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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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you'll find out if this letter w. me. stories that people the world over information they provide to the peons they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. this is deja vu news live from berlin tough talk from u.s. president donald trump after he touches down in japan on the first leg of a major tour of asia pacific countries no one no dictator no resume and no nation.
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under arrest and an. american resolve. will speak to our correspondent in tokyo about how trump plans to bolster support from allies to face up to north korea's nuclear ambitions also coming up trump will meet with the japanese families of people abducted by north korean agents decades ago we have a report on one woman's story of her kidnapped sister. laura. i met her and welcome to the program. u.s. president donald trump has sought to reassure asian allies of america's resolve in defending them against dictatorial regimes kicking off his marathon tour of five asian nations and japan said the united states had the military might to stand good
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on that promise the president's twelve day trip comes as tensions rise over north korea's nuclear and missile program. donald trump touched down in tokyo and was expected to give the united states as oldest asian ally much needed security assurances a change of jacket later it was there. we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of. our freedom and our great american flag no one no dictator no regime and no nation. under arrest and of. resolve what that resolve would have to look like in a potential conflict with north korea has become somewhat clearer amid trumps round of golf with japan's newly reelected prime minister shinzo abbay lawmakers in washington asked u.s. military officials for specifics on removing north korea's nuclear capabilities the
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joint chiefs of staff responded that only a ground invasion could do it with absolute certainty of success in response sixteen lawmakers fifteen democratic and one republican all military veterans called the assessment deeply disturbing they criticized the trump administration for lacking a strategy on north korea and a plan to contain potential conflict but that didn't affect the personal chemistry trump and appear to have both are also hawkish on defense but trade may be another matter we will seek. cooperation. and we will partner with friends and allies to pursue a free and open. reach we will seek free fair and research trade the u.s. trade deficit with japan is a sticking point in the country's relations the deficit hit sixty nine billion
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dollars in two thousand and sixteen the second largest behind china. all right for more we are joined now by our correspondent bastian hartig who is in tokyo. don't trump he's warned america's enemies not to test its resolve out is that gone down in japan. well if you ask the japanese prime minister shinzo abi he would probably tell you that that's exactly what he wanted to hear he wanted that kind of reassurance that the u.s. would stand behind its commitments in this region that it would stand behind its allies of whom of course japan is the oldest and the most important ally and that it would defend those allies in the case of an attack for example by north korea so especially in the face of that threat coming from north korea that's what that's what the japanese prime minister shinzo surely was looking for now so he was you
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were welcomed these this tough talk from donald trump for sure because he also has very tough policies when it comes to north korea and he also received a lot of support for those policies from the japanese voters in recent elections that were just just held here a few weeks ago he scored a landslide victory and his position and his stance on the north korea issue played a major role in that now that is not to say that people here are also worried because if you take for example the japanese did not japanese north korean missile tests of recent months two of those went straight over japanese territory and people here are of course worried that there might be another one of those missile tests somewhere in the near future and that at some point maybe deliberately or not it wouldn't fly over japan but maybe actually hit japanese territory so that's what
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obviously no one wants and people are afraid that this kind of tough talk in this kind of strongman rhetoric that we've been hearing from trump might not help deescalate this crisis on the contrary that it that it might help spiral this conflict out of control and that potentially even that would end up in a military conflict which of course no one wants. well if the tough talk in military terms went down that well with japanese leadership what about tough talk on trade donald trump has not necessarily shown the same openness to trade although he has mentioned free trade on this trip and what is japanese government's view on how he is approaching asian trade because of the united states china japan well japan of course it's no secret they they wanted the transpacific partnership
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of this multilateral trade agreement including the united states to go ahead with the united states on board now the united states prominently opted out of this deal because donald trump thought it was a bad deal for the u.s. but japan is still pushing forward with this with the eleven remaining members and they're hoping to get this deal to get this deal done and they're hoping that at some point they might even convince donald trump and they might even convince the u.s. to two to be a part of this deal after all at some point in the future the those are the kinds of things that they're going to be talking about tomorrow when this visit enters the formal the formal part because today of course was rather informal we saw it in the report with a round of golf and then a private dinner today i think president prime minister. was was really keen on making donald trump feel welcome here in japan making him feel comfortable and
