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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2017 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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says demand for its new i phone x. is off the charts on the first day of sales will apple become the world's first trillion dollar company. and his own we'll have that story and much more coming up on business in one minute. when cities are engulfed by the sea. org dams malls and costly protective measures with. nothing.
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more challenging our future starting november ninth on d.w.a. . much of it i forgot. your link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions from zero news and easy to our website deputed comes to africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. at. the world's most valuable brand is even more valuable record profits and apple's new i phone bring the tech giant's valuation closer to a trillion dollars. uncertainty reigns in spain catalonia crisis drags on dragging. down the region's business prospects and the challenges of putting on
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an environmentally friendly un climate change conference in the grips of a job which has. been physical and let's do business a decade on the i phone continues to draw crowds the latest version is expected to break sales records and apple profits but the american companies market capital most nine hundred billion dollars. the images are practically identical on them for the world. there is a countdown. customers first then when the doors finally open in stores in london tokyo and paris they put down a pile of money and leave at the student before ik. i think i want to go home get some rest and enjoy the phone. it's the day that i wait for each year really for eleven years now and since the
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first i phone every year i line up to have the latest on apple's range of products whether it's an i phone whether it's the watch the i pad the mac. so i bought three i phone ten so that my whole family can enjoy them. the latest i phone has an edge to edge display and uses facial recognition technology but otherwise it doesn't seem to be the huge technological leap forward that album claims even so it costs around two thousand dollars and buyers know they're paying mostly for the brand how long can apple keep it up that's the billion dollar question competition is growing samsung isn't the only challenger chinese manufacturers like shell me and while way are also fighting life of the pie. if in the future the iphone still doesn't have enough a novel of main feature and in chinese producers will bring out all down in the past the product research and development of chinese producers were copied from apple but this is changing chinese producers are the first to produce the full screen and are emphasizing quality and photos now apple is looking more like
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a chinese producer. that could be but until now that hasn't made any dent in apple's bottom line there were so many orders for the i phone ten but it's already confidently forecast record sales in the run up to christmas. this is staying success of the i phone is made up of the most valuable company in the world its old record of nearly forty seven million devices in the quarter ending in september considering the iphone eight had only been available for a week at the time and the i phone ten wasn't yet available at all that's a staggering number and he's another staggering figure for you the i phone has helped apple a mass market value of eight hundred seventy three billion u.s. dollars that's more than the combined worth of these seven german industrial heavyweights including siemens bya and fox fox. i asked our friend for correspond to leave if apple's almost trillion dollar price tag is justified. that's right and
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when you compare it to the market value of those prestigious german companies which we have many many factories around the world many of them and whose software we use and business computers and the applications there it seems unfathomable but the customers are paying for this and through buying these millions of i phones are creating billions of profit and the share price is directly related to the profit and when you put the two in relation to one another the share price and the profit that apple incurs it seems almost reasonable what the company is worth because that number is high the price earnings ratio but not overly high many high tech giants actually have higher numbers so apple as incredible as it sounds seems to be worth what it's worth at the moment what about its chinese rivals though should apple be losing sleep over them. i think they probably are and they're working very very hard to create new products the next time around that have the same or better
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technology than the chinese competitors in order not to get overtaken by them but remember but remember apple has that brand we just heard the one guy say that we're buying the brand yes you are and that's apple's ingenious business model they connect all the dots which the competitors somehow can't seem to do create to create a lifestyle to make people buy these phones at these very very expensive prices buying the most valuable brand of the world will be bought in frankfurt for us thank you to spain's worst institutional crisis in decades the central bank says this session turmoil could damage the economy especially catalonia is the uncertainty is seen over a thousand companies relocate their headquarters to other parts of the country and last month catalonia let the nation's seventeen autonomous regions in job losses. the demonstrators in front of the catalonian parliament were angry and things look
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set to get worse for businesses before they get better there's talk of a general strike in the coming days german business owners here are nervous. things have settled down a little which is a positive development for our businesses but we don't know how long it'll last but the arrests are of course a disturbing factor we'll have to wait and see how the population reacts. ricardo hamas is keeping a close eye on things the head of a company that produces plastic products is also angry about the detention of catalonia and lawmakers even though he's happy that the situation is calmer at the moment when the. business people here have had to cope with the insecurities of the situation we've gone through some tough moments. it looks a little quieter now but the unrest could continue we can't rule that out. i mean. the desire for independence that gripped millions of couple lines is also supported by thousands of business owners but despite broad support for the idea
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they aren't happy with how the region's government has gone about it. business people feel a little disoriented at the moment when it comes to independence because in the last few years we were expected to trust separatist politicians that wanted to set up state authorities and entities. so we gave them that trust. but now what we're seeing is that they didn't set up any authorities an entity. the biggest company in catalonia is c.i. and its leaders say the carmaker just wants to build vehicles there defending their right to remain out of the fray in the face of new government measures works council head carneiro this firm on that. this pressure from the royal family ministries politicians it needs to come from them that's what they're paid
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for they should let us build cars in peace that's the thing that we do well. both carneiro and ramos have high hopes. for the elections on december twenty first the businessman hopes that spain's federal government will be in a more compromising mood he hopes for more concessions even if independence is off the table you see them but i guess what's important is that they help push madrid to give us catalans more self-government and. just you know that's a where she doesn't believe there's likely to be granted. the u.n. climate change conference gets underway in a couple days fiji is chairing the event but the tiny nation doesn't have the capacity to r.'s twenty three thousand delegates that's why bone is stepping in it's also funding the logistics challenging as well as ensuring the event is as carbon neutral as possible with the cold german weather. for the two thousand workers on the construction site this is the homestretch they've
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been on the job every day including weekends to get everything ready on time. twenty five thousand people will be attending the climate change conference among them government representatives delegates from five hundred n.g.o.s and more than a thousand journalists it's a huge technical challenge. we need to get all the electricity and one thousand technology over here it's been quite a challenge in the short time available and getting everything structurally safe so that it could be improved negotiating the fire officials with the police all the security measures it's been a major challenge. and of course energy use of the conference must be as climate friendly as possible in a park on the rhine river a tent city measuring thirty five thousand square meters has been set up. the tents are rented for the occasion and warmed with energy efficient heating systems.
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here workers are setting up the country pavilions where the participating nations can present their climate protection projects. the tents are being lined with special insulating material to keep as much heat is possible from escaping. in fear and in a lot of the bigger tents we also have double membrane fabrics on the roofs the spaces in between them are filled with air that creates an insulating effect so they work with maximum efficiency and so. it's no coincidence that bond is the city that's hosting the summit this is where the u.n. secretary at that organizes the event is located. on comprising the u.n. campus and the nearby conference center is where the actual climate negotiations will be held is the fijian word for a welcome. fund a city of three hundred thousand has to grapple with the flood of visitors the key
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is a functioning and low emission transport system. not ready to fit us at its height even to what we encourage all the participants at the conference to arrive using public transport there are no parking spaces around the conference venue but there are shuttle bus arrangements that have been set up with carbon neutral buses. we're well positioned with special deutsche bahn trains to cologne and copeland's where some of the accommodations are. many other towns in the area are also housing participants quite a few people will be travelling to and from the conference every day dutch avella will be reporting extensively on the climate negotiations the building is right in the middle of the conference area. yes business with.
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