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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 1, 2017 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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dormant hostess in. the face an uphill battle to the knockout stage dortmund are in danger of elimination as group eight rivals realm of dread and tottenham hotspur are in the driver's seat after three matches for daub and that means every remaining point is crucial the dortmund scored wrapped up warm for training but the cold is the least of their worries entering the final stages of play in the so-called group of death don't know what they need to do to avoid the champions league screen ripa when. fish not over you have to keep believing if they're still a chance no matter how small it is you have to go for it that's what i'll do what the team will do as well. dortmund defensive frailties are exposed this past weekend a four to defeat at hanover that result cost them top spot in the bundesliga and means they are now playing catch up on two fronts but norman's destiny also depends
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on what happens in london their tottenham potentially boosted by the return of their star striker harry kane and retain ray allen madrid in a match between the group's joint leaders with all due respect to that it was too. nice to believe we can win but then on the pitch we must to show good quality. play. and try to be that performance with. a top class performance would be necessary with a back to back defending champions in town like dortmund tottenham and read out both lost in the league at the weekend and all be looking to rectify that. let's get more than only champions league group of death. just should just it's just me but you just call the whole competition the group of death.
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so they really have given the bad. fortune of the statue because as you say a bad start no win three matches that's given them a mountain to climb. absolutely have to beat tonight and then also have one eye on the other games because a draw and that one really helped open the tool they really need one of those sides to win. really not looking good for dortmund at the moment i mean they haven't been on form they've won one of the last five games and that was in the cup against the bloke. boss the coach has also come in the criticism for some of his tactics he plays a very attacking dame high line defensively which is great for war. games but it's left to invulnerable and they've been courts out a few times now and he said of course we have a plan b. but if we'd carried out well there wouldn't be those questions it seems like he wants to stick to his guns he's the he's going to go for it again tonight against the other they really do need which other you should be. well it's on the morale as
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i mentioned is arguably the match of the evening i think seems strange to say given his success isn't it in sudan is slightly and the pressure around not really on form eight points behind barcelona in the spanish league after their defeats at the weekend. it's going to be an exciting game is the pits harry caniff if he is free and injury free again christian or now that the competition's top score is with five goals and if either of those teams do win then they will qualify for the last sixteen and we have a german side in action tonight. with a very good chance because. that group has been doing very well so that's even things out for the rest of the teams and then manchester city playing in the now that it's two league leaders in their respective domestic leagues together that should be a very interesting game as well and i said it was match of the evening but that one surely runs it. so much. excitement starting to build
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in south korea ahead of next year's prawn chiang winter games the olympic torch arrived in today from greece the flame set to tour the country on a one hundred day two thousand kilometer journey to pune shanghai for the opening ceremony in february. after a long journey from grace the olympic flame touched down it into an airport prime minister in a knock your lit the cauldron with former olympian figure skater king yawner a crown the moment with a message of pace i want to you know the flame will burn throughout the olympics and the paralympics as hopes for the peace and prosperity of south korea and the world. the flame will now tour the country thirteen year old figure skater you young kicking off the epic two thousand kilometer relay the venues are all but ready and organizers are promising a green and hassle free experience for visitors but the ongoing uncertainty surrounding nuclear north korea is threatening to overshadow the spectacle ticket
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sales have been poor with less than thirty two percent sold so far but organizers are confident the games can transcend political differences. we are confident that we have a. leading up to the games. with the concept of because. those lights could determine whether the olympic flame gets a rousing reception when it arrives in pyongyang in february for the opening ceremony. two russian cross country have been banned from the olympics for life after being found guilty of doping at the sochi games and twenty forty one of the alexander has also been stripped of his sochi gold medal. if get any bad off the first athletes to be sanctioned after a review of evidence into state sponsored doping at the games the international olympic committee is investigating twenty eight cases it will decide on the issues overall. in december. and his reminder of the top
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story u.s. president donald trump has responded to the new york truck attack by calling for a change to immigration law also said he would consider having the suspect sent to the guantanamo bay detention center as an enemy coming. up today more of the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the web site. of the.
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they are the hope of many of. these monks are rebuilding what the military spent years destroying we really are something like the teachers of the people.
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three miles. three stories three ways of changing everything. the power of the monks in fifteen minutes. because they don't know where they start to divide the country to new zealand where they start to divide the language. blood will flow for. the soviet union is breaking apart. that night everyone knew the decision would seal everyone's face to get us there and get my side. of. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically with the most of it was an incredibly difficult task do not move that you get this democracy was a license to get the elections were
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a fraud so privatization was robbery poorest instead of cultivating its culture its words and language it brought forth a rebuttal said nationalism. the soviet you. noons heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have worked off the streets of many canvassed and their problems are always the same forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see them why do those who have decide to put
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their trust in us. my name is jenny person i work a d w.


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