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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of easy town while wimps id deputed comes to africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. this is news live from berlin the ongoing cattle on independence saga takes a new turn alice put your money turns himself in to belgian police the ousted catalan leader and four former ministers were taken into custody and will appear before a prosecutor later today to bring you the latest from our correspondent in groups
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also coming up. we like each other and other countries like each other the words of u.s. president donald trump iraq revealed to pan's prime minister shinzo abi on the first day of trump's twelve day tour the u.s. president is rallying support from allies in the region to face up to nuclear deal with north korea's nuclear ambitions. and in bow to sligo match day eleven we saw the blooper of the year. where the ball and of course the classic are there is your daughter versus buying. i'm at home and welcome to the program the ousted catalan president demat along with four other former ministers has surrendered to police in belgium the five are
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wanted in spain on a european arrest warrant issued there. in a news conference a spokesman for the brussels prosecutor said all five would now appear before a judge they face charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds for holding illegal referendum on october first travel to belgium last week when madrid moved to impose direct rule on catalonia after a regional parliament had declared independence all right for more let's go to our correspondent bob levey zal in brussels barbara they've head of themselves in does that mean that they're going to be extradited to spain now it just means that the process is beginning implementing the european arrest warrant belgian can just simply do nothing else this is a more or less a semi automatic process they will be heard as you said this afternoon till
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tomorrow morning the judge will then decide whether they stay in jail or whether they go free on bail and then the whole process will road there are two rounds of appeal that are possible and in the end to even legal experts here don't really dare to prophesied whether they really did too to make a prophecy whether they will then somehow get away whether the belgian judges will find grounds to maybe on on fundamental rights reasons or other reasons to not implement the arrest warrant or whether they will be sent back to spain all this can be dragged out till january even several for next year. the european union as an entity has already said that the cattle on referendum cattle on independence issue was an internal matter for spain to resolve is there not pressure on belgium to toe that e.u. line. belgium has politically seen absolutely no interest not to toe that line i
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mean we really do have to remember this is a country that has been threatened by a secessionism time and time again it would be then split up into a flame is part of the loan and part and both of them would be really tiny and not really viable so that is the last this problem is the last thing the government of brussels want however it just has to deal was the rest foreign and it would be very careful to sort of repeat again and again that this is a judicial process politics cannot and must not interfere here it's judges and judges only who decide what will happen in this case right i know you can't see into the future although it seems to me like this process will move forward extradition etc but you know leaving that aside what does that mean for upcoming elections in catalonia we've had mixed messages from all of these independents figures in the lead up to this book which will happen in december. the question of course is whether push one can sort of exert political power from afar the question also is whether he will have to stay in jail here are not whether he can send like
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weekly or even nightly video messages to barcelona are not whether he can communicate and how easily he can communicate he has said that he wants to stand as the number one on the list of his own centrist party in barcelona the so-called pay to cut however there are other noises and the parties have to decide very quickly whether they will advance with the unity list they only have to choose day to sort of register if they want to go into those elections as an independent schoolish and so that has not yet been decided yet and pushed him and i mean there are people who criticize him so it's not that everybody there would follow him blindly it will be difficult for him to sort of lead an election campaign from brussels if the fight is on in barcelona right barbara thanks very much for sharing your expertise with us from brussels. well president donald trump has sought to reassure
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asian allies that the u.s. will defend them against dictatorial regimes kicking off a marathon tour of five asian nations in japan trump said the united states had the military might to keep that promise the president's twelve day trip comes as tensions rise over north korea's nuclear and missile programs donald trump touched down in tokyo and was expected to give the united states is oldest asian ally much needed security assurances a change of jacket later it was there. we will never yield never waver and never falter in defense of our people our freedom and our great american flag no one no dictator no regime and no nation should underestimate. american resolve what that resolve would have to look like in a potential conflict with north korea has become somewhat clearer amid trump's
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round of golf with japan's newly reelected prime minister shinzo abbay lawmakers in washington asked u.s. military officials for specifics on removing north korea's nuclear capabilities the joint chiefs of staff responded that only a ground invasion could do it with absolute certainty of success in response sixteen lawmakers fifteen democratic and one republican all military veterans called the assessment deeply disturbing they criticized the trump administration for lacking a strategy on north korea and a plan to contain potential conflict but that didn't affect the personal chemistry trump and appear to have both are also hawkish on defense but trade may be another matter we will seek. for cooperation and comers and we will partner with friends and allies to pursue a free and open indo reach we will seek free