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showing him that he has a friend in japan right bastion hadzic in tokyo thanks very much for joining us. one of the other issues that donald trump is expected to address during a stop in japan is the kidnapping of japanese citizens by north korean agents around a hundred japanese citizens are believed to have been forcibly taken to north korea since the one nine hundred seventy s. and this is official is that they're being used to train north korean spies relatives of those disappeared are still hoping that someday their loves ones will return home is more every day in his tiny tokyo studio that's a little more our puts together a very special radio program aimed at a select audience some one hundred japanese citizens believed to have been kidnapped by north korea since the one nine hundred seventy s. presumably to train spies no one knows how many can hear him but he's convinced that for those who can the she has a project offers a lifeline of hope. people who have managed to come back told us they weren't
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allowed to speak japanese or sing japanese songs in north korea but some were able to listen to our program and there they heard our language and music that gave them strength to carry on and hope that someday they would come home. or that. listening to these broadcasts in north korea is strictly prohibited but tomorrow knows some take the risk and tune in anyway in secret and at night. that's why he invites relatives of the disappeared on to the so to send personal messages to their loved ones one of these is. her little sister nori called vanished forty four years ago she was just eighteen at the time. my mother wanted to meet her at about noon that day to go shopping. well but then someone called and said noriko wasn't going to make it. my mother thought she was
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probably busy with work so she didn't worry that. they haven't seen noriko since the family did all they could to find her but it was years before they heard anything then a crucial tip from a north korean deserted noriko was alive in north korea hi i'm new here by not going to weeks before she was kidnapped i gave birth to my second child a son we don't even have a photo of the two of them together he was born just when not he could disappeared so every time his birthday comes around it reminds me how long she's been gone for one year than five and now it's been forty four years. like nordic or most of those who were abducted are still missing little is known about their fate but. hasn't given up hope she's convinced that one day she a norty call will be reunited so she comes here every month to let her sister know
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she hasn't forgotten. do you know rico this is your sister tamagotchi how are you do you have enough to eat i hope you're not sick. it's impossible to know whether noriko has ever heard her. talk ishita will continue to broadcast her dedication she says she can feel that somewhere out there her sister is listening so. we can turn now to some other stories making news around the world a car bombing in the eastern province of bear off sure has killed dozens of people in syria the area close to the iraq border has been a gathering place for displaced people tak is thought to be the work of so-called islamic state. so he arabia has arrested dozens of princes and government ministers in a major high level purge the first arrests sanctioned by king solomon under
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a new anti corruption body he's put his son in charge of the movie is seen as cementing crown prince muhammad's power in the kingdom well in two thousand migrants have been rescued from the mediterranean sea in recent days that's according to the united nations migration agency agency also said thirty four people are drowned in the past four days trying to make crossing to hear. some news coming in belgium's public prosecutor says that the sacked cattle on president calls pushed him on has turned himself in to belgian police four other foreign ministers have also turned themselves in all five are sought in spain on a european arrest warrant. now for a bit more we can cross over to our correspondent robert of
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a zal who's standing by in brussels barbara pushed him on turns himself in what do you think is set to happen next. now he's under arrest together with his former ministers so five people all in all since nine seventeen exactly that's what the spokesman of the prosecution service here in brussels said and now the belgian procedure will start to roll down that means in examining john will be nominated now and this afternoon already the five think used will be heard by this examination judge he then has twenty four hours time that means two to morning tomorrow morning nine seventeen it to make up his mind mind whether he wants to implement the european arrest warrant whether he will keep these five people under arrest or whether he will set them free on bail so that's the first step of the procedure. and does this mean that the council on suspension crisis is entering a new phase and somewhat. yes and no of course new phase with the
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guard to the belgium justice system which now has to deal with those arrests warrants that have been come from spain the whole thing entirely will come unwelcome politically of course for the belgian government however we need to remind ourselves that the government has absolutely no involvement in this process this is something that really happens between the judiciary system of spain on one side and the system of belgium on the other science it was judges that sort of communicate with each other and to belgium system now says after the examining judge has heard to people he will make up his mind how to deal with them and then in the next step they can sort of plea against being extradited to spain and then they have another two weeks the court will examine their reasons and so on and so forth then there is another plea against this so all in all they have about two months now to the extradition is likely to go forward all right barbara vessel
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there joining us with the news that the deposed couple on president has turned himself in belgium. all right quickly in the bundesliga match day eleven brought the blooper of the year watch this smites keeper robinson. loses track of the ball for a moment and he realized it wasn't quite in the spot he thought it was and found himself kicking air will have more on that of course for on the german classico coming up in the bundesliga. that's all from us see you next hour. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming go and do it with me.
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