declaring catalan independence last week was every bit as frenetic as the political fallout he left behind in spain and now in belgium the ousted president said he's there for protection not asylum. because. this is not the belgian question here in brussels as a result of the euro i'm here. to act with freedom and safety and security. as he laughed yet more chaos the upstart leader couldn't avoid questions of whether he had fled the scene. outside the spanish unity supporters certainly think so. i'm here to defend spain and complain about this person who is a coward and a terror maker because. the courts made to have their say invoking laws
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rarely used in modern times catalan leaders face up to thirty years in prison for crimes of sedition rebellion and embezzlement. but the spanish government does welcome support for fresh elections in december seen as a concession to madrid. it is very important to respect this call for elections from the prime minister of the spanish government. and this is very important because this implies an acceptance that the return to democratic legality lies with accepting democratic elections. back in barcelona still dominates the airwaves though some were surprised at their former leader turning up in belgium supporters say they understand why he's there when i when i look at it yes i understand what he's saying right now the spanish government isn't giving him any guarantees and then he learns here they can put him in prison. in the u.s.
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whether his. it to break up spain will indeed to land him behind bars will be the subject of intense scrutiny not just here but across europe. oh well journalist martin roberts is covering the story from madrid and joins us now pushed him up has been ordered to appear in court in spain to morrow has he indicated whether or not he plans to be there he said no son says he does but last night he quickly so it's our state race stations it was rushing out in brussels he not received any summons you know he has lost it's our nearest on the other thing i think the significance is he said he says that it was a trial and one of the two it was kind of the comics last night they were on and. nobody actually knows what it is you know it's a he said in brussels already less of
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a quick answer is they just show no sense of. well what if he doesn't show up martin what can spanish authorities do well the only public prosecutor's office maybe correctly the city doesn't able. to issue a european arrest warrant you know the thing of course is that it is public so. euros and. that's the amount of money which the government records. actually. if they can come up with. an expense. well that goes to the above but it's you know it's a matter of course and i think it will sum up. now you mentioned some of his colleagues who are also implicated in this in this affair the former catalan
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interior minister in a company pushed him out of brussels he he's arrived back in barcelona overnight what's going to happen to him. well pretty much the seventh and i mean yes the. price is you know you're going to. saturday night if they need to show up if they don't i don't know. if the judge it's as. choices. you can order them so they were not and it's. going to go if the charges are very serious and if. so as you suggest something because that's just the last case of a missing. but certainly this. could well be regarded as a march it thanks so much for bringing us up today to martin roberts there in
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madrid. it's a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today kenya's opposition leader rana a doing a has called last week's election right rerun a sham saying that and yanto won the vote by frog he told supporters that the opposition would respond with economic boycotts picketing and other legitimate forms of protest but adding it made no mention of launching a legal challenge to the result. and russia says one of its submarines deployed in the mediterranean sea has fired three cruise missiles into syria's eastern dare is or province the strikes targeted one of the few remaining urban strongholds of the so-called islamic state in syria. russian president vladimir putin is set to meet his a rainy and counterpart house on rouhani in tehran today the talks will focus on the ongoing conflict in syria as moscow has
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a new initiative to end the country's civil war the wren and russia want fresh elections in syria featuring current ruler bashar al assad iran has said cooperation with russia is a clear rebuke to u.s. efforts to stem iranian influence in the middle east. let's bring in our moscow correspondent yury rachet zero on this story hi ruth tell us how significant is this meeting between the russian and iranian leaders into around. while this meeting takes place in the context of increased tensions between tehran and washington off to get us president all trump refused to confirm iran's implementation of the nuclear agreement and washington post penalties against a tampon for its test of ballistic missiles in september this year however terry now both must go and stay around obviously going to send a clear signal to washington which means once again moscow is support for the
