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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 4, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on w. this is deja vu news live from berlin lebanon's prime minister resides and fires a broadside add to the iran saad hariri is moved to the middle east by surprise when he talks about the evil that iran spreads in the region will get the latest
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from the roots also coming up u.s. president donald trump sets off for japan the first stop on a five nation asian tour but it's north korea's looming nuclear threat that's expected to top his agenda. welcome to the program i am at herman and it's good to have you with us the prime minister of lebanon has resigned and expectedly taking a shot at iran as he went saad hariri accused and its allies in lebanon of spreading chaos strife and destruction throughout the middle east i would be also suggested political enemies were targeting him for assassination iran rejects those accusations calling them unfounded. the lebanese prime minister saad hariri his
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resignation came as a shock to the country in the television address from saudi arabia the lebanese leader blamed iran and its lebanese proxy group hezbollah for what he called its meddling in the region well read and leave iran i would like to say three iran and its followers that they will be losers and their intervention in. our nation will wake up as it did in the past and their hands in the region will be cut off. and i had left. henry's late father rafi could also be prime minister of lebanon he was assassinated in an explosion in two thousand and five which several has been members of being tried in their absence in the hague saad hariri said he too now feared for his life the prime minister's resignation has sharply divided opinion. has decided to steer lebanon away from danger it's a hard step taken at
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a difficult time. i support the resignation of the government and country are frozen and the country is collapsing and the government's targets have not been met. every decision to quit leaves lebanon facing uncertainty not least the question of who could replace him. all right for more i am joined by ben in beirut she is the middle east director with the foundation fink tank there. hariri claimed that his life was in danger and made a rather unusual move or resigning from saudi arabia is this a legitimate threat. we never know about the facts here but we also also have to keep in mind that his father was assassinated in two thousand pipe here and the plot until today has not completely been worked through legally and yeah there were there are threats to politicians here occasionally and i think this is where this
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comes from and this allegation of course is pretty strong we haven't seen any indication before that his life might be up to that and if you mention that he has been issuing his name and from saudi arabia that actually is domestically a bit difficult because many lebanese this seems to show that it's actually saw the influence in lebanon that it's being expressed here and that this is not only a domestic matter yeah absolutely i mean limit on is a divided country it's roughly split between christians and muslims the muslims themselves are split between sunni and shia and you know the two big power brokers in this region are saudi arabia and iran who is hariri representing in this conflict and where is the country go from here well really belongs to this only group of eleven and thereby they have been supported by saudi arabia and you have so that has a lot of the other side they are being supported by iran and this has driven
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between the political factions here particularly in light of the syria conflict hizbollah is siding with the us that regime that has really kept his brother opposed to it and so are their respective international factors and this it definitely is it is the most strain on the small country as lebanon it's and it is constantly an issue to negotiate compromise between the two of them. had been to shell out in beirut thank you very much for joining us thank you. and american journalist has been taken into custody in zimbabwe after allegedly insulting the president robert mugabe twenty five year old martha o'donovan is said to have called him quote a selfish and sick man on twitter she's also been attempted with should be charged with attempting to overthrow the government which carries a prison sentence of up to twenty years. but lawyers for donovan told the court that the charges were illegal because she had not been informed of it when she was
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arrested they also said that she denied both charges and would apply for bail in the high court on monday she's facing two allegations the first count. these two are undermining the reporting or insulting the office of the president and the second judge is that we're attempting to have up the role. and question on . the will which. are done works for already based t.v. which is a zimbabwean satire channel the outlets founder condemned the charges as an attack on free speech this is not just against my back here it's against everyone in the way who wants to use the internet as a space for free expression to be free. all right on to some other stories making news around the world a leader of one of catalonia biggest separatist party says that it won't
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participate in upcoming elections and was jailed members are freed from prison. earlier deposed catalin president bush demands of he would defy an international arrest warrant issued by a spanish judge. fled to belgium following catalonia declaration of independence. in vietnam at least one thousand people have been killed as tropical storm don ray lashes the country with severe wind and rain authorities have said that more than thirty thousand people have been displaced and warn of further flooding and landslides. u.s. media company netflix says that it severed ties with the actor kevin spacey it's also said that it won't be involved in the production of its flagship series house of cards if spacey remains on board this comes as the star faces multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. u.s. president donald trump he has departed from the state of hawaii for an extended
