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invisible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d w. this is g w news live from berlin tonight the cattle on crisis in spain knocking on the european union's door the ousted president karl this bridge to mark the catalonia makes an unexpected public appearance not in spain but in brussels he speaks at a rally of pro independence cattle on mayors demanding action from europe we'll
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take you to brussels also coming up the syrian delegate at the u.n. climate conference indicates his country mold sign up to the parents climate and who work that would leave the u.s. as the only u.n. member not supporting it we'll explore what the fallout could be and saudi arabia's crown prince accuses iran of an act of direct military aggression he claims iran supplied rebels in yemen with a missile that was fired towards riyadh's main airport over the weekend. all. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight the ousted kettle on leader carlist voyage to ma has made a surprise appearance not in spain but at a rally in brussels it's his first appearance since answering a spanish arrest. war and mr porridge democracy was cheered by around two hundred
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mayors from cattle on communities who would brought their call for independence to the door of the european union outside the e.u. offices in the belgian capital they intensified their calls for the e.u. leaders to intervene in their standoff with madrid. fled catalonia for brussels when the spanish government filed sedition charges against him for declaring independence from spain earlier i spoke with d w z u correspondent who witnessed this unexpected appearance of the alstad cat along leader i ask your what demands message was today he had a simple message for the e.u. member states and that was to recognize our independence referendum and do help us in our cause to seek independence from spain he said he was only doing his job which was democratically elected pursuing this referendum and the referendum
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which it was illegal of by spanish law but he still says his point was in the speech is that there is no legitimacy there will never be because spain will not accept an independence referendum at all and that is why he was calling for international help on the issue of a clearly an effort to internationalize the affair yet to internationalize this crisis i mean are we looking at a new approach here the catalonians and their program dependence movement being taken outside of catalonia. i think that is there but what we are seeing brand and a good sign of that was for instance that he started out the speech in french it was a number of the mayors who also talked in english in german very much catering to an international audience their message being that they want to see more help from europe they come down and in fact that europe hasn't provided the help they they
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had hoped for a so far and you have to understand that catalonia is a part of spain that is very europhile there is very strong support for europe and a number of mayors told me they want to see ones there are independent they would want to stay in europe of course but the response of from european leaders of course is a lot more difficult and this causes an enormous problem for the e.u. that's propaganda or events like this one are taking place in the heart of the european capital and of course then the question follows can the european union can it stick to its hands off approach for much longer. it's a very difficult position the european union finds itself in even if they would wants to mediate the problem is that by law they have to side with spain that they can be a neutral a mediator in this affair and then of course there's another problematic aspect
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that is a number of the you member states have to sessions movements themselves for instance belgium has a strong flemish community parts of which hope that one day they met might break away and so when a call is put him on to started his speech here he first of all greeted nationalist flemish party that is at least flirting with independence and what about mr of which the monarchy has to stay put for a while doesn't it. he has indeed now the situation he finds himself in is that he is out. that he's not in prison but he's he can move freely in belgium i cannot leave the country but there's doesn't seem to be a condition that he cannot campaign and so it looks very much like europe has to prepare for more a campaign events for the upcoming elections in catalonia like this one or at a correspondent is on the story for us tonight in brussels thank you very much
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more toward syria says that it is ready to sign up to the paris climate accord that leaves the united states as the only u.n. member not to do so the decision comes as experts and activists are meeting to bolster the twenty fifteen agreement at the u.n. climate conference in the german city of boston the surprise move by syria comes after nicaragua also signaled its intention to join the pact to cut carbon emissions here's what the syrian representative had to say at the conference today . i'd like to assure you that studio supports implementation of the paris a code and also the principles of justice and joint responsibilities assigned to each signatory. well alaska's ice fields have come into focus in the climate change debate scientists say they are melting rapidly because of global warming but pushback from local business leaders has shown the stark divide between
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environmental activists and those climate skeptics. alaska's juneau ice field spans nearly four thousand square kilometers of glacial wilderness. it's alan gordon's favorite place on earth. he heads here whenever he can. spectacular views await those who scale to the top but the ice is vanishing over time. and when i first came out here a long time ago. the ice is a couple hundred feet higher and it was just flat across i could ski to or crossed out here. to get here but now i have to ice climb to get out here and it's completely changed. allen says each trip is different because of how rapidly the ice cover is changing. scientist aaron hood is also watching the changes the two encounter each other often and talk about the weather pathways