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iranian leadership and at the same time it could be a signal to europe to show the look at moscow like brussels is committed to the green mint the question here is the cost of that to mean any cooperation between moscow and brussels at this issue experts say if yes only rhetorically because if washington still decides to cancel the agreement and to impose sanctions on tehran once again by the europeans all russians want to be able to do anything against its now russia has been coordinating talks between various factions involved in the syrian conflict another round just took place in kazakhstan what came out of those talks. well let's keep in mind that these let's call them alternative told us in austin i have been taking place for almost one the year meanwhile since they are starting january diplomats have been facing huge challenges struggling to achieve even small successes to stop violence in syria the for the escalation zones for example set up since may of this year awful want but unity for diminishing
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mistrust on both sides and it seems non of the warring parties to want to give up views on speeches through at least of the government and the non jihadist opposition and this is terry one of the outcomes in austin on rushers going to be hosting a further talks on the syrian conflict in tsotsi on nov eighteenth more than thirty belligerent factions are invited to those talks should we expect any progress there well i've been talking recently to representatives of russia's minister of defense in moscow who confirmed to that that the so-called islamic state could definitely collapse very soon in syria and iraq and the question is terry what comes next what is the what is needed they say is a national conference and meetings that includes all the groups in syrian society all ethnic and religious groups with representatives of both the government and the opposition suggestions like these have been made to people really during the years
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syrian civil war for almost seven years russia is presently putin the said recently he hoped that further talks in sochi could help to overcome distrust on both sides finally but presumably coming talks in sochi in the end will be very very difficult indeed like every talks in the past w's moscow correspondent euro shadow thanks. you're watching the news still to come martin luther's gripes about the catholic church nailed to a church door five hundred years ago we'll look at the impact of his defiance on europe and the world. but first let's talk business facebook google and twitter like face increased scrutiny scrutiny of their advertising models it's all about russian meddling in the u.s. elections got as i'd say the companies have begun two days of hearings before u.s. lawmakers the question is has russia used the company's services to spy american
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voters in last year's presidential elections the world's largest social network facebook has admitted that one hundred twenty six million people in america may have seen politically divisive posts from fake account that originated in russia facebook's spokesman described the content as vile upsetting and cynical. the white house caught in a web of black spiders for halloween the president and first lady confront the monsters in the garden. but trump may have even bigger fears especially since a former foreign policy adviser to his campaign george papadopoulos has admitted to lying to the f.b.i. about contacts with russian intelligence he could be an important informant to special counsel robert miller if he delivers concrete evidence that trumps campaign team illegally colluded with the russian government mother was appointed and made to lead the investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election.
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during the campaign ads from russia were placed on social media that could have influenced the vote of up to one hundred twenty six million u.s. citizens many of the ads pushed pro trump messages opposing clinton now investigators are trying to clarify how that could have happened. regarding the company's facebook twitter google coming before us in both committees that it really is time for them to step up and recognize that we have a problem facebook twitter and google have been responding to lawmakers questions and back to back hearings in both the senate and the house. germany's president. as on his way to singapore to meet with president. stan miles visiting germany's most important trade partner and they a.z.n. area there are currently around one thousand five hundred german companies registered there and germany exports
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a total of just under eight billion euros worth of goods to the islands country singapore exports almost five billion euros in goods back to germany make you know singapore's most important tried partner in the. so let's go straight to singapore where our correspondent there hanging is standing by there so what's on president stand as agenda who as you well since you meeting. well apart from hind my uncle he is going to meet a few mystery cabinet ministers as well. not much detail on all of what's what his agenda was singapore and i asked the un for that matter but he is going to move on to new zealand and australia were right up to this council of obviously off the both my eyes and young hope so appointments as president of the my uncle was just voted in september of two offices and again she is saying of course first female muslim leader i also don't have any talk about there this could also be an
