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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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it has to be. really free in the twenty first century. story december second on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin a mass shooting in texas leaves dozens dead a small town mourns after a gunman armed with an assault rifle opens fire at a sunday church service the victims reportedly include a pregnant woman and the children also coming up. u.s.
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president trump fires off a repeat warning over north korea's nuclear threat the era of strategic patience is over trump is in japan on the second day of his marathon occasion for. and fiji is hosting the un climate conference that's about to kick off in bonn that is a leader in the global fight against climate change. i'm sumi so much going to welcome to the show police in the u.s. are investigating a mass shooting that left dozens of people dead at a church in texas witnesses said the victims include a pregnant woman and children as young as five years old investigators have not yet commented on the gunman's motive but president trump has called the attacker a doraine just individual and said mental illness not guns were to blame for the assault. a candlelight vigil for the victims of the fatal shooting at the first
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baptist church of sutherland springs residents of the small texas community struggled to make sense of what happened. i'm going to. take. you to. take. my hearing. authorities say twenty six people were killed and about twenty others were wounded sunday after a man dressed all in black opened fire inside the church the attacker is believed to be a former member of the u.s. air force who received a court martial for assault after leaving the church the gunman was fired on by a local resident with a rifle he then fled in his vehicle soon afterwards the suspect crashed and was found dead. we are sure it was because if the good guy died from the gunshot wound or if he died because he flipped his vehicle up there we just know that he
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got hit by our friend so and that's the only reason that it stopped the guy because the guy i guess wasn't expecting that you know someone of us around here is going to come and stop us president donald trump sent a message of sympathy from japan. who cannot put into words the pain. and grief we all feel and we cannot begin to imagine the suffering of those who lost the ones they so dearly loved. now law enforcement and this tight knit community want to know why this happened it's been just over a month since another gunman killed dozens of people in las vegas with the same question left unanswered. these michel canadian joins us on the line from san antonio hi michael u.s. president trump is blaming this attack on mental health problems what do we know
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about the attacker and the potential motives and how people been reacting. well about the motive we actually don't know very much i mean actually we we we know very little it's still being investigated and we can't really say anything with any certainty about that so far but we do know about the shooter but he was apparently a twenty six year old with served in the air force but was court marshal apparently for us all killed his wife and his child in two thousand and fourteen that was three years ago and that he was apparently just on are really just charged so you know he left them on. the horse and yet what is going on here is of course grieving and praying which is what kind of happens after every. step every shooting here in the u.s. the same tap of that the las vegas shooting never said thirty seven days ago and then what usually goes on is that there's a debate about stricter gun control. which then usually just. subsides
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and intense and the last pass against against these kind of assault weapons that are have apparently been used in this case as well. so why did you correspondent michael kroger reporting for us on the line from san antonio thank you very much. and that shooting has overshadowed trump's first asian tour he is now on day two in japan trump has criticized the country's trade partnership with america singling out tokyo for decades of deficit the u.s. president is also holding talks with prime minister shinzo abbate over the standoff with north korea this after trump said he'd be open to sitting down for talks with north korean leader kim jong un but tensions between washington and pyongyang sky high trump has promised to stand with japan against what he called the north korean menace let's listen in but we're going to count through the dangerous aggressions
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of the regime in north korea. the regime continued development of its unlawful weapons programs including its illegal nuclear tests and outrageous launches of ballistic missiles directly over japanese third tour are a threat to the civilized world and international peace and stability. we will not stand for that the era of strategic patience is over. now two thousand and fifteen marked a breakthrough in the global fight against climate change nearly two hundred nations signed the paris climate accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide starting at twenty twenty those emissions are considered a major cause of climate change so far one hundred sixty eight nations have ratified the accord now it is time to hash out the details at a climate conference in the german city of bonn fiji is chairing the conference and
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like other nations that are located in the south pacific it is already been hard hit by rising sea levels fiji cannot host the conference itself some twenty three thousand people from one hundred ninety five countries are attending the conference so germany is hosting the meetings in bonn start today and will last for two weeks the goal is to come to an agreement on capping and expected the global temperature rise at two degrees and a lot is at stake. and the abuser christopher spring great spring date is covering the conference for us and he joins us now from bawn for more christopher good to see you know the paris summit is it was essentially seen as the big breakthrough when it comes to a fight in climate change what is expected to come out of bone. well the talks here in bonn are going to be far more technical than they were two years ago in paris the twenty fifteen paris agreement think of that agreement as a constitution. setting out the guidelines for global climate policy and
