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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2017 8:00am-8:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a mass shooting in texas leaves dozens dead the victims reportedly include a pregnant woman and children killed by a gunman armed with some salt rifle the attackers believed to have been a former u.s. air force are. also coming up u.s.
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president trump fires off a repeat warning over north korea's nuclear threat the era of strategic patience is over trump is in japan on the second day of his marathon asian tour. and trouble in paradise a huge fleet of documents shows how big corporations of the rich and best in tax havens will find out just who's been implicated and what's being called the paradox papers. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us police in the u.s. are investigating the motive behind a mass shooting that left twenty six people dead at a church in texas witnesses said the victims include a pregnant woman and children as young as five years old twenty people were also wounded during the attack a gunman wearing combat clothing opened fire during a service before fleeing the scene he was later found dead in his car president
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trump has said mental illness not guns were to blame for the attack. you're are you ok. did you despair as families waited for news of relatives and friends who were in the church residence in this small texas community say nearly everyone knows each other. if you stay here practice all your has a family or a family show where you just just it causes to make a stop for doing hard to pray and see how we can serve and that's what you're seeing right here in this community throwing around these folks. the church's pastor and his wife were out of town during the shooting but their fourteen year old daughter is known to be among the dead president trump sent a message of sympathy while out of the country on an official trip to japan.
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we cannot put into words the pain. and grief we all feel and we cannot begin to imagine the suffering of those who lost the ones they so dearly loved. now the community and law enforcement want to know why this happened it's been just over a month since another gunman killed dozens in las vegas with the same question left unanswered. cussen phenomenas covering the latest for us from washington high cost and any more details about the gunman and his motivation. well we have no concrete information about the motive yet but we do have some information about the tech he was a young twenty six year old man a former now for soldier who was caught martialed
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a few years ago for assaulting his wife and kids he then spent a year in confinement and was later discharged from the armed forces he apparently went to this small town sutherland springs parked at a gas station and then walked over to the church and opened fire where the military style assault rifle after he left the church he was then confronted by an armed man from the neighborhoods and then he fled the scene and was later found dead we don't know if you committed suicide or if he was wounded or killed by a. neighbor the big question of course is why he did that he lived about forty miles away in a suburb of san antonio and there's still a mystery why he chose this place to do what he did carson this is just a month after the worst mass shooting in u.s. history at the end music festival in las vegas how are people reacting to this.
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well as usual with shock and dismay but that doesn't mean that anything will change here in the u.s. president trump as we've heard has called this attack an act of evil but when he was asked by reporters if it's time for the u.s. to consider tougher gun laws he refused to answer and one reporter was traveling with the president. the president told the japanese emperor that things that can happen anywhere that's true but they happen frequently in the u.s. and about ten thousand people die of gun wounds every year in the u.s. and that's not even counting the suicides at twenty five more times it's twenty five times more likely to be killed in a gun related murder in the us than other developed countries so there are people of course here who think there is a connection to the fact that guns are so easily available here and they are
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calling for stricter gun laws but the truth is that republicans in congress pretty much under the influence of the gun lobby here and so there are probably to act as they normally do they will do nothing. did have these custom phenomena with the latest from washington thank you crossed them. and us carson was saying president trump are commenting on the shooting while in japan he is on a day two of a marathon trip across asia in japan a trump a criticize the countries that trade partnership with america saying u.s. japan trade was not fair or open and he criticized tokyo for decades of deficit as well as talking trade with japanese prime minister shinzo abi the us president will be discussing the standoff with north korea this after trump said he would be open to sitting down for talks with north korean leader kim jong un with tensions between washington and pyongyang sky high while trump has promised to stand with
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japan against what he called the north korean menace let's listen in but we're going to count through the dangerous aggressions of the regime in north korea the regime continued development of its unlawful weapons programs including its illegal nuclear tests and outrageous launches of ballistic missiles directly over japanese third tour are a threat to the civilized world and international peace and stability we will not stand for that the era of strategic patience is over. and best and heartache is a following it trumps visit for us in tokyo hiaasen good to see you we just heard the trump say there the era of strategic patience with north korea is over how is that rhetoric being received there in japan.