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opportunity for both parties to not just talk about i'd say relations and potential opportunities where born countries can and are still working together they are also going to be discussing some socio political issues given the tension rising tension that space in both countries at this very moment and to hang in singapore there thank you very much buying gold is a popular impulse among investors and turbulent times of course but since the actual physical bully ons baz risks counterfeit boss are an obvious concern for those looking for safe haven like the one that was sold by also a branch of the royal bank of canada. when all that glitters is gold you need experts to tell you so especially if purported markings from the royal canadian men make is called rebellion and it legitimate. there is no gold whatsoever but it's
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it's it's not made of gold you know that was a problem for this jewelry business which bought the bar it's since been reimbursed but investors in jewelers and like might be worried at a compromised supply. i fear the mint will want to get the bottom of it because it . undermines confidence in their product and they certainly don't don't want that nor does any of the financial institutions in canada want that they don't especially not the royal bank of canada which sold before it since returned the piece for testing at the mint but other bogus ones could be in wide circulation and difficult to find and that's all you'll business and i'll back to terry for more well news thanks very much guy had a very big day here in germany people across the country been commemorating the day five hundred years ago when martin luther set the protestant reformation rolling across europe in the eastern german city of it and back the nation's leaders
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gathered for a service in the church where luther is said to have nailed his ninety five theses challenging papal authority. queuing up for church in martin luther's hometown witan back today thousands came to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of the protestant reformation and all of my life i've been lutheran this is a very important day for me any less is the this is the place where luther lived and worked and we want to celebrate this today and that if one cannot understand german history without luther and the reformation it has left its mark on us i myself belong to a lutheran church and belief in its values but. at the council church of wittenberg germany's leaders including chancellor merkel herself daughter of a lutheran pastor attended a service to commemorate martin luther d.s. legend has it that it was here on this day five hundred years ago that nailed his ninety five thesis to the door of the council church the document was not tacked on
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practices of the catholic church luther wanted to reform it not divided but his ideas to simply to revolutionary how i'll timidly it was a liberation for the world the replace the hiroki of power and money but the new individual freedom manifested in love. in the time of their service and getting back the head of the protestant church in germany which bed for its torment he had of the catholic church in the country cardinal run up marx jointly presented german president funk with the steinmeyer with the cross as a symbol of unity after the service german chancellor angela merkel underlined the importance of religious liberty saying that ensuring it is one of the key duties of a free society. just as freedom of belief must always be protected from religious fanaticism so too must our commitment to that freedom include respecting those who practice
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a religion it should. today service representative the culmination of a year of celebrating the reformation throughout germany. you're watching news still to come undocumented immigrants in the united states face an uncertain future under president donald trump how likely is a deal to protect their children will others face deportation. to him or still to come stay with. futuristic officials and doug serious drive it up the
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a paving stone why do algae make clear lose. good idea kill working anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other. in africa vitamin a is e. d w. health . and here in studio. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth on d. w. . welcome back you're watching the news i'm terry martin but our top story police sources have named the sauce of chance america's conservatives once again doubt the most votes they are
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still working on calling together a coalition to lead the country they're meeting today with their most likely coalition partners the greens and free democrats to iron out some of their differences today's discussion will focus on the issues of housing and agriculture but also consumer rights culture and narrowing the divide between rich and poor we'll talk to our political correspondent who's following the talks in a moment but first this report looking at some of the problems facing germans living in rural parts of the country. in. the town of. lies an eastern germany's region and is in a state of decline the streets are lined with abandoned houses their former inhabitants have either passed away or moved to big cities there are hardly any newcomers nearly no stores no schools despite the financial incentives being
