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tv   In Good Shape - How does gender reassignment work  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm CET

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global i.d.'s on facebook twitter detailing. climate change. wished. pollution. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing government for the better. good or for. good for good. d. w. . welcome to in good shape coming up a woman in a man's body is gender reassignment the answer. the sense of
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touch how does it work. plus an irregular bite and the problems it can cause and here's your host dr cost and they go tot. hello and welcome to in good shape if you book onto a flight or if you check into a hospital you are asked if you're male or if you female but is it really as simple as that if you for instance register on facebook he's got the choice between more than seventy gender options it's ridiculous i think usually we just say it's male or female but it's not there people who feel that they are born in the wrong body and this is what i'm going to talk about this doctor to b.s. partake here at the event this clinic in berlin.
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major chooses who will be trans and it's not the disease. transsexuals that's the word for people who emotionally believe that they belong to the opposite sex society does little to support those people and this makes them psychologically sick and sometimes they even commit suicide other people's intolerance makes life in bearable and here's a story of melissa was finally able to live in the body she longed for. these days melissa can walk the streets of cologne comfortable in her own skin but getting to this point has been a long journey fraught with hardship. her life began in cuba where she was born biologically male and called michael. but something didn't feel right. him out. it all began when i was eleven or twelve that's when i first realized
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i was developing differently from my female friends. right from going to. as a little boy michael was keen to explore his feminine side and chose to play with girls but as adolescence approached that changed he began trying to prove his masculinity . he was a man a match he had a lot of women or trendy clothes a six pack but he didn't feel a hundred percent comfortable even though he had the perfect body he was one major eighty five tall slim and sporty. michael became a dancer and choreographer. when men went into him he ruled out the idea that he might be gay and he didn't want to admit that he was a woman in a man's body. after moving to germany he got married and had a son with a family a nice apartment and his own artists agency on paper things were going well.
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i know but i then got into a relationship with a man you know and after a while. i realized it was doing me good. but i told him from the outset that i wasn't gay. he was like well what are we then. so that didn't feel quite right either. realising that he belonged in the body of a woman he came to the conclusion that only a sex change could make him happy. imagine how it would feel as a woman to have a man's body you think like a woman you have feminine needs you want to be seen and treated like a woman i was able to free myself from the body i used to have not the other way around i'm not a man who became a woman by operation. melissa always considered her identity as michael
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to be a kind of mistake. for over two years she submitted applications to transition to a woman in that time she would often come to this café to switch off forget her worries and gather strength. she completed assessments underwent psychotherapy and had hormone treatment to prepare for a sex change in twenty twelve she had a first of several operations which would transform michael into melissa throughout she never lost her love of life her advice. nag and just be who you are at the end of the day you need to be happy with yourself. melissa has had to pay a high price for her transformation a marriage broke well as a mother's word and this is no longer tolerate of. the world health organization
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said we don't want the to have to have the word sexuality in this field but we want to say that someone's body and his brain in accordance with gender in congo and so this is joined in congress a new word so that means that if i would see sex as a woman and the woman doesn't feel like she's a woman and she wants to be a man you would be the person to go to. i would be the person if surgery has to be done ok gender reassignment surgery is that what what i do especially from male to female genital aspects and corrections and other and it is to the first context for these people should be serve in groups of psychologists which are trained to care for this problem gender specialists and even psychologists yes of course you know writing is sometimes it said dead and the prisons were trance gender born in the wrong body. the one affected doesn't like this yeah this is i don't like this i
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don't like those words. i don't like it because we only get one body we only have one body by nature or by. you it's not possible to get another one so this one body is the body we have to live with and we have to love it or not but we can change a little bit so i think one could say these people with gender in congo and feel the other gender they are looking like ok but some people say this is more like a mental illness or a mental disease and themselves are you sending those people to two psychologists or is it something mentally or how do you describe the is the theory. that the gender. is a function of the brain one can measure if the brain thinks male or female and if
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you do this with transgender people or with people with gender in congress then you see exactly the pattern they feel and not how they look like so it seems to be a function of the brain that the gender or. the other thing is the physical agenda this is the thing we can change we can change the mental problem if it's a problem but do you have two. diseases yes this is very important that there are some people so friendly people who think they have agenda in congress but they don't have it and if you operate them if you exergy with these people the catastrophe will begin the problem is for the tricks that they need very long for these examinations for these excess funds assessments and in germany it's a rule that they have to make these assessments from one and a half year and after one year dish nearly the. logical treatment begins with all of the years with people with
