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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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opinions they want to express to you don't you want facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. this is news live from berlin president trump calls for tougher immigration laws in
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response to the truck attack in new york these pictures are said to show the alleged attacker running away from the scene before being shot and arrested the five police he's been named as a twenty nine year old goes back national would enter the country illegally. also coming up could russia and iran be planning a move to end the syria conflict as russia's president vladimir putin arrives in tehran we ask what the chances are of ending the six year long civil war. meanwhile life for syrian refugees in jordan we have a special report on the daily struggles facing one teenager and his family. and a champions league soccer the buyer in machine picks up steam the bavarians advance to the tournaments knockout phase after defeating celtic and glasgow.
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i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us police sources have named the man suspected of killing eight people and injuring at least eleven and a truck attack in new york the suspect was shot by police and is now being treated in the hospital the twenty nine year old from baucus don was said to have been behind the wheel of a vehicle that ran into people on a bicycle path now the attack happened in lower manhattan at the white to pick up truck veered off west street and right along the hudson river the driver plowed into the bike path and continued for several blocks before smashing into a school bus authorities have called it a terror attack but they say the suspect seems to have been acting alone here i am under israeli air rescue was raised to free children trapped in the shredded school bus. that just some of the victims of tuesday's terror attack in lower manhattan luckily no one on the bus was killed others were not as fortunate.
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just moments this pickup truck tore down a bike path nearby plowing into cyclists and pedestrians alike. five friends from argentina celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation where among the dead witnesses described the carnage and the ensuing police shootout. in the bike lane clearly in the bike lane and i see when i go down i see two gentlemen right there on the bike. and you could tell that. maybe thirty seconds later i hear somewhere between five in time graham one after another and that's when i got interested so i turned around to see what happened. when i walked up to it the first thing i saw was a man lying on the ground face down in the middle of the street he was surrounded by police officers it appeared that he was. this footage shows the suspect fleeing on foot after jumping from the truck and brandishing what later turned out to be
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fake guns police shot him in the stomach before arresting him he's now recovering at a hospital u.s. media have identified the attack suspect as this man twenty nine year old saifullah siple from pakistan witnesses said he could be heard chanting allahu akbar god is great in arabic officials said the suspect lived in this area of new jersey where he worked and rented the truck used in the attack he came to the u.s. in twenty ten and lived in ohio in florida before some news sources are reporting that the man left a note saying he carried out the attack in the name of the militant islamic state group. all thora tese were quick to label the incident a terrorist attack let me be clear to based on the information we have at this moment this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians u.s.
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president donald trump took to twitter to offer condolences to the victims and their families. he also ordered the department of homeland security to step up its vetting of people traveling to the u.s. for now all thora to say there's no evidence the attack was part of a wider terror plot and they believe the suspect acted alone. did of these aleksandr phenomenas tracking developments for us from washington heil xandra what is the latest that you're hearing this morning on the investigation and the suspect. i think that we have to stress that the investigation is still at the very early stage but we are learning more and more details about the suspect and we heard as we heard in the report the authorities believed that he acted alone and that there was no wider plot behind this incident. new york's
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governor said but at the same time the authorities also say that they are looking into this theory whatever it is really true we also know that the year sororities believe that this aspect was somehow associated or inspired by the so-called islamic state also known. as the police reportedly found a written note in the truck and that the suspect reportedly pledged his allegiance to the so-called islamic state and we're also hearing right now that the police reportedly found. or eyes it's related to material on his computer we are waiting for the authorities to hold a press conference in two hours and we are also hearing that the suspect in is conscious and that he is talking with the investigators alexander resign
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a reporter there part of president trump's response was to order a stricter varying of people who are entering the country what is the reaction been to that and do people believe that's going to be affective in preventing further attacks. well we have to say that the president's response was very remarkable because he took told to twitter on only shortly after the incident happened and first of all he years clearly used this incident to promote his anti immigration agenda saying that we must know a low is is to return and to enter of the united states and only then he sent his condolences to the victims and today early in the morning he used this incident once again to criticize democrats and their immigration policies so it is very remarkable and when we talk about extreme vetting we have to say that it's not very
