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tv   World Stories - Tibeb Girls Teaching girls rights in Ethiopia  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 3:15pm-3:31pm CET

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the implementation of peter boss came planned continues to cause problems from having early in the season we were on a roll and nobody talked about it it's normal that when you're not winning and he's not talking about it and that's the way they get it it's what football fans around the world talk about after saturday's game remains to be seen with a win dortmund could be back in first and see some positive headlines. well you're watching to the news from berlin and we'll have more news coming up at the top of the hour your news now at our website dot com. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take
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a tour of germany state by state. t w dot com it's all happening no job it is a free coming. your link to news from africa the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions and no one will come to the debuts after coming program tonight from vernon to meet for more news of easy tie while web site d w dot com slash africa join us on facebook at t.w. africa. coming up on world stories giftwrapped from moscow with love. tourists giving catalonia pax. but first to ethiopia where the cartoon characters to about
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girls stand up for girls rights tackling the problems many of them face the heroines wield magical powers and encourage girls to find their own way. captivation on their faces this school and. it's showing pupils the first episode of. means wisdom and herrick in the series three heroines fight for the equality of girls and women. one out of. before age fifty and most of them will never go back to school family stay involved from the opportunity to succeed in life. to girls wants to change this it's important to the programs creators that children can identify with the show so they organize screenings of the pilot episode at local schools to see if people like a. different question. so there. is
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something to their hearts something they know who they can connect with. after watching the show the children write down what they liked or didn't like and which story lines they want to see continue. i thought it was great because it was about. i've never seen anything like it. is the brainchild of. the trainer so she could no longer ignore the plight of young women in ethiopia. so i see how can a source this huge problem on this new couldn't be read kindergarten everywhere so i start thinking how can a three to millions of children in my country was less course but was quality education. dr wade has already produced three successful t.v.
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and radio series which educate children across ethiopia in a fun way. she hopes to bad girls will become a success and help challenge taboos we're starting from hard core subjects like stop only married. but the thing is you know that is why the part of my mission is very interesting because it is on a mission of his fiction and so people can pick a distance and feel comfortable to talk about it and that's what we want the first instinct is talking about it. but it's not always easy. sometimes i get those treated you know shouldn't be creepin years to get to this point and you know i should reach more kids than by now you know and only stuff because distributing the programs is difficult and resources are scarce social entrepreneurship is not yet common in ethiopia the holy see stones up with us
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because we're saying look as a business person so we've been passed cuts to the same way what the means is would go and we are fluent in the readers we are in smaller resorts we have to do a lot but the team behind to back girls is strong and motivated and they won't give up in the face of these obstacles that's still negotiating with t.v. broadcasters. and. the winter skies over punjab and northern india are once again turning dark as farmers burn off the remains of their crop although bad for the air farmers say they often have no other alternative we have this report. india a land of burning fields. these have become yearly scenes as farmers set fire to
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straw or left over from their summer rice harvests to make room for their winter crops the practice is a major contributor to north india severe winter air quality issues and last year pollution levels in new delhi rose to nearly thirty times higher than world health organization standards suranne the banjo has been farming in the district of party for fifteen years. but last year's pollution crisis led him to rethink his farming practices. every year we used to burn the straw and it had a negative impact on the environment and now the government has put a restriction against this practice and some of us have tried to find a solution for it we want to protect the environment which i feel surrender solution is a chopping machine which he and another farmer invested around two and a half thousand euros in earlier this year that allows them to remove straw easily and put it back in their fields to help with their winter crops. about thirty five
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kilometers away another alternative to crop burning is in effect straw from nearby farms is chopped up at this local power plant so it can be used as fuel to create electricity. the plant uses contractors to collect straw from fields with machines called bayless but there are limitations to how many farms they can cover in such a short window of time many of these farmers are already in severe debt. and until they get the assistance they need they say there's no choice but to set their fields alight. someone else should solve this problem the government should lift the straw themselves or pay as compensation to clear the field we're fed up with the situation. farmers know the environmental consequences of crop burning but as long as it remains the cheapest way for them to clear their fields it will be a long time before more buy into alternative solutions.
