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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 7, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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has made his first public appearance since fleeing to brussels he's speaking at a rally of about two hundred a pro independence katla mayors demanding action from european politicians and president trouble may be left isolated in climate change negotiations as syria is reported to be ready to sign up to the paris climate accord and u.s. would be the only u.n. member not to support it. you have all of us sitting here thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us we'll be back at the top of the hour. learn german with d.w. . any time any place.
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whether with jo-jo and her friends. i mean is this going to be a good thing to michelle spitzer's inspections or was a war with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with d w. p. trillions of euros and loss taxes because money disappears and tax raven's set up per second legal alcohol thought is close the loopholes that's what e.u. ministers are discussing today will they finally come up with some meaningful legislation. for. backing down corruption saudi arabia is getting serious in the
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fight against graft and not even the royal family is bad. and germany's evil institute says most business leaders around the world agree that donald trump is bad for business. also coming up the mission is the moon avars is helping to put a man on the moon again half a century after the last few men left his footprints in the dust. this is the guy of your business i'm. good to me have you with us for the paradise papers leak is topping the agenda of the e.u. finance ministers meeting in brussels today that asked to close loopholes that allow tax evasion ireland has become very very popular tax haven in the one nine hundred ninety s. the country reduced its corporate tax rate from fifty to twelve and a half percent some large companies pay even less down to zero percent so
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corporations like apple shift intellectual property patterns and branding for example to ireland paying low taxes on profits that were generated in high tax countries what does that mean in real terms well countries lose tax income germany for example loses some thirty two percent of its actual corporate tax revenue france twenty five percent the u.k. twenty percent and the us seventeen percent those billions could be used for improving infrastructure or upgrading public services and average citizens have to shoulder a larger part of the bird the e.u. had long planned to crack down on tax havens and as european finals and finance ministers met today it became clear that even inside the e.u. there is no simple solution. fresh outrage for a problem they're already struggling to solve european countries began working the same tax sheltering well before the latest leaks last year the e.u. identified eighty one jurisdictions connected with tax avoidance the e.u. wants to finally create a blacklist of offenders before the end of this year such
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a list would name and shame the worse tax shelters it would even provide a way to sanction them. we know exact their reason for corp among states to have more information and more transparency which states have to sticks to their commitments and if states do not stick to their commitments we have to put sanctions on those states at stake is billions in lost tax revenue as wealthy individuals and companies move taxable business to low or zero tax lands like the isle of man off the english coast according to news reports germany loses as much as seventeen billion euros a year to tax havens the problem is that tax sheltering isn't necessarily illegal countries can tax at whatever rates they wish and that includes european countries e.u. members like ireland luxembourg and the netherlands use local for tax rates to attract firms luxembourg's finance minister on tuesday appeared optimistic despite his country's hesitance overpass proposals on people in the uk we need consensus we'll
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never states must be an agreement we've already made lots of progress in recent years and we've adopted new directives and will all work together to put them in place and go to the outrage over the new leaks could be wind in their sails but consensus will be far from easy. saudi arabia is getting tough on corruption and not even the highest that's the lens of saudi society that eleven members of the royal family and dozens of present and former government ministers have been arrested corruption affects vast sectors of the saudi economy may even influence the price of oil make anomic parameter with huge importance for the global economy. the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh is normally a popular meeting place for saudi arabia's wealthy c.e.o.'s ministers members of the royal family now the luxury hotel has become a prison housing the rich and famous arrested in the anti corruption commission's purge. saudi leader crime prince mohammed bin sound man on the left on this poster
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with his father king solomon wants it known he means business. the detention of people on charges of corruption who are in positions of highest authority and possess lots of money and to trade throughout most of the world's continents also proves the economic side is considered important to our leadership the. prince our lead been told is among those arrested one of the world's richest man. tallest skyscraper he controls luxury hotel chains broadcasters and a real estate empire and over twelve hundred bank accounts were reportedly frozen with more to come. traders at the riyadh stock exchange were initially nervous following the move investors worried as those arrested control such vast assets that there would be a negative impact on the economy or even the oil price but the nude soon lightened
