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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 4:45pm-5:01pm CET

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lines and interviews with makers and users. next on d w. it's all about the moments that. it's all about the stories in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us inspired by distinctive instagram or hers. d.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. shift living in the digital age coming up stars of instagram.
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for horses and high speed bar cooler but first account hacking cyber criminals hijack on line profiles of highly rated sellers they put up fake low priced deals to scam bargain hunters customers pay but never receive the goods the money's gone and so is the sellers reputation. pogo hunk is one of millions of germans who regularly make online purchases occasionally he also sells items on amazon for that he uses the websites shopping platform amazon marketplace one day he noticed something odd about his account. but it must have happened around noon up in the evening after a few hours i saw two thousand products that i'd never even owned and couldn't have sold two thousand customers were waiting for delivery. of the full. cyber criminals had his account they used it to offer a whole range of items from computers. to beauty products and all for prices that
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undercut the competition the exploited holders five star reviews which help to lure in unsuspecting buyers. but how do these criminals gain access to other people's accounts expert. says that with the right technology criminals can use public why find networks to spy on people's passwords hackers also use email to try to tease out personal information. that you have just become one of the most well known attempts are made using phishing e-mails authentic looking emails are sent out that look like they're from amazon they're really well made and when you enter your username and password someone's they're recording them for the one by the for everyone because. hackers don't always use the stolen data themselves often these passwords end up for sale on dubious online marketplaces. he didn't allow identities are also traded online certain websites sell the data
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including e-mail addresses and passwords you can use that to logon to amazon and wreak havoc on that account and wasn't unmoved. by. once the cyber criminals have access to a profile the real scam can begin unsuspecting customers buy fake products and are asked to pay in advance and to transfer the cash directly to the scammers bank accounts. legally this scam is classified as merchandise fraud that makes up almost a third of all cyber crime. is an attorney who specializes in law he represents clients who've been scammed. these hacker attacks are getting worse and i think they'll keep getting worse in coming years and organized groups are running these frauds. because of the problem for by. hires as once they've
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transferred their money to an external bank account they can't get it back. that's no good i don't know. who's a says all big shopping platforms are under threat the operators are aware of the dangers and recommend certain security measures. amazon urges sellers to activate two step verification in their settings to log in they need their password and an additional security code that's sent to their cell phone by text message and buyers are urged to pay using amazon's shopping platform it's the only way their money can be refunded after a scam generally buyer should be wary of products that seem way too cheap. ogres online profile was quickly blocked from its hijackers so he didn't lose any money but it was still frustrated angry buyers have been contacting him for months . there was a shot and others have it as that's why i spent two or three weeks constantly
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trying to contact amazon and that was the biggest problem it wasn't easy at all. when some on the other problem was doing what they suggested which was cancelling the sale of the products that didn't actually exist at the store near them fortunately amazon has agreed to restore holders excellent on line reputation. shift says protect your logon data. time now to shift ranking instagram accounts with the highest number of followers in fifth place beyond say a german statistics portal analyze the world's most popular instagram accounts celebrities in particular use the platform to share news beyonce first posted pics of her newly born twins here to her one hundred seven million followers.
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in fourth cristiana ronaldo the real madrid striker likes portraying himself as a football hero and a family man on instagram but currently ronaldo was under investigation for tax fraud his pregnant girlfriend three children and one hundred thirteen million followers await the verdict. in third ariana grande day in summer she was made an honorary citizen of manchester for organizing a fund raising concert for the victims of the terror attack at her show in may one hundred fourteen million instagram followers are touched by her compassion. the runner up. to go in as a former u.s. teen idol who now cultivates a more mature image these makeup mishaps will do nothing to deter her one hundred twenty eight million followers. and the winner is instagram's very own account it showcases the best of user's pics curated by instagram is community teen two hundred twenty seven million followers are hooked. that was
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this week's ranking and now. british artist howard levy is a master of optical illusions he's won over many online fans with his clips and hyper realistic drawings but he's also confounded a lot of them deliberately. which object is real and which is actually in. these videos just standard everyday objects that they're not as real as they seem. cowardly challenges his view is to spot the difference testing the preconceptions. of people people to question the reality of. what makes a video great is the moment at which it becomes. something you didn't expect it to
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be so whether it's that you were looking at a drawing you didn't realize was a drawing or whether you were looking at a drawing that then started moving and becomes an animation and mixes with reality . draws the objects but he also films themselves as his drawing and he regarded the final video as the work of us and he often post the result on instagram when he already has almost one hundred seventy five thousand followers it's not elitist in any way it doesn't require somebody to endorse it or to put money behind it it doesn't matter how old you are or how experienced you are how qualified you are anybody can draw video painting an artwork or a video creation or anything online and it's judged purely on its own merits. and base is growing by the minute and so is bank account he's not only selling his prints and drawings he's also making commercials.
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howie used to teach us in new castle in northern england but he has been devoting most of his time to making videos since twenty fifteen is known to most of the techniques online. it's been through other people demonstrating it in no videos on instagram or on youtube into toils if i need to learn something the first place i go as you tube to try and find somebody to teach me how to do it normally i can. he's also trying his hand at animation. live models are starting to appear in some of his videos. as characters from hollywood films. is it real or is it fake how it can make you wonder. if only for
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a second. shift says mind boggling. the head known short and sweet the shift. how does this horse doing is anything bothering you. unless you're a horse whisperer it's hard to tell how your trusty steed is doing. a german startup is not developing a fitness tracker for horses foundered energy flow but hopes this will increase training efficiency. as a private horse i know in particular it's hard to know if you're practicing enough for a tournament whether your horse is active enough on the field enjoying the entire. personality uses the phone's sensors to record
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a horse's movements in terms of gait intensity distance covered and steps taken for now the app is still in the test phase. that was the upshot have you discovered an interesting op email as it shift at e.w. dot com we'll check out the best tips on our show. as always we leave shift through the exit our internet find of the week this time high speed park or. nine hundred ninety nine steps leading up to china's tiananmen mountain but madhur runners are moving in the opposite direction at breakneck speed and with spectacular acrobatic skill. austrian pacu athlete alex shala has filmed is impressive high speed descent from a first person perspective with an action camera in his mouth the video has more than sixty six million hits on facebook.
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the clip attracted over one hundred thousand comments from wow to our. scale and next time around shift for people with physical impairments smart homes can make everyday life easier for users compare notes online about what it's like to use these intelligent systems smart homes for disabled people next week on check . you kick off the bundesliga highlights. hamburg secure their first win since august defeating stuttgart to leave the drop
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zone. elect dortmund turn from clues console to crisis on saturday crumbling three two one home to buy a. double. it's all happening dutch a very difficult. door link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions can you and welcome to news obviously program tonight from born in germany from the news of easy to i would say d w it comes to africa join us on facebook at d w africa. it tells us stirring stories folks it makes us laugh. and cry ok. tremble and smile thank you can
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adjust. the emotions that no. no. go see every jammed on d. w. . so we may improvements all the time we have more public transportation and i were in the big cities. some of it is the car sharing the point is that energy has to call in the form to clean soft. renewable we need to produce wonderful batteries for cars so that all cars with while in the electricity with no emission but do it with a high capacity of electricity it will take on this hundreds of kilometers
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it's just very tough ingenuity problem it's chemistry it's physics it's material science. but we will do it it will take time but with. this is due to fly from berlin going it alone president trump left isolated in climate change negotiations syria announces that it will sign up to the paris climate accord leaving the u.s. as the only u.n. member not to.


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