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likely to have prevented this attack from happening because we speak you stand it's not on the list of the countries whose residents are subject to vetting at all and as we understand so far the sorties believe that the suspect has radicalized himself like while living in the united states our center looking at this attack that happened in new york we have seen this type of attack where a vehicle is used as a tool as a weapon several times now in europe there's been several cases not as many in the u.s. why do you think that is. it was very difficult to say and we don't know why this happened right now what was the reason for the suspect to carry out this attack at this time and but we have to say that many experts believe that indeed we saw many of those tags in the europe because there were many european fighters fighting for the islamic states states in syria and
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in iraq so that could be a reason and of course the authorities here praise themselves and their security policies to be able to prevent terrorist attacks from happening but as we could see you know in new york such an attack it's really extremely difficult to be prevented from happening. alexander phenomena reporting us from washington thank you let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world a suspected islamic extremist a stab and wounded two police officers near tunisia's parliament leaving one in intensive care the suspect who is known to authorities has been arrested police have been deployed into the area including nearby bardot square which was the site of one of the country's deadliest attacks in two thousand and fifteen. the british government says it is preparing to impose
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a budget on northern ireland but stresses it does not want to see a return to direct rule this comes as the irish nationalist party sion fame says talks with the pro british democratic unionist party have failed it's been a ten month deadlock between the main parties in northern ireland to restore a collapsed power sharing administrative. more than six hundred asylum seekers are refusing to leave an australian immigration camp on an island in papa new guinea the mannus island detention center was closed on tuesday after local authorities declared it unconstitutional australia had funded the camp to deter migrants from trying to reach its shores by boat. russia's president vladimir putin is meeting with his iranian counterpart hassan rouhani in tehran the talks are focusing on the conflict in syria as moscow eyes a new initiative to end the six year old civil war both iran and russia want fresh elections in syria that include current for a lawyer. azerbaijan's president is also meeting and iranian officials in
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a three way summit between the neighboring countries. let's talk to saeed kamali de got in a rainy and british journalist writing for the guardian in london thank you for joining us on our program the russia of iran alliance has some people in the west worried how significant is this meeting between the two leaders into iran today. this is the first time the president putin is was are going to run since president rouhani was elected into office so it is important both for iran and for russia to maintain its relationship especially now the president trouble in washington you know a promising to jeopardize the nuclear agreement that was signed in two thousand and sixteen russia has very vocally. it has criticized trumps decision to decertify that agreement last month. i mean frankly. in the new guys the nuclear agreement. u.s.
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is isolated because all the negotiating partners russia china u.k. france and germany both support the contribution of the agreement. now syria looks like it's going to top the agenda here both countries are supporting bashar al assad in the region at fresh elections what exactly does iran want to see come out of this. syria is a contentious issues you know iran and russia have been propping up the charlotte assad's regime in syria some say that it wasn't for iran's and russia's support of the columbine so it's the role that's being heley criticize in the west. especially for not supporting somebody like the sap but nevertheless assad has the upper hand in syria now you know islamic state at the same time has been ousted from some of the cities it was occupying iraq or health fall and recently for
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example and the next game is important for iran and russia what happens i was isis the islamic state is pushed out of syria and iraq what is the next stage in syria is. going to continue to dominate the country is it going to stand for this bill is position or not russia next month is holding talks in sochi for example to trying to find a diplomatic push but the problem is that iran and russia are one side but in the region for example turkey and a lot of arab states on the other side and washington as well they are supporting the opposition in syria so. it's difficult to see at the moment what that diplomatic solution would look like right journalist saeed kamali de gun with the guardian and london thank you very much for joining us on our program of leisure. spain's high court has summoned the ousted president to testify in madrid on
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thursday but he is currently in brussels and his lawyer there says he does not intend to return to spain anytime soon spanish prosecutors have accused him and other members of his government rebellion and other crimes. carlos demands first appearance since declaring catalan independence last week was every bit as frenetic as the political fallout he left behind in spain now in belgium the ousted president said he's there for protection not asylum i am not here in order to do in desirability because. this is the belgian question here in brussels as a result of the euro i'm here not to act with freedom and safety and security. as he left yet more chaos the upstart leader couldn't avoid questions of whether he had fled the scene. outside the
