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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 11:00am-11:30am CET

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come meet the german. much of it. surely to news from africa the more your link to it the stories and discussion from more news as easy to our website d w dot com smart free car join us on facebook at g.w. for. this is news live from berlin police sources named the suspect in the new york terror attack this is the man a twenty nine year old truck driver from his back is john he said to have been at
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the wheel of a pickup that drove into the deaths are inside chilling and. also coming up a spanish court summons the ousted president of catalonia carlos wisdom on to testify it is deciding whether to charge him and his allies and with sedition. and the olympic flame touches down in south korea head of the two thousand and eighteen winter games with one hundred days to go we look at how prepared to south korea is for the sports spectacle. i'm seeing you so much going to good to have you with us police sources have identified the man suspected of killing eight people and injuring eleven in a truck attack in new york the suspect was shot by police and is now being treated in the hospital the twenty nine year old from his back is don west. reportedly
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behind the wheel of a vehicle that rammed into people on a bike path now the attack happened in lower manhattan a white pickup truck veered off west street and right along the hudson river and the driver plowed into the bike path and continued for several blocks before smashing into a school bus authorities have called it a terror attack but they say the suspect seems to have been acting alone. i already know is right here rescuers race to free children trapped in the shredded school bus here that's just some of the victims of tuesday's terror attack in lower manhattan luckily no one on the bus was killed others were not as fortunate. just moments of this pickup truck tore down a bike path nearby plowing into cyclists and pedestrians alike five friends from argentina celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation where among the dead witnesses described the carnage and the ensuing police shootout. in the bike
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lane clearly in the bike lane and i see when i go down i see two gentlemen right there in the. body and you could tell that they're not here no more maybe thirty seconds later i hear somewhere between five in time graham one after another and that's when i got interested so i turned around to see what happened. when i walked up to it the first thing i saw was a man lying on the ground face down in the middle of the street he was surrounded by police officers it appeared that he was. this footage shows the suspect fleeing on foot after jumping from the truck and brandishing what later turned out to be fake guns police shot him in the stomach before arresting him he's now recovering at a hospital u.s. media have identified the attack suspect as this man twenty nine year old saifullah siple from pakistan witnesses said he could be heard chanting allahu akbar god is
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great in arabic officials said the suspect lived in this area of new jersey where he worked for over and rented the truck used in the attack he came to the u.s. in twenty ten and lived in ohio in florida before some new sources are reporting that the man left a note saying he carried out the attack in the name of the militant islamic state group. all thora tese were quick to label the incident a terrorist attack. let me be clear to based on the information we have at this moment this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians u.s. president donald trump took to twitter to offer condolences to the victims and their families. he also ordered the department of homeland security to step up its vetting of people traveling to the u.s. for now or thora to say there's no evidence the attack was part of
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a wider terror plot and they believe the suspect acted alone. well as we just saw donald trump a starter and stricter immigration vetting processes in the wake of this attack i asked our correspondent in washington about the president's reaction it was quite remarkable the president from so quickly used this event to promote his anti me gratian and security agenda is the islamist terrorism is a big problem not only in the united states but also in many other western countries but still it's worth mentioning that it's still a thousand times more likely in america in the u.s. to be killed by another american than by islam is terrorists actually according to some statistics it's more likely to be killed by a toddler in the u.s. the buyer is the missed terrorist so the question is really if president trump has
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his priorities right here when it comes to the issue of violence what was very impressive was the resilience of new yorkers tuesday it was hello we there was a tradition of big halloween parades which actually took place and i guess some of the people who attended had some mixed feelings but still the message was clear we are new yorkers we survived september eleventh we will survive this attack and we will not change our way of life because of these terrorists. to diffuse custom phenomena reporting from washington now to some other stories making news around the world german authorities have arrested in one thousand year old syrian man under suspicion of plotting a terror attack in the northern city of. the suspect reportedly had online contact with islamist extremists and was gather materials for a highly explosive bomb his intended target it's still unclear. japan's shinzo
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abbay has been reelected prime minister by the country's parliament this after his ruling a coalition won a landslide victory last month retaining a two thirds a super majority aves expected to use his renewed political mandate to push for reforms to the country's constitution. australia has decided to ban climbers from an iconic sandstone formation in the northern territory starting in two thousand and nineteen the monolith was considered sacred by the local indigenous community known as ayers rock it's one of the country's most popular tourist destination. and in sri lanka wildlife protection crews launched a three hour operation to free and agitated wild elephant that had been stuck in a well for three days crews use an excavator to cut a path for the elephant to escape and for an extra bit of a pen to chase the animal lost with fire. now spain's high court has summoned the ousted leader to testify in madrid on thursday it is the
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latest twist in the ongoing cuttle on the crisis. is currently in brussels he traveled there after spanish prosecutors announced they would file charges after he declared independence they choose him and other cabinet members of rebellion and other crimes. carlos dumond's first appearance since declaring catalan independence last week was every bit as frenetic as the political fallout he left behind in spain now in belgium the ousted president said he's there for protection not asylum i am not. doing this i believe because. this is the belgian question here in brussels and with all of europe i'm here. to act with freedom and safety and security. as he laughed yet more chaos the upstart leader couldn't avoid questions of whether he had fled the scene.
