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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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in our innovations magazine for asia. every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin president trump visit south korea the second stop of his asian tour trump says the u.s. and its allies are making good progress in dealing with north korea's nuclear threat he's hinted at the possibility of talks with pyongyang but does he really mean it also coming up russia's military chooses to celebrate
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a world war two battle not the communist revolution one hundred years ago today our moscow correspondent tells us why the kremlin wants tight control over lennon's legacy. and in what is the u.s. soccer is technology more of a hindrance than a help the debate over a controversial video assistant system just won't go away the project leader has been dismissed and club bosses are far from happy. hello and welcome i'm terry martin good to have you with us. u.s. president donald trump is in south korea the second stop of his first official tour of asia the visit is being seen as an attempt to present a united front against north korea but south korea has offered
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a lukewarm welcome to trump is on how to rein in pyongyang military threat. president trump landed in south korea today with a clear message on north korea as we work together to resolve this problem using all available tools short of military action. the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be. it's a far cry from trump's earlier fire and fury threat but protesters were still having none of it they lined the route to the presidential residence in seoul shouting no war and no trump south korea's president moon j ian was there to receive trump and first lady maloney a trump trump visit comes amid growing tensions with north korea the regime has launched twenty two missiles in fifteen test since february including over japanese territory in september it conducted the sixth nuclear test in its history the north
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korea doesn't need nuclear weapons to devastate its southern neighbor seoul is just fifty kilometers from the border within easy reach of conventional weapons the back and forth may be a negotiating tactic trump says he isn't looking for a war that being said i really believe that it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea and the people of the world trump is also looking for a deal with his allies he has not been subtle about his economic interest and a united front against north korea we make the greatest military equipment in the world whether it's planes whether it's missiles no matter what it is we have the greatest military equipment in the world and south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment which frankly for them makes a lot of sense and for us it means jobs it means we do sing our trade deficit with
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south korea regional defense for american jobs he said much the same while in japan over the weekend nextel move on to china a much trickier partner. take is following trump's visit and joins us now from boston the u.s. president there is said in his visit to south korea that he will be working with south korea and using all available to tools short of military action is now taking a softer line with respect to north korea. well terry he definitely sounded very different than he did just a few months ago if you look back and if you remember that was bellicose remarks of . fury fire and fury and locked and loaded and those remarks actually made the south korea's president moved somewhat angry at the time saying
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that it can't be that some third party pushes his country closer to a military confrontation with north korea and he said that there shouldn't be any military action taken or considered without the consent of north korea and so today we didn't hear any of that harsh rhetoric from from donald trump now i wouldn't say it's a policy reversal they still agreed that they want to exert maximum pressure on north korea and that's something that president from had been pushing for the entire time but it seems that at least they were a bit more considerate of each other's needs and positions terry ok with donald trump now taking it easy from the level of. leaders that mean that washington and seoul on the same page in dealing with the north. but i think at least they took some steps to find towards each other to find common
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ground it was president moon who said that they would be enhancing military cooperation for example and he it was also him was said how important it was to maximize pressure on north korea and as i said that's of course something that president trump wanted so i think overall they tried to display a unity in their positions and i think that's exactly what president trump had been looking for starting this whole asia trip that he wanted to align the u.s. is key allies namely japan and south korea with u.s. policies on north korea and tonight it looks like that he's achieved that terry. to ordinary people in south korea think of donald trump well people here have very mixed feeling when it comes to this we heard before
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there were protesters against with signs reading no trump no war but that's only half of the picture because there were also protesters here. rallying for trump and welcoming trump so there are people who are saying we need to be tough on north korea and trump is exactly the right person for that and on the other hand there are people who who are saying that this kind of rhetoric is just making the situation more tense and more dangerous for south korea terry. heartache there in seoul south korea thank you. now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world afghan security forces have overpowered attackers who stormed a private television station in the capital kabul witnesses say at least three men including a suicide bomber entered the building after an explosion at least two people were killed and islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack without