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spanish unity supporters certainly think so. i'm here to defend spain and complain about their parish who is a coward and a terror maker. the courts may to have their say invoking laws rarely used in modern times catalan leaders face up to thirty years in prison for crimes of sedition rebellion and embezzlement. but the spanish government does welcome push demand support for fresh elections in december seen as a concession to madrid. it is very important to respect this call for elections from the prime minister of the spanish government money on all the whole. and this is very important because this implies an acceptance that the return to democratic legality lies with accepting democratic elections back in barcelona pushed him on still dominates the waves though some were surprised at their former leader turning up in belgium supporters say they understand why he's
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there. when i and in that when i look at it yes i understand what he's saying right now the spanish government isn't giving him any guarantees the minute he learns here they can put him in prison. in the u.s. whether his bid to break up spain will indeed to land him behind bars will be the subject of intense scrutiny not just here but across europe. so what is doing in belgium ten sebastian from the conflicts and put that question to a pro independence member of the barcelona city council offered bosh his party strongly support of the catalan government to secede from. ok now the question is why is half of the catalan government here in town and barcelona why is the other half in brussels obviously the half which is which is in brussels is pursuing the international agenda the capital of the republic has to be regulated perfectly about the slightest thing didn't intend to go they got frightened they got cold
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feet maybe ran away what commander leaves the battlefield in the middle of the battle what kind of example is that to everybody i mean there they are telling everybody to resist democratically and they run as fast as their legs will carry them well prep's we should interview your views and try to find your views because you you seem to know very well where there's people are thinking why they're doing these things i'm trying to give you my vision of this from within and what i know is that there is right now two people in jail there accused of sedition which was something about which for instance mahatma gandhi was accused in nineteen twenty two and these guys face penalties of up to thirty years in jail and this is happening we are having political prisoners in spain now why should we have active politicians in jail when they can they can be in brussels working for the recognition of the catalan republic that's all consulting lawyers about how they stand. and attempt a bastion interview with the barcelona council member alfred bosch will air in its
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entirety and in a little over an hour's time. you're watching news still to come on the program life or death for syrian refugees in jordan it is hosting around one and a half million of them we report on the daily struggle for one teenager and his family. but first stocks rallying on the markets today care how about forces here with more on that that's right sumi it's a perfect storm that's setting up an equity markets across the globe and it's a good one share prices in a broad based rally the fire is being fueled primarily primarily by upbeat corporate earnings reports also oil has been making a bull run after produces out their outputs central banks are showing confidence in the economy with great tight standing back monetary accommodation global trade is also booming tokyo london new york and frankfurt indices are soaring to record highs. german broadcasters are spellbound and this course is the reason why
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it just keeps going up and up the dax broke through the twelve thousand mark back in march and galloped past thirteen thousand points two weeks ago the atmosphere down on the trading floor is calm the recipe for success is suddenly simple buy stocks lean back and watch them rise and the expectation seems to be that things won't change anytime soon when makes the. things already seem to be on track next year even in europe and asia there crises are behind in the us growth is continuing whether because of trump or despite them doesn't matter which is a perfect pass into the penalty box for germany's export economy. looks like a home game for germany the world economy is expected to grow stronger than expected next year by three point seven percent according to the i.m.f. more than almost any other nation on earth germany's export economy is geared to profit from situations like these another indicator that there is no end in sight
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to the continuing upswing our recent numbers from the german institute for shipping economics and logistics it recently reported that container turnover in the country sports is rising steadily an early sign that companies are optimistic about the next few months and therefore more willing to invest. as our central banks they're plowing billions into economies in the eurozone japan and the us and a lot of that money is ending up on the stock markets that's because interest rates remain low and alternative investments like bonds aren't attractive enough the sheer amount of investment funding out there is driving the dacs and other stock markets to new heights but sooner or later all good things come to an end. well that all sounds like good news but is it a sustained rally backed by a real or is a dangerous. bubbles forming the questions i want to discuss with only bots our
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financial correspondent our friends at stock exchange and michael hughes chief market analyst at c.m.c. markets and joins us from the city of london let's start with you ali in frankfurt what does it look like where you are german investors must be celebrating. those that have shares that have equities but the majority doesn't study by the door charts an institute an advocacy group for the companies that issue shares says that only nine million people in germany own shares directly or indirectly that's a percentage of about fourteen percent and when you look at the blue chips here and the dax the majority of them don't have a german majority but a foreign ownership majority that's not got in itself of course people people are free to buy whatever shares they want and german companies welcome the money but the germans are not participating and i think the reason is since two thousand and one the internet bubble burst and a blue chip telecom was also among started and lots of people lost lots of money
