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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2017 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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will has become. nothing. more. starting november ninth on g.w. . this is d w news live from berlin tough talk from u.s. president donald trump after he touches down in japan on the first leg of a major tour of asia pacific countries no one no dictator no regime and no nation. here on. an. american resolve.
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we'll speak to our correspondent in tokyo about how trump plans to bolster support from allies to face up to north korea's nuclear ambitions also coming up hundreds of people march in western germany against the use of coal and other fossil fuels ahead of a major u.n. conference on climate change. and and windus league a match day eleven brought the blooper of the year and of course the german classico earthsea dortmund versus i in munich. hello and welcome to the program i'm mary in evanston it's good to have you with us . u.s. president donald trump has sought to reassure asian allies of america's resolve in defending. then against dictatorial regimes kicking off his narrow tour of five
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asian nations in japan trump said the united states has the military might to stand good on that promise the president's twelve day trip comes as tensions rise over north korea's nuclear and missile program. donald trump touched down in tokyo and was expected to give the united states is oldest asian ally much needed security assurances a change of jacket later it was there. we will never yield never waver and never falter defense of. our freedom and our great american. no one no dictator no regime and no nation. under arrest and of. resolve what that resolve would have to look like in a potential conflict with north korea has become somewhat clearer amid trumps round
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of golf with japan's newly reelected prime minister shinzo abbay lawmakers in washington asked u.s. military officials for specifics on removing north korea's nuclear capabilities the joint chiefs of staff responded that only a ground invasion could do it with absolute certainty of success in response sixteen lawmakers fifteen democratic and one republican all military veterans called the assessment deeply disturbing they criticized the trump administration for lacking a strategy on north korea and a plan to contain potential conflict but that didn't affect the personal chemistry trump and appear to have both are also hawkish on defense but trade may be another matter we will seek new opportunities for cooperation. and we will partner with friends and. a free and open. we will see free fair and research freight the
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u.s. trade deficit with japan is a sticking point in the country's relations the deficit hit sixty nine billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen the second largest behind china. well for more we're joined now by our correspondent boston hadzic who's in tokyo so boston we've just been hearing donald trump warning america's enemies not to test its resolve how have these words been received in japan. well if you take the japanese government and the japanese prime minister shinzo aba then that's probably exactly what he wanted to hear because he's of course looking for reassurance affirmation from the united states that they stand firmly behind the commitment towards their allies in asia and also towards or their commitment that they're going to defend these allies in the case of an attack and
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a case of an attack by north korea for example and president all be himself has been very tough when it comes to the north korea issue and he's gotten a lot of support from that if you take for example the election results of the elections that were held here a few weeks ago where. scored a landslide victory and his stance on north korea of course played a major role in that now having said that there are also people here are of course afraid that the situation might escalate if you take for example the north korean missile tests two of those missiles flew right over japanese territory and people here are afraid that if the situation escalates and there might be another action from north korea and they're afraid also that they kind of strongman rhetoric that we're hearing from president trump might just be that that little spark that ignites this tinderbox that this nation has become this region has become and might just provoke another action from north korea. and japan would of course being
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a close neighbor would suffer from from such and from such an action. while the threat from north korea will of course be the key issue during trumps tour of asia it is not the only issue also on the agenda of course is traded donald trump speaking of the need for a free fair and reciprocal trade in the end up acidic region what is the japanese here on this. it's no secret that japan wanted the t.p. the trans-pacific partnership this trade deal that comprised twelve nations before the u.s. pulled out that japan wanted this deal to go ahead now then obviously the u.s. pulled out of this pulled out of this agreement because president trump thought it was a bad deal and now he's looking for a lateral trade agreement with japan but japan on the other hand is still pushing
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forward with the eleven remaining nations in the trans-pacific partnership and they're hoping that at some later point maybe they can convince the united states to to join the p.p.p. after all convince them of the benefits of such a deal so there will be a lot of discussion on that tomorrow as well apart from north korea when it comes to the formal part of this visit because of course today the visit kicked off very informally with a round of golf and dinner at a steak house prime minister clearly wanting to deepen also the personal relationship to president trump and trying to make trump feel welcome here and feel comfortable here in japan the first stop of trump's asia trip all right boston hardik reporting for us from tokyo thank you. as one hundred ninety five countries prepare to meet in bonn for a un climate talks tomorrow protesters have been marching in western germany
