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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  November 3, 2017 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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to various tree species that nobody's ever seen the beat. just one they may not be much time to celebrate there are only eight hundred left the least of any great tape species the biggest threat comes from a distant relative humans. our minds are of our top story this hour a spanish judge has issued an international arrest warrant for the el said tom a little close pushed him off tens of thousands of his supporters have taken to the streets a boss lot of the protests spain's handling of the crisis. as did every news you're up to date i'm sara harman in berlin have a great weekend. they make
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a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa all the. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series for go. d. w. dot com africa on the move. shift living in the digital age coming up creepy stories. tweeting trees. and shapes in life. but first
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many stars you tube videos with kids are a big hit the advertising industry wants to cash in on the influence of young new tubers who hold great sway over their young audiences. just a regular afternoon with a family the only difference everything's being filmed. right. by. thomas and catalina make five videos per week and upload them to their you tube channel lulu and leon family and fun named after their two kids. some eighty five thousand subscribers. and it was her idea really. and they were always watching you tube and then she asked if we could make a video. so i said sure. and she just really wanted to see our video up
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on you tube as well the board and some people at school asked for my autograph. you tube clips from kids are popular all over the world in america six year old ryan makes videos for his channel ryan toys review they get up to a staggering nine hundred fifty six million hits he's among the world's biggest you tube stars his channel has over nine million subscribers but plenty to spark interest from twenty manufacturers as. with you tube's cute baby may lie from germany her parents began filming her at age two showing their every day life along with all kinds of products. multi-channel networks like blender studios actors middlemen between us and brands they have fifteen you tube families under contract and the business is growing they also do post production for you tube clips.
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on a channel becomes popular whether it's aimed at families kids or adults it's attracts the attention of wanting to advertise we reach out to you and suggest what kind of campaigns they could run. when a company. like this ad campaign for a german supermarket chain retailer picked several young to take part including lulu and leon. in germany product placement is banned for kids' t.v. shows but you tube videos don't classifies t.v. they're told that advertising must be audibly separate from the videos content but it doesn't really work in practice. so if and. when kids are involved in ads on their own video and they say this is an ad back to buy then they've officially separated marketing from content. but it doesn't work for kids
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watching because it's the same person who's doing the marketing and the regular content. children are easy to influence but even adults can find it hard to tell what's genuine content and what's product placement. can be very lucrative as videos by ryan toys review show ryan or his parents must be advertising millionaires by now thanks to. the channels reach popularity and their exclusive ad deals. so. when families want to earn money from videos it can create difficult situations. members might not want to be in front of the camera that can cause pressure. so how much pressure is involved in producing five videos a week for lulu and lay on it seems to be all about the fun. to shoot them
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in. the money that's a nice bonus getting money from the advertising but we're mainly making these videos to express our creativity and because of the kids. so this is the oklahoma discussing. and when the kids don't want to make a video that's that no matter what the ad agency might say. shift says i'm not going advertising. and now it's time for the shift cranking the highest paying internships in u.s. tech companies in fifth place apple the us tech firm is a leader in consumer electronics and pretty generous with internship salaries but job platform glassdoor ranked the highest paying internships in u.s. tech firms based on anonymous feedback and apple in turn makes five thousand four hundred euros a month and they get to work in what looks like a u.f.o.
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maybe it'll take off some day you never know with apple. fourth place goes to amazon the online giant also pays around five thousand four hundred euros a month and even lets interns practice their golf skills with that kind of money they could join a real golf club. in third sales force this company pays in turns just over five thousand five hundred euros but working there you might need to throw your weight around a little. the runner up mike. soft working as an intern can be a rollercoaster ride here they can enjoy the stylish work environment and six thousand euros for a month. and taking top spot is facebook internes can stroll through menlo park and enjoy being part of this worldwide phenomenon for a salary of six thousand seven hundred sixty euros a month and they're looking for staff so apply now.
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that was the shift frank and now short and sweet the shift snapshot. goes. witches and things that go bump in the night it's halloween season. but are all those creepy tales that we hear really just made up jenny and tony brewski don't think so the couple from kansas run the real ghost stories online pond cast it's a call in show where listeners talk about their creepy encounters. and i could feel the wind of that thing going by fans love these scary stories there are almost two million downloads each month on you tube i dunes and other podcast platforms and for about five euros fans get some spooky bonus material. that was the snapshot
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and now i'm tweeting trees european fars tsar symbols of tranquility there are plenty of sagas and myths involving the green wonderlands and now they get to tell their own stories trees are taking to twitter. this peach tree is one hundred ten years old it recently began posting tweets about its day to day life today i have shrunk it says. the project is the brainchild of kathy stepa a bio engineer at a belgian university. it monitors trees vital signs using technology similar to fitness trackers but at six thousand euros to install it's pretty costly measurements about water flow are especially important. but now there's also a tot and of the kind of like the heartbeat. that tells us if a tree is in good or in bad health it's obvious that is because if
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a tree is dried out and under stress it communicates that to everyone on twitter. the ments in the staff. forests are crucial for our climate believes absorb carbon dioxide and the mid oxygen trees also filter pollution out of the air. professor steppers project monitors how much water trees absorb through their roots it travels through tiny capella rays and about breaks into the air through the leaves up to two hundred liters a day flow through beach when the ground is wet and the sun's out. it's important to learn more about this tree serve a purpose they transport water react to our climate and influence that. this speech isn't the only tree on twitter a pine tree in brandenburg also tweets to its fourteen hundred fans and a partner in the dutch town of valuing and has over four thousand twitter fans this
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tweeting tree network is coordinated at belgium's university. the trees are also put under stress tests the results help foresters understand the effects of climate change they want to know for instance how long the trees can go without water. when we consider which trees to cut down which to keep or to plant we can base our decision on which trees cut best in dry conditions and of the researchers are hoping to develop a europe wide network of tweeting trees. it would help raise awareness for force protection. shifts says let the trees do the talking. do you want to find out more about the digital world then check out our facebook page d.w. digital. you'll find all the latest news and trends as well as interesting and exciting gadgets and even tutorials and of course all the shift reports are there
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to. like us post your comments give us your opinions and d.-w. digital. and as always we leave shift through the exit our internet find of the week this time tetris fluff. movie went to tetris blocks get to know each other it's similar to humans. they go out for coffee. to catch a movie. and then meet for a romantic dinner. when everything is just right the mood might get cozy. but sometimes things just don't fall into place at least in the stories of australian filmmaker i mean a rather minor. but with a little improvisation surely they can square things out.
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so every shade gets their happy ending. and next week. cyber criminals are hacking user profiles on internet shopping platforms lowering the man with suppose it bargains but it's a scam the products don't exist buyers get ripped off and sellers online reputations are ruined counteracting next week on shift. thank you. once mr know that i love life both and you will always remain my beloved parents. have lost their sons to iran's. landing and he was a totally normal boy of the german parents desperately searching for their children
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and what of the old fart is doing the let him live disappointed parents and now appealing to german lawmakers. next d.w. . fifty kitchens for one city a common area will tour around berlin jerome x. series is a very simple recipe but it's well made a sniper having. fifty international dishes chefs and restore all the resumes for cooking the dishes to join them in. the kitchens one city. the romance in sixty minutes on d w. where i come from we had to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as
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a journalist i had worked off the streets of many can trust and their problems are always the same forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption work on the floor to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work a d w. o n welcome to focus on europe thanks very much for joining us i'm damien mcguinness .


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