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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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because. i want to thank you for. g.w. . you're smart t.v. and smarter with a d. w. bush know. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary. and you decide what's on find out more than double dog comes more. this is g.w. news live from berlin police sources named the suspect in the new york terror
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attack this is the man a twenty nine year old truck driver from his back is stopped he said to have been at the wheel of a pickup truck that drove into pedestrians killing eight. also coming up the olympic flame touches down in south korea head of the two thousand eight hundred winter games with one hundred days to go we look at how prepared south korea is for the sports spectacle. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us police sources have named the man suspected of killing eight people and injuring eleven in a truck attack in new york the suspect was shot by police and is now being treated in the hospital the twenty nine year old from his back a stunt was set to abend behind the wheel of a vehicle that rand into people on a bicycle path now the. attack happened in lower manhattan the white pickup truck
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veered off west rate and right along the hudson river the driver plowed into the bike path and continued for several blocks before smashing into a school bus authorities have called it a terror attack but they say the suspect seems to have been acting alone. i know you never know is right here rescuers race to free children trapped in the shredded school bus here that just some of the victims of tuesday's terror attack in lower manhattan luckily no one on the bus was killed others were not as fortunate. just moments of this pickup truck tore down a bike path nearby plowing into cyclists and pedestrians alike five friends from argentina celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation where among the dead witnesses described the carnage and the ensuing police shootout. in the bike lane clearly in the bike lane and i see when i go down i see two gentlemen right
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there on the bike. across and you could tell that they're not here no more maybe thirty seconds later i hear somewhere between five in time graham one after another and that's when i got interested so i turned around to see what happened. when i walked up to it the first thing i saw was a man lying on the ground face down in the middle of the street he was surrounded by police officers it appeared that he was. this footage shows the suspect fleeing on foot after jumping from the truck and brandishing what later turned out to be fake guns police shot him in the stomach before arresting him he's now recovering at a hospital u.s. media have identified the attack suspect as this man twenty nine year old saifullah siple from pakistan witnesses said he could be heard chanting allahu akbar god is great in arabic officials said the suspect lived in this area of new jersey where
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he worked and rented the truck used in the attack he came to the u.s. in twenty ten and lived in ohio in florida before some news sources are reporting that the man left a note saying he carried out the attack in the name of the militant islamic state group. all thora t's were quick to label the incident a terrorist attack. let me be clear to based on the information we have at this moment this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians u.s. president donald trump took to twitter to offer condolences to the victims and their families. he also old did the department of homeland security to step up its vetting of people traveling to the u.s. for now all thorough say there's no evidence the attack was part of a wider terror plot and they believe the suspect acted alone.
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tuesday's truck attack represents the latest in a deadly trend in terrorism on western soil the use of vehicles as weapons of mass destruction it's an asymmetric tactic that has so far struck europe the worst but experts warn it could also become more frequent in the united states the deadliest attack of its kind happened last summer in the french city of nice there eighty six people were killed and more than four hundred fifty injured when a man drove a truck into a crowd celebrating bastille day just five months later right here in berlin twelve people were killed at least fifty injured when a twenty four year old tunisian honest omri mowed into a christmas market in the german capital then in april terror struck in sweden's capital salk home when an uzbek in national rammed into a busy shopping street five people were killed there more than a dozen injured then on august seventeenth of this year a mad barreled into crowds on barcelona's popular thoroughfare las ramblas there
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thirteen people were killed injuring also at least one hundred thirty other people but no city has been hit more than london the british capital suffered three attacks in as many months this year a total of thirteen people have been killed there and more than one hundred injured . now to some other stories making news around the world german authorities have arrested a nineteen year old syrian man under suspicion of plotting a terror attack in the northern city of spin the suspect reportedly had online contact with islamist extremists and was gather materials for a highly explosive bomb his intended target is still unclear. australia has decided a ban to ban the climbers from an iconic sandstone formation in the northern territory starting in two thousand and nineteen the monolith is considered sacred by the local indigenous community for a man known as ayers rock it's one of the country's most popular tourist
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destinations. in the west bank performers linked to the artist banksy held a mock street party protesting the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration in that historic statement the british government gave its support for a national homeland for the jewish people in palestine palestinian have long branded the declaration a crime spain's high court has summoned the ousted president carlos pushed him on to testify in madrid on thursday but he is currently in brussels and his lawyer there says he does not intend to return to spain any time soon spanish prosecutors have accused him and other members of his government of rebellion and other crimes. carlos dumond's first appearance since declaring catalan independence last week was every bit as frenetic as the political fallout he left behind in spain now in belgium the ousted president said he's there
