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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 1:02am-1:31am CET

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i. sang about his feelings from the perspective of a teenager singing the sound of a generation. for the multimedia project he focused on his own feelings climbing into the spotlight alone for the first time. he exhibited the artwork from his album in. paris and. he worked closely with the us producer and director. i think is a superstar first of all i mean i think he's a very creative guy and i think people have a different view of him because they've seen him grow up but i think when you look at any fifteen year old and you look at him later in life they're different people so he's grown up to be a great artist he's very talented and i'm i'm attracted to the talent and the vision. to all the work alone his brother tom co-produced the album and was also in berlin for the exhibition alongside listing i stayed in the background there so all
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the attention was on bill. my defense my friends every word and everything and they watch the videos very closely and everyone has their own story you know what's really nice is that people are really thinking about. things like. that all fans young and old can relate to. and to wrap things up we've got the video love who loves you back with their risque album cover and. they certainly made this twenty four thousand song a talking point enjoy and see an x. time.
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thank you.
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fifty kitchens. come in every two zero zero. zero max series is a very simple recipe but it's quite made a it's like having. fifty international dishes chefs. the recipes for cooking the dishes joining them at home. to get you one city. moment in thirty minutes. as you come to combine and let's go right to our correspondent in central istanbul i'm joined by michelle a couple of you know whose political correspondent on those stories in just
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a minute but first this news just gets all about perspective closer to. christ. right. most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. when cities are in golf by the sea. that comes more. and costly protective measures with. nothing.
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less challenging our future starting november nights own d.w. . imagine being born as. your ally to come prove. you want to look but no school think you want to be useful but on allowed to. when you're sick the doctors knows when you fall in love they won't know you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to. you assure. you have no human rights. when you die there's no point ever. every ten minutes. us in like this is. ten million people in the world this think they have no nationality and told they don't belong and. that everyone has the right. everyone
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has the right to say or. tens of thousands of protested in barcelona against the detention of leaders of the catalan independence movement a spanish judges issued an international arrest warrant for the ousted catalan leader color's purged a month he's fled to brussels eight other former government members have been jailed and could face rebellion charges. the iraqi government says its forces have recaptured one of the last towns hope of the so-called islamic state the prime minister said al qaeda was liberated in what he called record time the announcement came just hours after the syrian army said it had retaken the city of darryl's or.
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u.s. president donald trump and his wife melania have arrived in hawaii at the start of a twelve day tour that will take in several countries in the asia pacific region including japan and south korea. the trip comes at a time of high tension between washington and north korea over pyongyang's nuclear ambitions trump has said he intends to use the trip to intensify pressure on north korea and get better trade deals for the united states. scientists have discovered a new member of the great family for the first time in nearly ninety years. this a new species of a run at time lives in the remote jungles of indonesia. on. the u.s. president donald trump is off to asia for a five country tour on the agenda promoting trade and lapping up pressure on north korea but as the president boarded air force one no one seemed quite sure what to
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expect. to get a grip i don't cover you're coming with us we look forward to a protocol in east asia is everything we don't really like to tell what we're banking and upwelling it's because we try to respect what other people are thinking and. to expect a modulation in the language doesn't work yes well i don't i don't think the president would barge which is like russia if you noticed him do that we'll be talking about trade we've got to get about obviously going for real. that is something that you guys should you know we have seen some signs of easing of tensions and some remarks that me and a cafe tensions this is. one of the favorite i would caution the president
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against it's any kind of tweeting while he is in east asia but i think we're going to hurt. a lot of good will. also coming up a new species of primate has been discovered in the remote jungles of indonesia will introduce you to the newest member of the family coming up one day but first donald trump is off to hawaii but make no mistake this is no tropical vacation trump is due to meet the governors of the u.s. states of hawaii and alaska and leaders of pacific u.s. territories to discuss tensions with north korea from hawaii he begins the longest asia tour by a u.s. president in more than a quarter of a century his first top on sunday is going to be japan and their travel on to south korea and central to his mission in south korea hashing out strategies to rein in