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that comes freshly into the market and those people have stayed away since then since they've lost money and i think the whole experience of that has also prevented new people from joining in here to their detriment because the share prices have risen since then michael if you look at it globally is a truly backed by real world economic facts. well i think that's the question a lot of people or asking i think in the past when we've had stock market rallies we've generally same sell off in ball markets there tends to be a rotation what i would call a rotation of capital and the thing with the sort of bubbles that we're talking about is that when people start talking about bubbles you also have to remember bubbles can continue to inflight for quite some time after they're identified but let's look at the facts ultimately where else can investors put their money to generate a yield on their capital and ultimately you can put them in bond markets because as
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you just said interest rates are at record lows which really just leaves us with equity markets now we looked at we saw the european central bank last week they're likely to keep rates very very low in two thousand and twenty and i think that combined with the fact that we're seeing that decent recovery in global economic data suggests to me that this rally that we're talking about can continue for quite some time. well you and i are journalists we're not easily fooled by would seem to be good news how far do you think we are away from calling it a bubble again. well i think it is already a bubble because it's as michael says it's a interest rate driven development to a good part certainly there are also factors like trade and corporate profits and valuations in the market for many of the good companies are still reasonable but when you when you look at the charts since two thousand and nine basically the german market has been on the up and it's
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a very long period without any real serious correction in between and it's basically been supported by the perception that whatever happens the central banks will be there they'll poor more money and whether other lower interest rates again or the keep them low and nothing will happen to us and that's led to a bubble certainly in the bond market i know of very few people who don't see it that way when risks in greece or spain or italy are priced the way they are as low as they are because the central banks are behind that and if that should first they're in the bond markets then you're going to have trouble in the equities markets too but equities markets also i think there's trouble brewing because of the kind of ignorance of the investors of political risks that are out there the market is practically immune to that at the moment that's not really realistic really about michael hughes and in london thank you very much. and that's all your business it's back to sue me for more world news thank you get hired. jordan has
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taken in more than a million and a half refugees from neighboring syria the city of the arab it lies about ten kilometers from the syrian border and houses one of the biggest syrian refugee communities w.'s tanya kramer has a special report on the daily struggle facing refugees who fled syria as children. he should be at school but mohammed who everyone here to call it is working at a bakery instead his specialty is sweet pastries. the fifteen year old fled to jordan with his siblings and father four years ago. i missed school a lot you're caught up in a bad situation but the alternative back home is worse we got used to it. just mother and his oldest brother were killed in the war in jordan the family lived in a refugee camp at first but because they left the camp on their own accord that
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barely qualified for any aid that is another reason the family depends on his earnings her mood is here at the bakery every time work is on offer. it's barely enough for the apartment the rent electricity water and the rest my sister sometimes works as a hairdresser when we don't work we don't eat but we're surviving. his boss also forced to flee from syria supports him even if hamouda doesn't have a work permit the baker transmits his knowledge to the traditional learn from his own father in syria. the situation does not allow him to study so he learns and helps his family with the expenses and home. he likes to learn we syrians help each other here away from home and no one will hire him. it's estimated that just like him moved his family over one million syrians have sought
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refuge in jordan according to government figures the country recently east some restrictions for refugees to find work six hundred fifty thousand syrians are registered with the un refugee agency but after many years away from home most of them have next to nothing the situation is getting harder for the families to move ahead economic opportunities are is still limited so families becoming more and more we see like that eighty percent of the refugees leaving in the cities here in jordan in the cities they live under the poverty line home is no rental unit at the edge of the city her mood and his older sister must now also take care of their father who is he lost an arm during an attack in syria and was tortured in prison due to the trauma they experienced and the challenges of daily life the family holds together fast. when i was in syria i had many hopes about how it would be
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here now i have no hope except to become an expert of what i am doing and to support my family and myself and to make a small future for myself that's all i think about now. is how many tells us how mood of us top of his class at home in syria but in jordan he had to change his expectations and posts who a new path. you're watching d.w. news still to come five years ago more than fourteen hundred works of art were found in an apartment and munich some had been looted by the nazis in the second world war now they'll be shown to the public for the very first time. possible break down last night champions league action and look ahead to tonight that's all coming up in the next thirty minutes.
