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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 2:02am-2:16am CET

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evidence of russian meddling on social media lawmakers have slammed the companies for failing to rein in russian use of their sites to manipulate the american political process when it comes to extra security costs facebook's third quarter profits soared to four point seven one billion dollars let's go to yes quarter standing by the new york stock exchange on this one even facebook says russia's influence was reprehensible yes shouldn't these companies have been hindering outside interference of any sort legally probably not morally probably yes i mean this whole situation is a rather new and we didn't have to deal with problems like that in the past them and that is really the big question should facebook have a block of those ads and polls and should they have been aware of it i do not believe that there was a law any rule that facebook broke at this point but if they knew about
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it if there were some warning signs then morally facebook probably should have acted and then again facebook is probably not alone there was this issue of companies like google and their you tube channel for example and also twitter have to deal with a very similar problem with this problem problematic situation will get let me pick up on the legalities of this is we find out what was paid for the ads how many thousands there were and how many millions of americans they reached what we see stricter advertising rules for social media companies. well i mean what we will probably see is that is the big question if we will see that or not if there will be legal steps taken how facebook and the likes of to deal with those issues in the future there was one senator actually saying that he's hoping that the companies will take the right steps so that the legal side does not have to step in
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and we shouldn't forget the new administration is not necessarily known for being very keen on bringing up tighter regulation but this will certainly be discussed them heavily in the weeks to come back to get to the moment because the federal reserve has kept interest rates steady that's widely in line with investors' expectations they're not betting on a third rate rise until next month that's becoming ever more likely with the fed describing the economy as solid supported by manufacturing and labor strength and the central bank is playing down the economic impact of recent hurricanes another sign it's on track to lift borrowing costs again. yes what is the likelihood of a rate rise next month. well we might see an interest rate increase in december tough to really put a percentage bet on it but it is real likely especially if the u.s.
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economy keeps to improve as we see it right now the labor market seems to be pretty strong if you look at consumer confidence we are at the highest level in about seventeen years and specially was the whole holiday season coming up there is a hint there probably consumers also will keep spending we just saw for a second consecutive month g.d.p. so the u.s. economy growing by a good three percent or so if that pace continues it is pretty likely that we will see the next interest rate increase in december and then maybe some more steps next year ok thank you very much for your analysis from new york and. janet yellen writes announcement today is being overshadowed by speculation as to who could replace her as the world's most powerful central banker and decisions expected from president donald trump on thursday and there are reports the white house has
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notified jerome powell that it will nominate him. the head of the u.s. federal reserve is the most powerful central banker in the world some past fed chairman have even attain near cult status like alan greenspan. he opened the money floodgates and sent equity markets into a feeding frenzy it led to a time of unprecedented growth field by credit until the bubble burst in two thousand and seven unleashing a global financial crisis greenspan wasn't around anymore it was his successor ben bernanke who had to do the damage control. but he kept monetary policy loose the u.s. economy had gotten used to extremely low interest rates a rapid reversal would have caused shocks to the system. it was business as usual under his successor janet yellen at least at first now she's opened the door to gradual rate increases amid stable growth in the us the federal reserve stronger
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intervention in the economy stands in contrast to the policies of the european central bank which has favored a lighter touch and focuses on inflation the fed reacts to developments in the job market yellen sturm ends in february and this man may replace or jerome powell the former investment banker is a republican and already part of the fed's governing board markets look ready to welcome such a choice his nomination would signal continuity another possible choice of fed chair could be stanford university economist john taylor but his chances are considered slim and analysts caution that he might be too quick to tighten policy. of course janet yellen might still stay on theoretically she's allowed a second term she was appointed by former president barack obama in the past u.s. presidents have tended to retain the fed chairs chosen by their predecessors if donald trump decides to replace yellen it would be
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a break with tradition. the bull market continues unabated for global equities traders must be anxious about a correction or crash being around the corner but the financial indicators are overwhelmingly positive with robust corporate earnings and booming global trade indices a soaring to record highs in tokyo london new york and frankfurt. german broadcasters are spellbound and this course is the reason why it just keeps going up and up the dax broke through the twelve thousand mark back in march and galloped past thirteen thousand points two weeks ago the atmosphere down on the trading floor is calm the recipe for success is suddenly simple buy stocks lean back and watch them rise and the expectation seems to be that things won't change anytime soon or when they shine the things already seem to be on track next year even in europe and asia there crises are behind them in the u.s.
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growth is continuing whether because of trump or despite them doesn't matter which is a perfect pass into the penalty box for germany's export economy. looks like a home game for germany the world economy is expected to grow stronger than expected next year by three point seven percent according to the i.m.f. more than almost any other nation on earth germany's export economy is geared to profit from situations like these another indicator that there is no end in sight to the continuing upswing our recent numbers from the german institute for shipping economics and logistics it recently reported that container turnover in the country sports is rising steadily an early sign that companies are optimistic about the next few months and therefore more willing to invest. as our central banks they're plowing billions into economies in the eurozone japan and the us and a lot of that money is ending up on the stock markets that's because interest rates
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remain low and alternative investments like bonds aren't attractive enough the sheer amount of investment funding out there is driving the dacs and other stock markets to new heights but sooner or later all good things come to an end. the robots are on the motts set to take over many workplaces especially in factories and the services sector they're also entering our harmes japanese electronics giant sony has introduced the latest version of a little electric dog to keep you company you don't need to take it for walks and it doesn't pay your pope even it's quite cute. to electronic dog stream of chasing electric sheep ask japan sony corp just developed a second generation of its little robotic dog in silver and black looks like a cross between your average lap dog and a coffee maker he even comes with to light the way japan sony corp unveiled the
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robot a day after it forecast record earnings leaving its share price to hit a nine year high the robo doggy runs for about two hours after a full three hour charge it has two cameras that use facial recognition to identify its owner and twenty two motors for movement. so. how can i get a confident that a robot that allows the experience of connecting with people and love is exactly what embodies sony's mission so i gave the order to begin the development of about a year and a half ago. i have to say is much the owners can also sync with a smartphone application called my i bow which allows them to play with the robot dog remotely the electro will cost about fifteen hundred euros and shipments start in mid january. i was doing business with a. red. button
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yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah yeah yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah yeah yeah yeah. us president donald trump has called for radical changes to his country's immigration law in response to the new york truck attack he's a congress to end what's known as the green card lottery scheme that allows tens of
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thousands of immigrants to enter the u.s. every year the twenty nine year old suspect accused of killing eight people gained residency in the country under the program. but critics say the suspect was radicalized in america not his home country of it was pakistan. several former catalan leaders have arrived in madrid after spain's high court summoned them to testify in total more than a dozen council and politicians have been called to appear at the supreme court they are charged with rebelling against the government after holding an illegal independence referendum i used it catalan president has pushed him on who has fled to belgium said he would ignore the court's order to return to spain but he could testify from belgium. it's been ten months since the government in northern ireland collapsed and now the irish nationalist partition fein says coalition talks with the pro pritish democratic unionist party have failed the british government says
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