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that rhetoric is not new to japanese in fact the prime minister of japan is himself have been very tough on north korea and on this issue in the past and in the elections that were just held here a few weeks ago he received a lot of support for that from the voters that cast their ballot and. so that means that there is a portion of the japanese population who supports who supports this stance on on north korea because of course that played a major role in those elections now that's not to say that there are also those who are increasingly worried that this crisis might spiral out of control president trump mentioned the north korean missile test that flew over japanese territory and the people here are of course worried that there might be more of those missile tests that if deliberately or not one of those missiles might actually land here or go down here so there are these there are these worries and there are worries that
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this kind of strongman rhetoric that that that president trumps been putting on this plane that's been coming out of the white house that that might spark a further or provoke further actions from from north korea and might help escalate this crisis and maybe potentially even lead to a military standoff which of course here no one wants what about japanese prime minister shinzo abbate he's also said that the time for dialogue with north korea is over does that mean that he supports the trans policy of keeping all options on the table. definitely i mean he's made that clear in the past and now again that he as well as the president trump they both they both maintain that this policy options are on the table that includes military options as well as prime minister has in the past and that was one of the reasons why he was calling for for new elections in the past. been trying to change
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the japanese constitution which limits the japanese army for a bit work through to self defense to actually and so he wants he wants to be able to to use the japanese army more widely at the moment japan is not allowed to respond to international disputes with military force or or threats of that force and he's trying to change that so that's a policy that he's been pursuing for a very long time that he got support for in recent elections and we did a response in heart reporting for us from tokyo thank you both and. welcome on the a business aspects to donald trump's to asia trip to asia now with a monica well soon as you know u.s. president on a trump a trip through asia is his first to the region since he pulled the u.s. out of the trans-pacific partnership in short t p p as part of his america first policy and after his visit to japan he will be in south korea next where the future
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of the five year old bilateral u.s. africa region free trade deal hangs in the balance trump has called it a job killing horrible deal after that there is china the world's second most powerful economy after the us china is now rushing in to be seen as a promoter of open markets pushes america first during the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in vietnam. will give a speech presenting the united states vision for what he calls a free and open window pacific region and finally in the philippines trump will attend to the association of southeast asian nations summit and he will meet with the philippine president or audrey good to tara to so a busy schedule but what will it bring economically and that is what i wanted to explore with nicholas kessel's from the j.f.k. graduate school for north american studies now first i asked him whether he could tell us a little bit more about donald trump's vision of
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a free and open india pacific region. that's where it gets a little tricky because we don't know really what it entails we do know rex tillerson promoted the idea of into position partnership an i.p.p. so to speak to promote the u.s. interests against china balancing china and the in the region we don't know what it entails in terms of content and what we can say is that it really seems that us that the us has lost its strategic focus in the region because t p p would have given me how does it play you mentioned t p p i mean how does it differ from t.p. pay is it just don't trump i trained you donald trump i mean two things first the state department creating foreign policy for the us abroad is not really stuff they do lack the expertise especially in asia which means that they are not equipped to actually come up with an idea with a strategic plan to re open trade talks first second that means that they probably
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will rely on donald trump and his self perception as a deal maker making these deals with those heads of government and states very much doubt that he is actually equipped to deal with the very dangerous and treacherous current political currents in the region because that really that takes years of experience that he doesn't have which means that at the end of the day he comes up with i p p s t p p or comes back with no deal whatsoever. that of course will be the worst case scenario but a twelve day trip through the region that is quite extensive and as i just mentioned there are many other nations still on his schedule what do you think will be his biggest challenge in terms of trade relations and economic partnerships his challenge will be that he is easily flattered by pomp so to speak and china vietnam
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japan they the. they all promised him a kingly reception a state visit plus which the chinese ambassador in washington said the problem here is that this will probably end with donald trump receiving this as those countries making a leap towards him even economically but that that is not the fact china is moving in on the strategic economic and security interests on both tracks at the same time t.p. was intended to actually remedy the situation right now the u.s. is left with pretty much nothing so a lot of symbolism if you like on this trip but in terms of hard facts that remains to be seen because cases there from the j.f.k. graduate school for north american studies thank you so much thank you. i've. now there's been another massive leak from an offshore law firm uncovering the use