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a male body you will get female hormones and the other way around and also physical things will change very slow. this helps for these assessment time but in the end of the process at the end of the process there is the the surgery yes which you perform so how do you do this with what's actually done in the surgery what do you do what i do with my team is the gender reassignment surgery from the male body the major and the food to the females under the we have to remove the typical male organs. from the remaining. things especially the skin we have to form a female organ so most of the surgeon to take the peanuts and inverted and take as you read through a part of the you read to the form of the new vagina this is truly a life changing operation and it could be the solution for many problems because finally in a feelings which is the outer appearance and this is true for girls born as boys
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and the other way round. two i used to tell everyone i'd rather be a boy and when i was a child i looked like a boy and as a teenager i looked like a guy too. as us. as a child it's really hard to know what's wrong why you feel so strange. i always told myself that i'd rather be a boy there anybody you met night i prayed. god let me wake up tomorrow as a boy unfortunately that never works. out. and unlike comes it does feel like you might be able to imagine what it's like to look down at yourself and see the body of another sex. and some men might say well
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it must be nice to have breasts. yeah maybe it's great for a day at carnival. but for your whole life. to grow up as a child in the wrong body no one wants that to be kind. of this vom you have a hope i wasn't sure if i wanted to have surgery. when i initially started to get treatment i said i don't want to have an operation no way. but then there was the psychological strain i'm a church a lot during this time and at some point it became clear.
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i don't think my parents were actually too surprised. at the time my father said yeah you're always somehow masculine. but i think it's really hard for mothers to really go with it and say ok this is my son now. and he does vishy stunned for me the most important part of the transition was to be seen as a man or male. meant to be recognised into society and treated as such. although i didn't know how a man was treated. i had only seen it from the outside and had never experienced it for myself but actually for me it was the most important thing. he's. always been a man of after i think i'm still on a journey of self discovery. i guess that won't change much it'll probably go on
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forever in. my transition isn't over this journey will probably continue for the rest of my life. it's a very moving story and i don't think that anyone would suspect that he'd been born a girl so is this usually the case. this is one advantage of the transmitter have and this is the power of the hormones if you give a female body the male hormone testosterone it will change rapidly and reading. the beard is growing the face changes its shape the body's ranges changes shape also. this happens also in late adulthood if you can do that with twenty you can do the six yards or so physically trans men are not to be recognized as a form of females. it is very important to the person in the report to have
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a slit mescaline chest and is this high on the list yes i think it's in the most cases is stop one on the list because female breasts. this is an attribute you can't you can think a way to use clothes to talk to cover the breast and so on so on and so it's one. one of the wishes they have very very strong to remove the breasts and it's often the first step and it's even more important than a functional penis it seems to be more important than a function of business yes i think so because the the genital is hidden but the female breast you can see through the clothes. we've received a lot of your questions and many wanted to know if people had gender reassignment surgery able to fully enjoy sex relationships. here's if we change.
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the shape of a gender organ we try to hold the functional or sensitive sensible parts so in a. reassignment surgery from male to female we preserve the glands of the penis in the other and if we change the specter of from female to male we preserve the critters and these organs beare the sensitivity and the sensibility of sexual feeling and emotion until orgasm or it is possible says of the patients can still be stimulated yes of course and it doesn't change of gender effectively don't know the do they have an orgasm they can have an orgasm yes if the organs are preserved of the blood supply. the nerves are working they have orgasm. you make a lot of transgender people what are the most common problems they face the problems are that we move to shew from here to there. makes you choose between the
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. source or we connect different parts of the tissue with another. everywhere one connects tissue there will develop a scar and scars can contract and so strictures will develop you rethrow strictures new vaginal strictures bendings of the new your penis of opinion are possible and these are things one has to correct later than so what's your advice to patients who think that they are transgender or they are transgender what's what's a first step to take first is to take help to get help from my opinion the easiest way and the best way is to go to a group in the metropole it's absolutely no problem in the bigger cities all over europe you can go all over the world you can find groups in the rural regions it
