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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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my name is johnny carson and i work a day w. . this is a daily news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump heads to asia with north korea at the top of the agenda on the way trump and his wife stopped in hawaii and paid homage to the servicemen who died in the japanese attack on pearl harbor during world war two we'll find out what the world can expect from the asia tour also coming up iraqi and syrian forces
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take back to towns from so-called islamic state the group has now lost almost all the territory it seized three years ago. hello and welcome to the program i'm marion evans dean it's good to have you with us. u.s. president donald trump is said to embark on his landmark tour of asia a five nation trip will be the long as by u.s. president in more than twenty five years the president who's currently in hawaii will fly to japan on sunday where he'll hold bilateral talks with japanese prime minister shinzo abbate well from japan he has next to south korea where talks about north korea's nuclear program are expected to take center stage after that he travels to china followed by
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a stop in vietnam from their trump heads to the philippines where he will attend the summit of these there's the nation of southeast asian nations while the trip promises to be a diplomatic balancing act for a president seeking to make america great again while at the same time looking to reassure asian allies of continued to u.s. support. for some analysis on all of this we're joined now by professor christer as garrett he's a researcher on american foreign policy at the university of life's a professor garet thank you so much for joining us so in your view what are the main objectives of this trip for donald trump and more broadly for the united states. well the seventeen as you pointed out in your report. first of all to reassure allies in the region that the united states is engaged in the pacific and will remain so ok the same time he's going to try to if you will couple key issues
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that you talked about in his diplomacy and politics for the region namely trade and military competition let's speak about north korea here and will try to convince the chinese that the americans could possibly deliver on a very nice package in terms of trade liberalization for the chinese if they are willing to do more in terms of pressuring north korea. all right as they say a chorus north korea expected to be a central issue during this tour are really likely to hear a concrete plan put forward by donald trump to halt north korea's nuclear ambitions . you know as we all know every president since at least bill clinton has try to shape north korean behavior without success experts on north korea say it is determined to continue to build its missile program and its nuclear weapon program no matter what is offered even with direct threats from the chinese so the president does not have a secret weapon hear what he can do that's different from previous presidents is
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really raise the pressure on china via trade carrots perhaps sticks in terms of possible sanctions on certain chinese products to have them pressure north korea more if you can chinese power is quite limited because of the north korea as we have seen in the in the past weeks so the president doesn't have any secret weapons what he can do is show that he's willing to risk more politically in terms of trade and pressure on china than previous administrations alright so you mentioned china as the main bargaining chip for putting pressure on south korea and yet it sorry north korea rather but is north korea really a priority when it comes to relations with china or is the u.s. administration more interested in trade with china. that's a very good question and it is clear to the trump administration away from the
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dramatic tweets and statements and if you will the theater of politics that the united states has a lot of good cards in terms of east asia southeast asia as you mentioned is going to the us in meeting in the philippines overall while namely chinese officials in the region south china sea because of egypt and in trade have really raised a lot of mistrust because of the aging and so whether it's australia or vietnam or the philippines and especially japan many allies are asking for more u.s. support so trade is key the answer is u.s. influence and also to reassure allies that way they don't necessarily spend much more on weapons perhaps even nucular allies weapons such as with japan for example professor christers garrett researcher on american foreign policy at the university of leipsic many thanks for your analysis thank you for going. now the deposed leader of catalonia has said he will define an international arrest
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warrant issued by a spanish judge shauna's praised him all is in brussels where authorities are deciding how to respond to the warrant it lists addition and rebellion among the crimes he's alleged to have committed on meanwhile in barcelona tens of thousands of kurds them all supporters took to the streets to protest against the warrant and the jailing of members of the catalonian government. short time ago i spoke to delhi as correspondent in barcelona shallow child from pale i asked her how people there have been reacting to the arrest warrant for carlos pushed him off. well there were thousands of people on the streets in this square last night and across catalonia the protests were originally called to demonstrate against the detention of those eight men and women who are currently behind bars in madrid the dismissed catalan ministers news did during that process they start to trickle through here
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that. that international arrest warrant had been issued for post on immediately people has started chanting is our president there was a lot of anger here on the streets last night they say that he is democratically elected as was the dismissed cabinet and they say essentially he's a political prisoner they argue that he is being put in prison for doing just what he promised to do when he ran in the election and they're incredibly frustrated they also say that this now goes beyond the fates of the former cabinet ministers it goes beyond their dream for independence and now in compass is real anger and fear about the spanish justice system they're worried that this is going to be a politically motivated trial coming up and that it's not going to be fast says a real concerns on the streets among pro independence supporters. and there as correspondent charlotte shelton pill reporting earlier from barcelona. now the so-called islamic state has lost control of two of the last major towns in its grip