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oh martin luther a bear of hope for the no and middle class is. his chance nation of the bible great shape the development of the german language. and made the holy scriptures accessible to ordinary people. to what extent did he help to bring about the creation of a unified german state. lutheran and the nation. if i. don't know. when i'm traveling i like to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news and events. and v.w. makes that part of traveling easy just because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts and cruise ships worldwide. where have you found the domain sign and send us a picture that shows d w in your room you could win
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a great prize d.w. dot com travel quiz how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels you have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for a new journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. it is myself i work at government. welcome back you're watching news our top story police sources have named
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a suspect in the new york terror attack this man a twenty nine year old truck driver from his pakistan a pickup truck rammed into people on a bicycle killing eight. now the harvey weinstein scandal that emerged last month has unleashed a global discussion on sexual violence and abuse but it is a problem that goes far beyond hollywood victims are mainly women and children around the world well a new report from the u.n. fund for children says around fifteen million adolescent girls between the ages of fifteen and nineteen have been forced into sex the data from twenty countries shows nearly nine in ten girls knew their abuser and it's all too common that the perpetrator is someone in their inner circle like friends family members and romantic partners and further data from thirty countries fails only one percent of victims have tried to report the incident or seek professional help instead most
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victims keep the abuse secret well let's talk to claudia kapur from unicef in new york she's the main author of this report and joins us for more hi claudia thank you very much for joining us on our program what do these figures tell us about when girls are most vulnerable to this kind of abuse. those become more vulnerable when then throw out the lessons that they that that we have available clearly indicate that their own age fifteen and sixteen these when girls for the first time experience and wanted sexual touching a fourth so the lesson is a period of the inability to report says the victims often know their abuser who poses the greatest risk here. intimate partners including dating partners but also friends classmates neighbors so the victims know their perpetrators and d.c. is also why that remain silent what about the region's different regions of the
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world where this problem is the greatest were you able to recognise any patterns there well of course there are regions in countries where at the problem is but severe that put in since the available data clearly indicate that certain countries in africa including congo. are particularly affected but this is also true that violence against girls and women is a universal issues we have now from a large number of countries in europe for instance and clearly show that even in countries like luxembourg spain germany france a lot of women find the courage to report experience of sexual abuse in childhood your dad actually says that very few of these girls who have been abused do seek help afterwards why is that what's the data show. they do in the case that overall on only one percent of the big thing seek professional help so the problem
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is obviously it's very difficult to do disclose the experience of violence it's also difficult to seek help professional help in but to cure there is a lot of stigma associated we need the experience of violence goals and particularly younger girls may feel responsible or guilty they my fears repercussions for disclosing the experience of the bio dad so there is a lot of shame and taboo surrounding the experience of violence also against boys this is the reason why victims do not disclose their experience and when they disclose that experience of then they do so to friends and family members but not professionals so what the governments what a civil society have to do to create a better infrastructure for girls to feel safer to report the abuse first of all we need to change the attitudes surrounding gender surrounding inequality
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surrounding the way in which we see girls and women in society the way in which we see girls and women in the context of the family and relationships with women and girls are often seen as objects including four for sexual purposes by men we have to change the way in which girls are are seen but also we have to to strengthen the legislation and we have to make sure that when when the victims find the courage to disclose their abuse there are repercussions for the perpetrators and we have to improve the quality of services because often the things do not report the abuse because they do not trust the the ability of services and the fact that there is going to be action taken to respond to the abuse by claudia coffee cup or with a unicef's in new york for us claudia thank you so much for joining us. thank you.
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now in the united states the children of undocumented immigrants the so-called dreamers are growing increasingly concerned about their future there and around eight hundred thousand of them many of them are still young and have never known any other home than the u.s. now president donald trump has asked congress to come up with a new law to secure their residency status but the dreamers are concerned this won't happen so they're lobbying congress to protect them from deportation. he arrived here with thirteen graduated from high school and university today at least a stance in congress on behalf of thousands of dreamers demanding support from politicians that trump policies what hugh intimately wants is to militarize the border and to create the he saw a lake in corage during his campaign and now he wants to use. our. dream act to be able. to to build his wall many of the dreamers feel that way
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they say their situation is not being considered as it should be in congress today the end of humanity mothers are also here to support their kids joyous and free though i have suffered what i have to work sixteen to seventeen hours a day in this country in order to offer my son the opportunity to study the house a good life nothing has been easy for us in this country another puzzling is that by us us congress men at riana aspire yet was once also an undocumented boy in the united states now he represents the state of new york in the house of representatives he supports a bill in congress that has been brought in by democrats and some republicans it was a bipartisan bill that has close to two hundred sponsors you need two hundred eighteen the past and so we're very close to getting a legislative commitment from the rank and file members to pass this legislation and the only one that's really getting in the middle of this now and throwing a monkey wrench if you may is the president president i'll try and press release
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a list of conditions for agreeing on the dreamers to say we have to have a wall if the wall is going to be obstructed when we leave the farm i said we're not doing it right one of the conditions is the building of a wall on the u.s. mexican border the other one is the deportation of undocumented immigrants and that will mean that the dreamers parents will be forced to go back to. no the year that . was it the rails the discussion. back doesn't help us it's time you say we're going to allow these young people to stay here but we're going to deport their parents nonstarter right now because we don't want to split the family according to a us media poll around seventy five percent of americans support the dhaka program if these young professionals are forced to leave the united states the impact on the country's economy would be tremendous because the u.s.