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what needs to happen now is that that constitution needs to be interpreted so that means fleshing out the rules and regulations that that constitution implies one diplomat described it this way the paris agreement is a flashy new smartphone but we don't have an operating system for it yet so that's what's going to be happening here in bonn negotiators are going to be hammering out the nitty gritty of the rules and regulations specifically and most importantly for the way that countries report their emissions cuts and their contributions to the fight against climate change that needs to be verifiable it needs to be measurable and needs to be comparable christopher you know the u.s. has said that it's going to drop out of the paris climate accord who is going to step up now and take a leading role internationally. that's a very interesting question that a lot of people are discussing here in bonn quite
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a few eyes are on china china may well you know jump into that gap that the u.s. is leaving and use these climate talks to advertise its. progress in the fight against climate change in its country but people are also watching out for him on the new french president he's addressing the summit next week chancellor angela merkel of germany will also be addressing the summit so we'll just have to see how that pans out the u.s. of course is still at the table at these talks although president trump withdrew or announced that the u.s. would be withdrawing from the paris agreement that only formally happens in november of twenty twenty so the u.s. is still at the table and they say they're going to be constructive we measure christopher that fiji is actually the host of this climate summit and it and other
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smaller nations are the ones that are really bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change is that being made a priority there in bonn. it could be made a priority i mean certainly having fiji is the president of this climate summit is symbolic the country is particularly vulnerable to climate change the first country worldwide ever to relocate a village to another place due to rising sea levels and we can expect the fijian prime minister who is presiding over these talks to put that at the forefront of talks he says is going to bring a particular urgency to this summit he may well put very high on the agenda the issue of loss and damage so in other words the impact that climate change is already having on some countries across the world and the very contentious issue of compensation who is going to pay for that damage there are a lot of questions to be answered there in bonn
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a date of years christa first brigade covering the climate conference at kicking off today thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world vietnam has been hit by heavy flooding after a powerful typhoon killed at least forty four people and left more than a dozen missing over one hundred thousand homes in the country's south central region up in just roy or damage. in belgium and sacked catalan leader carlos to morrow and four other former ministers have been conditionally released from custody they turned themselves into police earlier to face possible extradition to spain where they're being charged for their role in last month's independence referendum. now there's been another massive leak from an offshore law firm uncovering the use of tax havens by the super rich the files were obtained by a german newspaper months ago making sense of it all the same international team of investigative journalists that last year published the panama papers
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a report revealing the shadowy world of offshore holdings well and also think through the millions of documents from the latest leak this time called the paradise papers tax save in bermuda billions a routed through here every year by exclusive law firms which specialize in one area of voiding tax and try to go to ship that'll be is one of the biggest offshore law firms like other providers it's a web of intrigue now uncovered by the new data leak. tactical is that a house for a new leak reveals the scale of the challenge it's not just a few blocks anyone who works and find his can easily get access to the structure. it's what it's the world of the wealthy and their advisors elaborately cloaked in fabulously rich britain's queen elizabeth the second the files show her wealth moves in complicated ways heard ministrations have invested some of her money in a fund in the cayman islands profits there are tax free at the end of the chain the
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british company bright tiles it sells household appliances to people on low incomes at exorbitant rates of interest it's unlikely the queen would know about it heard visors is said to be responsible in any case the queen pays tax voluntarily multinationals also appear in the files apple inquired in secret communications about finding a corporate base where it could avoid taxes and nike has a convenient set up in the netherlands to lower its tax rates all quite legal tax avoidance in the european union sometimes were blocked blocked by the fact the number states consider to be should be you go for this or that. and now we're in a different period that's what it called the transparency. it's high time that everybody goes into seeing the reaction to eliminate fraud and to combat that city . thirteen point four million confidential documents were leaked to
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a munich based newspaper the paper passed them on to reporters around the world they managed to piece together the global cover up. the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross is allegedly involved with a russian shipping fee through several process plate companies a possible conflict of interest ross insists he's sticking to political questions not overseas shipping operations the confidential documents making up the paradise papers in public in many tax havens the era of quote discretion may be over. in motor sports porsche have sealed both insurance world titles in shanghai despite the race itself being dominated by toyota the team of sebastian blenny they gave a thin and cousin piƱata jima lead for much of the race toyota were on course for a one to finish until their second car was forced to pitch after a crash that allowed the two porsches to move up to second and third place handing
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the german team of the constructors and drivers titles. you're watching news we will have live coverage of the kickoff of the international climate summit in bonn that's coming up in just fifteen minutes terry martin will be taking over right here at the news desk thanks for watching. when i'm traveling to be comfortable.


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