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outside the spanish unity supporters certainly think so. i'm here to defend spain and complain about this person who is a coward and a terror maker. the courts made to have their say invoking laws rarely used in modern times catalan leaders face up to thirty years in prison for crimes of sedition rebellion and embezzlement. but the spanish government does welcome push demand support for fresh elections in december seen as a concession to madrid. it is very important to respect this call for elections from the prime minister of the spanish government money on all the whole use this is very important because this implies an acceptance that the return to democratic legality lies with accepting democratic elections back in barcelona
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pushed him on still dominates the waves though some were surprised at their former leader turning up in belgium supporters say they understand why he's. going to india and when i look at it yes i understand what he's saying right now the spanish government isn't giving him any guarantees the minute he lands here they can put him in prison. in the u.s. whether his bid to break up spain will indeed to land him behind bars will be the subject of intense scrutiny not just here but across europe. russian president vladimir putin is set to meet his iranian counterpart. in tehran today the talks will focus on the ongoing conflict in syria as moscow eyes a new initiative to end the country's civil war both iran and russia want fresh elections in syria featuring the current ruler. let's get more on this visit our moscow correspondent your ear châteaux is
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following this for us hi yuri this alliance between russia and iran has raised concerns in the west how significant is this meeting between the two leaders in tehran today. hi sue me well let me putin's visit to tehran is to obviously a puzzle piece in russia says geo strategic political game with a clear aim which is limiting the influence of the united states of western countries in the region with help off america's opponents or the one hand and america's allies on the other hand and at this point of the conflict in syria plays into russia's hands in syria sunni russia iran and turkey are close allies iran is an ultimate opponent of the united states turkey a nato member is an ally of the united states but in syria both are close partners of russia so after more than six years of civil war the syrian army remains effective it's supported by iran linked along forces on the one hand and by the russian air force on the other hand therefore any further cooperation between
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russia and iran including today's meeting in tehran mean struggle for more influence in the region yury of the syrian conflict does seem to be at the top of the agenda of these talks today are we going to see any concrete progress come out of this well in russia subpoena in the so-called islamic state could fail in syria very soon here in moscow it's expected to get through this is a question it's a question of on the several weeks other question is what is next what comes next what is needed is a national conference and meetings that includes all the groups in syrian society so that's why moscow will be hosting further talks on that the syrian conflict in such a he and russia in about four weeks with turkey in ited states iran and of course and these coming told coming talks in sochi might be on the agenda as well today but serious opposition groups have already expressed serious doubts over the possibility of a real change saying the damascus government backed by russia and iran have
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breached previous agreements yuri asked and rouhani also wants lattimer putin to take a clear stance on iran's nuclear program. well this meeting takes place in the context of increased tensions between tehran and washington after donald trump with the u.s. president refused to confirm iran syria implementation of the new plan agreement so now both russian president putin and his iranian counterpart cousin granny obviously going to send a signal to washington look here moscow still supports the iranian leadership at the same time it could be a signal to europe to show that moscow like brussels is committed to the nuclear agreement but the question is does that mean any cooperation between moscow and brussels given if washington still decides to cancel the agreement and to impose sanctions on tehran once again either europeans or russians who want to be able to stop it. russia and iran's talks today thank you yuri
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you're watching the d.w. news still to come life for syrian refugees in jordan the country hosting around one and a half million that we report on a daily struggle for one teenager and his family. but first a facebook google and twitter in the spotlight get how they're being questioned about their political ads yes that's right the companies have begun two days of hearings before u.s. lawmakers the question is has russia used the company's service to sway american voters in last year's presidential election the world's largest social network facebook admitted that hundreds of millions of people may have been influenced by politically divisive posts from fake accounts that originated in russia. thousands and thousands of ads and comments on social networking sites during the presidential election in the u.s. favored u.s. president donald trump over his opponent hillary clinton up to one hundred twenty
