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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series for. d w dot com africa on the move. this is d.w. news live from berlin outrage in catalonia as recorded in madrid orders members of the dismissed regional government to go to jail. former cabinet members are transported in police vans from the court to prison
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ousted cattle on leader corliss bridge to moscow is it a serious mistake also coming up the man accused of carrying out the new york terror attack tells a court that he feels good about what he has done the u.s. president says the suspect should be given the death penalty and after weeks of speculation donald trump nominee jerome hauer lev's the new head of the federal reserve what in that will he have on monetary policy. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us he is no longer a president but he is making presidential demands the ousted cattle on leader karl is is calling for the release of eight former members of the cattle on government from prison a judge in madrid sent them to jail tonight without bail after they answered
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questions in court about their efforts to break away from spain the judge is also reportedly preparing to issue an arrest warrant for jamal who is in brussels after defying an order to return to spain it is still unclear when and if that warrant will be issued we have more from our correspondent in barcelona in just a moment but first this report. for eight former members of the deposed catalan parliament the day ended with a trip to jail the law makers ordered by a spanish judge to be held in prison pending possible charges over catalonia is push for independence earlier hundreds of catalans turned out at barcelona's main station to welcome other lawmakers who had traveled to madrid to go before the spanish supreme court. spanish justice is fascist and dictatorial we never thought this could happen it's shameful. i have lots of pent up rage i'm disgusted i never thought that the spanish state would get to this point and. nowhere to be
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seen in barcelona as the catalan leader car less push demand who's traveled to belgium he failed to appear in court in madrid today and the spanish state prosecutor wants him arrested. when someone doesn't appear after being cited by a judge to testify in spain or in any other e.u. country and arrest warrant is issued it's a duty to answer to the summons. to much lawyer says he will cooperate with both spanish and belgian authorities. before. and. defend against this. house exception. we will be in warrant. a few. outside the supreme court in madrid lawyers representing catalan
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leaders said push to months no show would impact on the other defendants. we want to analyze whether it will be beneficial or detrimental but it is going to have an effect that's for sure. despite his passionate support in barcelona months refusal to come before the courts in madrid can only damage his case oh and we want to go now to our correspondent charles until she is standing by for us in barcelona good evening to you charlotte let's pick up the story with these eight former cattle on lawmakers who were sent to jail today without a chance of bail what more do we know about them. good evening brant i'm stood outside the capitol on hanumant at the moment this was the place where on friday dismissed catalan lawmakers voted in favor of independence there were changes inside the parliament tonight we had
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a very different picture some of those men and women as you've just said who voted for independence and now in jail for what they've done we know that there are a set of them who are now behind bars tonight one of those who also appeared before the high court escaped on bail he quits the government just before the vote so isn't facing similar charges now those people out there say facing very serious allegations rebellion alone for example one of the charges leveled at these people carries up to thirty years in prison so there is a great deal of concern among people here about what that will mean for the independence movement there is a huge amount of anger as well directed at the government in madrid and also at the european union people here all evening have been chanting shame on europe they've also asked exactly how many political prisoners is it going to take the madrid stocks for europe to. charlotte talk to me a little bit about what we are seeing behind you there it looks like
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a protest i mean how are people reacting to what has been unfolding today in madrid . yes there's a keach crowd behind me at the moment it looks like it staying very peaceful and there's a real fear that this news that says that many women who it lets them it to independence something that people here been wanting for years and decades even and now behind bars there have been cooled as well for more demonstrations just like this one behind me we're expecting more tomorrow sunday and through to the next couple of weeks so it looks like this anger that's being devastated here behind me is not going to end anytime soon. all right our correspondent in charlotte tells him to live on the story for us tonight in barcelona charlot thank you very much. now to the united states the u.s. president double trump has renewed calls for the death penalty to be handed to the suspect in tuesday's attack in new york city the accused you see him right there
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it's a full o. south of waived his right to silence and told authorities he was inspired to kill by so-called islamic states online propaganda well meanwhile mr trump has called for a capital punishment for side of tweeting he killed eight people and should get the death penalty now the family and friends of the eight victims have been holding vigils in their memory. earlier i spoke to our washington correspondent carsten phenomena and i asked him if trump's tweets on the death penalty could jeopardize a fair trial for siple. absolutely or at least that's what i would argue if i was the defense attorney in that trial and donald trump is the head of the executive the same branch of government that is investigating and prosecuting the suspect of course the verdict eventually the verdict will come from
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the judicial branch in the courts but still what kind of a fair trial can you expect when it is known that a top executive once that man dad and in one instance even called him an animal and that is why basically all presidents are advised not to weigh in on criminal cases but donald trump clearly doesn't care much about such advice and i guess that's also some of his appeal to his supporters so he continues to throw a red meat to his base and doesn't care much about conventions or legal standards in terms that we know that the u.s. president had suggested cindy ings i-pod to the guantanamo detention center in cuba today he seemed to pull back on that but his attorney general was speaking earlier and he was pushing that idea further as well what is happening here. well i think i think the attorney general jeff sessions was talking about this
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issue in more general terms pointing out that both the military legal system with the detention center at guantanamo bay and the civilian judicial system are in the mix when it comes to prosecuting terrorism suspects or terrorists and so obviously one tunnel bay is used mainly for so-called foreign fighters whereas the judges of the system is for american citizens the suspect here is not a citizen but a legal resident and i think most legal experts and also jeff sessions agree that it's my impression that this suspect should be tried in a court in new york our correspondent crossed a phenomenon the story for us tonight in the u.s. capitol crossing thank you very much i mean time at the white house the u.s. president today nominated to head the u.s. federal reserve if confirmed by the senate powell would replace janet yellen as the
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nation's top monetary policy maker powell has generally supported the policies of his predecessor and is expected to remain cautious about raising interest rates too quickly here's some of what trump and powell had to say at the white house he's strong he's committed he's smart and if he is confirmed by the senate jay will put his considerable talents and experience to work leading our nation's independent central bank and i'm both honored and humbled by this opportunity to serve our great country if i am confirmed by the senate i will do everything within my power to achieve our congressionally assigned goals of stable prices and maximum employment. that was the nominee their drone policy for the u.s. federal reserve here's some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world a paris court have sentence adel cadet murat to twenty years in prison for terrorist
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offenses but he was cleared of helping his younger brother mohammed who attacked a jewish school in two thousand and twelve in the town of to lose killing seven people the younger.


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