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concerns about the economy in catalonia are growing in the wake of the region's bid for independence tourism has slumped and the ongoing political stalemate is taking its toll. what would you like patrick smith works as a tourist guide just five people have signed up to his tour of the famous a crowd after me. not a good sign considering the church lies at the heart of barcelona's tourist trail. we're seeing more cancellations and we're almost twenty five percent down since october people are afraid. with no official figures available yet it's too early to know exactly how big an effect a political crisis is having on tourism overall but anecdotal reports suggest the problem is accused restaurant owner carlos man ressa has noticed a significant drop in clientele since september. we're
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thirty percent down and can head to the year before work. i will have to let staff you know with things go on like this. it's really bad but the problem is the situation is ongoing. where the mountain erica sort of. hotel owners in barcelona appear reluctant to discuss the crisis but the word on the street. it is that bookings are down about ten percent since the referendum. eighty kilometers away in tarragona hotel ownership is more upfront he says spanish tourists are boycotting catalonia and. in the moment we're seeing a ten to fifteen percent reduction in tourists from spain out of the total your portion of tourists from spain is thirty percent is funded. but some more and that without official numbers there's
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a risk of the consequences being overblown and anecdotal evidence being used to inspire fear among the think on the tourism is a popular of both the spanish and catalan economy i mean people use information to overstate the consequences as a kind of a warning to the castle and government while industry insiders await the exact figures it seems hard to dispute that spain's political crisis is hurting tourism that's especially worrying for people like patrick smith whose livelihoods depend on a one in five castilians work in the tourism industry. and our last report takes us to russia this week saw the return of moscow st peter and paul cathedral to the country's lutheran church under stalin protestant lutheran churches have been closed along with many belonging to the majority russian orthodox faith. an air of celebration at
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a normal sunday service the last one before this evangelical lutheran congregation in moscow officially gets its church back. lutherans are religious minority here in russia most in the community have german roots their ancestors came to russia centuries ago on the invitation of the czars who promised land and religious freedom but later the soviet government persecuted lutherans and seize church property including this cathedral. the community led by archbishop d has been using it again since the fall of the soviet union but so far it has remained russian government property. it's like someone started living in your apartment and it's not yours anymore. you turn up the whole time you have the feeling that it isn't. at any point it could end up in government hands or rather hands. but now it's ours it feels like home again. so. in the officially atheist
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soviet union many churches were repurposed from nine hundred thirty seven this cathedral was used as a movie theater and a film studio by then all lutheran churches across the country had been closed and many of their pastors arrested and shot here at video cemetery and long known as the city's german cemetery the scars of that persecution are still tangible many gravestones here were neglected and destroyed after the second world war the lutheran community struggled with the additional stigma of its german origins often associated with the nazi enemy. the return of our church to some extent restores historical justice historical truth but only partially i hope that this will just be the beginning of a new stage in the development of our country community. the number of churches that were destroyed and can no longer be returned that's a crime of course the fact that the cathedral is being returned to us now is good
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news because this church belongs to the congregation and it belongs to the people that come here and look after it so. now the congregation is getting a church to call home and since it's in the capital they hope this transfer will set a precedent and that the russian state will return other churches as well. ego africa sponsor allusions for rain by. humans on the coast of south africa that population has been shrinking for years overfishing and pollution off threatening the batavia time by environmentalist the trying to say fianna mostly
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since penguins are an important part of the delicate ecosystem a go at africa next on d w. hey i'm in a stage stars of course a new guinea man and that's kim and god's house of. face time anastasia oh my conchita. love. two powerful singers showed what they can destroy. our. city five minutes. in the day w. me speak your language thank god. for content in dari pashto and order prospects for returning our web special refugio journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on
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facebook. prospects for returning. w may for mine. when the way the congressman was that was scuttled the school i think it take a look i can. take just a stroke those and several he does now for my my cycle of pick up. but again i just i mean. hello and welcome to court africa the environment program bringing you stories from all over africa and.


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