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and what's happening to the ice. aaron's measurements indicate the height of the ice is dropping by about ten meters per year meanwhile the white house is reducing funding for climate research aaron blames u.s. president trump for making his research more difficult and for sowing doubt among americans about the existence of climate change they're convinced that donald trump can come in and cut back on regulations cut back on climate change research and that's going to somehow stimulate the economy and you know that's very convincing to people that are you know need jobs and need to support their families . but the facts speak for themselves the mendenhall glacier alone receded by five hundred fifty meters from two thousand and seven to two thousand and fifteen there
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appears to be a lack of political will to reverse the trend. elsewhere in alaska people are banking on a new oil and gas boom under president obama offshore drilling was outlawed in large areas of the arctic that's now changing under trump. republican reid treadwell was a politician in alaska today he advises big companies he sees a golden age ahead for the state president trump has kept his promises to alaska to reverse obama's policy on energy to push exports to push infrastructure to push national security to reduce regulation we're seeing all those things happen. me treadwell wants to convince us of the advantages of climate change and advice as to his home for him the melting of the ice in the arctic ocean is a good thing. that the major advantage is that the arctic ocean is certainly accessible for
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a big tourist ships we will see the crystal serenity come around through the northwest passage again china is already begin to ship container ships across here russia which only had a european market for its siberian natural gas now can ship it to asia he says he'd like to see the whole environmental debate settle down. that way of thinking puzzles alan gordon he wants to see fewer people and politicians turn a blind eye to the environment. you're watching t w news live from berlin still to come. saudi banks freeze more than a thousand accounts in a corruption crackdown on the rich and famous but observers wonder if the investigation is about business or politics. or some of the other stories now that are making news around the world russia is battling over twenty forest fires in the southeast of the country the emergency ministry says firefighters are
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fighting the flames both on the ground and from the air officials say the situation is expected to improve by the end of the week with rain and snow expected. the u.k. politician carl sargent has been found dead just days after he resigned over sexual misconduct allegations the former welsh government minister had also been suspended from the opposition labor party police said his body was found at an address in north wales he's believed to have committed suicide. doctors in india's capital delhi have declared a public health emergency as air pollution levels take a look at these pictures here reach more than twice what authorities classify as hazardous authorities have called for schools to be closed and they have cancelled the delhi half marathon later this month because of fears for the runners health. saudi arabia has accused iran of an act of direct military aggression as the
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conflict between the two regional rivals intensifies and the crown prince bin selman heir to the throne made the statement after claiming that iran had supplied rebels in yemen with a missile that was fired towards riyadh's main airport over the weekend of that missile was intercepted the foreign ministry of iran says the remarks are quote destructive and faults it all comes after a day of arrests in saudi arabia widely viewed as a move by the crown prince to consolidate his power. the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh is normally a popular meeting place for soviet reviewers wealthy c.e.o.'s ministers members of the royal family. no more well phone footage shows how this luxury hotel has become a gilded prison the rich and famous arrested in yesterday's corruption crackdown sleeping on mattresses. sodhi leader chrome
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sodhi leader chrome prince mohammed bin salman on the left of this poster with his father king salmon once it known he means business. with the detention of people on charges of corruption who are in positions of high authority and possess lots of money and who trades throughout most of the world's continent also proves that the economic side is considered important to our leadership ability. to be and walk away look at the. prints our leader been told is among those arrested one of the world's richest men. from riyadh's tallest skyscraper he controls luxury hotel chains broadcasters and a real estate empire and over twelve hundred bank accounts were reportedly frozen with more to come. traders at the riyadh stock exchange were initially nervous following the moves investors what he does there was a rush to control such a vast assets that there would be a negative impact on the economy or even the oil price but the mood soon lightened
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. a little while. i was flushed impression is that there was a white welcome from investors and that there are important signs from these decisions that no one is above the law not even a prince nor a minister. yet questions remain is this really about fighting corruption or is it simply a we have a limited political and commercial opponents. we're joined here in the studio now by. so das he is a correspondent for the w.'s arabic service it's good to have you on the show what are we seeing right now in saudi arabia is this the crown prince who is basically flexing his muscles and telling the world in his country i'm about to be the new boss he's trying to do this most of the experts and the observers are saying that well for the domestic consumption he's saying that we will have to fight corruption