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. our first impression is that there is a wide welcome from investors and there are important signs from these decisions that no one is above the law or even a prince or a minister. always will get questions remain is this really about fighting corruption or is it simply a way of elimination political and commercial opponents. the us president seems to be a burden to the world economy that's according to a survey of more than nine hundred. conducted by germany's institute the overwhelming majority believe donald trump's policies were having a negative impact on the global economy especially when it comes to climate protection and social justice as well as international trade at home enjoys a more positive for the u.s. only a minority of experts believe that his policies. on
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financial markets as cross over to frankfurt. financial correspondent standing by. donald trump the businessman president for business. well let me unbundle this to you this for your care from the trading person act if i don't know how many times i have you know already told you during this year that chair prices have been falling because of comments made by donald trump and this is really what investors are calling a dangerous they are considering donald trump as a politician who was very unpredictable just one of his sometimes very careless tweets can result into a massive landslide at stock markets all around the world some investors here even told me that they have an apple alerting them whenever he's sending one office very controversial trees this together with all the promises that he has not been really fulfilling in the last time is really being considered hears doing bad business and
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then there's also his is protection is starts there can be very helpful yeah this protectionism is really big topic of course also in the financial world let's just talk about the nafta agreement for example between at canada and mexico donald trump has been really keen in the past for new new goshi ation but those have been very slow and this really has been harming in the past countries you know like canada and also mexico and both countries still don't really know what effect this is going to have for them in the future. in trying for us thank you very much . half a century after the last man walked on the surface of the moon america's space agency wants to send humans back up there with a new orion spacecraft and europe's group as part of the endeavor its defense and
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space division is currently busy finishing the arayan service module vital to the success of the mission. these brown at least of strips may not look very impressive but they're indispensable the wafer thin thermal membrane to protect delicate components like sensors from extreme temperatures in space. you know hours of painstaking work technicians apply over twenty thousand individual strips to the four metre high module. the strictly sequenced work is done under clean room conditions initial testing is due within a few days. for me. personally it's the most exciting phase of the program because we're off the drawing board and on to the hardware breathing life into the vehicle as soon as we finish the integration will transition to the respective test phase. the module is a component of the arayan spaceship seen here in a computer simulation effectively its energy supply. its main features are its four
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special fuel tanks which can carry as much as nine tons of rocket fuel. arayan operates in conditions where temperatures can be as low as minus two hundred thirty degrees. to this extreme temperature drop when the spacecraft is in high elliptical orbit behind the moon when it's innocent shadow and they help us to maintain the feel of a constant temperature so that we corresponding always in a position to supply the engines with feel and get them started. to stop. nasa enlisted the europeans for the project five years ago the first time ever to help construct a u.s. space capsule. atlas plans to deliver the module to be americans in early summer twenty eighteen fulfilling a key role in the project. an absolute. supply and energy supply
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and supplies for the astronauts absolutely critical elements out there especially important. because. without basically wouldn't have been possible for nasa to accomplish this mission. and the supply module costs three hundred ninety million euros and the two hundred people who built it can look forward to even more work nasa has already placed the order for its successor. and before it goes some of the world's most iconic electric are going on the auction block in new york. is rather a gold gibson guitar and the bad. news when we call it is very first album jimi hendrix guitar the one he played at a festival in miami that got rained out and the black. played. for the option is on december second. thank you very much for watching.
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business safe the climate question at the u.n. climate change conference global toy sarah kenny discusses b.s.u. with a distinguished panel of experts who says i'm talking to you today we have solutions we have capital we have the technology we can be
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a role model of father companies it's not only about today it is also about the pause and obviously on the future global told us next on dealing with him and next. to w.'s program guide on the internet the highlights. the whole. dot com highlights. their black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i'll risk. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seems that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. the
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main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course. the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all of these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with a. afro germany starting december tenth w. business and save the climate hello and a very warm welcome to global talk on d w. we are coming to you today from by.


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