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six million americans were served the messages originating from the russian troll farm the internet research agency u.s. lawmakers in washington are now trying to figure out how it could have happened the u.s. judiciary subcommittee grilled three social media representatives from facebook twitter and google for hours but the questions were difficult like why was the problem first discovered eleven months after the election those are two datapoints american political ads and russian money rubles. how could you not connect those two dots. senator it's a signal we should have been alert to and in hindsight it's one we know. during the senate hearing facebook's representative stated that ads from russia were even posted after the election but this time against donald
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trump's presidency in the wake of the election and now president trump's election we saw a lot of activity directed at fomenting discord about the validity of his elections used state sponsored attackers are particularly pernicious they are well resourced they are sophisticated they are patient and often by design they are difficult to recognize the russian's attack was clearly meant to cause political and social discord and divide the american people in the future all three companies plan on countering organized troll campaigns by blocking accounts investigations continue today facebook google and twitter executives will appear before the u.s. congress intelligence committee. well this week the world of business is dealing with a slew of central bank meetings u.s.
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federal reserve is meeting today the bank of england tomorrow the bank of japan already had a meeting earlier this week keeping japan's also lose monetary policy going. financial correspondent only bought some from football markets are expecting. they don't expect the fed to move on rates this wednesday they expect a rate hike though in the december meeting the us economy allows for that there's inflation in the growth is very healthy by recent figures and also the labor market which the fed looks at very closely which is an important indicator for its decisions is also clipping along creating new jobs yes the labor market was hurt by the recent storms but people expect that to straighten out in the further course of the next few months the fed chair is also in discussion there's a decision expected this week by tomorrow to be exact by president donald trump on who is to be the next chair it's not going to be janet yellen that's also in
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people's eyes usually before a decision is announced it could always be that this wednesday there is a rate hike against all probabilities but the markets here are taking it very in a relaxed way the dax this morning hit another record high. only the bank of england is meeting tomorrow can expect any big moves that. yes there you can expect a move whether it's bigger not i leave it up to your interpretation a quarter percentage point but by market interpretation and by the economic and political picture it is a big move because it would be the first hike in ten years since the bank of england went on e's mode in the course of the beginning financial crisis now bracks it is being in focus because bracks a decision has brought down the pound and because the currency is worth less everything that the brit british people import costs more so inflation is on the
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rise the economy is in trouble though it's a very difficult decision but everyone expects the bank of england tomorrow to act in order to curb inflation at least keeping that down and addressing growth aspects in a different way. than fanfic thank you very much. robots on the macho f.a.a. web site to take over the workplace soon they will perform public services and help us with souls and. now japanese electronics giant sony has introduced the second version of a little electric dog that will keep lonely people some company with its fresh little gate and l.e.d. eyes eyeball that's its name seems to take dog lovers hot spots storm well maybe. do electronic dog stream of chasing electric sheep and. japan's sony corp just developed a second generation of its little robotic dog in silver and black have
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a look like a cross between your average lap dog and a coffee maker he even comes with to light the way japan sony corp unveiled the robot a day after it forecast record earnings reading its share price to hit a nine year high the robo doggie runs for about two hours after a full three hour charge it has two cameras that use facial recognition to identify its owner and twenty two motors for movement. so over there how do you not have a confident that a robot that allows the experience of connecting with people and love is exactly what embodies sony's mission so i gave an order to begin the development of about a year and a half ago. i have to see how much the owners can also sync with a smartphone application called my ibo which allows them to play with the robot dog remotely electro will cost about fifteen hundred euros and shipments start in mid january. man's new best
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friend that's all from businesses so we will thank you. jordan is one of the countries that is hosting a large number of syrian refugees has taken in iran a million and a half and many live in refugee camps but most just scratch out an existence as urban refugees in towns and cities the city of erbil lies about ten kilometers from the syrian border and houses one of the biggest syrian refugee communities. kramer as more now on the daily struggle facing refugees who fled syria as children. he should be at school but mohammed who everyone here to call it is working at it they carry instead his specialty is sweet pastries. the fifteen year old fled to jordan with his siblings and father for years ago were studying medicine i missed school a lot you're caught up in a bad situation but the alternative back home is worse we got used to it. i'm moved