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we have to stop all the advantages that these thousands of princes have been having over the decades and we have to fight this war up because it's taking about one hundred billions of dollars of the state's budget but on the other hand he is sending a message that he is the new authoritarian strongman and riyadh it's not about now dividing or sharing power between the princes and the branches of the new it's more about he wants to be the only king and the only man in riyadh do you see do you think not or that he feels emboldened because of the support he has from the u.s. and president trump not to mention the weapons that the u.s. is selling to saudi arabia this is yeah this this is a thing and he's also feeling emboldened because he's getting popular among the saudis themselves among young people because young people are kind of fed up all the old princes and the old elite that's been draining the country for decades and
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the country's been enough moving forward and now he sees his chance to to bring it forward and to make all these reforms although he's winning you rivals new opponents inside his country inside the institutions what about old rivals of course there is the rivalry between iran and saudi arabia yesterday saudi arabia accused lebanon of declaring war against it. your first things first when you have that kind of language being put out there it begs the question are we looking at. the war in the middle east this is strong language you're right and mohamed been summoned the crown prince has proved that he's quite a venture is in getting into disastrous wars like in what he did in yemen and in foreign policy he's not very talented if you look at what he did with
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qatar to win the leadership of the. gulf council but i don't think that the region is heading to war i think is trying to show iran ok you kind of water in syria with the help of the russians somehow but we still very strong we have the americans on our side zone it's a kind of a proxy surge. all the makings for a proxy war and a red one commentator said over the weekend now that isis islamic state has been destroyed that leaves room for iran to move in even further headed forward towards beirut that's what he's trying to do he's trying to stop iran from having this this you know this territory between to her on iraq and syria and to lebanon and not being interrupted by sort of a.b.n. he's trying to win influence over lebanon he we saw that the prime minister of
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lebanon sided how really he declared his rig there is a good nation on the weekend from riyadh which is unprecedented and really strange . not to us with arabic t.v. service good to have you on the show thank you for your analysis we appreciate it. now to the paradise papers they make for some great reading to ask european finance ministers they're poring over the massive leak of documents today daniel and thank you very much brant that task to close loopholes that allow tax evasion island has become one popular haven in the one nine hundred ninety s. the country reduced its corporate tax rate from fifty percent to just twelve and a half some corporations that pay this big fat zero so when companies like to shift that intellectual property like apple for example to island paying low taxes their own profit generated in high tax countries what does that mean in real terms
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well germany loses out on thirty two percent of its actual corporate tax revenue france twenty five percent the u.k. twenty the us a little less than that the cash burden to improve infrastructure of public services is shifted to the average citizen the e.u. had long planned to crack down on tax havens as european finance ministers met today it became clear there is no simple solution. fresh outrage for a problem they're already struggling to solve european countries began working to stem tax sheltering well before the latest leaks last year the european commission identified eighty one countries in jurisdictions connected with tax avoidance the e.u. wants to finally create a blacklist of offenders before the end of this year such a list would name and shamed the worst tax shelters. we know there's a. reason for corporation among states to have more information and more transparency but states have to sticks to their commitments and if states do not
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stick to their commitments we have to put sanctions on those states how sanctions my look is unclear however at stake in the matter is billions in lost revenue as wealthy individuals and firms move taxable business to low or zero tax lands like the isle of man off the english coast according to news reports germany loses as much as seventeen billion euros a year to tax havens but if tax sheltering isn't illegal can shaming countries have an effect penicillin schooling. if we can single out those countries that act as tax havens that is those with zero or bare minimum corporate tax rates but then it'll have an effect of that i'm quite sure of it's been done but i think in effect of any gun see him. yet even members like ireland luxembourg and the netherlands also use low corporate tax rates which track firms defining what makes a tax haven could be a sensitive issue for those countries that means finding consensus in the current
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talks could remain difficult despite the pressure of new leaks. and to take just one companies an example outside of the e.u. the massive mining glencore is mentioned thirty four thousand times in the paradise papers from the swiss n.-g. o. public eye and rasmus box joins us now and amy andreas glenn call has been singled out for criticism in the financial press what has the company done wrong in your pain. well the company the company has a lot of things from obtaining mining licenses at the very low price to aggressive tax avoidance in countries such as colombia or book enough. until running it goes feet ships that was never disclosed so your investigations into glen cause part of the paradise papers focuses on the company's operations in the democratic republic of congo why this country in particular well first of all that the
