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tv   Tomorrow Today - Sleep dreams blue light drones  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm CET

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also uploads who stands to you tube for over three quarters of a million subscribers get updates on his thrills and spills he also embeds the videos of his adventures in stories his breakneck bike dura vienna for example is his way of getting to the world volleyball championships as quickly as possible. and when he's in the saddle two wheels are definitely faster than for. the motional reaction from people and a more intense feeling than if you just did a series of tricks. in riding down the dollar might he moved to a mountain bike hitting speeds of up to sixty kilometers per hour he thunders down impossibly rocky landscape's in northern italy. for a truly perilous rise like this you need more than skills physical fitness. i'm
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the kind of guy who always looks forward to how i'll feel afterwards when i've completed a trickle line that's a big motivation. but sometimes i'll need. fifty minutes preparation time for mental preparation mental strength is an extremely important factor. so far the only injuries he's picked up are a few bumps and scratches some sprains and a broken finger but twenty two year old is considered a rising star in the biking world and thanks to his sponsors he can now focus one hundred percent on his sporting ambitions. i always want to push myself further and try new things that nobody has done yet. so i provide my own. motivation.
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fabio goodman's ambition is to do every project and every video better and do have fun in the process and one way or the other to make a splash. now to a movie featuring hugh grant hugh bonneville and a huge teddy bear who steals the show i'm talking of course about this fellow here and his new film paddington two the sequel premiered in london this sunday but the origins of paddington bag go back quite a lot further than that fifty nine years ago michael bond created this cult figure they also sadly passed away earlier this year at the age of ninety one but his most famous creation lives on for all to enjoy on the silver screen. it's red carpet time in downtown london and fans are flocking to see the stars of the new paddington bear movie the baddie is played by hugh grant i was watching the
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film the completed version yesterday it's strangely moving paddings positive attitude about seeing the good in people in a lot especially speaking as someone who's very bad at doing that i found it impressive what's this. number one. dreamed of coming to london. the talking bears latest outing again mixing real actors with computer animation centers on a beloved pop up book that has stone are you quite sure you'll read at the fairgrounds paddington meets impoverished phoenix piano. at the blues you know oh yes you're a very famous actor. the british all used to be now you do dog food commercial. the tolerance and the inquisitiveness and the excitement of padding divides in life this ability to reset the dot always to positive i think is probably why one of the
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reasons why the characters resonated sixty years i thought a brilliant idea i'm going to get a job and buy that book wrong to see it but the last. window cleaner. no. writings and bear figure was created in nine hundred fifty eight by british writer michael bond who died earlier this year the series of children's books starring the character has been translated into over forty languages and sold around thirty five million copies the creator found the inspiration for his lovable bat in the london department store selfridges he bought the bag and he took him home and he gave him to my mother my parents live quite near paddington station at the time and every time my father passed through paddington he thought that it would make a very good name for a character and one day he sat down at his typewriter and he looked to the best
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sitting there and he remembered this name paddington that he had in the back of his mind and he thought i wonder what would happen if a bear was found in station after his adventures were turned into a british television series in the one nine hundred seventy s. paddington finally made his big screen debut in twenty fourteen he's now a london mascot and become such a celebrity that he wants dance with the duchess of cambridge. his pop up book. with the group is empty. paddington too is another exciting and funny film for all the family. but i'm up to where essentially i think it's a really. really like three times and then practice your instrument and when you're done give me the signal again and i'll wake you through the intercom. all right. mark falls asleep and swiftly enters the rapid eye movement all ram phase.
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it looks as if he's in rem sleep and maybe he'll give us an eye signal meaning that he knows he's dreaming. on mars that's not harmed that would indicate a lucid dream the first cool this is really cool. his eye signalling was very slow but he's done it. maybe he's playing his ukulele fifteen minutes later. mark. consumers can you hear me. cancer do you remember curious. tell me what you jumped about. i was sitting at a bonfire. on a beach at night. with my ukulele and an old fashioned metronome and i was
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practicing. on vi has it feel to be playing. it. as if i were really good. it's just the way i'd like to be able to play absolutely rio i felt the ukulele as if it were real. as you could feel the strings on the your fingers. yes the pressure points absolutely we have to see how to found a real real. it's fascinating to think that we might be able to improve our abilities in our dreams and very alluring to musicians all athletes who need to learn new complex sequence of movements some of tried it report but that motions become far more fluid and practiced.
