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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2017 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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games where we show we've still got some life left in us but today there was way too little of that oppenheimer ran rings around us they could have scored even more goals excited not a mentor she's going to last not only keeps cologne buried in the bundesliga cellar but also deals yet another blow to team are around. news for now back to top of next hour as more again i'll be with you in just a moment to bring you up to date on the latest fallout from the paradise papers focusing on tax havens stay with us for the. learned german with d.w. . any time any place.
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whether with jo-jo and her friends. colleagues did. not initially expect to see some special join the cause and work with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with d w. a huge new legal financial documents exposes political leaders and v.i.p.'s the so-called. reveal how the well's movers and shakers invest their wealth and tax havens yes it may all be legal but is it right. and it's a second baby. stash documents revealing how the rich and famous and corporations
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treat remember the panama papers that was eighteen months ago have lessons been learned. also coming up u.s. president donald trump has started his twelve day tour of asia with trade relations high on the agenda. this state of you business live from berlin i'm going out of us welcome they're calling it the paradise thirteen point four million files revealing an impressive list of corporations and v i p's involved in large scale tax avoidance from facebook apple and nyc to u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross and indeed britain's queen elizabeth. it's not illegal to transfer your money offshore and enjoy a much lower tax rates but you do have to have millions for the scheme to work and you need highly specialized lawyers to ensure that your income from a high tax country is taxed at a place for the rates are rock bottom. for example a german i.t.
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company registers its patents in ireland where the tax rate is much lower. even though the product primarily sells in germany the income is booked in ireland . only a small part of the profits are taxed in germany at thirty percent most as tax in ireland at twelve percent. that's completely legal but companies try to avoid making their maneuvers public because it could be bad for their image for example apple according to the paradise papers apple always searches for ways to worm out of texas the company earns millions with its iconic phones pads and computers it could scare off some customers if they know the premium prices they pay go untaxed nike and ride sharing platform are among
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other household names appearing in the paradise papers these companies and scores of rich politicians could be fielding embarrassing questions in the coming days well this is second states a leak the first one was called a palm up papers they contained eleven and a half million financed and legal records from a panama based law for tax authorities rub that hands in glee and went off the big time tax evader just what has been the fallout one and a half years later. the data dump had almost immediate political consequences the prime minister of iceland was forced to resign two days after the story broke files showed sigmund and his wife had ties to an offshore company but good looks and is still in parliament and the papers revealed the new prime minister was also involved with an offshore company. thousands of protesters called for the resignation of long serving pakistani president now rajouri the paper showed his children owned apartments in london through shell companies the country's supreme
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court barger re from public office and he resigned the panamanian law firm at the center of it all most uk one sake is going through rough times authorities jailed its founders on money laundering and corruption charges it was forced to lay off two hundred fifty employees but what about all those back taxes that governments around the world hope to recover it turns out that most of the offshore financial deals uncovered were in fact legal if not ethical and the amount of extra tax revenue so far has been modest according to one study at the end of two thousand and sixteen columbia was the biggest winner with eighty eight million u.s. dollars mexico slovenia and oregon why recovered lesser amounts the grand total a disappointing one hundred ten million dollars. the original panama papers trove is still being studied by tax investigators around the globe the new leak will give
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the millions more documents to peruse in the years to come. sound of it u.s. president donald trump has begun a twelve day tour through asia and it's his first trip to the region since he pulled the u.s. out of the transpacific partnership in tokyo criticized trade relations with japan as not fair or open not only since donald trump on the white house once rock solid foundations of world trade have suddenly become pretty shaky ground when markets threaten to disappear behind trade barriers companies must think on their feet the same applies to cases when new technologies destroy old business models in a good case study for that is fujifilm formally best known for producing cameras and films the japanese complement saw their business model destroyed by the advance of digital cameras in two thousand photographic film still made up run sixty percent of the film's revenue now it's
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a mere one percent in the intervening years the business took a nosedive fall initially by ten then twenty and eventually eventually about thirty percent each year but while competitors like kodak filed for bankruptcy footsie still chose to branch out especially into pharmaceuticals and cosmetics these areas now make up more than forty percent of the firm's turnover last year for the film made profits off around twenty billion dollars and fujifilm is no longer a maker of photographic films instead it's a holding company with more than two hundred subsidiaries so there are a couple of valuable lessons to be learned from the future will film story let's talk to the company's corporate vice president mr gomes r.q. joins me kindly in the studio right now listen is actually your competitor went under you survive knowledge you do it well i think the most important part was that we had the courage to change and to you know even if it meant that you know biggest
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cash go was going to diminish we were able to. face the fact and change direction i think that's the first point the second point was the. first of the courage and the second point was that we feel really did dig into our core competencies especially on the technical side. so you know the basics of the film technology wise is a i think coaching so in. in one third of the thickness of a hair we call twenty different coatings or when we matter for a graphic film and this gives us a lot of take cause you can be used in other areas so based on this technology we started to diversify our cells and one of the examples like a. computer tapes we now manufacture more than sixty percent of the worldwide demand. and it is how thin it is is like coating one liter
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of water over forty five football fields even the that's the thickness that you need to have a very high end community so basically you looked at not a product looked at your competence as well as what you do stream the well and apply it to other fields like cosmetics what makes made you go into because we have this a nano cubic technology which is we make nano size particles. first and then we coat each one with what we call the binder so that each particles don't stick together to make a bigger particle and by having a wood small particle in cosmetics it absorbs through your skin much better than anything else. so we've business models can be destroyed by technological advances also but by protectionism which with which we've heard. are you worried about for example u.s. president ronald trump's rhetoric about protectionism and your access to the u.s.
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market i think you know. the market should be free same for japan and same for the united states i think that's the best you know you. because international growth comes from free trade basically that's my feeling. but as a manufacturing company the most important things that is that we keep brushing up our own technology and the products that will benefit you know. people worldwide and that is most important point that we should not forget but what can companies do to protect themselves i mean if you lose access to the american market or your products become much more expensive what can companies do to protect there is a difficult question but in our case we are we made most of our person in the united states already and also because i think you know that's part of the fair trade and. a many miss mess in the pharmaceutical area you know made in the united
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states buying companies. you said buying companies you're a holding of two hundred companies now how potent is that this branching out this by bits and pieces around the world what was that for the survival of which is. well you know the photographic side did drop special the films from two thousand and three. to be honest you know we had a very kind of lucky success a good success a lucky success with insects of course instant cameras which did grow very fast. but at the same time we need to establish something for the coming future so it can be three years later it can be ten years later that's why we do have a lot of investments in the pharmaceutical area. very briefly corruption is back on the agenda and on couple of high profile cases could happen in future where nothing is impossible what we're doing today is giving example in
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europe we are strengthening our corporate compliance issues very much and we just conducted one hundred two separate training courses in the year me a reason. mr goldman is aki vice president of the film thank you very much thank you very much for having the studio with us. and that's all your business very much for watching don't forget to follow us on social media on facebook and on twitter i'll be back with a new update for you in forty five minutes more news on. the top of the hour thank you.
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