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visit to asia if one just took off from an air force base in hawaii visited the u.s. navy mo morial at pearl harbor and u.s. pacific command is trip to asia will compass five countries in less than two weeks a key focus of the trip will be the threats sending from north korea's nuclear and missile programs it's a big trip five nations the longest by a u.s. president in more than twenty five years that once he's arrived in japan he is due to hold talks with prime minister shinzo intel kiyo from japan he then heads over to south korea where talks over north korea's nuclear program will definitely take center stage after that it will be on to china where he meets with president xi jinping. after that it is vietnam on the agenda there he will attend the asia pacific economic cooperation or apec conference and finally then heads to the
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philippines for one more summit this time of the association of southeast asian nations so this trip promises to be something of a diplomatic balancing act for the president on one hand he tries to make america great again on the other he wants to reassure asian allies that they still have u.s. support rich in symbolism the site of the japanese attack on u.s. soil more than seventy years ago is the starting line for donald trump's diplomatic obstacle course across asia. as he paid his respects at powell haba the suspect sort of conflict with north korea may not have been far from his thoughts. in tokyo japan's prime minister courting a deferent trump daughter ivanka enjoying a japanese hospitality ahead of our father's arrival the white house has been laying out its strategy on north korea. in assessing the degree to which were
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successful in galvanizing other nations to ensure that the leadership there concludes that it has to denuclearize we need some time for that to work some locals know our opera hence our. guys are going on but i do wonder if things will be ok. like what will happen to the world. i wonder about trump's response to north korea and things like that for you there are things that scare me . he's becoming friendly with prime minister abbott. i don't know if that's right or not. and so like in the united states divides opinion. but. it's one thing if we were to imagine a war i believe south korea would have an advantage however since the consequences of war would be detrimental to all of us i hope president trying to solve the
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korean potential issues through peace talks. from the presidential palace many c.n.n. has called for dialogue with their northern neighbors trump however professor tougher talk. he'll take that message to beijing hoping china delivers little tensions over china's ambitions in the size china sea and trade will also dominate discussions with president xi. a brief look now at some stories making headlines here in germany the german foreign minister is in my gabriele has held talks with his turkish counterpart never shot a shoulder to the meeting took place during a previously unannounced visit to turkey relations between those two countries have been under strain since turkish authorities detained more than ten turns systems on terror charges. in the city of dusseldorf kurdish activists have clashed with police authorities plan to protest stop the protests after activists refused to
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take down banners showing the leader of the kurdistan workers party to pick a k. germany as well as the european union and turkey have named p k k a terror organization. and thousands of protesters have converged on the city of boston for calling for more action to halt global warming this as the city prepares to kick off the un climate change conference on monday representatives from one hundred ninety five countries are gathering there and expected to chart the way ahead for the paris accord. all right a bit of football now is going just like a match day levon continued on saturday hamburg they reserve returned to winning ways after their drugged full run of form their opponents stripped out a man sent off early that paved the way for hamburg to seal a three one win aaron hunt philip cost it and young feet are all scored it was hamburg first victories in match day two and shaka extended their unbeaten run to five matches they got a one nil whenever fribourg caligiuri deflected
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a strike and it was a nuff two and shall go all three points elevating up to fourth in the table on friday night. frankfurt's the visitors have been very poor this season they actually sacked their coach alexander noori on monday so it was caretaker coach for in co felt turn to be in charge. frankfurt actually took the lead early on to rivet with this lovely curling strike from outside the box but bremen were knocked out of the game just eight minutes later nicklaus moyes under after a bit of pinball in the box which was about to see. fired home from close range the score stayed level at one one all the way until the eighty ninth minute when sebastian all there. wow that was a beautiful flick finish they are now unbeaten in five games frankfurt. are in a look now at all of the wonderfully results so far this weekend. drew with mites
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out sport and leverkusen did the same shocker as you saw one over fribourg rb leipzig they came back to beat hanover. on friday frankfurt beat braman as you just saw are battling dortmund right now they are up to nil indorsement on sunday cologne take on hoffenheim and coast here to upper lip. well over in china the football season is now over gong show ever ground they are the champions it is a record seventh title win for the chinese super league outfit now they lost on their final match day fixture to one with former cologne striker anthony desperately that scoring for the opponents kwan john but the record champions stand celebrated after the game lifting the trophy there's luis philippe scolari their coach who had stints in charge of brazil and chelsea among others he's stepping down at the end of the season. also stepping down at the end of the season
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felipe massa from formula one the brazilian driver race for ferrari mercedes and his current team williams he won a total of eleven grand prix races and finished second in the driver's championship back in two thousand and eight all right that is enough for us this time on d w news in berlin we'll have more news coming at the top of the hour with sara harmon and if you want more news right now go to our web site that is d w dot com about. when cities are ingolf by the sea. of the dams was easy and costly protective measures would have been. nothing.


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