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offering any evidence u.s. the sorties say the man accused of shooting dead twenty six people at a church in texas was able to buy firearms because of an error by the u.s. air force it failed to add devon patrick kelly's criminal history to the federal database used to conduct background checks kelly was convicted of domestic violence in two thousand and twelve while working for the air force. and doctors in india's capital delhi have declared a public health emergency as air pollution levels reach more than twice what authorities class as hazardous authorities have called for schools to close and have cancelled a running race a running race scheduled for later in november amid fears for the athletes' health . now to an anniversary of events that changed the world one hundred years ago this week bolshevik revolutionaries seized power in russia one of the moments of the twentieth century the most big takeover of november seventh nine hundred
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seventeen was masterminded by blagojevich up known as lenin the communist party leader began preparing for revolution during his years in exile in western europe eventually became the leader of the communist state that grew into the soviet union . limits vision of a classless society soon gave way to a totalitarian state. a century ago and what is the legacy of the communist dream moscow correspondent yuri rachet it was that revolution square where a communist rally for the anniversary is take. hi yuri a sea of dress for the occasion how important is this anniversary for twenty first century russians. well it used to be very important today in the past but as there are many reasons terry is this universe three and a grocer makes it very difficult for today's russians sure since all their pollution was a radical upheaval and our people something russians don't want nowadays neither
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their president was there putin no ordinary citizens want it in this country since ninety seventeen each generation of russians has lived as though it is make up people first of the boss of evolution we are talking about now then a role two or two and finally the collapse of the soviet union so for ordinary people for russians today stability is the most important issue in their life so there's a quite a bit of ambivalence surrounding celebrations it sounds like what about the government are they supporting these celebrations surrounding the october revolution. not really the message from let me putin and to the kremlin on the anniversary has been a muted condemnation of evolution as a political tool military parade has made its way across threats to be had today earlier and that made sense given that the anniversary of the bolshevik revolution was one of the most significant events last century only that parade was in
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celebrating the ninety seven thousand communist upheaval instead of that it was a reenactment of world war two of a military parade from which soviet soldiers went directly to the front lines another more or less official event was scheduled as the ball see it right here on place of revolution at this place it was a concept sunday even in cold hammer and sickle commemorating the revolution but it was interrupted by a bomb threat that's all. so you've got people on the streets. celebrating competing anniversaries one supported by the kremlin the other not as a potential for unrest there. no i don't think so. for a few thousand people who came to this rally today at lane in still seems to leave on as dust of the soviet union is that a member with nostalgia i don't think so of course the security men are high and strong but to their own until now is this really is going on very very peaceful ok
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well let's go in a little more into the history here and tell us more about the complexities surrounding lennon's legacy because as you say this is a very important anniversary in twentieth century history. yes indeed to learn in the lift in lives the length of the will live on that's what i was told as a child in the soviet union a country created by bloody middle each leg and and one that doesn't exist anymore . you know. there are still many elderly communists and all the very people in the russia who adore lane and to associate with him to sylvia to union the country they lost and to with it is their soviet identity so today's lead us in russia understand if lenin for example is removed from he's not a lame on rights to wear and beret with his family as he actually wanted to be and many people would be simple upset so that's why they will stay on red square in his
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mausoleum his legacy is very very ambivalent and very complex. as moscow correspondent yury rachet oh thanks. hear a pin football now insisted beginning of the season the bonus league it has been one of just two leagues in europe to trial the video assistant referee system that's not been without controversy and project leader helmut kruger was dismissed by the german football association on monday the future of the program is anything but clear. the bundesliga has found it tough to grow accustomed to the referees newest assistant fans of complain that v.a.r. interrupts the flow of the game while clubs are worried the system is being used outside agreed parameters and have pleaded for clarity. the rule should be simple when is used how is it used and who makes the final decision
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is going to it isn't complicated it just needs to be clear and they can't be any gray areas. hamburg's coach marcus gears dole feels the project needs time to develop despite having decisions go against his team this season must mean that if you don't know those who feel it's a disadvantage complain but i think it pans out over the course of the season the fact is this will be a story and so we have standards set in all areas and. questions have surrounded v.a.r. since its inception but the programme hit the headlines last week with accusations that the video referees were going outside the initial remit proved to be true. in mid september when this league of video assistants were given secret instructions to change the way they use video replays in their decision making instead of intervening only in cases of a clearly incorrect decision. structed to contact the referee on the field whenever they thought he or she might have got something wrong. on top of that the project supervisor hem
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a kook was accused of actively influencing decisions during at least two matches this season. despite the allegations being so far and proven the german f.a. dismissed proof of his roles. he's been replaced by former top. the paradise papers are casting a horse light on tax havens will have more on that for you just a minute much more stay with us for that. when i'm travelling to be comfortable.


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