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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 11  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm CET

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in the high ideals of socialism. to endorse it or not that wasn't a question the other moscow futurist and i asked ourselves it was my revolution. i went to the small name worked did what had to be done the time of assemblies had begun. for. writing is repugnant the newspapers are one big lie what's more moscow was shelled and has surrendered to the bolsheviks the big cities st petersburg and moscow have been captured by hostile and barbaric troops there is nowhere to flee to. this is no longer my home. i shall of course continue to write because i am
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a chronicler. it was not clear whether the bolsheviks could remain in power or people sought ways to try to survive some came to terms with the status quo others withdrew from public life. in march one thousand nine hundred russia signed the peace treaty abreast the bosc and surrendered huge stretches of territory the world war was followed by an even bloodier civil war which claimed millions more lives and the arts they experienced a kind of awakening in one nine hundred seventeen but the newfound freedom soon proved to be brief and illusory.
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with five. point. five nine and so i've gone. on.
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with the simplest of ingredients. unconventional cooking methods and a healthy portion of creativity. they conjure up unique taste experiences color marry artists from around europe and their eccentric or make creations. conceptual cuisine our series this week. you're romantics in thirty minutes on w. . your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. do you buy your tomatoes in the supermarket.
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as we go about our daily lives schuman lights go off in the last thing on our lawns . invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin president donald trump visits
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south korea the second stop on his asian tour trump says the u.s. and its allies are making good progress in dealing with north korea's nuclear threat is looking to present a united front was sold against pyongyang also coming up this glacier in alaska has raised the alarm over climate change experts and activists meeting in germany for the u.n. climate summit hope to halt its rapid melt rates but there are some who don't want them to succeed. and no end in sight more than ten thousand killed as the conflict in eastern ukraine simmers on three years after russia annexed crimea is there any hope for a political solution. hello
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and welcome i'm terry martin good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump is in south korea the second stop of his first official tour of asia the visit is being seen as an attempt to present a united front against north korea but south korea has offered a lukewarm response to trump's ideas of how to rein in pyongyang missile and nuclear threat. lunch with the troops president trump arrived in south korea today going first to a u.s. base near seoul to visit u.s. and south korean soldiers these are the men and women who would be carrying out orders in any potential conflict with north korea. south korea's president moon hopes it doesn't come to that he received donald trump and first lady malani a trump at the presidential palace in seoul. the korean people welcome you as one and we have great expectations. the welcome may not be as unanimous as president moon suggests protestors line troops route to meet moon shouting no war and no
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trump the south korean capital is just fifty kilometers from the border with north korea were cardless of north korea's actual nuclear capability seoul is an easy range of conventional weapons. and north korea could face american armed forces although trump said it would not be his first choice as we work together to resolve this problem using. short of military action the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be trump leave south korea tomorrow for china where north korea will remain high on the agenda. is following tribes visit and joins us now from boston the u.s. president there said in his visit to south korea that he will be working with south
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korea and using all available to tools short of military action is. taking a softer line with respect to north korea. well terry he definitely sounded very different than he did just a few months ago if you look back and if you remember that was bellicose remarks of . fury fire and fury and locked and loaded and those remarks actually made the south korea's president moved somewhat angry at the time saying that it can't be that some third party pushes his country closer to a military confrontation with north korea and he said that there shouldn't be any military action taken or considered without the consent of north korea and so today we didn't hear any of that harsh rhetoric from from donald trump now i wouldn't say it's
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a policy reversal they still agreed that they want to exert maximum pressure on north korea and that's something that president from had been pushing for the entire time but it seems that at least they were a bit more considerate of each other's needs and positions terry ok with donald trump now taking the easy phone the lead the way the world leaders tell me that washington and seoul fall on the same page in dealing with the north. but i think at least they took some steps to find towards each other to find common ground it was president moon who said that they would be enhancing military cooperation for example and he it was also him was said how important it was to maximize pressure on north korea and as i said that's of course something that president trump wanted so i think overall they tried to display
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a unity in their positions and i think that's exactly what president trump had been looking for starting this whole asia trip that he wanted to align the u.s. is key allies namely japan and south korea with u.s. policies on north korea and tonight it looks like that he's achieved that terry. to ordinary people in south korea think of donald trump. well people here have very mixed feeling when it comes to this we heard before there were protesters against trump with signs reading no trump no war but that's only half of the picture because there were also protesters here. rallying for trump and welcoming trump so there are people who are saying we need to be tough on north korea and trump is exactly the right person for that and on the other hand