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north korea's nuclear program that issue will be high on trump's agenda when he gets to china too he's repeatedly trying to convince the leadership in beijing to put more pressure on pyongyang after china visits vietnam for the asia pacific economic cooperation summit and his final stop will be to the philippines for another summit the association of southeast asian nations i'll also be reading with philippine president laundry go to terror controversy has a company trump what is past trips abroad so will this time be any different. in brussels he pushed his way to the front sharing aside the prime minister of montenegro. and peres who told the french first lady quote you're in such good shape. on diplomatic embarrassing to the u.s. president has faced lots of criticism for his behavior on previous foreign trips visiting asia could pose a bigger challenge japan in particular is a country where
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a cultural trops are looking at every corner you can smith knows the ropes it's her job to promote japanese culture to americans we don't really like to tell what we're thinking and. it's speak and we try to respect what other people are thinking so. if we don't we want to really a boy the conflict. is also eager to help the sushi chef owns a restaurant in washington d.c. he can offer a lot of good advice with regard to japanese cuisine and the use of chopsticks studying is not allowed yes and so. passing the food from chopstick to chop stated that is a really bad things yes in japan only you it time you use a chopstick to people. is when you pick up the deceased
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so you never ever do that in the restaurant. sometimes a state banquet can make history for other reasons like this one in one thousand nine hundred two when george h.w. bush fainted after vomiting in the lap of the prime minister of japan. blunders like that can happen with this cup pre-show michelle she was president barack obama's chief of protocol. every second really matters every moment counts you are literally almost holding your breath to make sure that those things that you put in place the hours of preparation actually go and according to the plan and sometimes they don't five countries in less than two weeks this trip is a huge challenge for a president who once admitted he's not a big fan of traveling abroad one thing however will make him feel at home in japan
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prime minister has invited him to a round of golf of long term strip to asia i'm joined now by dean chang he's a senior research fellow for east asian studies at the heritage foundation a conservative think tank in washington d.c. dean thanks for being with us trump is heading to asia for the first time and that includes a stop to china where he'll be pursuing both these trade policy and trying to drum up support for his north korea policy speaking very broadly i know china is a big country but how strong do you dare. i think that donald trump constitutes quite the enigma for the chinese leadership he is not a politician by background and training so he doesn't fit the typical pattern here has long been a businessman so i suspect that there are certain folks in hong kong and perhaps even in china itself would deal with him on a business level but as a result dealing with him on strategic issues whether it's about north korea where
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the south china sea is something that the chinese simply just don't have much experience with and i suspect that they are busily trying to figure out where he's going to come down. trump is going to be looking for china's support when it comes to putting pressure on north korea to limit their nuclear program what specifically is he going to be looking to get out of china on this trip. well what we've already seen this administration do is impose secondary sanctions on key banks and businesses that are doing business with north korea so i suspect that he's going to probably push for further clampdowns north korea also accesses the global internet largely through north korea in. largely through china's internet and cable structure so it's possible that he may also push to have trying to clamp down on north korea's ability to access the global internet what about china what are they going to want it's not every day the u.s. president comes to town what's their agenda here why i think one of the most
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important things is they would like to figure out is mr trump going to work on imposing tariffs and sanctions on chinese products the u.s. is one of the key economic partners for china and what can china do to avoid that whether it's making some concessions in areas such as steel were promising to pay better attention to things like protecting intellectual property rights they would also of course dearly love to get a clarification on america's position on taiwan under the trump administration and also on the south china sea all right there seems to be friction between trump and his own state department when it comes to north korea we've seen secretary of state rex tillerson at times making statements that appear to contradict the president's view used tillerson is traveling wistrom to asia as far as we know at this time is there any indication that they're not on the same page well i think that one of the things that is going on here in d.c.
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is everyone is. also trying to figure out where donald trump comes down and second of all who may or may not be in and who may or may not be out in this administration the reality of course is that if the president really truly disagreed with mr tillerson you could always fire him like he did so many people on the apprentice. looking at trump's trip he's going to five countries what is going to constitute for trump a successful tour of asia wall i think that if you.


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