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offered businesses have avoided this place modern companies need a broadband network but that will be installed for another three years the mayor of the neighboring village of godso also complains about emigration to the big cities but function says he still has hope because some families want to stay. longer our children are the foundation of any village i think the village should think of its children when formulating policy and give them a future having a kindergarten or a school can sustain a village. of eighty children now attend the local kindergarten the school next door was supposed to close due to a lack of students but two years ago some refugee families moved to god so now the school is back in business. the village has just a small bakery it's the only place that sells food and it's only open for a few hours a day. the supermarket here closed years ago fung has lived here since childhood
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and he wants to stay. involved with us for the bad thing about this village is that nothing is here. we used to have a butcher a supermarket a hairdresser a bank now it's all gone there's nothing left but it's bad and the young people go where they can get a job. as county commissioner of makah showdown and ghana which mitt is the highest level politician around he wants germany's new federal government to invest in local villages but he feels this money should be used strategically. the money shouldn't go into subsidy programs that would build the fiftieth or hundredth village community center we need good infrastructure that connects rural areas with metropolitan water. at the moment only five buses a day connect these villages with the big cities nearby but that's not enough to
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convince young families to move to the scenic order valley and tourists aren't interested either. tell us bring in our political correspondent simon young who's covering those talks for parliamentary studio simon how significant is the divide between rural areas and big cities here in germany and is it a concern for the country's political leaders. terry i think there is an important divide and of course there's a natural pressure for that to grow and if you look at unemployment for instance places like. saxony and how little mecklenburg for pa men in the east of germany or north rhine-westphalia in the west have the highest unemployment in the country also cities like berlin and braman these places have you know unemployment that's two or three percent higher than the german average and so that makes
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a huge difference by the way other rural areas like the various have low unemployment so there are obviously mixed factors here but if you in particular if you look at eastern germany you know you really see this problem as shown in that film of younger people moving away in search of work g.d.p. per capita in eastern germany is still only three quarters of what it is in the west you know so people move away for work or indeed when they move to university in search of opportunities you have vicious cycle businesses not investing and other services not being provided so it's a it's a hot topic here and one that the government's keen to it to to address germany doesn't have a model like france or britain you know there's no central capital economic powerhouse like london or paris there are many centers and it scene is of an absolute political good to spread the world around the country the other thing i'd
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like to mention terry is the rise of the f.t. the the the far right party that's been doing particularly well in eastern germany none of the parties potentially in this new coalition want to see that support rise so they'd like to do something for those those poor regions and rural regions to give people more opportunities ok let's get back to these talks between the prospective coalition partners simon bridging the rural urban gap is just one of the issues they're trying to find common ground on at this point what do you think are the biggest sticking points to be resolved before a coalition agreement can be signed. well the two big sticking points have already been flagged there climate change and migration and there's a real problem there on climate change you know you've got the greens quite naturally saying you know the government must be serious about meeting its emission reduction targets and that could include the end it does include the end of coal
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fired electricity generation you've got the free democrats those saying well you know we will do that but only up to the point that you know business has to be we have to keep business going the economy going because in the end that could if we weaken the economy that could make it more difficult to achieve those climate targets on migration the very in conservatives the c.s.u. still saying they want an absolute cap on the amount of immigration in germany other parties like the greens find that much more difficult to do so these issues have already been touched on and it's no surprise that in the first round of talks they weren't able to agree on that simon thank you so much t.w. simon young there at our parliamentary studios to the united states now where the children of undocumented immigrants the so-called dreamers are growing increasingly concerned about their future there are around