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they're calling for more urgent action including phasing out coal experts say that countries urgently need to step up and visions to cut emissions if they're to keep global warming within safe limits so far one hundred sixty three countries have submitted plans on how to meet the paris climb into agreement to keep global warming below two degrees above pre-industrial levels. well there are other protests underway today at a brown coal mine on far from where the un climate conference will take place w.'s on it sophie brennan is covering the story for us and joins us now for more on associate so give us a sense of what's been going on where you are. right now i'm you can see the colder behind me you were at the open pits bronco mind it's the largest you know to a matter in europe and four thousand five hundred protesters have gathered at a village close from here a village actually that had to make way for the brown coal digging and they marched
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all the way to here and they're now trying to stop the cold of yours from operating because they want to have an end they want to see an end to yeah those big c o two polluter aren't will germany has announced very ambitious goals for reducing emissions so just how far is the country from phasing out coal mining. well it's actually still coal mine is one fourth of our it actually sponsible for one fourth of our energy production and they're still digging and you can hear behind me people have hearing right now because the activists have actually managed to stop the cold again for now trying to make them move but they're not giving up and they're saying you know this is polluting not just germany and not just europe but it's polluting the entire world and they're joined by the pacific climate worry as it's a group of activists from the pacific islands that are saying our islands are
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drowning our livelihood is at stake and if we don't stop this from happening any time soon then yeah our life is basically over and we have to be relocated and we don't want that to happen. well just a few kilometers away from where you are in bonn the climate conference is about to get started tomorrow what can we expect from that in the next two weeks. i think we can expect a lot more protests i mean this is just one of many protests that are happening right now i think so far to find very peaceful even here even though there is heavy police presence so fire thing has been pretty peaceful and i think activists have told me that they're not giving up they're gonna keep going that day they want to make their statements heard and they're fighting for what they believe in all right and as if you brand the reporting for us many thanks indeed. let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world and a car bombing in the eastern syrian province of war has killed dozens of people the
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area close to the iraq border has been a gathering place for displaced people the attack is thought to be the work of so-called islamic state saudi arabia has a wrist of dozens of princes and government ministers in a major high level purge there the first a reception by king solomon under a new anti corruption body he's put his son in charge of the machine just seen as cementing crown prince mohammed's power in the kingdom. the new former u.s. president george h.w. bush has told a historian that he voted for hillary clinton in the last presidential election bush described u.s. president donald trump as a quote blowhard who lacked commitment to public service bush's son george w. bush said he left his ballot paper blank in the vote. in saturday's big bundesliga clash dortmund locked horns with byron munich the home
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team were in second place and trailed biron by just three points but they've been in poor form recently managing to take as one point from their last three games the other hand byron had a perfect record since you pikas took over as coach last month. dortmund's goal machine emerick obama young hadn't scored in three hundred eighty six minutes and all of dortmund was hoping he would pounce but it was byron who got off to the better start in the seventeenth minute home as fedayeen robin who opened the scoring. men's defense to a passive here and remember key powerless angle still maintain their composure inveigle won the ball and it was off to the races gonzalo castro found andre ya malenko but the ukrainian couldn't beat spent over i. mean kept pressing for an equaliser but wasting chances has been their problem for weeks now unlike. yahshua commish teed up robert live and who made it two nil is eleventh goal of the
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campaign the back line allowing too much space and vagal with the unlucky deflection. in the second half or more of the same dortmund's attack dangerous but the ball just wouldn't go in. yeah malenko coming up short again. in the sixty seventh minute by him but the final nail in the coffin david all about eleven three nil. but the replay showed the ball never made contact instead it was on the bus first goal of the season. marked by pulled one back for dortmund in the waning minutes but it was too little too late three one the final score and by an extend their perfect record under your pint just before league games dortmund meanwhile haven't won in four outings. also on saturday third place rb lights a welcomed promoted side hanover what risen to fourth place in the table despite
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lifelike having the majority of chances in the first half it was the visitors who took the lead as opened the scoring in the fifty sixth minute leipsic hit back though as emile forced derek played in a beautiful pass which left use of polson with an open goal. in the forsberg again acted as provider five minutes from time to set up team ovarian or for that to one winner. now and check out all the bundesliga results so far this weekend there's that byron munich win over dortmund gladbach drew with mines and in that game mine's keeper robin seen nor received a pass from his defender and looked comfortable until he realized the ball wasn't quite where he expected it to be the mention god buck forward nearly capitalized on the blunder it was standers second ever been this league appearance and one he will surely never forget. all of the other matches oxburgh with leave
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a cruise and also drew hamburg defeated stood guard leipsic came back to beat hanover and shall go down to freiburg on friday frankford one of our brave men today cologne take on hoffenheim and voss for a host of hair to berlin you're watching d.w. news coming to you from berlin we'll be back again at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always get the latest news and information on our website that's dot com american and steen thanks for watching. every journey begins with the first step and every language in the first word i would think the cohesive germany learned german. business just why not with.


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