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people who have used lucid dreaming to improve coordinated movement often report very positive experiences and they say it felt extremely realistic in the dream or they got trainers to advise them and they reported that the same movements had improved in waking life. and some cases without any additional actual physical training that is they practiced in that. and then went to the next training session and were able to perform a sequence of movement that they hadn't been able to do before home the next training you got on the continent. like a flip that mark has now mastered but he knows his proficiency on the ukulele will require a lot more practice in the real world and in his dreams. that
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will develop didn't that everyone has their preferred method of combating drowsiness some drink coffee others take a cold bath exercise can also boost alertness especially in the fresh air. and there's something else that can help blue light most people's favorite color is blue and blue makes us extra creative and alert. scientists have long tried to determine the effects of blue light on the human body . it's an important issue nowadays we're constantly exposed to televisions laptops and smartphones and there are many indications that their screens can disturb our sleep because the light they emit stimulate special receptors in the eye that were discovered a decade ago. the
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finding of this new cell it's a big innovation i mean people often the researchers were not aware that there was an extra cell in the eye that was sensitive to a particular spectrum of the law. the receptor is that are especially sensitive to blue light are thought to be involved in setting circadian rhythms the body's internal clock the cells detect whether it's day or night and influence how awake we are or how tired we get. screened with l.e.d.s. are especially rich in blue light the eye is most sensitive in this part of the spectrum. that's shown by this test. after blue light is shown into the eye the pupil takes much longer to return to its normal state than for any other color of light. that's due to
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cells on the retina that respond mainly to blue light alongside the rods and cones they belong to a third group of photo receptors in the eye. and they're believed to be involved in the secretion of the hormone melatonin which plays a role in sleep at a fest natan thing about this special type of cell in our eye is that we are able to play around with spectra in our light sources and i had our stimulate this cell or protect its from the signal. in order to get a good night's sleep we should protect ourselves from blue light. for some people who go to bed late and have trouble getting up a shower of blue light in the morning could boost their alertness. a study carried out at the university of groningen showed a strong effect. the effects of little light were both that's there was a big shift in meditation and there was
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a shift in their face they had a good sleep quality during the treatments and when we stopped the treatments they still were able to wake up earlier than they did before and in addition they still performs very well join the day blue light could help turn late risers into early birds. but most people should turn it off at night. and. if you're planning an expedition underwater you'll have to take some oxygen along with you and you might wonder where the fish get their oxygen. unlike divers who carry it on their backs fish brave oxygen that's dissolved in the water but how do they get there a viewer from canada sent in a question about the air that we breathe. spangenberg from st thomas ontario wants to know. where does the earth's oxygen
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come from. the air we breathe is a mixture of different gases around a fifth of it is oxygen molecules. out in space individual oxygen atoms are quite common that was oxygen in the cloud of gas and dust that may have given birth to our planet. hotter matter clump together to form an ever larger clumps. the oxygen in the young earth was mainly bound in rocky minerals. as the planet cooled an atmosphere formed but it didn't contain oxygen yet. for that to happen the oceans first had to form. but it was still a long time before gaseous oxygen appeared. that required life
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when tiny organisms known as blue green algae was cyanide bacteria evolved they produced oxygen by means of photosynthesis molecular oxygen escaped from the water and took up residence in the atmosphere and millions of years later some of it began to break. down react and generate a layer of ozone. that protective shield unable to life to develop on land plants enrich the atmosphere with more and more oxygen. until three hundred fifty million years ago the earth's atmosphere had as much oxygen as it does today. if you have a science question and then some didn't by going to our website if we answer it on the show you'll get our d.v.d. featuring a lighthearted look at some of albert einstein's greatest theories. the most
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important thing is to never stop asking questions. lots of people love to shop but fewer and fewer people are actually going to stores to do it. instead they stay at home and order things online that means more and more packages have to be delivered and fast. scientists and logistics experts are looking into the delivery systems of the future. this is how one major logistics company imagines the future of possible delivery. postle copter was put through its paces serving a remote area in the foothills of the bavarian alps it didn't deliver to people's front door but to an automated. at this aphelion
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southwest in germany aviation engineers are working on a larger freight carrying journey it might look like a toy but it's a serious piece of equipment that can fly for twenty four hours nonstop with. billowed. will journeys be delivering packages here in germany in the full seeable future. he says it's nice i don't see it happening in urban areas nor do i see the need for it there's no reason to deliver yet another pair of shoes downtown by drone but we do need to develop ways to make life more convenient for people in rural areas. high tech logistics in country backwaters currently jones a used to deliver aid supplies to remote communities all to places where disaster has hit this one is going to doctors without borders in africa.