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would lose billions of dollars in taxes income during the next years around eight hundred thousand young undocumented immigrants are depending now on a possible bipartisan solution here in the us congress democrats will have to reach out now for moderate republicans. now the name and frank is known all over the world the german born jewish teenager was one of the millions of holocaust victims she and her family almost survived the second world war by hiding in a secret annex in nazi occupied amsterdam but they were ultimately discovered and ann was transported by train to the auschwitz concentration camp where she died but not before the teenager wrote a vivid diary detailing her life and hiding that sense been published in almost seventy languages. well this weekend frank's name is back in the news because german state rail operator operator deutsche bahn is decided to name a new high speed train after her and our social media editor karl nelson is here to
3:40 pm
unravel this story for us a car looking at this story this decision to spark a lot of controversy tell us more yet as i mean really the train is the key thing here deutsche upon they asked for the public's help to name these new trains there were some twenty thousand suggestions and one of the most popular ones was actually and frank and in the end they chose twenty five notable germans including and frank as well as a car marks or einstein and billy brands to name these new trains you see some pictures of these high speed trains here but and frank as you mentioned a controversial choice probably well intentioned but putting her name on a train given the painful history it seems insensitive now to many people. have people been reacting yeah this is really reignited a long running discussion and germany is a country that really focuses on its past and debates how best to remember an honor the victims of the holocaust in this case is standing by their decision and they
3:41 pm
actually released a statement on their website and here it is it says in part it was in no way our intention to harm the memory of anne frank rather deutsche bahn was mindful of the historic responsibility to keep her memory alive we deeply apologize if on caused any offense the jury members who selected these names were unanimous and honoring and frank as an extraordinary person others in germany they also support georgia bonds choice saying that a train would be a powerful way to immortalize her and here's one berliner who agrees on twitter and he writes the memory would travel through germany every day and that is needed more now than ever but on the other hand this just feels wrong for many people here this is a c.s.u. politician now and she simply writes that naming a train after and frank is insensitive we actually spoke with an outspoken critic of this decision or name is maria benson she's the director of the jewish museum in frankfurt that's actually where and frank was born and she sent us a statement with her views here's a bit of what she had to say. on the door to life on
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woody porting the family of the new frank to the concentration camp where they were murdered therefore i think totally inappropriate in confederate to name a train after the holocaust and frank sue me it's not clear now after this big outcry if a train will end up being named after and frank they are rolling out this new series of trains starting in december over the next couple of years so we will see if the risen and frank train or not all right our social media editor karl with this controversy thank you karl thank. now facebook google and twitter are in the spotlight of u.s. lawmakers they're being questioned about their political ads the companies have begun two days of hearings before legislative committees the question is has russia used the company's ads or voces to sway american voters in last year's presidential elections and so discord afterwards facebook admitted that hundreds of millions of
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people may have been influenced by politically divisive posts from fake accounts that originated in russia. thousands and thousands of ads and comments on social networking sites during the presidential election in the u.s. favored u.s. president donald trump over his opponent hillary clinton up to one hundred twenty six million americans were served the messages originating from the russian troll farm the internet research agency u.s. lawmakers in washington are now trying to figure out how it could have happened the u.s. judiciary subcommittee grilled three social media representatives from facebook twitter and google for hours the questions were difficult like why was the problem first discovered eleven months after the election. those are two datapoints american political ads and russian money rubles. how could you not connect those two dots. senator it's
3:44 pm
a signal we should have been alert to and in hindsight it's one we know ok during the senate hearing facebook's representative stated that ads from russia were even posted after the election but this time against donald trump's presidency in the wake of the election and now president trump's election we saw a lot of activity directed at fomenting discord about the validity of his elections used state sponsored attackers are particularly pernicious they are well resourced they are sophisticated they are patient and often by design they are difficult to recognize the russian's attack was clearly meant to cause political and social discord and divide the american people in the future all three companies plan on countering organized troll campaigns by blocking accounts investigations
3:45 pm
continue today facebook google and twitter executives will appear before the u.s. congress intelligence committee. to football now and byron munich have sealed their progression to the knockout stages of the champions league the bundesliga giants travel to scottish champions celtic and in the twenty second minute a mix up in celtic's defense a fire in kingsley coleman and easy chance to open the scoring while the hosts fought back in front of a boisterous home crowd callum mcgregor sliding home the equaliser after the break but a brave header from tommy martinez fired back in front the midfielders spilling blood in the process at the two one win assured bahrain a place in the last sixteen. let's take a closer look at the. jonathan crane from v.w.