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democratic republic of congo is one of the typical examples of a country that stuff is the result scarce meaning despite its reach it is the population states very very poor and what happened with business in that year see is that they worked with a very dodgy door opener that was already involved in arms stealing and i'm and dealing and through this door open it had direct access to president and the number two in congo they achieved to get mining licenses at the price that was four times lower than what the other mining companies paid at the loss of four hundred fifty million dollars for the congolese population so you're saying from the paradise papers what you're saying is that it's clear that they're involved in corruption now glencore isn't here to defend themselves they would probably say that they are not to be involved in corrupt practices have you talked to them what is going to have to say to you. well we had their response and they're just saying that. they
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actually got that mining license i had of working with them girls which is a controversial door opener but what we see in the papers this is just not true. got credits from glencore that was actually tied to his success in the negotiations so implicitly that could also mean use that money however you have to to get the license so if everything is as bad as what you're saying it is why haven't the swiss authorities stepped in and done something to make glencore stop these kinds of practices well we certainly expect them to like the fact that now have come out that this with attorney general's office is actually looking into and where they hope this is going to happen and certainly we're also push in parliament that now there are serious changes because it's not just about blanco
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it's so it's an end as a commodity trading help that definitely needs to be regulated to prevent such practices from happening and we'll be watching very carefully to see if something is done there and your public eye and thank you very much for talking to us thank you. the u.s. president is a burden to the world economy no those aren't my words but the results of a survey of more than nine hundred economic experts worldwide conducted by germany's evo institute the overwhelming majority said they believe donald trump's policies will having a negative impact on the global economy especially when it comes to climate protection and social justice as well as international trade at home trump enjoys a more positive reputation in the u.s. only a minority of experts believe his economic policies are harmful to our financial correspondent daniel cope has this analysis how many times i have you know already
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told you during this year that chair prices have been falling because of comments made by donald trump and this is really what investors are calling a dangerous they are considering donald trump as a politician who was very unpredictable just one of his sometimes very careless tweets can result into a massive landslide at stock markets all around the world some investors here even told me that they have an apple alerting them i want ever he's sending one office very controversial trees so that this together with all the promises that he has not been really fulfilling in the last time is really being considered hears doing bad business. so you cope in frankfurt the now your sand of the beatles or even the dawn of this next story will be music to your ears as because some of the world's most iconic electric guitars are going on the auction block in new york paul mccartney's gold gibson guitar and a bass bruce springsteen used when recording his very first album jimi hendrix's
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guitar the one he played a festival in miami in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight that got rained out and the blacklegs paul guitar that madonna played on her tours and didn't even know she was who tarzan actually is those strikes a chord with you the option is on december the second. to sports now and some sad news german football fans say is that very much i didn't know but donna played the guitar easy learn something new every day all right socrates now the legendary player shaffer has died schaffer was part of the germany team that won the one nine hundred fifty four world cup beating hungary in the final shaver helped set up helmet runs and winner in the match which became known as the miracle of bern he also camped in his hometown club cologne to the first ever honestly good title in one thousand sixty four is death comes just a few weeks after his ninetieth birthday. to horse racing now where there was
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a family feel to one of the world's most famous races australia's melbourne cup rekindling took the corralling for irish trayner joseph o'brien beating his father aiden's worse johannes samir into second at twenty two year old joseph is the youngest trainer to win the prestigious race which has been run one hundred fifty seven tom. is a reminder of the top story we're following for you the ousted cattle on president carlist which to ma has made in an unexpected public appearance at a rally of cattle on mayors in brussels he says that he plans to defeat what he calls the spanish government's repression at the ballot box next month. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day to stick around for that.
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united in the fight against global warming. made in germany looks at the u.n. climate change conference in bonn. high tech geo engineering influences the climate government human activity is heating up the atmosphere of human activity can also
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counteract that go into a sound idea or a risky business made in germany in sixty minutes on d w. stories that move people the world over t.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. follow us. there black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john updike is nothing i wanted to belong to and i was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seems as. though i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely
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a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down the conveyor mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all of these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with a. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . it was one year ago when america first came in first at the ballot box. i've just received a call from secretary clinton the.


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