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and parts of china commercial package delivery jones are already in use in some rural areas. logistics in cities presents different kinds of challenges. delivery services generate noise pollution and road traffic and their booming online shopping is one major reason for that one study predicts that the sector will grow thirty percent in germany this year. the fraunhofer institute for industrial engineering in stuttgart is working on the last mile getting goods to the end consumer. stephon hybrids research focuses on that last mile online retailers keep offering faster delivery like same day or within the hour those responsible for implementing such promises have to scramble to keep up or get ahead of the game. plays
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a central role in the new concept vehicles embody some innovative solutions you also see in combinations of delivery vehicles with other kinds of calls such as the obligatory drones or transport robots with larger vehicles. one can imagine having a large vehicle as a hub for smaller words like a mobile storage facility and distribution note. his research has shown that delivery personnel in downtown start got cover large distances on foot and often can't drive to their destinations has identified a number of spots from which many destinations can be reached more efficiently he says packages being delivered by different companies should cover the last mile together that would reduce vehicle traffic and fast pollution dangerous emissions such as fine particles and nitrogen oxide as well as noise. is testing his first logistic hotspots in cooperation with logistics companies and the municipality moment plan with mitzi we're going to switch to delivery by first with
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a trial it's a big truck will deposit the kurds in a container early in the morning get up again in the evening this will mean a sharp reduction in motorised traffic by delivery vehicles. and what about germs. last year a mistake he spends presented its vision ban concept vehicle with its own flock of last mile delivery germs with a landing pad on its roof. fan and drone will be electrically powered reducing pollution at least where they are in service. the engineers envision a wide range of uses for example speeding spare parts to a building site of a piece of equipment breaks down. but what is the point of deploying vans and jones together in this way. it's about
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parallel processing while the driver of the van comes to your door the drones on the van fly off to deliver stuff to others that would boost efficiency we want to enhance efficiency in our factories and our customers in the logistics industry who want to do the same with their work processes especially the last mile i see great opportunities here when he calls assassin assist us in the two conflict on the two sides and that. as the name suggests the vision van embodies a vision it will only take to real roads to deliver real things in about one year's time in the back stacking in removing hostels is automated the driver delivers one package the journeys buzz off to visit other customers but where would it make sense to deploy such systems. when it comes to package delivery i see the focus on urban areas residential neighborhoods. but i could also imagine deployment in the
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us instead of driving up windy mountain roads to reach a remote farm sending a drone might be a more efficient way to deliver a parcel of. work and if it's. meanwhile the fellow kariya company has fleets of each icicle couriers providing same day deliveries in a german city including stock car they can carry much more stuff than adjourn can run them more environmentally friendly. experts say that innovative ground based last mile delivery solutions stand a better chance of success in cities than do apple in ones. i expect companies that don't have any delivery vehicles like department stores might build up their own small fleets of self driving vehicles with no personnel costs none of the usual fleet management costs. as to drones we are deploying them
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in a city and i don't see all those possibles being delivered by apple would cost there are legal issues about flying of other people's property who owns what piece of real estate is always very complicated in cities and in rural areas it's often much simpler as you see the pilot projects usually take place out in the country because . and. so while city folk may not have to listen to the drone of drones in the near future country folk should be prepared. for more from the world of science and technology visit our website or get in touch on twitter or facebook we love to hear from you. that's it for now but join us again next time when looking at the future of traffic what doesn't autonomy vehicle do when it gets confused researchers are looking to
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another planet for answers to the rovers on the surface of mars which also have to cope with the unexpected more on that next week on tomorrow today.
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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin president trump visit south korea the second stop of his asian tour trump says the u.s. and its allies are making good progress in dealing with north korea's nuclear threat he's hinted at the possibility of talks with pyongyang but does he really mean it.


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