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for protection not asylum i am not here. because. this is not the belgian question i'm here in brussels as a result of the euro i'm here. to act with freedom and safety and security. as he laughed yet more chaos the upstart leader couldn't avoid questions of whether he had fled the scene. outside the spanish unity supporters certainly think so. i'm here to defend spain and complain about this person who is a coward and a terror maker. the courts made to have their say invoking laws rarely used in modern times catalan leaders face up to thirty years in prison for crimes of sedition rebellion and embezzlement. but the spanish government does welcome pushed him on support for fresh elections in december seen as
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a concession to madrid. it is very important to respect this call for elections from the prime minister of the spanish government. and this is very important because this implies an acceptance that the return to democratic legality lies with accepting democratic elections back in barcelona pushed him on still dominates the waves though some were surprised at their former leader turning up in belgium supporters say they understand why he's there. when i look at it yes i understand what he's saying right now the spanish government isn't giving him any guarantees and then he lands here they can put him in prison. in the u.s. whether his bid to break up spain will indeed to land him behind bars will be the subject of intense scrutiny not just here but across europe. jordan is one of the neighboring countries that hosts syrian refugees it has taken
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an around a million and a half many live in refugee camps but most scratch out an existence as urban refugees in towns and cities the city of arab it lies about ten kilometers from the syrian border and houses one of the biggest syrian refugee communities. crime reports now on a daily struggle facing refugees who fled syria as children. should be at school but mohamed who everyone here to call it is working at a bakery instead his specialty is sweet pastries. the fifteen year old fled to jordan with his siblings and father four years ago. i missed school a lot you're caught up in a bad situation but the alternative back home is worse we got used to it. i'm moved his mother and his oldest brother were killed in the war in jordan the family lived in a refugee camp at first but because they left the camp on their own accord that barely
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qualified for any aid that is another reason the family depends on his earnings her mood is here at the bakery every time work is on offer. it's barely enough for the apartment the rent electricity water and the rest my sister sometimes works as a hairdresser when we don't work we don't eat but we're surviving. his boss also forced to flee from syria supports him even if her mood it doesn't have a work permit the baker transmits his knowledge to the traditional learn from his own father in syria. the situation does not allow him to study so he learns and helps his family with the expenses and home. he likes to learn we syrians help each other here away from home and no one will hire him. it's
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estimated that just like him moved his family over one million syrians have sought refuge in jordan according to government figures the country recently east some restrictions for refugees to find work six hundred fifty thousand syrians are registered with the un refugee agency but after many years away from home most of them have next to nothing the situation is getting harder for the families to move ahead economic opportunities are still limited so. becoming more and more we see like that eighty percent of the refugees leaving in the cities here in jordan in the cities they live under the poverty line home is no rental unit at the edge of the city her mood and his older sister must now also take care of their father who is he lost an arm during an attack in syria and was tortured in prison due to the trauma they experienced and the challenges of daily life the family holds together fast. when i was in syria i had many hopes about how it would be
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here now i have no hope except to become an expert of what i am doing and to support my family and myself and to make a small future for myself that's all i think about now. his family tells us how moody most top of his class at home in syria but in jordan he had to change his expectations and posts to a new path. tanya kramer reporting there from jordan now excitement is a starting to build in south korea head of next year as chiang winter games the olympic torch arrived in incheon today from greece the famous have to tour the country on a one hundred day two thousand kilometer journey chang for the opening ceremony in february. after a long journey from grace the olympic flame touched down it into an airport prime minister a knock yon lit the cauldron with former olympian figure skater keane yawner
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a crown the moment with a message of pace i want you know the flame will burn throughout the olympics and the paralympics as hopes for the peace and prosperity of south korea and the world . the flame will now told the country thirteen year old figure skater you young kicking off the epic two thousand kilometer relay the venues are all but ready and organizers a promising a green and hassle free experience for visitors but the ongoing uncertainty surrounding nuclear north korea is threatening to overshadow the spectacle ticket sales have been poor with less than thirty two percent sold so far but organizers are confident the games can transcend political differences they are confident that we have a strong leading up to the games i can say this with a confidence because koreans are known to be buyers of those light sales could determine whether the olympic flame gets
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a rousing reception when it arrives in pyongyang in february for the opening ceremony. now you can always get the news on the go just download our app from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for you breaking news you can also use that to send us your photos and your videos. coming up google facebook and twitter in the hot seat in the u.s. they're facing tough questions over political ads card offers house details in one minute.


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