3:46 pm
sports hi jonathan this win over celtic means that their third of the knockout stages how important is it for them to claim first place in theory it's very important because if you win your group then your top state for the last sixteen which means you play the second leg of that at home in front of your home fans and it means you avoid the other group theory yes it should guarantee you an easy a match in the last sixteen but as we saw last season. finish runners up in that group it seems that one won't necessarily guaranteed an easy a match i think the main thing to. there was they got through it again last night obviously they had injury problems as well and ahead of the classic i. was able to read some of his defensive plays and he had doesn't have any further injuries but that means that i'm going to have to face p.s.g. in december they have a chance of winning i think they have a chance of winning by and we're different proposition now in the year because they want all six games they've played and to him i think the problem will be the margin of victory that they will likely need because assuming. it's win the next game.
3:47 pm
which you would expect will still be three points behind them because the champions league group stages is decided by head to head it means will have to be by four goals or probably need a foreigner to win and we've seen how imperious p.s.g. have been in the competition twenty one goals scored in four games none conceded so that would be the tough task there was a lot more action last night what else caught your eye when i picked group c. yesterday in group c. didn't because there were some really interesting results. chelsea very easily very disappointing performance. because if they'd won that much they would have gone through instead it's now in the driving season that great but the most surprising result was. one zero draw with carabao. that's the second time they failed to beat the champions league newcomers and that means unless they can win the last two games they will be going out this competition of course they were the semifinal finalists in twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen so it would be a big show if they want to progress all right jonathan crane from. thanks for that
3:48 pm
analysis jonathan thank you. well meanwhile in the champions league on wednesday bursa dortmund will host a cypriot side up well knowing they face an uphill battle to reach the knockout stage dortmund are in danger of elimination as group h. rivals around madrid in tottenham hotspur are in the driver's seat after three matches for dortmund that means every remaining point is crucial. the dorman scored wrapped up warm for training but the cold is the least of their worries entering the final stages of play in the so-called group of don't know what they need to do to avoid the champions league screamer when. if it's not over you have to keep believing if they're still a chance no matter how small it is you have to go for it that's what i'll do what the team will do as well. dortmund defensive frailties are exposed this past weekend before to defeat at hanover that result cost them top
3:49 pm
spot in the bundesliga and means they are now playing catch up on two fronts but omens destiny also depends on what happens in london their tottenham potentially boosted by the return of their star striker harry kane and retain ray allen madrid in a match between the group's joint leaders with all due respect to that it was to. us to believe that we can win but then on the bench on the pitch we must to show good quality. play. and try to. perform much better than. a top class performance would be necessary with a back to back defending champions in town. tottenham and right now both lost in the league at the weekend and all be looking to rectify that. the excitement is starting to build in south korea headed next just young chang winter games the
3:50 pm
olympic torch arrived in incheon today from greece the flame is set to tour the country on a one hundred day two thousand kilometer journey chang for the opening ceremony in february. after a long journey from grace the olympic flame touched down it into an airport prime minister in a knock yarn lit the cauldron with former olympian figure skater king yawner a crown the moment with a message of pace and one of the final burn throughout the olympics and the paralympics as hopes for the peace and prosperity of south korea and the world. hold. the flame will now told the country thirteen year old figure skater you young kicking off the epic two thousand kilometer relay the venues are all but ready and organizers are promising a green and hassle free experience for visitors but the ongoing uncertainty surrounding nuclear north korea is threatening to overshadow the spectacle ticket
3:51 pm
sales have been poor with less than thirty two percent sold so far but organizers are confident the games can transcend political differences. they are confident that we have a stronger can fail leading up to the games i can say this with a confidence because koreans are known to be buyers of those light sales could determine whether the olympic flame gets a rousing reception when it arrives in pyongyang in february for the opening ceremony. five years ago over fourteen hundred works of art were found in an apartment in munich many had been looted by the nazis in the second world war now some of those works are going on display to the public in a museum in bonn here in germany and one in byrne in switzerland and robyn merrill's here from our culture desk in tell us more about this robin gives the backstory to these works of art hildebrand good it was a renowned collector who started working for the nazis in the drought in the time