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eight hundred thousand of them many still young who've never known any other home than the u.s. now present don't trump has asked congress to come up with a new law to secure their residency status but the dreamers are concerned that won't happen so they're lobbying congress to try to avoid being deported. he arrived here with thirteen graduated from high school and university today luis gandhi my stance in congress on behalf of thousands of dreamers demanding support from politicians that trump policies what hugh intimately wants is to militarize the border and to create that he saw a lake in corage during his campaign and now he wants to use. our. dream act to be able to bargain to to build his world many of the dreamers feel that way they say their situation is not being considered as it should be in congress today
7:39 am
the end documented mothers are also here to support their kids joyous and free though i have suffered what i have to work sixteen to seventeen hours a day in this country in order to offer my son the opportunity to study the house a good life nothing has been easy for us in this country to another is that by us us congress men at riana aspire yet was once also an undocumented boy in the united states now he represents the state of new york in the house of representatives he supports a bill in congress that has been brought in by democrats and some republicans it was a bipartisan bill that has close to two hundred sponsors you need two hundred eighteen the past and so we're very close to getting a legislative commitment from the rank and file members to pass this legislation and the only one that's really getting in the middle of this now and throwing a monkey wrench if you may is the president president i'll try and press release a list of conditions for agreeing on the dream or sustain we have to have
7:40 am
a wall if the wall is going to be obstructed when we leave the far right then we're not doing it right one of the conditions is the building of a wall on the u.s. mexican border the other one is the deportation of undocumented immigrants and that will mean that the dreamers parents will be forced to go back to their tree. not. yeah that was for years the rails the discussion. back doesn't help us it's time you say we're going to allow these young people to stay here but we're going to deport their parents does a nonstarter right there because we don't want to split the family according to a us media poll around seventy five percent of americans support the doc a program if these young professionals are forced to leave the united states the impact on the country's economy would be tremendous because the u.s. would lose billions of dollars in taxes income during the next years around eight
7:41 am
hundred thousand young undocumented immigrants are depending now on a possible bipartisan solution here in the u.s. congress democrats will have to reach out now for moderate republicans. well for more now i'm joined here in the studio by tyson barker he's an analyst on u.s. affairs from the aspen institute germany good morning tyson morning in that report there we heard that getting the dreamer's legalized for trump at least has a lot of strings attached president trump wants to get his wall built if he's going to legalize the dreamers as well built with mexico it's been a big project of his for some time do you think lawmakers will agree to the short answer is no i think that for the democrats that's really a red line i mean this is something that would really motivate the v.a. the base to come out against democrats for their their base the wall is a no go it's what chuck schumer said it's a nonstarter and in this case the democrats have some cards to play when they negotiated the budget extension to make sure that the government didn't shut down
7:42 am
they didn't extend it beyond march which is the deadline for the doc act to you know be lifted they extended it until. december basically setting the stage to tie a dock a passage do allow the dreamers to stay to a budget deal so they have a lot of cards in there and there they have a lot of leverage with the republicans and the republicans realize this so i think that the democrats are going to have a strong hand to play in this president trump says i want this wall no wall no deal is he going to get this wall i mean literally there is no room to maneuver with the democrats and you will need democratic support either for a dhaka bill obviously to be majority democratic support or for a budget because frankly they're you going to lose a big portion a big swath of the republicans in the house of representatives so you get a need democrats on board and the route the delta compromise just doesn't cross on
7:43 am
the wall ok well it comes down though for trumpet sounds like to the wall if no wall will he abandon the dreamer's then i think that this is this is an area where congress has a bigger role i mean he literally gave he withdrew the. executive order said that there was going to be a six month period for congress to act congress is in the driver's seat here and of course he can set the narrative he can drive it he could veto a budget that did not include funding for a while but did include the dreamers act that's something he could do but that would be enormously destructive because you're also talking about funding the entire government including the military the unpredictability of what the white house is doing is has become actually defines the white house at this point we'll see what comes of that now it's not just the dreamers themselves of course who are pressuring congress in this case they also have some other powerful allies. like the business community for example yeah i mean the tech community has come out in full force for the dreamers and there are a couple of reasons for that these are their their base essential these are both their consumers and their programmers i mean these are highly educated