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thing. and research trade the u.s. trade deficit with japan is a sticking point in the country's relations the deficit hit sixty nine billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen the second largest behind china. well as we just heard u.s. president trump issued a stark warning to america's enemies not to test its resolve i asked did have your correspondent in tokyo if that was the security reassurance that japan was looking for. well if you ask the japanese prime minister shinzo abi he would probably tell you that that's exactly what he wanted to hear he wanted that kind of reassurance that the u.s. would stand behind its commitments in this region that it would stand behind its allies of whom of course japan is the oldest and the most important ally and that it would defend those allies in the case of an attack for example by north korea so
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especially in the face of that threat coming from north korea that's what that's what the japanese prime minister shinzo surely was looking for now so he was welcomed this tough talk from donald trump for sure because he also has very tough policies when it comes to north korea and he also received a lot of support for those policies from the japanese voters in recent elections that were just just held here a few weeks ago he scored a landslide victory and his position and his stance on the north korea issue played a major role in that now that is not to say that people here are also worried because if you take for example the japanese did not japanese north korean missile tests of recent months two of those went straight over japanese territory and people here are of course worried that there might be another one of those missile
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tests somewhere in the near future and that at some point maybe deliberately or not it wouldn't fly over japan but maybe actually hit japanese territory so that's what obviously no one wants and people are afraid that this kind of tough talk and this kind of strongman rhetoric that we've been hearing from trump might not help deescalate this crisis on the contrary that it that it might help spiral this conflict out of control and that potentially even that would end up in a military conflict which of course no one wants here. if you do you corresponded best and hearty into pan let's move on now to some other stories making news around the world a car bombing in the eastern province of dare azor has killed dozens of people the area close to the iraqi border has been a gathering place for displaced people the attack is thought to be the work of the so-called islamic state so the rabia has arrested dozens of princes and government
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ministers a major high level purge of the first arrests sanctioned by king solomon under a new anti corruption body headed by his son and likely successor the move is seen as cementing crown prince mohammed someone's power in the kingdom is almost two hundred countries prepared to meet and gone for un climate talks protesters in western germany are calling for more urgent action including phasing out coal with extreme weather hitting the headlines this year experts say countries urgently need to step up efforts to reduce global warming. right in saturday's big bones the a clash dortmund locked horns with fire and munich the home team were in second place they trailed by and by just three points but these two teams have been heading in opposite directions the past few weeks and biron headed into the match heavy favorites where they live up to that label or dortmund attack rise up in
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front of their home crowd. dortmund's goal machine emerick obama young hadn't scored in three hundred eighty six minutes and all of dortmund was hoping he would pounce but it was byron who got off to the better start in the seventeenth minute home as fedayeen robin who opened the scoring. men's defense to a passive here and remember key powerless angle still maintain their composure you know the inveigle won the ball and it was off to the races gonzalo castro found andreae malenko but the a trainee and couldn't beat spent over i. kept pressing for an equaliser but wasting chances has been their problem for weeks now unlike. yahshua commish teed up robert leaven duff ski who made it to nil as eleventh goal of the campaign the back line allowing too much space and vagal with the unlucky deflection. in
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the second half or more of the same dortmund's attack dangerous but the ball just wouldn't go in. coming up short again. in the sixty seventh minute by him but the final nail in the coffin david. three nil. but the replay showed the ball never made contact instead it was al of us first of the season. back for dortmund in the waning minutes but it was too little too late three one the final score and by an extend their perfect record under your pint just before league games dortmund meanwhile haven't won in four outings. also on saturday third place side rb livestock welcomed promoted club hannover who were holding down fourth place in the table leipzig did have the majority of the chances in the first tap it was the visitors who took the lead john the top scoring in the fifty six minute. drive to get back in the four spare well after this replay
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we will see if. they will force their teed up use of polson with a beautiful pass for an easy goal or spare acted as provider again five minutes later to set up t.-mo vanner for a win or two one the final. all right let's check out all the biggest results from this weekend so far we see a win over by on whenever dortmund for byron gladbach drew with mites and let us draw your attention to a great highlight from that one might keep a robe on set not. lost track of. the ball wasn't very quick thought it was lost almost made him pay for that mistake but it was only his second goal second game in the bundesliga he won't forget this one. moving on to the rest of the results out for a laver koos and also drew their match hamburg defeated garwood lives he came back to beat and over and shall go down to fribourg on friday frankfurt one of her brain
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and today we're going to see cologne take on hoffenheim and head to berlin travel to vote for. all right we have just enough time to remind you of our top story this hour colace push to mount himself in two thousand police the ousted cataloging leader and four former ministers were taken into custody and will appear before a prosecutor later today. but you're watching news from berlin we'll have more news coming up at the top of the hour if you need more news right now go to our web site t w dot com of my. health. and here in studio all. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. life in unequal societies. the debt.


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