3:52 pm
of the dry and sending out which had been confiscated by the nazis from jewish owners now in he died in nine hundred fifty six of his some cold nameless gold it was investigated by the tax authorities five years ago good to see pictures of him and this spectacular hold of was found in an apartment he rented in munich and it was said to be worth over one billion euros there's a picture of the apartment and it by the way that estimate has gone down considerably it's not worth a billion euros however it's very significant find the. two major exhibitions have been launched to display many of these works to the public why to exhibition well two different topics actually coordinating this go at it who we sold that he actually died in two thousand and fourteen and he left everything to the museum of fine arts in ben in switzerland the exhibition there is concentrating
3:53 pm
on what scrolled and top sets are couldn't this is the degenerate that the nazis didn't like it wasn't arian and awful whatever. and the exhibition in bong concentrates is on the looted nazi work stolen from jewish families or others persecuted by the nazis naturally the question of who they sell belongs to. remains unclear however the authorities are allowing these works to be displayed which haven't been seen we have to remember this over the seventy years i mean some of the mud savant's when the maid never really been seen by the public this is a great story of this been missing from our cultural landscape for such a long time. the exhibition in berne focuses on works which the nazis classified as degenerate art and confiscated for sale abroad these include works by wassily kandinsky powell. and. cornelius gurlitt his collection to the burn museum after his death they accepted
3:54 pm
it but left around one third of the works in germany so the provenance could be researched the story made headlines around the world. could have been the focus of media attention was alluded art it's very tragic because behind every case of looted art there's the terrible fate of someone who was persecuted and in some cases murdered. in bonn the show presents artworks looted from victims of the nazi regime and works whose provenance has not yet been established . the german last dance foundation has now identified this painting by twenty two as belonging to french jewish politician and resistance leader george mandela who was executed in nazi occupied france.
3:55 pm
it's the sixth work to be identified as looted from jewish owners. both exhibitions remain. until march twenty eighth. so robyn very few of these works have actually been returned to their rightful owners why is that well it's proving very extremely hard to find them for a start and not many people have actually come forward with claims a research group has been established on the current style in bonn and also the government has established one as well which is so far as we tracked down six works but the process of returning them is a long process i mean we've got to remember these paintings were. not seen for over seventy years so these exhibitions run till march and then what happens well actually then both the and both museums close briefly and they swap them go who's to bet on what the other one goes to all and there are plans for the to tour these
3:56 pm
exhibitions meanwhile they could get slightly smaller these exhibitions as the provenance is the rightful owners of found more on both exhibitions on our website you know meet up com d.w. dot com slash culture right and other ways meryl our culture editor thank you for bringing us that story. you're watching d.w. new is a phil gale we'll have your latest news update at the top of the hour that's just in a few minutes please stay with us. monsignor
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at bearer of hope for the known and middle classes. his translation of the bible greatly shaped the development of the german language. and made the holy scriptures accessible to ordinary people. to what extent did he help to bring about the creation of a unit. jealous. you think of the nation fifteen. dollars. because that is where they start to divide the country do it deal where they start to divide the language. blood will flow for. the soviet union is breaking up part. of the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way the glee club the glee. club said it was an incredibly difficult time.
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this democracy was a lie the elections were a fraud say privatization was robbery the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth w. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing alan vironment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire other. people would be environment magazine. d w. he tells us starring stories. it makes us laugh. and cry. tremble and smile. magical
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