7:44 am
millennialists who are climbing up the ladder of social mobility and these are these are the people who are programming at apple at google at facebook they're also the people using those products and the truth is is that every american gets it this is these kids who came here by no fault of their own are not did not commit the original sin of being illegal immigrants they are just here and they're just trying to live that american dream that's why they're called the dreamers so the business community is kind of jumped on this as a good american story you know this is a good origin story and something that most americans support as those polls indicate now given the bitter divisions in the u.s. congress between the republicans and the democrats do you think it's still possible to reach any kind of bipartisan agreement on immigration policy it was something the obama administration wanted to trumpet ministration well it's not clear what's going to happen on immigration in the u.s. it's extremely thorny i mean we haven't had anything since one thousand nine hundred six you know when obama after his reelection in two thousand and twelve
7:45 am
made this is number one issue they were able to pass something with i think seventy percent or seventy senators in the senate but the house wouldn't take up the bill that bill would have passed that would have. signed by president obama in this environment that seems even less likely the only reforms start immigration the u.s. immigration system that you're going to see are in these discrete matters like for daca ok tyson thank you so much tyson barker there from the aspen institute germany now the percentage of immigrants living in the u.s. pales in comparison to that of many other nations such as jordan that country has taken in more than one point four million refugees from the war in neighboring syria many are housed in refugee camps but most scratch out an existence says urban refugees in towns and cities the city of in a big lies about ten kilometers from the syrian border and houses one of the biggest syrian refugee communities. correspondent tanya kramer reports now on the
7:46 am
daily struggle facing refugees who fled syria as children. he should be at school but mohammad to everyone he had to call it is working at a bakery instead his specialty is sweet pastries. the fifteen year old fled to jordan with his siblings and called the four years ago. or study medicine i missed school a lot you're caught up in a bad situation but the alternative back home is worse we got used to it. his mother and his oldest brother were killed in the war in jordan the family lived in a refugee camp at first but because they left the camp on their own accord that barely qualified eight that is another reason the family depends on his earnings hammoud is here at the bakery every time work is on. it's barely enough for the apartment the rent electricity water and the rest my sister sometimes works as
7:47 am
a hairdresser. we don't work we don't eat but we're surviving. his boss also forced to flee from syria supports him even if the mood it doesn't have a work permit the baker transmits his knowledge to the traditional learn from his own father in syria. the situation does not allow him to study so he learns and helps his family with the expenses and home. he likes to learn we syrians help each other here away from home no one will hire him. it's estimated that just like him moved his family over one million syrians have sought refuge in jordan according to government figures the country recently east some restrictions for refugees to find work six hundred fifty thousand syrians are registered with the un refugee agency but after many years away from home most of
7:48 am
them have next to nothing the situation is getting harder for the families to move ahead economic opportunities are still limited so families becoming more and more we see like that eighty percent of the refugees leave you need to see these here in jordan see them refugees in the cities they live under the poverty line home is now a rental unit at the edge of the city her mood and his older sister must now also take care of their father who is ill he lost an arm during an attack in syria and was tortured in prison due to the trauma they experienced and the challenges of daily life the family holds together fast. when i was in syria i had many hopes about how it would be here now i have no hope except to become an expert of what i am doing and to support my family and myself and to make a small future for myself that's all i think about now. is how many tell us is
7:49 am
how moody most top of his class at home in syria but into wouldn't he had to change his expectations and pursue a new path. football now and by and munich have sealed their gresham to the knockout stages of the champions league the german champions travel to scotland to face celtic and went ahead in the twenty second minute through kingsley comment after a mistake from the celtic goalkeeper hosts fought back in front of their home fans though callum mcgregor equalising after the break but a brave header from yeah the martinez put back in front of the midfielder spilling blood in the process and a goal sealed a two one win for a buy and are now assured place in the last sixteen. and here's a round up of all the results from tuesday's champions league as we saw their buy in progress to the knockout phase with a win is did group rivals p.s.g.
