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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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and you can imagine lots of jubilation among fans here's a recap of the top story that we're following feel the man accused of carrying out the new york terrorist attack has appeared in court but shown no sign of remorse now president trump has weighed in he scored for the death penalty. you're watching the devaney's coming to you live from london coming up shortly guess we'll have the business news for you so do stay with you deb you if you cast. progress that way they start to divide the country i do mean zealand where they start to divide the language blood will flow over to. the ninety nine to
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the soviet union is breaking up part. of the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically. or locally it was an incredibly difficult time. in this democracy was a lie because the elections where fronts are privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on w. look. at it at. a major appointment expected in washington today is he the next chairman of the federal reserve many say jerome powell will ensure stability for u.s. monetary policy. and facebook advertising earnings are up fifty percent but accusations
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grow that the company profits from spreading political propaganda and fake news. also tesla slows down production the lead again on tesla model spray as the electric car maker bitten off more than it can chew. this is d.w. business well today u.s. president donald trump is due to announce his pick for the new leader of the federal reserve now will he be the new man at the helm of the world's most important central bank if you believe an increasing number of reports well his name is jerome powell he has been a fed governor since twenty twelfth he's a centrist on monetary policy and is known as a pragmatic and down to earth official with both private sector and government experience the head of the u.s. federal reserve is the most powerful central banker in the world some past fed chairman have even attained new cult status like alan greenspan he opened the money
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floodgates and sent equity markets into a feeding frenzy it led to a time of unprecedented growth fueled by credit. until the bubble burst in two thousand and seven unleashing a global financial crisis greenspan wasn't around anymore it was his successor ben bernanke who had to do the damage control but he kept monetary policy loose the u.s. economy had gotten used to extremely low interest rates a rapid reversal would have conscious shocks to the system but it was business as usual under his successor janet yellen at least at first now she's open the door to gradual rate increases amid stable growth in the us. federal reserve stronger intervention in the economy stands in contrast to the policies of the european central bank which has favored a lighter touch and focuses on inflation the fed reacts to developments in the job market yemen's term ends in february. jerome powell is the man tipped to
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replace or the former investment banker is a republican and already part of the fed's governing board markets looked ready to welcome such a choice his nomination would signal continuity theoretically stanford university economist john taylor remains a candidate but his chances are slim analysts caution that he might be quick to tighten policy. janet yellen would normally be expected to serve a second term but because she was appointed by former president barack obama that is out of the question for the current white house by replacing a fed chairman only after one term president donald trump looks set to break another tradition. last you've been in the u.s. for a long time reporting almost straight and on the fed what your own paul be a good choice i would say he's definitely a solid choice his safe choice as we just heard he's been on the order of fed
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governors five years he has some experience he is an interesting choice as much as he does not have any formal training in monetary policy is a monetary it cannot mix he's from the private sector but i mean as i said he's been on the board of governors for a while he has gained a lot of experience and if you listen to what his colleagues at the fed governors have said about him he seems to be a consensus maker he seems to be experienced enough for the job so it's definitely a safe choice you said that he's been in the private sector in the public sector he's had some real jobs what kind of policy a different policy could be expect from him that's interesting enough he will not really changed. policy at all if you look at his voting record over the last couple of years the last five years that has been on the board he has never once dissented from janet yellen always voted with her whether that was for keeping interest rates low and of course as we know pretty much zero percent for
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a very long time he has also voted with her when they started raising interest rates slowly he has voted for monetary easing for all these things so i cannot see any way fed policy will change with drone policy the hell that's what markets expecting as well around the world. why i mean if there's no big got to be it isn't not going to be any big change why is trump replacing the first but it's a trump it's just a trump overlay he has said for the longest time that janet yellen is actually still in the running and he does actually like her which is the opposite of what he had said usually during the campaign when he was running for president everybody knows janet yellen has been doing a very good job and as we've also heard it is tradition for american presidents over the last couple of decades to reappoint effect sham and even if he was originally put in place by a president from the opposing party bush did that with greenspan and obama did that
