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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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highest level in twenty five years analysts say fewer concerns about geopolitical risks and good earnings reports pushed shares higher that earlier there was a concern that the arrival of u.s. president trump might upset markets because of tensions with north korea. for some market analysis let's bring in daniel cole poor standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange hello daniel how trade is there explaining the strong nikkei. you know what a rally of the neck out was just checking the chart monica and pretty much since june we have seen the nikkei going up and going up when you talk to investors here at the trading for asking what is behind this they're basically telling me reasons on the one hand we are getting very strong economical dardar from the united states that has been really helpful helping shares that many of the stock exchanges around asia and also it seems that investors in japan are really optimistic that this
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boost of the economy is really going to continue and when you talk about today's trading day we've got very strong quarterly in numbers from a very big steel company in japan japan steelworks came out with numbers their share shares have been going up by seventeen point five percent a similar picture this morning also for example in australia where also their shares have been a record since two thousand and eight and also we're expecting a similar situation here today happening at the ranch up in next stocks all right then of course i mean we've heard that there is a growing tension between saudi arabia and lebannon the anticorruption crackdown in saudi arabia weighed on shares heavily yesterday i mean how is the oil price holding up amid all this. yes saudi arabia is very much money at the moment you met you mentioned those corruption cases now on the other hand there is
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war tension between saudi arabia and lieberman because of this we have seen the oil price also going up it's right now at a level of sixty four dollars just when you compare this for example to june by that time barrel of oil was still at the level of forty four dollars so all this attention right now is really giving the oil price. in frankfurt thank you so much for this. and now we get to that finger story sumi mentioned earlier a grocery store on the outskirts of london is giving customers the finger and that is giving them the option of using finger scanning technology to pay for their shopping but not everyone is ready to leave their cash and credit cards at home. just pop your finger on to the scanner to purchase your items customers at this grocery store on the outskirts of london cannot choose to leave their cash and
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credit cards at home. the biometrics gann builds a three d. map of your finger brains that generates a key that users can link up to their bank accounts. the companies behind the new payment technology say it could help businesses forge closer ties with customers. you have no identity of anybody and it's very difficult with the relationship any way they can to give you a little tickled which people don't carry these days so what their idea is is that if your finger is the card you never going to forget it you're always going to have it with you if you're also can make the payment it becomes much more convenient but the technology has also raised concerns about previous e. crypto key generated by the finger brain scan is stored anonymously on servers but linking your finger to your bank account could enable your movements to be traced because so far around two thousand people have signed up to use the technology proponents say its potential is huge now that it could even be rolled out in other areas like border security. all right it's
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a big adverse array of an event that changed the world so me that's right monica on this day one hundred years ago a bolshevik revolutionary seized power in russia one of the defining moments of the twentieth century the bolshevik takeover of november seventh nineteen seventeen was masterminded by vladimir only of each or young known as lenin the communist party leader began preparing for revolution during his years in exile in western europe the russian monarchy was eventually replaced by the soviet union but lennon's vision of a classless society soon gave way to a totalitarian state one hundred years later what is the legacy of a communist dream that's the focus of a new series starting today on d w news and our first episode looks at the legacy lennon left behind. the spirit of lennon flooders with the communist flags in a park in st petersburg a dozen young men and women are celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the
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october revolution paying tribute to an era they've only read about they'd like to turn back the clock. the absence of the soviet union is only temporary the russian tricolor won't be for long communist facts will fly again. even though our country has taken a giant step backward i'm sure the triumph of socialism. that's our country's only future. that's exactly what russian revolutionaries thought when they stormed the winter palace in st petersburg one hundred years ago they proclaimed a new world of socialism with their leader vladimir lenin. seventy four years later the soviet union collapsed lennon's personality cult became something of a sinister joke the self-styled leader of the world's working class reduced to a tourist attraction at red square. a hundred years later i say the revolution was
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wrong. we should have continued to live under the czar life today to be better. than any democracy is. when a country has there should be a revolution. russian officials appear ruffled by the celebrations it's been a long time since parades were held at red square that was back when kremlin leaders addressed the masses from the tribune of the lenin mausoleum. today's kremlin officials are making sure their historical narrative prevails official historians say the october revolution centennial is a dangerous inspiration for new protests. russia needs to look at the revolution differently the tragic events that led to the breakup of our country and huge losses should serve as a lesson for the future so that something like that you never happens again. i want to buy you. a russian population united in support of the kremlin that's the leadership vision the goal is to regain imperial strength more critical historians
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say that's why the kremlin is uncomfortable with the october revolution anniversary . empire as a system of government plays a hugely significant role for russian leaders today. ariel ideology will be lattimer putin's platform when he runs for president next year he wants to deliver a strong russia to the russians as a mutual source in the present a strong russia is in the offing not another revolution a century later lenin's ideology is not in the kremlin inspirational playbook consolidating power certainly gives. of our top stories at this hour u.s. president donald trump is in south korea where he is holding talks with president jay in the white house has said trump's visit is meant to reinforce his hardline approach to north korea's nuclear threat. and more than one hundred ninety nations
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are meeting in the german city of vaughan to try to implement the paris climate agreement a u.s. official says america will continue to take part in the talks despite president trump's threat to exit the pact if he can't get a better deal. thanks for watching. united
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against climate change. the head of the u.n. time and conference in a bomb. global three thousand looks at. china on the usa. is doing their part to protect the planet and who isn't. three thousand next d.w. . are brought to life. maybe the stories there are enough to rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and avant garde ists what did it feel like to live in times of revolution. nineteen seventeen the real
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october forty five minutes. united against climate change. big challenges for the twenty third u.n. climate conference in bonn.


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