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there are people who who are saying that this kind of rhetoric is just making the situation more tense and more dangerous for south korea terry. heartache there in seoul south korea thank you. delegates from more than one hundred ninety countries have gathered in the german city of boston for the u.n. climate summit they're looking at how to move ahead with the paris accord on climate change in that debate alaska's ice fields have become come into focus scientists say there are milton rapidly in that that's evidence of the effects of global warming but pushback from local business leaders have shown the stark divide between environmental activists and climate skeptics. alaska's juneau ice field spans nearly four thousand square kilometers of glacial wilderness. it's alan gordon's favorite place on earth. he heads here whenever he
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can. spectacular views await those who scale to the top but the ice is vanishing over time. and when i first came out here a long time ago. the isis price a couple hundred feet higher and it was just flat across i could ski to or crossed out here. to get here but now i have to ice climb to get out here and it's completely changed. allen says each trip is different because of how rapidly the ice cover is changing. scientist aaron hood is also watching the changes the two encounter each other often and talk about the weather pathways and what's happening to the ice. aarons measurements indicate the height of the ice is dropping by about ten meters per year meanwhile the white house is reducing
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funding for climate research aaron blames us president trump for making his research more difficult and for sowing doubt among americans about the existence of climate change they're convinced that donald trump can come in and cut back on regulations cut back on climate change research and that's going to somehow stimulate the economy and you know that's very convincing to people that are you know need jobs and need to support their families but the facts speak for themselves the mendenhall glacier alone receded by five hundred fifty meters from two thousand and seven to two thousand and fifteen there appears to be a lack of political will to reverse the trend. elsewhere in alaska people are banking on a new oil and gas boom under president obama offshore drilling was outlawed in large areas of the arctic that's now changing under
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a trump. republican reid treadwell was a politician in alaska today he advises big companies he sees a golden age ahead for the state president trump has kept his promises to alaska to reverse obama's policy on energy to push exports to push infrastructure to push national security to reduce regulation we're seeing all those things happen. me treadwell wants to convince us of the advantages of climate change and advice as to his home for him the melting of the ice in the arctic ocean is a good thing. the major advantage is that the arctic ocean is certainly accessible for big tourist ships we will see the crystal serenity come around through the northwest passage again china is already begin to ship container ships across here russia which only had a european market for its siberian natural gas now can ship it to asia he says he'd like to see the whole environmental debate settle down. that way of thinking
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puzzles alan gordon he wants to see fewer people and politicians turn a blind eye to the environment. afghan security forces have ended an attack on a private television station in the capital kabul special forces surrounded the building of the t.v. and say they were able to rescue staff trapped inside witnesses say at least three attackers including a suicide bomber entered the building after an explosion at least one person is understood to have died the so-called islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack without giving any evidence. well joining us now from kabul is journalist katherine james catherine we understand that this siege is over tell us what is the situation at the t.v. station right now. now as he. does indeed
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usually if you check ins we've we'll be attacked is something thank you by the afghan special forces of the afghan forces it appears that they were all just in police uniforms whether they were who they were at the stage he's not and he is not . right he went there flying off a hunting. i'm talking and all. ok catherine i'm afraid we have a problem with the audio law and here we simply can't understand what you're saying hope we can come back to you later time that was a journalist catherine james talking to us there in kabul now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. authorities say the man accused of shooting dead twenty six people at a church in texas was able to buy firearms because of an error by the u.s.
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airports it failed to devon patrick kelly's criminal history to the federal database used to conduct background checks kelly had received a domestic violence conviction while working for the air force in two thousand and twelve. so the arabia has accused lebanon of declaring war against it because of aggression by the iran backed lebanese shiite militia has will all the comments by a saudi minister come amid a dramatic rise in tensions between saudi arabia and its longstanding regional rival iran. hong kong's top court will allow young democracy activist joshua wall to appeal his prison sentence gives wong and fellow activists nathan law one last chance to fight their prison terms for involvement in an unlawful assembly that sparked huge twenty fourteen pro-democracy protests in the chinese controlled city. well as you might expect economists have
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mixed feelings about the global impact of washington's policies market here and we have it now in writing terry us presidents don't trump is a burden to the world economy that is according to a survey of more than nine hundred economic experts worldwide conducted by germany's evo institute the overwhelming majority said they believe donald trump's policies were having a negative impact on the global economy especially when it comes to climate protection and social justice as well as international trade at home however enjoys a more positive reputation in the united states only a minority of experts believe that his economic policies are harmful. let's find out what the experts in germany's financial hub are thinking of it all daniel corp is joining me now from the franklin stock exchange daniel which policies poses the biggest threat to the global economy you think.
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monica i was one of a little bit earlier how many times i have already said during this year that chair prices here at the stock market in frankfurt or around the world have been falling because of commons you know made by donald trump and this is actually what investors are mostly criticizing as well that pretty much everything what he's doing is so unpredictable one careless tweet can result into a landslide off of the stock market so that's the biggest concern from the trading perspective when you talk to you know experts as well they're saying that mostly countries such as canada and mexico are affected right now because of this still ongoing nafta agreement so yeah it's a pretty big.


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