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might be a little bit problematic i think but internet is everywhere everybody has a chance to go somewhere to to look at the internet and to make. research for survey groups and so. what should get in contact with somebody who is thinking in the same way who has a problem or who had the problem and who probably can tell the one where the best way to go the second step would be to have an expert so-called gender expert most of them up soccer trysts. there with the assessment would be good if it's really a transsexuality or. something so there's a very important groups and gender experts thanks so much for having me today when i prepared for the show i was just. why can't everybody live like they want to live and just be happy because that's what it's all about and it would make me happy if
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you would write me your questions via e-mail. in an upcoming show we'll be looking at our in. their jam packed with bacteria the greater the variety of good bacteria the better but what if that variety is no longer there send your questions to in good shape at d.f.w. dot com just got in the subject line we look forward to hearing from you. again the differences between women and men are that big at all that there's at least one thing women to have a more supple sense of touch this is because they've got smaller heads so their sensory cells are closer together but how does it work the sense of touch. our skin is just waiting to be touched regardless of whether it's part of an
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electrifying encounter. or something more mundane. our sense of touch allows us to perceive many of the objects and stimuli in our surroundings. can't just send three thousand nerves work together in our skin rather like an orchestra they have differing tasks the so-called merkle cells for example register pressure that allows us to feel the shape of an object and its consistency whether it's firm or soft. the skin on our lips has a lot of receptors others especially sensitive as a result the same goes for our fingertips some receptors in our hands and fingertips can even alert us of something if i just know. that's putting. these are known as my first corporate souls under find in hairless skin they
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register vibration immediately transmitting an impulse to the spinal cord that in turn produces a come on to the hand to adjust the grip a whole process that happens outside of our awareness. but that's not all our sense of touch alerts us when we need to watch where we're closing our feast contributing to our spatial awareness. perceptor is in the deeper layers of our skin and muscle of work in tandem with our sense of balance. together the many sensory receptors in our skin tell us precisely where we are and how close we are standing to other people. but the most important mystery is us yes on solved what makes a particular touch so pleasant and how do certain types of touch trigger our emotions. it's an area that's still not fully understood.
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scientists believe it's all down to certain nerves under the skin so called sea-tac dial fibers they respond a lot more slowly than the other nerves linked to our sense of touch and they connect with the areas of the brain that process emotions so they trigger our emotional response to touch. but whether nerves in the skin alone are responsible for this sensation is still not clear science is still not able to answer fully what exactly makes the touch of a loved one so pleasant. the stiff neck tension headaches these are disturbances tinnitus and tingling sensation in your fingers this all might be caused by and j d temporal joint dysfunction ok it's a rare disease you might say but it's actually not every fifth person is affected.
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maybe you two. for many years tillman concer suffered from headaches and a stiff neck. but doctors when i thought it was because of a bike accident i had in two thousand and eight i injured my upper arm pretty seriously i have a number of screws and a plate and there and lot of them. that is dentist decided to investigate further for tillman that was the first step towards a pain free life the dentist wasn't just looking at his teeth but his posture and jaw muscles as well after a number of visits tillman was diagnosed with temperament a below joint dysfunction or t.m.j. nineteen. there are various definitions for t.m.j. d. which is also known as c m d but generally speaking it's a dysfunction of the muscles or joint function in the jaw. the skew feelings. in other words the upper and lower jaw and not properly aligned the problem with
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tillman concert was that he had been grinding his teeth at night for many years as a result his team had become shorter so that they no longer fitted together properly. the grinding of the teeth is what dentists see first further examination then reveals to what extent the george joint is also involved often the symptoms radiate and make themselves felt elsewhere on the odds and typical t.m.j. the symptoms include hearing problems and tenet has shoulder and neck pain headache and migraine and back pain. dentists work together closely with physio therapists who treat the tension and stiffness caused by the problem in the jaw sometimes things work the other way around a patient may seek out a physiotherapist because of head and neck pain the physiotherapist then checks the patient's jaw and teeth and they decide to refer them to
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a dentist. till now. conses dentist first sent him for physiotherapy then he treated his dental problems the aim with to get the upper and lower jaw to fit together as perfectly as possible. to so stark a condition is because the patient has ground his teeth a lot they've diminished in size quite a bit and we've had to build them up again. you can see on this image just how much we've built them up. especially on the front teeth of the upper jaw. orders. various materials may be used to build up the teeth. tilman conflict and now bite together properly again but he will probably only be able to stop grinding his teeth if he manages to avoid stress to protect his teeth for new damage you know as a mouth guard at night. it's not only teeth grinding and misalignment that can
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cause pain and tension. the loss of a tooth. treatment can also cause problems on a poorly fitted bridge. but even then with the right treatment everything can be put back in order. me. and until then let's all try to stay in good shape.
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