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of tax havens by the super rich the files were obtained by a german newspaper months ago making sense of it all the same international team of investigative journalists that last republished the panama papers a report revealing the shadowy world of offshore holdings they're now sifting through the millions of documents from the latest leak this time called the paradise papers. tax haven bermuda billions are routed through here every year by exclusive law firms which specialize in one area of voiding tax and hiding ownership applebee is one of the biggest offshore law firms like other providers it's a web of intrigue now uncovered by the new data leak. leaked tactical sort of house for the new leak revealed the scale of the challenge it's not just a few blocks anyone who works and find his can easily get access to the structure. it's the world of the wealthy and their advisors elaborately cloaked in fabulously
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rich britain's queen elizabeth the second the files show her wealth moves in complicated ways heard ministrations have invested some of her money in a fund in the cayman islands profits there are tax free at the end of the chain the british company bright tiles it sells household appliances to people on low incomes at exorbitant rates of interest it's unlikely the queen would know about it heard visors is said to be responsible in any case the queen pays tax voluntarily. multinationals also appear in the files apple inquired in secret communications about finding a corporate base where it could avoid taxes and nike has a convenient set up in the netherlands to lower its tax rates all quite legal tax avoidance in the european union sometimes were blocked blocked by the fact the number states consider to be should be you can form this or that. and now we're in
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a different period that's what it called the transparency volution it's high time that everybody goes into seeing the reaction to eliminate fraud and to combat tax evasion thirteen point four million confidential documents were leaked to a munich based newspaper the paper passed them on to reporters around the world they managed to piece together the global cover up the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross is allegedly involved with the russian shipping for through several brass plate companies a possible conflict of interest ross insists he's sticking to political questions not overseas shipping operations the confidential documents making up the paradise papers are now public in many tax havens the era of quote discretion may be over. monica jones is here from a business and we have our correspondent on your koehler who has been tracking this story for us good to have you both so anya first you know this is a follow up from the panama papers last year what more have we learned about the
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shadowy world of offshore holdings. this is an even broader affair than the pan in my paper as it is similar basically it's all about tax avoidance but this on a really huge scale and multinational corporations shift around six hundred billion euros every year through these tax havens and this. system this comes to a cost of everybody else because obviously it deprives states after taxes money's being implicated. i couldn't read through all the documents about thirteen point four million documents the e-mails and media outlets it is one year bad so there are one hundred twenty politicians involved and forty seven countries at least there are heads of states and there are there are dollars to political parties that advisors multinational firms such as apple and facebook but as well
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people like you two front man bono. the u.s. billionaire soros and here on it clearly is one of the donors to the investigative investigative consortium who brought out the story ok that makes you think you know of course we saw it in the reporters as well donald trump's commerce secretary wilbur ross is also in those papers and that's quite juicy because it it somehow has to do with the russia connections it is complicated and it is juicy wilbur ross apparently has kept vestments complicated offshore investments. in a shipping firm navigator which is doing business with a russian firm which has ties to the in the circle of. president putin so this is a little dodgy anyway but at the same time wilbur ross is meant to control the business he's investing in and he profits from
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a firm which which is run by all the guards who are western sanctions and the third bid is currently investigations of course going on to look into russia being involved in to donald trump's campaigning no question my tax avoidance first of all it is in itself not really illegal but it is a problem and it's not a new problem so briefly why did governments so far have not done anything about it . well following the pound in my paper as they started to look into it and some governments promise to dry up and clean up these tax havens there has been. there have been investigations going on but now with the panama papers experts reckon it could be serious because for the first time there are a lot of european and american people involved and the movers and shakers of this world clearly on the right thank you so much for sharing so much more to talk about
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definitely definitely we will take a closer look now at the actual scheme because as you just mentioned on the other paradise papers they put the spotlight on the rich and powerful but what exactly makes those revelations so explosive is now while offshore banking has often been associated with money laundering and other crimes it is not illegal to invest your money abroad the same goes for tax avoidance schemes mostly used by the famous one percent let's take a look at how it works. it's not illegal to transfer your money offshore and enjoy much lower tax rates but you do have to have millions for the scheme to work and you need highly specialized lawyers to ensure that your income from a high tax country is taxed at a place where. rates are rock bottom. for example a german i.t. company registers its patents in ireland where the tax rate is much lower.