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in syria and iraq the militants are now left fighting for a final patch of territory inside syria and in desert regions along the iraq syria border well at its height i asked controlled about eight million people living in what it called its caliphate. these images show units of the iraqi army's counterterrorism forces securing one of the country's last remaining held tons according to government forces team was liberated in record time alkema situated on the iraqi border where the euphrates river spills into some one hundred forty kilometers northwest of all came the syrian town of data was all celebrities had from militants. syrian military sources are calling the victory the last phase in their campaign to completely annihilate. the
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units of our armed forces in cooperation with allied forces finish their duties in reestablishing security and stability to darrell's who are city completely. the syrian army's advances come on the heels of russian bombing raids on meso strikes russia has carried out in the such a tux in recent days paving the way for the seven army to move forward. now to angola where an oil boom in recent years has created huge wealth for a few but failed to lift most people out of poverty but ever resourceful some are using scrap metal from the country's civil war that ended fifteen years ago to support their families the rusting weapons still litter the countryside. they were weapons of war. two lines of death today the rusty remnants of a goal a civil war are strewn across the country oh tanks and
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artillery pieces filled a scrap yard. here what was once used to kill is helping the country rise again that's the opinion of jose says. he and his colleagues break up the decommissioned weapons and sell their pieces for scrap. the metal is taken to a nearby factory. and melted down. it's a valuable commodity most steel is imported from abroad at high prices jose thinks it's also an important contribution to the process of reconciliation to explosion on the everything and. people shouldn't feel sad about the past they should keep their heads high and do what is best for the future of our country and the ocean way heavy in their hearts as it should forget it. most of us are not. forgetting what happened hasn't been easy for jose he falls in the civil war for
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the government. he lost friends and family in the fighting. his parents and were kidnapped by rebel forces and died in a camp i was in the wilderness. they weren't the only victims five hundred thousand people died in the conflict which left the country in ruins jose says he was lucky to return home to his family he and his wife have seven children after the war he could only find part time work getting a job in the scrap yards was a blessing but money is still a problem. more tomorrow so not much has changed. i'm pleased that we can now afford better food. but our children only went to primary school we still don't have enough money to send them to secondary school is sold by human cost on the cost of. the steel from the tanks and guns is used in the construction industry jose's factory produces the steel rods used in reinforced
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concrete. the angolan government wants to build a million new homes. there might not be enough scrap metal to build them all the last time will be melted down in just a couple of years marking the end of this unique industry. how to increase business opportunities in an uncertain world that's the focus of the asia pacific regional conference being held in perth australia gathering brings together political and business leaders from australia germany and asia pacific nations to help trade germany is represented by its president. here's what he had to say. it's good for miss europe has not been as prominent in this region as it once was so me is an decades ago and like it in their childhood and so i think our attendance has as a wakeup call for us europeans to increase our presence. to the present so i
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especially at a time when the world is changing also in this southeastern region. and in the china with a strong economy and the high expectations on these politicians is not truly assuming an increase in the dominant role when. people are asking where is america . and where is europe at the time. when more is due and there are many good reasons why europe should take on a more prominent role in the region with india some sports news now and in the bundesliga dortmund host byron munich in the biggest clash of the weekend the home team are in second place and trailed by and by just three points they've been and poor form recently managing to take just one point from their last three games and the other hand byron have a perfect record since you took over as coach last month. by and have their swagger back that's been the case since the return of coach your pint is just
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in time for the german classico away to dortmund the defending champions are now top of the table which gives them added confidence but. i don't think the pressure is on us to be very happy that went out three points ahead after two or three weeks of being five points behind. his has clearly lifted the mood in munich and the club has strengthened its defense along the way but the coach doesn't want his club to go into the match over confident against a struggling dormant side. we shouldn't just naively believe getting weaker and we can take them with one hand tied behind our back on the contrary this will be a very intense game. intense and youth. but intensity requires a strong dortmund lately they've has a slump no wins in the last three matches and the implementation of peter boss came
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plan continues to cause problems. early in the season we were on a roll and nobody talked about it it's normal that when you're not winning and he will talk about it and that's the big of it it's what football fans around the world talk about after saturday's game remains to be seen with a win dortmund could be back in first and see some positive headlines. you're up to date now on data when you news that marion i haven't seen it from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. health. and hearings to law. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when they get.


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