7:50 am
elsewhere at budget khowar all the birds of a limitation after drawing with and roma hammered chelsea both barcelona and eventis drew away from home came on john against c.s.k. and manchester united downed benfica. all for all the champions league young expat from d.w. sports joins us here in the studio good morning i think though that win over celtic means by it are through to the knockout stages but how important is it for them to claim first place yet extremely important i mean this was a hard fought win of a celtic to start with you know they really needed this win to give them any hope of finishing in the top spot and at the same time coach your highness was able to rest of a few of his players but that said there's still second behind percent in the in the group and the problem with that is that if they don't get top spot they're going to face some big names potentially in the knockout stages the top the top say
7:51 am
the top position in every group is sated which means that if they finish second could be facing like a club lonna madrid or manchester city and that's not the connotation you want to be facing this zero in the tone and that's the teams don't play in final or the semifinal you know you mentioned p.s.g. a key match for buy and they will have to beat them in december to have any chance can they do it yet so huge ask i think p.s.g. absolutely flying in the champions league they've scored seventeen goals and conceded just zero last night they ate and elect five zip they really have just too much stuff there and that's a man at this stage i would say i don't think can do it but that said you pikas has come in he's given the team a bit more guests a different motivation they are looking at their old selves but they would have to bait p.s.g. for neil when they play in december so it is a tough task and at the moment i'd say it's too too much of an oscar oh dear wow ok let's look at some of the other action there was a lot going on there what are the results from last night's games caught your
7:52 am
attention yeah i think the big surprise was roma threshing chelsea three nil i don't think the result was so much of a surprise but the school on definitely was three goals against one of the best teams in england was a big surprise from elsewhere on the draw to the azerbaijani side which means that they still winless in four games in the champions league so their hopes of going through the not. stage is looking pretty grim stay with us yeah i want to come back first want to take a look at some other stuff going on there in the champions league on wednesday. dortmund host cypriot side up way of knowing they face an uphill battle to reach the knockout stage don't are in danger of a limitation as group h. rivals real madrid and top them hotspur are in the driver's seat after three matches for dortmund that means every remaining point is crucial. the dorman scored wrapped up warm for training but the cold is the least of their worries entering the final stages of play in the so-called group of death don't know what they need
7:53 am
to do to avoid the champions league screamer when. a fish not over you have to keep believing if they're still a chance no matter how small it is you have to go for it. that's what the team will do as well. defensive frailties are exposed this past weekend before to defeat at hanover that result cost them top spot in the bundesliga and means they are now playing catch up on two fronts but norman's destiny also depends on what happens in london they're potentially boosted by the return of their star striker harry cane and retain ray allen madrid in a match between the groups joint leaders we don't respect that it was to show. to believe we can win but then on the pitch we must to show good quality. play. and try to. perform much better than.
7:54 am
a top class performance would be necessary with a back to back defending champions in town. tottenham and right now both lost in the league at the weekend and all be looking to rectify that. expect from the various parts of. do they really have any chance of going through with a bad start if i'm brutally honest i don't think they have any chance of going through the verde against madrid and tottenham and then they look they drew up a well just a few weeks back even if they are not they still have to beat both top and real madrid and they have to rely on other results elsewhere so it's looking pretty grim for dorman as well. in terms of getting through the knockout stages you know there is slight hope and i'm sure dortmund will be grabbing hold of that slight hope with both hands but i don't think they're going through in this group i think the best
7:55 am
they can hope for is the europa league. tough slog for dortmund and by and in the champions league yannick straight from v.w. sports thanks. and just a reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on the news police sources have named the suspect in the new york terror attack this man a twenty nine year old truck driver from uzbekistan he's said to have been at the wheel of a pickup truck that drove into pedestrians killing eight and seriously injuring eleven. at a spanish court has summoned the ousted catalan leader collis bustamante to testify as it decides whether to charge him and his allies with sedition among other things . is currently in brussels. enough that you can always get it over your news on the go just download our app from google play pool from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as
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push notifications for any breaking news you can also use to send us any photos or videos you think might be upset that. you are watching to w. news coming to you from berlin we have another full bulletin coming up in just a couple minutes stay.
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futuristic officials. look serious drive it up the forty foot tokyo motor show a home game for japan's biggest carmaker the future of mobility dominates the exhibition with visionary concept cars and designs ready for production. drive. thirty minutes v.w.
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