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with bernanke it for trump it seems it was more important now to just leave his mark in just get a trump person in place than it was actually about policy changes and surprising is it he drives going to announce his choice later this afternoon is there any chance that it's going to be more ball was looks pretty solid now after what we just recently heard but with trump of course there's always surprises and he has in the last couple of days really been all over the board here all over the map he said yellen is definitely a contender and ironically he even said john taylor would be in the running he likes him too even though john taylor also a member of the fed is standing policy wise for the exact opposite off what's drawn powell and janet yellen have stood so for us so once again this is really a trump wolf this is not about policy he doesn't know much about it to begin with this is just to put his person in and surprise the world. last out of it thank you very much for those come and we stay in the us where facebook reported
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a massive seventy nine percent jump in profits on wednesday as it pushed further into video advertising facebook's total and revenue alone rose almost fifty percent to just over ten billion u.s. dollars still facebook is in the hot seat in the united states for the way it and the political ads align the spread of false news stories facebook said that russians bought thousands of u.s. political ads to spread fake news the social networking platform pledged to double its cyber security force in the future. electric car maker tesla is still having serious production problems and is booking record losses last quarter it was a whopping six hundred nineteen million u.s. dollars there are still only older models on the road that's due to the problem with the mobile three production which can start in december as planned production of the lower priced model is now slated for late in the first quarter of next year then five thousand cars are scheduled to roll of assembly lines tesla is having
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setbacks with its battery production. so tesla is having problems getting its cars on the road and is losing money let's cross over to our financial correspondent ali bart and frankfurt really should investors be worried. yes i think they have reason to be worried because it's not the first time that tesla fails to meet projections and proclamations about production and the share price is making investors feel that it's dropped about five percent in the recent hours but since its high in the new year it's dropped more considerably than that it's still valued incredibly high the old test is the second most valuable u.s. car maker by stock market value behind general motors general motors made a profit of over nine billion euros and as you mentioned tesla is loss making last making after all these years and with homeopathic doses of car production numbers
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that it puts into the market but investors are looking at this business model in a different way they're saying look at the technical solutions and tesla finds that the other conventional car makers so far same failed to offer. the i.p.o. was half gotten a lot of interest recently again one must say there was another one today was investors appetite for shares of hello fresh. milk had sellers so the appetite there was great in the build up to the i.p.o. the company took over three hundred million euros as a consequence the appetite was great people gobbling up the shares now at the beginning of trading that appetite waning and. hello fresh another company that's losing money as have been previous i.p.o.'s that came here and the past months not all of them losing money but some also in the food business and some people here
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see that as a sign that slowly the hype is getting too much in the stock market when investors grab a company's small ones losing money and can't seem to pay enough for the shares. some frank thank you very much. in the u.s. it's roast turkey and germany it's a good in the czech republic the traditional christmas meal is fried call it maybe is a bit early christmas story but cups fisherman in the whole country are already very very busy. let the fishing begin the czech republic is starting to prepare for christmas and part of a traditional czech christmas is a card using a centuries old method. the fishermen hit the water with long poles to drive the fish into a large net. they circled the fish in their small boats
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after draining water out of the pond. then they lift the coveted fish in smaller nets to place them in portable tanks. in this way thousands of tons of live carp are brought to christmas markets for sale. traditionally their served on christmas eve fried in breadcrumbs or as a fish soup. the ghosts. from the business team here and i'll have an update for you in the next out. of course on our website on the slash business that go here is a real time check on global markets at this hour thanks for watching by.
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mistake. i know that i love life both and you will always remain my beloved parents . bev longstaff son is two i.x. . landing and he was
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a totally normal boy after german parents desperately searching for their children and water the old fart is doing ok let them leave disappointed parents are now appealing to german lawmakers. next d.w. . enters the conflict zone fronting the powerful. here in barcelona the battle over catalonia is independent says swung at least for the time being in favor of the spanish government my guest here is alfred thought she did of the pro independence republican the left really now admits that the movement has bitten off way more than it can chew to. folks in sixty minutes d w. it's all about the moments that lie before. it's all about the story inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different
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perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram others at g.w. story the topic each week on instagram welcome to quadriga art what is it that will satisfy. you about is this a women's talk w. . smart women. smart talk so we would look for smart station you'll find out what it's like w. me. hello and welcome to focus on europe thanks very much for joining us i'm damien mcginnis and this week all eyes are on spain where people are divided.


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