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even though the product primarily sells in germany the income is booked in ireland . only a small part of the profits are taxed in germany at thirty percent most as tax in ireland at twelve percent. that's completely legal but companies try to avoid making their maneuvers public because it could be bad for their image for example apple according to the paradise papers apple always searches for ways to worm out of texas the company earns millions with its iconic phones pads and computers it could scare off some customers if they know the premium prices they pay go untaxed nike and ride sharing platform or are among other household names appearing in the paradise papers these companies and scores of rich politicians could be fielding embarrassing questions in the coming days.
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and will take a closer look at the legality of offshore banking as well as the repercussions off the latest data in our business edition later on but first so you've got some sports i believe that's right monica we're looking at the bundesliga now and in sunday's action cologne slipped to another defeat this time at home to hoffenheim germany striker sandra wagner scored twice for the visitors in their three no victory cologne remain rooted to the bottom of the bundesliga table with us two points in eleven games. nine minutes in a lackadaisical cologne defend seem to stand by and watch as denis geiger put hoffenheim in the lead. geiger's first shot unwittingly turned into an assist for himself as he powered the ball in with his second. forest at the back and ineffective up front cologne had scored only four goals in their first ten outings . and then they had some bad luck you hit the post shortly before the
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break colognes best chance to get on the board. after the restart hoffenheim continued to dominate after this scene the referee awarded them a penalty decision confirmed by video replay even though mark which seemed to go down without much help. stepped up to the spot to make it two nil for the visitors in the fifty six minute and he added another to round out the three nil scoreline shortly before the final whistle. on the course there are games where we show we've still got some life left in us but today there was way too little of that and time ran rings around us they could have scored even more goals. the loss not only keeps cologne buried in the bundesliga cellar but also deals yet another blow to deem r.l. . staying with the plan as they get and well spread haven't lost since martin
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schmidt took over in september but they haven't won either they faced off against head to berlin over the weekend with both clubs desperate for success. this was a game for the fans their database of it showed up in the scoring after just twenty seconds. book hit back but mario gomez was a judge to be all sawed and interfering with play the hitman then missed a penalty. and eunice mollies net funded deflected off an all slide play are still. one. molly got another chance though heading home after forty one minutes and gomez then gave both the lead. to one heading into the break. he had to scurry recognized the school's two to one fifty three minutes. but both were back in front just seven minutes lie so people can read each resting the ball home. the lay didn't last though came off the bench to snatch
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a point. three three the final score manning votes still without a home win this season. let's check out all the bundesliga results so far over the weekend vosburgh shared the spoils as we saw there with heritage hoffenheim beating cologne five minute took care of dortmund in the top came true with mine fasted out spoke with leverkusen defeated stood guard like sick and came back to beat hanover and shaka down to freiburg on friday frankfurt one against freshman and now look after the bundesliga standings after saturday's games byron munich increased their lead at the top to four points ahead of rb live sick who moved up to second and dortmund to drop to third further down humber escaped the relegation zone while freiburg slip into trouble landing in the playoff spot. sunday saw the annual
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running of the new york city marathon one of the world's premier long distance races and there was a surprise in store chilling flanagan became the first american woman to take the crown in four decades the thirty six year old beat out three time defending champion mary kay tani of kenya a kenyan did her male in the men's races though jeffrey come already finish just seconds ahead of his compatriot well thing wilson that kept saying it was his first ever marathon victory. or minor now of our top story at this hour a gunman armed with an assault rifle was shot dead twenty six people attending a church service in texas u.s. president trump has called the attacker to range and said mental health not guns were to blame for the shooting. and u.s. president trump also said north korea's nuclear program is a threat to the world and that the era of strategic patience is over pyongyang's
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weapons program have talked to the agenda during trump's visit to japan part of his first asian tour. thanks for watching. on stage. in radio create a biographical world. the using the great reformers
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