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his mother and his oldest brother were killed in the war in jordan the family lived in a refugee camp at first but because they left the camp on their own accord that barely qualified eight. that is another reason the family depends on his earnings her mood is here at the bakery every time work is on offer. it's barely enough for the apartment the rent electricity water and the rest my sister sometimes works as a hairdresser when we don't work we don't eat but we're surviving. his boss also forced to flee from syria supports him even if her mood it doesn't have a work permit the baker transmits his knowledge to the traditional learn from his own father in syria. the situation does not allow him to study so he learns and helps his family with the expenses and home. he likes to learn we syrians help
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each other here away from home no one will hire him. it's estimated that just like him moved his family over one million syrians have sought refuge in jordan according to government figures the country recently east some restrictions for refugees to find work six hundred fifty thousand syrians are registered with the un refugee agency but after many years away from home most of them have next to nothing the situation is getting harder for the families to move ahead economic opportunities are still limited so. becoming more and more we see like eighty percent of the refugees leave you need to see these here in jordan in the cities they live under the poverty line home is no rental unit at the edge of the city hamouda and his older sister must now also take care of to father who is he lost an during an attack in syria and was tortured in prison due to the
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trauma they experienced and the challenges of daily life the family holds together fast. when i was in syria i had many hopes about how it would be here now i have no hope except to become an expert of what i am doing and to support my family and myself and to make a small future for myself that's all i think about no good for you. his family tells us how moody goes top of his close a term in syria but in jordan he had to change his expectations and pursue a new post. to have his tenure crime reporting from jordan bear to some football now and byron munich have sealed their progression to the knockout stages of the champions league the bundesliga champions travel to scotland to face scottish champions celtic and in the twenty second minute a mix up in celtic's offense gave byron kingsley coleman an easy chance to open the
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scoring the hosts fought back in front of their boisterous home fans though callum mcgregor sliding home the equaliser just after the break but a brave header fun of from a hobby martinez put byron back in front of the midfielder spilling lodged in the process to one when assured by a place in the last sixteen. and a round up now of all the results from tuesday's champions league as we saw byron progressed to the knockout phase with a win as their group rivals p.s.g. elsewhere athletico are on the verge of an elimination after drawing with car a bog and roma hammered chelsea both barcelona and you ventas drew away from home basel came undone against c s a and majesty united down and fico. france coach has signed a new contract i'm told twenty twenty friends have already qualified for the world cup in russia next year losing just one of their ten qualifying matches under de
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france finished runners up at last year's european championships and possesses one of the world's most exciting and talented squads the champers captained when france won their only world cup in one thousand nine hundred eighty now he's targeting world cup glory from the sidelines. excitement of starting to build in a south korea ahead of next year's young chang winter games the olympic torch arrived in india on today from grace in the flame is set to tour the country on a one hundred day two thousand kilometer journey to pyongyang for the opening ceremony in february after a long journey from grace the olympic flame touched down it into an airport prime minister a knock your lit the cauldron with former olympian figure skater a kenyan or a crown the moment with a message of pace and one of the final burn throughout the olympics and the paralympics as hopes for the peace and prosperity of south korea and the world.
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hold. the flame will now told the country thirteen year old figure skater you young kicking off the epic two thousand kilometer relay the venues are all but ready and organizes a promising a green and hassle free experience of visitors but the ongoing uncertainty surrounding nuclear north korea is threatening to overshadow the spectacle ticket sales have been poor with less than thirty two percent sold so far but organizers are confident the games can transcend political differences. we are confident that we have a strong leading up to the games i can say this with a confidence because koreans are known to be late buyers and those lights could determine whether the olympic flame gets a rousing reception when it arrives in pyongyang in february for the opening ceremony. a reminder now of our top story at this hour police have named the suspect in the new york terror attack this man a twenty nine year old truck driver from pakistan he said to have been at the wheel
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of a pickup truck that drove into people on a bicycle track killing eight and seriously injuring eleven. thanks for watching everyone back in thirty minutes. creative. paul paul. paul.
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